Morviscous - House Sounds

New album from Morviscous

August 31st 2011

Stretched between East London and Paris, Morviscous are full of dark, detailed mathy grooves and Canterbury-scene jazz-tinged prog - and they have a new album, House Sounds out now...

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Piece donated for King Robbo fundraiserKing Robbo fundraiser

August 30th 2011

We Rock Hard in association with The Doctor’s Orders present: THE KING ROBBO FUNDRAISER & ART AUCTION - a fundraising night in aid of severely ill graffiti artist Robbo. 

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400 Blows

400 Blows return

August 25th 2011

Los Angeles alternative hardcore-flavoured three piece 400 Blows are back to treat you as their punchbag once more: six years on from their last album, do they still cut it?  

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Hella album out now!!

August 24th 2011

It just strolls in, fires up, blows everything else away.  Here's Tripper, the new album from Sacramento avant-progressive duo Hella, delivered early, dropping into many hungry open eager ears... 

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Yip-Yip unmask a new album

Yip-YipAugust 23rd 2011

Yip-Yip are a duo who don't so much play analogue/oddball synths as bathe in them. Intense exposure to the sounds and mad emanations given off by these machines has changed them into twin alien being things - and here's their latest album, Bone Up...

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Organ Hour playlist

August 22nd 2011

This week's Organ Hour radio show on Resonance 104.4FM - here's who got played and how you connect up to find out more if you liked what you heard broadcast last night... 

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Little Roy

Busdriver, Money and Little Roy

August 11th 2011

Things things things… visual shaped video things of the day, three of them: L.A.'s  Busdriver covering Animal Collective, Manchester's mysterious Money, and another Nirvana reggae recondition from Little Roy...

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Paranoid Foundation

Dark beats from Paranoid Foundation

August 10th 2011

Two months cramped in the small cabin of a little research vessel, “miles off the barren windswept South American coastline” constructing the works that were to become Paranoid Foundation's mini album Threads...

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New Hella download

August 9th 2011

Sacramento duo Hella have just uploaded a new full-length sample track from their forthcoming much-anticipated new album 'Tripper'...

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Organ Hour playlist

August 8th 2011

This week's Organ Hour radio show on Resonance 104.4FM - here's who got played and how you connect up to find out more if you liked what you heard broadcast last night...

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death Grips

It goes it goes it goes it goes it goes

August 6th 2011

Death Grips are coming this way. Zach Hill and his mountain of forward looking hip hop will be knocking you off your feet here in London this September, can we wait that long?

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August 5th 2011

Today’s Thing of the Day is the sublime experimental avant jazz genre defiance of Norway’s SPLASHGIRL and their third rather fine album Pressure..

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Off! are on, Ut are outUt

August 4th 2011

Couple of significant U.S bands are heading our way: Off!, the U.S hardcore band fronted by Keith Morris (Black Flag/Circle Jerks), play their first ever UK dates this month, starting today  - they’ve also unveiled a new video. Meanwhile, new wave / no wave flavoured New York cult legends Ut have just announced their first UK tour in 20 years….

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A Batch of Things...

mirandaAugust 3rd 2011

A whole batch of albums today: MIRANDA’s Italian no wave jaggedness, ONWARD PILGRIM’s blending of classic North American alt.rock, the punk pop energy of THE DWYERSFURYA’s progressive technical metal and the post-rock coming together of  COLLAPSE UNDER THE EMPIRE & MOONCAKE

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THE POWER OF THE RIFFthe Power of the Riff

August 2nd 2011

THE POWER OF THE RIFF is an ongoing monster of a tour featuring some of the finest left-field metal bands out there. The Southern Lord record label people are giving away a free 20-Song download compilation called the THE POWER OF THE RIFF to go with the tour….

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Mr Sterile AssemblyMr Sterile Assembly

August 1st 2011

Who are MR STERILE ASSEMBLY? They’re pretty unique actually, uniquely excellent… Mr Sterile Assembly are from New Zealand, they have a minefield in their playground, and their latest album, Transit, is something we rather recommend..

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Quilla Constance


July 30th 2011

 Quilla Constance is not the kind of person to be messed around by an awful venue like that dreadfully named Punk. They tried to: here’s what happened…

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Big SirBig Sir big download

July 29th 2011

BIG SIR have just announced the completion of their much anticipated third album. To celebrate this fact, the band’s label, Sargent House, have made the band’s last album available as a free download for this weekend only. Big Sir are mostly Lisa Papineau and The Mars Volta’s Juan Alderete…

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Tinsel and Twinkle's OPINIONATED OBJECTS

Tinsel and Twinkle

July 28th 2011

OPINIONATED OBJECTS is a rather different one day art event brought to you by those ever busy London based artists TINSEL EDWARDS and TWINKLE TROUGHTON

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Organ redfistthing

We're busy!

The Organ is off to the shops for a pint of milk and the paper. Back on Thursday!

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The Imagination School's Savage Coast

The Imagination School

July 23rd 2011

The Imagination School have a new album for you available from their web site. Called The Savage Coast, it's rendolent of the smell and feel of the wide skies of the East Sussex coastline, where the Imagination School lives...

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Mutate Britain Pleasure Garden

Mutate Britain announce their Pleasure Gardens 

July 22nd 2011

What are Mutate Britain doing now? Well they’ve just announced that they’re rather pleased to be part of something spectacular - a revisiting of the original London Pleasure Garden...

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The New Banalists have formed an orchestra

The New Banalists

July 21st 2011

The New Banalists Orchestra features Penny Rimbaud, Mark Stewart, David Tibet, Youth, Eve Libertine, John Sinclair and Zodiac Youth…: just hit the play button, watch the video, see for yourself...

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Sleepytime Gorilla Museum invite you to be their specimen Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - The Last Human Being

July 20th 2011

he announcement earlier this year that Oakland, California based, theatrical avant-rock band Sleepytime Gorilla Museum were to be no more disappointed - scratch that, devastated - a lot of people - but they're having one last creative fling, in the form of a short film...

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The Rite of Spring tonight


July 19th 2011

So you thought the Proms is all about that flag waving nonsense? No, forget the Last Night - it's two months of music for the people; just turn up at the Albert Hall with a fiver in your pocket and experience the best orchestras in the world... tonight, Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring... 

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HerpesGood Police, Herpes, Scumbag Philosopher &...

July 18th 2011

Good Police, Herpes, Scumbag Philosopher and  Not Otherwise Specified are the bands in today's action packed bag of Things...

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Puro Instinct

Puro Instinct

July 16th 2011

PURO INSTINCT, who are they? Joey Kern leads our horse to water and tells us why Puro Instinct are his new obsession ahead of the Southern Californian band’s debut UK dates:

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Morton ValenceMorton Valence's perfect slice of pop 

July 15th 2011

Sailors is released by London's Morton Valence this coming Monday, a prime piece of electro pop glam-vaudeville goodness; more importantly, an insanely catchy piece of real deal earworm...

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Two from CockRockDisco

July 14th 2011

That hive of all that is messed-up, retro-engineered and sonically perverse in dance music (whatever that is these days), Cockrockdisco, presents two recent free album downloads worth your attention, from Poland's 8rolek, and the Nam-Shub Of Enki

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Death GripsNew Death Grips video

July 13th 2011

These things have become seismic events.  Who or what is Death Grips? Based in Sacramento, California, they're a force unto themselves; and when this mysterious collective transmit a new video, people watch...

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Miss Roberts

The Temptation of Miss Roberts

July 9th 2011

Can you be tempted to the Stinging Netil with a cookie? It all happens tomorrow… Miss Roberts will be there, let her explain...

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Foot VillageFoot Village Alert

July 8th 2011

FOOT VILLAGE are coming this way, Hoovers at the ready... We have said many things about these delightfully ear-friendly people from L.A already..  This time, let's cut to the chase with a slice of Foot Village aural and visual goodness...

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First Thursday: A Burning Candy shoot-out, and...


July 7th 2011

East London’s First Thursday art trawl is upon us again. Two shows we’re particularly keen to see are the new BURNING CANDY show at Tony’s Gallery and KELLYKIWI’s abstraction of DESIRE at the Outside World… 

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Fire! With Jim O RourkeFire! with Mats Gustafsson and Jim O'Rourke

July 6th 2011

A New album from Swedish avant-jazz power trio Fire! is always something to excite, and this time it comes with added colour from Sonic Youth/Gastr Del Sol experimentalist Jim O’Rourke....

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News from She Makes War...

She Makes War

July 5th 2011

SHE MAKES WAR has a new video for Slow Puncture shot around the art-covered streets of East London, meanwhile her debut album is about to be re-issued and best of all, she plays our Stinging Netil art fair this coming Sunday… 

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Rude Mechanicals Miss RobertsStinging Netil preview part four..

July 4th 2011

Lilies On Mars and Rude Mechanicals will both be playing at the Stinging Netil Art Fair on Sunday, meanwhile fine artist James Boman will be showing some of his recent work on one the many art-packed stalls…

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Tim Smith of CardiacsHappy Birthday Tim Smith!

July 2nd 2011

A Time For Rejoicing...  tomorrow is the 50th birthday of Tim Smith, frontman, composer, producer and guitarist  of Cardiacs, the Sea Nymphs and others, and an ever growing global creative inspiration... 

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To Arms EtcTriumphant latest album from To Arms Etc

July 1st 2011

To Arms Etc make warm, clever proper prog that drips with all the uplifting tuneful goodness of the classic 70’s bands without ever sounding retro or dated.. This London band really are one of the best kept musical secrets around..

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Dannielle stencilStinging Netil preview part three...

June 30th 2011

Ten days until the Stinging Netil and the third part of our preview: a look at Emma Harvey’s painted observations, Dannielle Hodson’s colourful, loose, life studies and the ongoing Unlikeness collaborative photography project…

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Nikki Louder, Our World Died YesterdayNikki Louder new album

June 29th 2011

NIKKI LOUDER’s intelligent new album of art-fuelled guitar noise, Our World Died Yesterday... Plus, an opening of an exhibition of GLENN IBBITSON’s powerful paintings at Studio 75 in East London....

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Luke Jerram at Times SquarePiano shaped days...

June 27th/28th 2011

No Thing Of The Day this Monday or Tuesday, for this Monday and Tuesday are set aside for piano painting days and there shall be no time for any other things of any size or shape. Except to revisit to a lost piece of art by Alan Keel...

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Painted Peepshow naughty cardStinging Netil preview part two...

June 25th 2011

The Painted Peepshow of Loolie Hapgood, her elegantly naughty coupe plates, plus Country Dirt and their bluegrass flavoured country music at an art market in East London…

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Weasel WalterWeasel Walter on Cardiacs

June 24th 2011

Legendary stalwart of underground drum mayhem Weasel Walter is touring the UK this week - earlier this year, he helped spread the word about the San Fransisco fundraising gig for Tim Smith of Cardiacs, with this neat review/testimonial...

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Weasel WalterWeasel Walter Alert!

June 23rd 2011

Look, Weasel Walter is in town, you don’t need to know anything else - Weasel's in town, just go! Whatever he's got in store, it will be good. And he's collaborating with Alex Ward (Dead Days Beyond Help) and James Sedwards (Nought, Guapo) amongst others...

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Stinging Netil preview part one...


June 22nd 2011

'Colour is a point of obsession – an organic means of experimentation and self-discovery. In his latest work the canvases are all interlinked: by using a canvas as a palette when painting'. DAVID AGENJO is a London based fine artist, he’ll be showing some of his recent work at the Stinging Netil..

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Perhaps ContraptionPerhaps Contraption's Lunch For The Worms

June 21st 2011

Perhaps Contraption  proudly announce the arrival of their second LP, Business, a psychedelic avant-folk excursion, melding twisted pop, mathematic expulsions & soaring instrumental soundscapes...

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Stravinsky by Leone


June 20th 2011

Last Friday was the birthday of Igor Stravinsky... his  music, with it's balance of edgy tension, drive, hammering repetition and clear-cut, wild melodies, is instantly understandable by those of us brought up on rock... With this in mind, here's a free download of the new recording of his Les Noces, by San Francisco based musician/composer Dominique Leone...

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Scumbag PhilosopherSCUMBAG PHILOSOPHER... 

June 18th 2011

...have a new album out this week; it goes by the name of It Means Nothing So It Means Nothing, it features the rather impressive single God Is Dead So I Listen To Radiohead, a single for anyone who’s ever read half of Ecce Homo or has a will to power, that's why they don't shower…

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Little Roy, ReCardiacsFly

Little Roy

June 17th 2011

Two for today, two covers of two classic songs: LITTLE ROY’s new single, an excellent version of Nirvana’s Sliver/Dive.  And a very impressive RECARDIACSFLY version of Cardiacs' To Go Off And Things performed at the recent San Francisco Tim Smith benefit concert

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Peter KernelPeter Kernel 

June 16th 2011

Peter Kernel play music anyone can play in an attempt to' satisfy man's basic human instinct. Primary rock. Peter Kernel are a Swiss Canadian art-punk trio... Inspired by a love story Peter Kernel are engagingly intimate and in a primitive and sexy manner reinterpret pop music...” 

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Anet Mook

Remembering Anet

June 15th 2011

 Not really a Thing of the Day today, more the very sad task of relaying the news of the death of Cay singer Anet Mook.  News reached us here late last night that Anet had lost her life in recent days.

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June 14th 2011

11:11 is 22 artistic responses from 22 artists: 11 broadly operating within the sphere of fine art and 11 within that of urban art. 22 artists whose work ranges from the bold and socio-political to the subtle and poetic….

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Old boots, new laces

Painted boot at B.O.G.June 13th 2011

OLD BOOTS, NEW LACES is the name of an art show that opens this coming week on East London’s Brick Lane; the show is brought to you by the loose collective of artists who are forming around the newly opened B.O.G.  What is the B.O.G? Get your new boots on and…  

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Max Eastley @ Raven Row

Max Eastley

June 11th 2011

London arts-based radio station Resonance104.4 FM is returning to some of its sound art roots this month with a series of live events and radio broadcasts from Raven Row.  This Tuesday the series of events continues with a performance by kinetic artist MAX EASTLEY...

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Screama Ballerina

Nobody cares about your Abercrombie bra!

June 10th 2011

The debut single from SCREAMA BALLERINA and two minutes of shouty bratty big society baiting punk rock energy from Charlie O’Conner and her angry southern English pop band… and 80s style guilty pleasure from The Neon Mile...

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