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 GRAFIK WARFARE present HAZARDOUS WASTE @ Graffik Gallery, Ladbrook Grove, London W10 - FEB 2010
GRAFIK WARFARE presents HAZARDOUS WASTE.... Grafik Warfare are an international collective of twenty six street artists and illustrators, including SNUB23, MISHFIT, HUTCH, ISTHISYOU?, SINNA, AVIAN  SECURITY, DAN K, LEEKS, THE LOVER, GERM, EYESAW, ORCO, FARM, 333, FARKET, DEFACTO, FOUNDRY, DELARGE ... To celebrate the launch of their new website the whole collective are exhibited together the first time at the Graffik London Gallery, 284 Portobello Rd, London. The four day event went by the name of Hazardous Waste and kicked off on 25th February with a preview and charity auction, there was a special party night with DJs followed by an after-party in a secret location on Friday and Saturday was dominated by a live art session in the Graffikyard out back of the gallery, including wall graffiti, things carried on through to Sunday and then, after four days of painting. things were all packed away and.... 

So, Saturday afternoon, and on in to the evening, and some of the collective, plus invited guest painters, Pixie, T.Wat, Blam and who know who? people in and out, up and down ladders all day, DJ's playing, whisky flowing.... Saturday afternoon and people painting all day, people coming in off the street to watch and here's some of the imagery from the day...

(all  photos Sean Worrall, organart 2010)

Rather good video up on the UK Street Art website from the the Hazardous Waste event


Sean - ghetto blaster, mixed media on canvas