THE BEST OF 2008.... Who did we rate? Who did you rate?
Yes, that’s right, us versus you time. We’re almost ready for those end of year lists and arguments and top this and best of that and such.... 

Now you know we like to publish a top fifty albums of the year at the end of every year. Last year the top three albums, in the opinion of the Organ team, were from EFTERKLANG, followed closely by UPSILON ACRUX and TOMAHAWK. You seamed pretty much in agreement with the choice last year. Although some of you said things like “no!” and felt sure the best album of the year came from William D Drake or Of Montreal or Animal Collective or Battles or Future Of The Left or Sleepytime Gorilla Museum or 65Days... actually, now, I might agree about Sleepytime, we only had it as fifth best last year. 

So anyway, pass the cake, and more jam this time please, 2008 has been another great year, loads of great albums, some possible classics. We’ve had a great album of the week every single week, all the way through the year, here at Organ. Flick through some back issues and remind yourselves, it is almost too much... We’re not going to list them all right here and now and we’re certainly not going to pick a random number of albums for you to pick from - no pre-selected hands tied behind your back shortlist and us dictating what you can vote for a shortlist list we give you! The Organ People’s vote is open to every single album that has come out in the year, every single one that has come out already (or indeed still coming out in what is left of) 2008. Go ahead, make a list, check it twice, then fire your top ten albums of the year right on at us and we’ll compile a definite Organ readers end of year poll to go along side the Organ team’s own top fifty. 

Wonder if your list will agree with ours? Bet it won’t. We’ll keep it open until the last minute of December 31st, get your list in and have a look sometime around new year’s day. 

Oh yes, and we’ll put the names of everyone who sends something in to a hat and draw out one of you, one lucky person will win copies of the top five albums from our list... send your top ten albums in here along with anything else you see fit...

THE BEST OF 2007.... Who did we rate? Who did you rate?
THE TOP 50 ALBUMS THAT CAME OUR WAY IN 2007 - as debated, argued and agreed by the ORGAN team

1: EFTERKLANG – Parades (The Leaf Label) – Efterklang are wonderful, they’re probably unique, they’re a band crammed and bursting with musical treasure – trinkets, details, bits of silver, shinny bits, bits that catch the sunlight, bits that make you glow, make you swell with warm delight – and yes this does sound like great colourful parades –great big happy engaging breathtaking panoramic parades –

2: UPSILON ACRUX - Galapagos Momentum (Cuneiform) - Extravagant, dazzling Upsilon Acrux are talent billionaires, and generous with it. . With every track an astonishing mini-masterpiece, Upsilon Acrux have delivered an album of complexed hard-boiled hardcore avant prog that will have jaws hitting floors for many years to come. Quite possibly the coolest band in the world  -

3: TOMAHAWK – Anonymous (Ipecac) – Third album finds Tomahawk trimmed down to a trio and this time reverentially interpreting traditional native American music for these Other Rock post-everything avant musical times we happily swim in. a very different, rather rewarding very respectful, rather fine album, an album that, in going back to the source may well just be groundbreaking -

4: MICHAEL J SHEEHY - Ghost On The Motorway (Red Eye) – It will enter your ear like honey to your heart. Michael J Sheehy has made about half a dozen albums now, they’re all rather good - this is by far the best. Singer/songwriter blues drenched in Catholic guilt and step in to the strip joint, descend in to hell, then get right on up again and crawl to church, the one with the bar in the corner. Hell, he probably did try to burn that church down, he’s probably still paying for it, you really really really do need this album a lot more than you need any absolution –

5: SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM - In Glorious Times' (The End) - In which magisterial, expansive anthems to the coming darkness are laced with stabs and dashes of emphatic, brutal classicism. Avant-prog-punk - with their Idiot Flesh pedigree and array of remarkable home-made instruments, reports are that SGM shows are not shoegazing experiences.  If the first two albums caused a thrum of word-of-mouth and web buzz, this is the one that breaks them out of the Oakland creative crucible, the one you force your friends to hear.  Massively massively gloriously recommended -

6: AHLEUCHATISTAS - Even In The Midst... (Cuneiform) - Ahleuchatistas are a contradiction: a fiddly name that rolls off the tongue with practice, and super-complex instrumental music made easy. It's not their obvious skill at playing, but what they do with it. 'Even In The Midst...' might dazzle technically, but ultimately it's the emotion and empathy radiating from every moment, and the sheer delight at what they're creating, that makes this 'difficult' music so accessible. /

7: PRE – Epic Fits (Skingraft) – London’s Pre coming at us via Skingraft - they found their perfect home. This is a hissy fit of high pitched screeching hardboiled pronkoid song noise, this is awkwardly difficult listening and pointy stabby twitches of new wave pink paint on pale flesh.Screaming yelling yelping relentless girl voice and erase all errata and have Karen O make the tea before they bring on a Cardiac Arrest -

8: 65DAYSOFSTATIC – The Destruction Of Small Ideas (Monotreme) – A third 65Days album that takes us to new highs that we now rightly demand from them. There now familiar epic prog-glitch - real prog, real progression and they never stop grabbing you, sometimes gently, sometimes demanding, every listen brings out another set of details and warm textures -

9: DEERHUNTER – Cryptograms (Kranky) – They’re from Atlanta and they’re like some sparse visceral sharkhunt of an American alt.rock road trip. Kind of Sonic Youth for Spaceman 3 disciples who don’t mind a dark slice of strung-out primal space-rock Joy Division via the minimal side of those beautiful Liars. Loosely structured and awkwardly focused, like they’re challenging you to hang in there with them -

10: CHROME HOOF - Pre-Emptive False Rapture (Southern) – A firework of an album - a spectacular no-holds-barred unflinching declaration of world domination.  Swollen with so many incongruous influences, Pre-Emptive False Rapture defies belief. Disco-prog? Doom metal, , the P-Funk of George Clinton, the complex, colourful mythologies of Sun Ra and no doubt Magma Pre-Emptive False Rapture is for real - true Other galactic funk. -


1: EFTERKLANG – Parades (The Leaf Label)
2: UPSILON ACRUX – Galapagos Momentum (Cuneiform)
3: TOMAHAWK – Anonymous (Ipecac)
4: MICHAEL J SHEEHY - Ghost On The Motorway (Red Eye)
5: SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM - In Glorious Times' (The End)
6: AHLEUCHATISTAS - Even In The Midst... (Cuneiform)
7: PRE – Epic Fits (Skingraft)
8: 65DAYSOFSTATIC – The Destruction Of Small Ideas (Monotreme)
9: DEERHUNTER – Cryptograms (Kranky)
10: CHROME HOOF - Pre-Emptive False Rapture (Southern)

11: THEE MORE SHALLOWS – Book Of Bad Breaks (Anticon)
13: THE FUTURE KINGS OF ENGLAND – The Fate of Old Mother Orvis (Backwater)
14: FRANK TURNER – Sleep Is For The Week (Xtramile)
15: MINSK – The Ritual Fires Of Abandonment (Relapse)
16: SHINING – Grindstone (Rune Grammofon)
17: DEERHOOF – Friend Opportunity (ATP/R)
18: LIARS – Liars (Mute)
19: BY THE END OF TONIGHT / TERA MELOS split - Complex Full Of Phantoms (Temporary Residence)
20: EVERY TIME I DIE – The Big Dirty (Ferret)

21: TURBONEGRO – Retox (Cooking Vinyl)
22: YOU AND THE ATOM BOMB – The Spirit Of Things (Sink And Stove)
23: ORIGINAL SILENCE – The First Original Silence (Smalltown Supperjazz)
24: GEORGE WASHINGTON BROWN – On The Night Plain (Static Caravan)
25: CAR BOMB – Centralia (Relapse)
26: EYVIND KANG – Athlantis (Ipecac)
27: LOU REED/ZEITKRATZER – Metal Machine Music (Asphodel)
28: ANTIGAMA – Resonance (Relapse)
29: ANEKDOTEN – A Time Of Day (Virta)
30: NEUROSIS – Given To The Rising (Neurot)

31: WEEDEATER – God Luck And Good Speed (Southern Lord)
32: AMERICAN STEEL – Destroy Their Future (Fat Wreck)
33:  TWO BANDS AND A LEGEND – Featuring Cato Salsa Experience and The Thing (Smalltown Superjazz)
34: ATHLETIC AUTOMATON - A Journey Through Roman's Empire' (Skin Graft)
35: SLEEPING PEOPLE - Growing (Temporary Residence)
36: LASSE MARHAUG – Alive: Live Recordings 1998-2006 (Smalltown Superjazz)
37: AKERCOCKE – Antichrist (Earache) 
38: RASHOMON - The Ruined Map: Film Music Volume 1 (Mirrors)
39: APSE - Spirit (Acurela)
40: SHORT SHARP SHOCK – SSS (Thrashgig)

41: RICHARD PINHAS - Metatron (Cuneiform)
42: BIONIC – Black Blood (Signed By Force) 
43: ODD NOSDAM – Level Live Wires (Anticon)
44: MOTORHEAD – Better Motorhead Than Dead – Live At Hammersmith (SPV) 
45: SOHODOLLS – Ribbed Music For The Numb Generation (Filthy Pretty)
46: MIKROKOSMOS – Is The Heart Of The Home (Ignatia)
47: CHARGER – Spill Your Guts (Undergroove) 
48: LEFTOVER CRACK / CITIZEN FISH – Deadline (Fat Wreck)
49: MORVISCOUS - Free Pop (self released)
50: DJ MAYONNAISE – Still Alive (Anticon)

Now send us your top 10 and we'll have the readers poll here for the start of the year


1: FIGHT LIKE APES – Jake Summers (Cool For Cats)
2: CARDIACS - Ditzy Scene (ORG)
3: VILE VILE CREATURES – Wilderness (Anchor Age)
4: EFTERKLANG – Mirador (Leaf)
5: DAN LA SAC vs SCROOBUIS PIP – Thou Shalt Always Kill
7: DAN DEACON – Crystal Cat (Carpark)
8: F*CK BUTTONS - Bright Tomorrow (ATP/R)
9: I LIKE TRAINS – Spencer Perceval (Beggars Banquet)
10: HONEY RIDE ME A GOAT / MOTHGUTS – spilt 12” (Kitchen Dweller)

11: THE SMEARS – Bring It On (ORG)
13: SILICON VULTURES – Silicon Vultures EP (Captains Of Industry)
14: DINOSAUR Jr – Been There All The Time (PIAS)
16: DAS WANDERLUST – Sunday School (Cool For Cats)
17: CHRONICLES OF ADAM WEST – We Walk Unbalanced (Holy Roar)
18: THE GENTLE GOOD  - Dawel Disgyn EP (Gwymon)
19: THAT F*CKING TANK -  The Awesome Magnet (On The Bone)
20: SOULSAVERS – Kingdoms of Rain (V2)

21: GIRL SCOUT HAND GRENADE – They Want You Sedated So You Never See The Truth (Nuclear Goat)
22: TRUCKDRIVER JNR – And You’d Burst into Fire...Forever (We Like Danger)
23: HERZOGA / TO THE BONES – Things To Say/Tycho (ORG)
24: 4 OR 5 MAGICIANS – Forever On The Edge (Alcopop)
25: NATO – Ballroom Dance With Angels And Demons (Rising)
26: AND THEIR EYES WERE BLOODSHOT – Prologue EP (Small Town)
27: THE CULT – Dirty Little Rockstar (Roadrunner)
28: LIARS – Plaster Casts Of Everything (Mute)
29: 65DAYSOFSTATIC – Don’t Go Down To Sorrow (Monotreme)
30: ODD SHAPED HEAD – Egomatic Annie (Construction)

Now send us your top 10 and we'll have the readers poll here for the start of the year

Stephen Wilson, Richmond Virginia, USA

1: William Drake - Briny Hooves (!!!!!!!!)
2: Eyvind Kang - the Yelm Sessions
3: Battles - Mirrored
4: The Mabuses - Mabused!
5: Efterklang - Parade (thanks for telling us about them)
6: Deerhoof - Friend Oppo
7: William Drake - Yew's Paw
8: Robert Pollard - Standard Gargoyle Decisions
9: Kevin Ayers - Unfairground
10: Britta Persson - Top Quality Bones and a Little Terrorist (really from 2006)

MEATBREAK’S ten.... (Brighton)

1. Of Montreal - Oh Hissing Fauna, Are You The (Polyvinyl)
2. Wold – Screech Owl (Profound Lore)
3. Future Of The Left – Curses (Too Pure)
4. Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever  (Self-Released)
5. Monsters Build Mean Robots - Monsters Build Robots (Nice Weather For Airstrikes)
6. Cobalt – Eater Of Birds (Profound Lore)
7. Heavy Winged – Taking The (Students Of Decay)
8. One Unique Signal – Tribe, Castle And Nation (Genepool)
9. Bone Awl – Meaningless Leaning Mess (Klaxon)
10. Deerhunter – Cryptograms (Kranky)

BEN from CUCKUNDOO Records (Leeds)

PANDA BEAR - Person Pitch
BATTLES - Mirrored
DO MAKE SAY THINK - You, You're History In Rust
MURCOF - Cosmos
CARIBOU - Andorra
DEERHOOF - Friend Opportunity
CELEBRATION - The Modern Tribe

“Are you going to come along to the Vessels/Escalade gig on Sat 5th in
London?” Ben 

That would be the free afternoon Cuckundoo show at Notting Hill Arts Centre, 4.00pm and always worth your time 






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