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THE LAZE - THEY SOUND BEAST!THE LAZE.... New prog food from the North West, UK tour with USPILON ACRUX, concept album release, prog as f... here comes a massive outburst of news direct from the band.... 

         OCTOURBER: “We start our UK tour supporting Upsilon Acrux October 1st.  Yes, that's a fortnight away & YES we are psyched.  Upsilon Acrux are one of the best contemporary avantech acts out there and they are travelling all the way from LA.  Seeing them live is going to be devastating!  We are privileged”.  (dates further down)

        FEAST OF THE TAIL (Oct 2-3) – “As part of the tour we are playing the all-day festival Feast Of The Tail in Liverpool.  This is part of a two day extravagonzo festus organised by Samizdat, Meshuggy, Evol & Valhalla.  Headlining the Friday night (curated by Meshuggy & Evol) are HEALTH (another band from LA) supported by the most excellent Balloons & others.  Headlining the Saturday (Samizdat & Valhalla) are Upsilon Acrux with a.P.A.t.T., us, Honey Ride Me A Goat and loads more supporting. It promises to be the best DIY festival in Liverpool since records began. It will be taking place in none other than Liverpool's Theatre of the Absurd: The Kazimier.  Hot Rad.”

        SPACETIME FABRIC CONDITIONER (Stopping the Nightmare From Not Dying) - The long overdue concept LP is finally being released.  After experiencing every type of technical nightmare, moving studios countless times and basically losing faith in reality we have finished it!  And to be incredibly modest... IT SOUNDS BEAST! We are doing a limited CD & VHS release for the UK tour.  We will then be officially releasing it on digipak & 12" vinyl in November.  The artwork is looks absolutely amazing, we have the genius of Dan McPharlin to thank for that.  I have to say now and will continue saying forever: We couldn't have done it without our producer extrordinaire Rich Hurst!  The patience of this man surpasses all, nevermind his exquisite string & horn arrangements.  He is now officially the 7th member of The Laze, whether he likes it or not.”
   “Extra thanks to Organ Mag (say the band) for playing excerpts from the LP for 3 weeks running on their show on Resonance FM.  Thanks for the support!!!” – Ha, we haven’t even started, tune in next week, and the week after (and the week after unless the Resonance bosses kick us off...) 

            PHANTOM OF THE OPERA – “In further LZZZ news:  We have just been commissioned to compose a new  soundtrack for the 1925 silent horror classic Phantom Of The Opera.  We will be performing this live in the big screen at FACT cinema, obviously beneath the screen while the film is projected.  This is all in celebration of the remastered DVD release.  We are quite possibly going to be on the international DVD release as an alternative soundtrack, along with Rick Wakeman's version.  The performance and DVD release dates have yet to be announced, it will most likely be toward the end of the year.  We shall keep you informed...

        Lots more Laze news and such via Here at Organ we think The Laze rule, they are right to say they sound beast, The Laze are beast! The album was reviewed a couple of weeks ago and personally, I can’t wait for the tour – THE LAZE, UPSILON ACRUX and HONEY RIDE ME A GOAT TOGETHER... that might just be too much for one night! The progggggest thing ever! Proger than a man in a red dress and a foxes head!

          Ah hell, here's the album review again.... it originally ran here back in August when they sent us a demo version... hence the refrences to the demo...

ALBUM REVIEW: THE LAZE – Spacetime Fabric Conditioner – This isn’t really a demo, this is things in progress and an early taste of some kind of masterwork and an album almost ready for release – pay attention serious forward looking cutting edge prog-friendly labels out there, I think they’re looking for someone to take notice and put this out - and someone really should, this is seriously good! We’re talking some kind of instantly attention-demand frontline blend of the best side of brooding Faith No More fused with the progressive drama and seriously challenging adventure of classic King Crimson. Radiant keyboards, moody mountains of imaginative light and shade and stop the boat, the jester, the lark’s tongue is aspic, all lighthouse keepers and whoever’s helping young Washington to cut that cherry tree down for one mad-dive prog rock clock-ticking lawn-mowing minute, stop everything! We have a serious band here, this just might be the missing link that glues together the classic English prog of long past days and the forward looking musical adventure of now. This is cutting edge post-whatever you got for people who understand the glorious beauty of early Genesis, the dramatic adventure of Van Der Graaf or classic King Crimson, this is all that kicked in to a slightly twisted here and now with such gutsy passion, with such understanding of what this thing we call prog is really about... This is the real deal, this is proper full-on unashamed cool as f**k cutting edge expertly crafted dirty-fingered keyboard driven, sax-fuelled twisted English prog rock adventure and when they get the release details sorted we’ll delve a lot further in and tell a hell of a lot more about how brilliant it is... 
        You can catch The Laze on tour in the UK with Upsilon Acrux and Honey Ride Me A Goat at the start of October, now that is going to be a serious event of a tour, those three bands together is almost too much! More from

UPSILON ACRUX OCTOBER UK TOUR, that’s right, one of the finest avant-prog outfits in the world are heading thing way for the first time ever, LA’s Upsilon Acrux are coming! The dates:  1st October - Chatham with The Laze Honey Ride Me A Goat @ Tap N Tin, 2nd - Milton Keynes with The Laze  Action Beat @ The Crown), 3rd – Liverpool with a.P.A.t.T, The Laze and more, All-day fest @ The Kazimier), 4th - Worcester @ The Firefly, with The Laze, 5th –TBC, 6th London with The Laze and Honey Ride Me A Goat - Upset The Rhythm @ Barden's Boudoir, 7th –Leeds with The Laze, That Fucking Tank and Cowtown @ Brudenell Centre – then off to Ireland... 8th - Dublin @ The Lower Deck, 9th Cork @ The Quad –

LONDON STREET ARTIST D*FACE TO LAUNCH SOLO EXHIBITION IN NYC - Ludovico Aversion Therapy / All Your Dreams Are Owned By Us  @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery September 12th October 10, 2009
       Press release here says “New York's Jonathan LeVine Gallery is pleased to present Ludovico Aversion Therapy / All Your Dreams Are Owned By Us, a solo exhibition of new original works and multiples by the London-based street artist known as D*Face returning to the gallery for his debut solo show in the United States; in conjunction with a site-specific, street-level installation. The show title Ludovico Aversion Therapy references a futuristic human behaviour reconditioning treatment from A Clockwork Orange (the 1972 cult-classic film by Stanley Kubrick), in which the patient’s eyelids are forced open to watch disturbing footage containing subliminal messages.
         Artist statement: “If you've ever wondered what goes on inside of my mind, this body
of work is it. A visual interpretation of lucid dreams - the replaying, disassembly and reconfiguring of images held in one’s mind... it's as much 'Exquisite Corpse’ as everyday Ludovico Aversion Therapy”
          Re-interpreting the exquisite corpse concept, each piece in Ludovico Aversion Therapy features a singular composite subject created using an amalgamation of various branded corporate identity mascots combined with classic superhero characters, interspersed with typography derived from comic book art and advertising. Having spliced these elements into thin segments of recognisable information, the artist scrambles the pieces then stacks them vertically, re-assigning features to form mismatched conglomerate faces and deliver a powerfully graphic impact. Paintings and etchings in this exhibition feature the artist’s signature tongue-in-cheek aesthetic, known for creating two and three-dimensional work using a variety of mediums and techniques. Incorporating pop iconography with satirical commentary and anti-establishment values, D*Face questions the increasing turnover and bombardment of imagery by the media as well as how much (if any and what parts) we recall, digest and retain. Extracting elements from the endless stream of visual stimuli absorbed daily by our conscious and subconscious, the artist re-works and subverts imagery appropriated from comics, currency, corporate advertising, and cultural figures - drawing from decades of materialistic consumption in our media-saturated society".

      ABOUT THE ARTIST - "D*Face is a London-based sculptor and street artist. His artwork has been exhibited in galleries and on the streets of cities around the world. For over ten years, his wall stencils and three dimensional urban interventions have tested public awareness and resistance when faced with visual alternatives to corruptive, persuasive commercial advertising. Reoccurring themes include: celebrity, fame, and mortality. The artist uses the term aPOPcalyptic to describe his work, which often features images of cultural icons as a commentary on conspicuous consumption in popular culture. D*Face’s early artistic inspirations include pop artists such as Lichtenstein, Haring and Warhol. Additional influences include: punk music, graffiti, skateboarding and skate magazines featuring graphic artists like Jim Philips and Pushead.”  Find out more about D*Face at, the gallery is at

FUNCTION RECORDS are one of those little labels who’ve been consistently releasing interesting things for a good few years now. Based in the South of England and without really shouting and being all tediously scenester and cooler than you about it, they’ve been building a rather impressive catalogue of recordings. A more than decent release record and a more than healthy attitude when it comes to doing those things that keep the underground networks flowing, evolving and all together alive with good music, art and cross pollination – something a few others could take note of in these spam-the-world and don’t bother thinking zineless times of FaceSpace where even the smallest of bedroom operators think they need to act like a copy of the corporate product pushing machine. We really have had enough of all these ego-breeding rich-kid mummy-funded bedroom labels and their mates with start-up PR companies who think they’re more important that the music and the bands they claim to care so much about... Function just get out there and just quietly do it without all the ego and bulpoop and the look at us aren’t we cool. A refreshing throwback to the best days of zines and real undergrounds and John Peel and communication, the sprit of contact and switch the other... And that’s all reflected in the music. They may not be up there with the genuinely radical cutting edge leaders like Skin Graft or Cuneiform or taking the daring musical risks of Loaf but they are releasing solidly good, rather consistent slices of quietly challenging always interesting alternative mathy indie punky post-whatever...  We could do with a few more like Function, a genuine badge of something or other and we’re rather pleased to see a batch of new releases from Shane and co...    Right, enough blowing smoke up people’s holes, let’s dive in and see what’s new...

ALBUM REVIEW: NITKOWSKI – Chauffeurs (Function) – From London with some blustery scratchy, rather busy, spiky, mathy alt.rock (and some rather intriguingly strange looking artwork). Itchy music, itchy and scratchy and with a sometimes shouty man adding vocals that never push too much at you – their pecking at your head is kind of positive. This is good, there’s a lot of this scratch indie shouty mathy rock complexity around - you’ve got to have an edge these days, a bit of depth to stand out, something a little more, Nitkowski do... Tumbling up stairs, cantankerously good, alive with energy , razor sharp, jagged, slightly worrying, mangled and knotted and if they do have a Don Cabellero feel then we’re talking Don Cab with a broken bottle and a menacing look in their collective eyes.  Nitkowski have a sense of light and shade, a genuine need to push at the edges rather than just follow the pack, something good evolving here –

SINGLE REVIEW: ON HISTORIES OF ROSENBERG – On Histories Of Rosenberg (Function) – A rather refined four track self-titled EP from the Southern English band. A five piece with a healthy glow about them, I’m guessing this is their debut. Progressive post-rock Englishness that has a warm dew-fresh glisten to it, they’re in to those rather current indie-mathy areas again, that quietly spiralling epicness, those slightly angsty vocal lines -  they have heir own beauty though, a comfort not questioned, and they understand the power of understated restraint and that a quiet less is so often so much more than more noise and aggression. Emotional English indie-prog that takes you out with the leaves and fields and things awoken. That throaty vocal style again but On Histories have a refined bit of class and craft to them and without being dramatically different, these are Impressively hopeful uplifting and sometimes rather beautiful first moves  -

ALBUM REVIEW: YOU'RE SMILING NOW BUT WE'LL ALL TURN INTO DEMONS - Contact High With Da Demons (Function) - The awkwardly named UK band (Portsmouth actually) are back with their latest album and their first release on Function since 2003’s split with Escanna. They’re dealing in a fuzzy heady mix of Sabbath psychedelia for Sonic Youth heads, an alt-rock song-based psych-drone and this is probably their best release to-date. A positive forward-moving edgy drone, fuzz-punks and Melvins and Dead Meadow rolling along in a demonically smiling colourful kind of way...

As previously reported, Function Records take there turn at RoTa this coming Saturday afternoon (15th August), the bill this Saturday features EX-LIBRAS, SLY AND THE FAMILY DRONE, MONROE EFFECT and YOU’RE SMILING NOW BUT WE’LL ALL TURN INTO DEMONS. First band on at 4.00pm, all well worth checking out, free to get in, Nottinghill, London town, over by the Barclays Bank jsut down the road from the tube, big bold wooden doors and crash barriers outside are the only real give away to where the basement venue is... 

Meanwhile NITKOWSKI playLondon's 93 Feet East along side KNIFEWORLD (the new band put together by Kavus, he of Cardiacs, Guapo and such), and 85 BEARS on August 18th. All of the current Function bands are rather busy in terms of live activity right now, go explore their already linked MySpace pages or head to the Function Records main site

Go see, hear, explore, here –

17th JULY 09 -  THE ALTERNATIVE PRESS FESTIVAL is almost upon us, and like we sid a few pages back.... having your cake and lying in it, all this Organ stuff started with a handmade messy zine, screen printed covers, tins of spray paint, broken typewriters, inspired by all the others – Urban Guerrilla, Forearm Smash, Revelatory - hauling bags full of heavy zines to venues, trading tapes, flyers, Pritt sticks and typos, dodgy photocopiers, up all night with staplers and silk screens, soap on stamps, post art, FIN cells, word of mouth... There were hundreds of handmade zines when we first got the bug, thousands, couldn’t go to a gig without buying (or trading) one... That spirit is still there somewhere, some might say not as friendly these days, not as welcoming and arms open as it was in the 80’s when Organ first saw the light of day, some may say it died with the internet. No, surely not, that zine spirit and that doing it yourself feeling of creativity is still there somewhere isn’t it? Sure, you need to look a little harder to find it these days, it isn’t going to walk up to you at a gig anymore and when you do eventually find it you have to battle through what sometimes feels like the elitism and we’re cooler than you attitude that you sometimes find in the not so healthy as it once was zine world these days, especially in the we’re more punk and underground than you and blah blah blah London zine fields...  There was a time when it was a real evolving alternative creative community... maybe there’s a hint of something to be found at the forthcoming ALTERNATIVE PRESS FESTIVAL that takes place from July 29th to August 2nd? (although there seems to be a lot of history errased) Go see, go get involved, add to it, start a zine, the word is still CREATE isn't it? Find out more here at or
29th May '09:  ARTJAM is now a label, now that sounds like a good thing to us here in the paint-splattered Organ office. Artjam events are always colourfully good, here’s what they have to say. “Born in February of 2008, ARTJAM has been splashing out and damaging clubs across London. Calling on all participants to abandon their inhibitions somewhere between the door and the keyboards, this original clubbing experience cuts to the heart of experimental music amid a multi-coloured palette of paint, glitter glue and beats. Now here at ARTJAM HQ we’re busy setting up a record label, ready to release some awesome tracks we’ve got lined up. Keep checking back for more info on artists we’re working with. ARTJAM xxx” -
Rev Billy27th May '09: More of your Daily Spleen? Is it unbalanced enough? 

       “Hi, I just added a track to the Organ Readers Spotify thing, a track by Reverend Billy And The Church Of Life After Shopping. The two gigs i saw at the weekend were incredible, especially when everyone went for a sing song round Tescos. Here’s a video from Sunday....” Steve Adams

Not one of the last twenty three CDs that the chewing machine has spat back out have been worth even the shortest of mentions, make that twenty four now, there’s a lot of very average things out there getting a lot of hype, wonder why that is? Make that twenty five.... twenty six.... hang on this twenty seventh one has something good about it, all skylines on fire and who’s this? Oh, new Low Anthem single...

REVEREND  BILLY, Who's he then Steve? Looks good....

 Statement of Belief: “Reverend Billy and the Life After Shopping Gospel Choir believe that Consumerism is overwhelming our lives. The corporations want us to have experiences only through their products.
        Our neighborhoods, "commons" places like stoops and parks and streets and libraries, are disappearing into the corporatized world of big boxes and chain stores. But if we "back away from the product" – even a little bit, well then we Put The Odd Back In God!
    The supermodels fly away and we're left with our original sensuality. So we are singing and preaching for local economies and real – not mediated through products – experience.
    We like independent shops where you know the person behind the counter or at least –you like them enough to share a story. We ask that local activists who are defending themselves against supermalls, nuke plants, gentrification – call us and we'll come and put on our "Fabulous Worship!"
     Remember children... Love is a Gift Economy!” — The Rev

Mission: “The Church of Life After Shopping is project of The Immediate Life, a New York based arts organization using theater, humor, and grassroots organizing to advance individuals and communities towards a more equitable future - starting today. We partner with citizens, grassroots organizations and progressive visionaries to produce dynamic, informed public campaigns that enact our core values - participatory democracy, ecological sustainability, and the preservation of vibrant communities and local economies.”

The Reverend Billy Shopocalypse Tour: carries on tonight at that fine gallery on the waterfront down there in the West Country: Wed 27th May Arnolfini Bristol, Thu 28 Liverpool Blue Coat, Fri 29 Birmingham – Fierce, Sat 30 London Battersea Arts Centre, Sun 31 London Limehouse Town Hall. Saturday seems to be some all day festival, Sunday however, is a free performance at 5.00pm over at the Boxing Club over in Limehouse at the Town Hall, 646 Commercial St London E14. We'd never heard of him until this morning, what else have you got for us dear readers? -

29th April '09: Noel wants a mask...

AUSTIN GALLERY AND BENNY’S BAR can be found at 119A Bethnal Green Road, London, E2. Austin’s is a bar, cafe and more importantly a rather alternative DIY street art gallery. Friendly small converted shop of a gallery full of easy chairs, and serving cakes, toasted ciabatta, home made soup and award winning coffee (they seem to be very proud of their award winning coffee). The cafe now has an evening time alter ego as Benny’s Bar. The walls are lined with a whole manner of good looking rather inspiring street art and alternative creativity, music is piped through vintage boomboxes and there’s beer garden to the rear with regularly updated murals. Downstairs is the small basement gallery which hosts monthly street art exhibitions by both UK and worldwide artists. Right now the downstairs gallery features a selection of works by rather impressive French artist SPaRK. There  doesn't appear to be a website for Austin's right now. There's some SPaRK art just down there, well worth dropping in to the very friendly gallery/cafe if you're passing (which we were when the colour caught our eye and curiosity pulled us in)...





KELLY JOHNSON (Girlschool)
KELLY JOHNSON (Girlschool)