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NICK VADASZ- Millenium Bridge19th AUG 2009: NICK VADASZ @ GRACELANDS CAFE, LONDON NW10, 18th Aug - Art in galleries can be cold, art in cafes can be a far more relaxed and inviting prospect... Austin’s, for instance, is by far the most inviting vibrantly relaxed place in Brick Lane... There’s lots of art to be explored and experienced in the capital city right now, you got to go look for it though, you have to make the effort, a lot of it is hiding - there’s the latest Showcase tonight at Cafe 1001, the D.I.Y London Seen launches tomorrow in a closed down Covent Garden shop (see Organ art archive for more).  Art is alive... 
            And so last night it was canvas rather than guitars on our minds as we took ourselves off to an opening of an art show in Willesden Green, NW10. A show that turned out to be a little disappointing... but but but, such is the nature of art and getting out there and just doing it in London right now, that heading for one show at one gallery will almost inevitably throw up an accidental encounter with another. And right on our doorstop as well, if we hadn’t been passing we would have been blissfully unaware... Back from the disappointment of Willesden we scuttled to the Gracelands Cafe in Kensal Rise (it may not be as alive as some area of the city but there are one or two things happening around here – that stuff in the Old Flower Shop, Hoppy at the Lexi this week...  art is starting to break out, there’s something creative in the North West London air). 
        The chalk board outside was inviting people to just come in and experience the work of one NICK VADASZ. The colourful cafe emptied of tables for the night.... just the wall of work, some comfortable seats, a bar, and some rather vibrant striking eye-demanding colour. Nick’s work is alive with atmosphere, attention-catching pieces, acrylic on sizeable pieces of canvas, contemporary London cityscapes, familiar shapes picked out from the colour, the light, the atmosphere... We’re not talking any kind of cutting edge situationist street art punk rock paint throwing look at me attitude here, we’re simply talking alive vibrant exciting inspiring paint on canvas and some very fine rewarding rather beautiful work. Nick Vadasz has a clear love of the East End of the city he captures with such radiant warmth as well as for the paint he moves around his canvas in such a glowing way. Inspiring, exciting, vibrantly glowing colours... 
        Gracelands Cafe is to be found on College Road, Kensal Green, London NW10. Nearest tube – Kensal Green, or take the overground to Kensal Rise. The furniture is back in place, food is being served, and Nick’s work is on the walls waiting there for you...
          Nick Vadasz's website is over at, and as we’ve said before, looking at art on the web is really no kind of satisfying substitute for experiencing it in the flesh. Nick’s on-line portfolio (or indeed that piece up there) does him no justice what so ever, tempted to go have a coffee and sandwich for lunch right now, go enjoy bathing in it all again in the summer daylight - now the idea of going back is in my head, the thought of seeing it again is a bit of a buzz, good exciting art makes you buzz... (S) 

16th AUG 2009: NEWS: COLLISION 2009 - The fourth annual Collision event will be conducting experiments in the fusion of performance, sound, light, digital interactions and the just plain weird. Alongside a collection of site specific works, an international group of artists and performers will facilitate altered versions of familiar social situations and games in which the audience will be invited to participate to allow the process to become complete. Expect strange behaviour and interventions from Clare Quilty, Mick Grierson, Genetic Moo, Emmanuel Spinelli, Brainer, Cédric Hoareau, Matt Appleby, The Lonesome Cowboys From Hell and AKAJOEY. August 22nd, 7pm till late, The Bussey Building, 133 Rye Lane, London SE15. For tickets and details visit

8th AUG 09 NEWS: DIY LONDON SEEN is an exhibition documenting the work of, and work inspired by, the artists featured in Aaron Rose's film 'Beautiful Losers'. The exhibition will take place in the heart of London this Summer.. The exhibition showcases the work of upcoming British Artists whose are either inspired by those featured in the film, or who create with a similar work ethic and freedom of spirit... 
      DIY LONDON SEEN runs from 17th August - 5th September 2009 at Unit 11, The Market, Covent Garden, London WC2. BEAUTIFUL LOSERS is released by Revolver Entertainment on 7th August and runs exclusively at the ICA until 24th August . The DVD is released on 24th August. – More from
         Curated by Bakul Patki and Lee Johnson of ‘Watch This Space’, the show ‘DIY London Seen’ brings together twenty young Artists, whose work encapsulates a similar naivety, freedom and energy to that of the original ‘Beautiful Losers’, and a shared willing to create art for art’s sake. Whether they be painters, photographers, illustrators, sculptors or filmmakers, the Artists have in common an inbuilt passion to produce work that is neither defined by the art market, nor any factor other than the desire to express their innate creativity; reflecting the society they inhabit and the emotions they experience, through their preferred artistic medium. 
       Artists contributing to *DIY LONDON SEEN* include; Arran Gregory, Aidan O’Neill, Best One, Chrissie Abbott, Clare Shilland, Charlie Woolley, Cheryl Dunn, Gustav Eden, Graham Hudson, Harry Malt, Ivory Serra, Jethro Haynes, Marc Silver, Marcus Oakley, Robin Clare, Sam Ashley and Toby Shuall. –
6th AUG 09 - Shall we ...?

ART REVIEW:  SHOWCASE @ 1001 Cafe, Brick Lane, 5th August.... The idea is a good one, a showcase for the work new emerging artists, one night only – put the work up, throw open the doors at 5.30pm and stay open until somewhere around midnight, one night only, no messing about. Who goes to any of the dozens of Brick Lane galleries at any time besides the opening nights of the shows anyway? Most of the galleries aren’t even open when the East End is at its most vibrant, all closed and dark during the evening when people are out at gigs. Seems most of the small galleries are only open (and showing to no one) during the dead of day time... fed up with passing locked doors on the way to gigs. 
             Showcase was busy tonight, the 1001 Cafe is always a vibrant place anyway, find it down Dray Walk, just over from the Rough Trade East shop by the old Truman Brewery, just off Brick Lane. The showcase itself takes place in the big open backroom of the spacious cafe - up the stairs, battle through all the people sitting on the always crowded forecourt and through the bit with all the books and art and comfy seats and there it is - the backroom and the Showcase sign and a busy room divided up by simple white wooden peg-board panels. Well lit, basic, spacious and packed with fresh art waiting to be discovered, waiting to be bought, explored and generally enthused over... There’s a buzz in here, a busy relaxed atmosphere, none of the stagnant formality of your ‘normal’ gallery, this is D.I.Y good and people just getting in there and doing it, a positive thing surely? Or is it? Seems that the organisers are treating the artists well, for once this doesn’t feel like an exercise in nothing more than parting hopeful artists with the little bit of cash they have in exchange for some over-hyped wall space that doesn’t live up the promise offered by a slick website. Showcase feels honest, it feels right...  The one major thing that lets all the good intention and obvious committed enthusiasm of Showcase down is the lack of any real quality control - of the eighteen or so artists ‘showcasing’ tonight there’s only really maybe two or three that really seriously warrant further investigation... Most of the work on display really isn’t that exciting, some of it verging on bad and in danger of bringing down what is in essence an excellent idea – a bit of quality control is desperately needed or an idea that just might fly in the coming months could come crashing down before those wings have really allowed themselves to spread. A little more quality control is going to be needed if we’re going to come back every two weeks, saw enough tonight to thing a trip down Brick Lane again in two weeks will be worth it though... 
         Of those worthy of more attention tonight, ANIA PIENIQZEK’s rather vibrantly bold still-life pieces stand out, COLLEN MORICE’s Scratchings From The Underground and her manipulation of photographic images of torn posters from the tube system are rather interesting, KARIN VAN DER PLAS and her colourfully energetic three dimensional folk art pieces draw the eye with their riot of colour and slightly disturbing undercurrent, while KHUAN TRU’s graphic novel style Vector caricatures are strong, some of EMMA ASHTON’s pop-art cats are charming in a sweet kind of candy coloured way and best of all, LEANNE GOYMER’s stylised comic book influenced 50’s flavoured pop-art painting showed promise and demanded a mental note of her name be taken – just might have been a bargain investment at around forty pound a piece had we had some spare cash to hand. All the work is on sale tonight, some of it more realistically priced that others, all the artists are there politely lurking and ready to talk (or at least we assume they were . the two or three we met were more than willing to chat without ever being pushy). The whole event is vibrant, friendly, energetic, alive and if the enthusiastic organisers can get a handle on that quality control issue then the early days of Showcase (tonight was the third) might just build in to something rather good. The event happens every second Wednesday, the next one is on August 19th, find out more via the website and go enjoy exploring some new artists in a very relaxed friendly informal slightly chaotic, rather positive environment - Showcase webpage

4th AUG 09 - Get involved? Works both ways...  never mind that, here’s some of this....

NEWS: SHOWCASE happens every second Wednesday evening over at Cafe 1001, Dray Walk, Brick Lane, East London  Showcasing new art, paintings and such.. “Every other Wednesday evening at Cafe 1001 (Brick Lane) expect to see an exciting bunch of contemporary artists presenting a rich variety of work and artistic styles” – looks rather good to us, a little bit more energy and excitement than a lot of the Brick Lane galleries we’re experiencing right now.. .looks good on line anyway, looking at art on line is really never tellS you that much, serious case of mere signposts, we’ll tell you more tomorrow when we’ve has a proper look. Next showcase is tomorrow, that painting over there is the work of Amy Wright, she shows on the 19th August... Showcase webpage

NEWS: Sculptor TONY ROSENTHAL has died aged 94, the New York Times reports. The cause of death was a stroke. The prolific sculptor was perhaps best known for the Alamo, his popular revolving black cube installed in Astor Place in the East Village in 1967, where it remains to this day, and his many other public sculptures, which dot streets and plazas across New York and Los Angeles   (A.R)

NEWS: SUNN O))) SOUNDTRACK JEANS ADVERT: 'O)))Bow 1', a track from Sunn O)))'s 2001 album 'Flight Of The Behemoth', has been used in a new advert for Norwegian design agency and clothing company Anti-Sweden's new line of 'True Black Metal Jeans'. The jeans will also feature the occult inspired artwork of American artist and Sunn O))) collaborator Justin Bartlett on their labels. Strange times... now you know.  Watch the advert here – black metal jeans and adverts and we’re not making any of this up... Actually that is an impressive looking and indeed sounding advert, we'll have some of them, put me down for hald a dozen and what would Rip say...

2nd AUG 09 - NEWS: RUTH BAYER has a launch for her new book  POPPERS... 'Poppers: Photographic Portraits by Ruth Bayer' Ruth Bayer. With introductory essays by Michael Atavar, Stephen Thrower and Cathi Unsworth. Book Launch Wednesday 5th August 2009. Doors open at 7.30pm. The Horse Hospital, Colonnade, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 
                 “In ‘Poppers’, photographer Ruth Bayer achieves a simple but effective frisson between the composed, formal relationship of camera and subject, and the rogue element introduced by her subjects' inhalation of Poppers - the street name for a legal compound belonging to the alkyl nitrate family; a muscle relaxant which causes the dilation of blood vessels, leading to increased blood flow and a rush of heat and euphoria. Fascinated by the watery, dilated eyes and sensually heightened faces of those she saw taking Poppers in nightclubs, Ruth set out to capture those fleeting moments of euphoric aware/unawareness in the series of photographs presented in this book. More from or

31th JULY 09  - This weekend SPACE artists at Britannia Works, Bridget Riley and Eastway Laundry will be opening their studios as part of the Hackney Wicked festival. Launching this Friday and running all weekend, the festival includes exhibitions, live music, film screenings and an artists fete alongside hundreds of open studios throughout the Hackney Wick area. Further details can be found here

30th JULY 09 - BOOKSHELF... Now this looks rather interesting.... Good looking website, rather intriguingly mysterious at the moment... art, performance, film, theatre... “We are bookshelf” they say (in lower case...) “bookshelf is a new arts group dedicated to creating work in the visual, cinematic and performing arts that explores the place where art meets love. the name bookshelf reflects the 'little bit of everything' list... at the heart of it the emphasis is on words.... words we'd like you to hear. . “. 
         “Our first project is beast a new play written and directed by Elena Bolster” they say “He is an artist. She is a whore. She will be his inspiration, his muse. He will change her forever. A beast will be born.” Beast is part play, part poem, combining fluid verse with terse & direct dialogue. The show utilises various types of media, incorporating live performance, recordings, sound effects and moving images to create the passionate and haunting internal world of two lovers...”
  Beast is being performed at the Edinburgh Fringe  from August 10th until 31st and before that there is to be a short run at Theatre503 at the Latchmere, London SW11 on 3rd & 4th August... 
       Explore Bookshelf at your leisure and find out more, when they reveal it, over at
28th JULY 09 - NEWS: GREEN DAY TAKE ART ON TOUR - The new record may not be up to much, but hery, good to see the band have commissioned a different piece of artwork for each of the tracks on current album 21st Century Breakdown, and even better to see the collection of works will be available for all to see when the band tour America and the thought of art is always ot be encouraged. The exhibition has been curated by stencil artist Logan Hicks who commissioned a different artist for each piece. "I chose artists whom I felt had a similar visual approach to art as Green Day does to its music. Although most of the artists represented are well-established in their careers, they embrace the same emotional rawness with their art, which speaks from the heart and swings with the fist. Their subject matter is struggle and injustice - they shoot from the hip and their art is their weapon".
          Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong added: "We are really excited to be touring with this incredible show. Seeing the pieces that our new album has inspired is very exciting. Many of the artists Logan has chosen show their work on the street, and we feel a strong connection to that type of creative expression. We think the fans coming out to see us on the road will love it".
         Here's a list of who and what...

Song Of The Century by Broken Crow
21st Century Breakdown by Ron English
Know Your Enemy by London Police
Viva La Gloria by C215
Before The Lobotomy by Dabs/Myla
Christian's Inferno by Meggs
Last Night On Earth by Lucamealeonte
East Jesus Nowhere by Chris Stain
Peacemaker by M-City
Last Of The American Girls by Eelus
Murder City by Adam5100
Viva La Gloria by Will Barras
Restless Heart Syndrome by Peat Wollaeger
Horseshoes And Handgrenades by Sixten
The Static Age by Sadhu
21 Guns by Pisa 72
American Eulogy by Jeremiah Garcia
See The Light by Component
Portraits of Green Day by Logan Hicks

Listen - Sean...24th JULY 09 - Signposts, signposts, day after day, while we're passing and throwing paint and skateboarding never meant much to us  but hey, you might want a slice and ...

20 YEARS OF DEFINITIVE SKATEBOARDING is an exhibition that ties in with a big fat glossy coffee style table book of skateboard photos. The exhibition is in the rather spacious Maverik showroom, Redchurch Street over in gallery infested London E2 (That’s Shoreditch to you). A collection of atmospheric photos from American photographer MIKE BLABAC, he’s been documenting significant skateboard events from the last twenty years – Danny Way’s jump over the great wall of China, landmark moments in LA and San Francisco. All tied in with some shoe company and the kind of corporate glossy nonsense and product placement (and some hideous looking orange and black shoe) that you might like to think it shouldn’t be about but there are some rather good photos if skateboarding glossiness is your thing. The Show opened last night and runs until Friday 31st July –

JACKSON POLLOCK? How satisfying is this? Probably drive Jack The Dripper crazy, probably incredibly disrespectful, but hey, don’t say you never find any useful links on these here Organ pages, this will keep you dripping for hours –

21st JULY 09 - RESONANCE FROM THE PLINTH.... Resonance104.4fm are pleased to be broadcasting a radio show by Sheffield Live! 93.2FM live from the Fourth Plinth as part of Anthony Gormley’s “One And Other” sculpture in London’s Trafalgar Square. Presented by Sheffield Live’s Alan Fransman, the broadcast aims to create a memorable connection between audiences in London and Sheffield. Alan writes: “I am a big fan of Resonance FM and proud to be part of a collaborative work that involves two fantastic radio stations.” Sangita Basudev, Chief Executive of Sheffield Live! 93.2FM adds: “Community Radio is all about bringing communities together. With Alan’s broadcast from the Fourth Plinth, we will be bringing Sheffield to the heart of the capital – and putting the streets of London on to the Sheffield airwaves.” We say: “Alan’s use of radio ingeniously propels Anthony Gormley’s participatory artwork into the centre of community arts.” Tune in or turn up and hear it happening in the flesh. The broadcast will be on London arts radio station Resonance FM tonight, Tuesday 21 July, 8pm – 9pm...

20th JULY 09 -  This Monday, that’s today, here and now, sees the start of a new exhibition at I AM JOY...  CRITICLE POLITICLE: '20 PAINTINGS ON THE G20 RIOTS' - BY SAM McGANN
       “This show is a comment on how Sam perceived the police's actions in the G20 protests in May 2009 based on media coverage.  At the show you will be able to view some first hand video and written information about these protests”.  Private View will be held on Monday 20th @ 6 - 9pm and the show runs from 20th to 26th July – The I AM JOY gallery is in Chichester, we’ve covered the gallery on these Organ pages before, there’s an energy at I Am Joy that’s missing with most artistic gallery encounters, an energy, and a standard of work that excites us. See the Organ art pages for previous thoughts and encounters, explore the gallery and everything else via
           Here are links, linksto some footage of the G20 events just in case you've not been paying attention...


Great Birds of the British Isles is the first ever collaborative show from artists called Milk, Dora, K148 and Amour. The four formed this collective after meeting via underground graffiti circles, painting walls and photographing the evolution of the artform. 
         “Print, paint and photography have brought these four birds together. After finding each other’s passions they are determined to take a step forward and create something totally fresh and unique. Expect to peer into a boudoir of colour texture and design with solo and collaborative pieces spilling from wall to canvas and back again, exploring an intoxicating mix of juiced up logos, great birds, female forms and a spoon full of graffiti... seen through a very different eye. Now sit back and watch them spread there wings and fly!” 

        Oblong is a small friendly gallery on the side of a house come stone carving studio in Islington, North London (take the bus, 141 stops right outside, quite a walk from the tube station). Almost feels like a converted garage – what a fine idea, do away with cars and turn all your garages in to galleries. I don’t know why but, graffiti, so I’m expecting big and bold, a brash assault of attitude, I’m expecting busy, I’m really not expecting small and subtle, delicate – delicate pieces, subtle colours... this is a little different, push different artistic buttons. The whole environment is subtle, pastel colours on the grey wall, clouds shapes and pieces spilling out from canvas on to the brickwork. The collaborations work, the individual pieces feed off each other. Bold pieces, small pieces, a feminine style, I kind of wanted more more more... there wasn’t enough of it, wanted more from the four of them, I guess wanting more is no bad thing... Well worth your time... small and subtle is sometimes good, this is good... 

         Oblong is at 69 Southgate Road, London N1 (nearest tube is Angel). The show opens on Friday 10th July and runs until August 9th – more details from or

17th JULY 09 -  THE ALTERNATIVE PRESS FESTIVAL is almost upon us, and like we sid a few pages back.... having your cake and lying in it, all this Organ stuff started with a handmade messy zine, screen printed covers, tins of spray paint, broken typewriters, inspired by all the others – Urban Guerrilla, Forearm Smash, Revelatory - hauling bags full of heavy zines to venues, trading tapes, flyers, Pritt sticks and typos, dodgy photocopiers, up all night with staplers and silk screens, soap on stamps, post art, FIN cells, word of mouth... There were hundreds of handmade zines when we first got the bug, thousands, couldn’t go to a gig without buying (or trading) one... That spirit is still there somewhere, some might say not as friendly these days, not as welcoming and arms open as it was in the 80’s when Organ first saw the light of day, some may say it died with the internet. No, surely not, that zine spirit and that doing it yourself feeling of creativity is still there somewhere isn’t it? Sure, you need to look a little harder to find it these days, it isn’t going to walk up to you at a gig anymore and when you do eventually find it you have to battle through what sometimes feels like the elitism and we’re cooler than you attitude that you sometimes find in the not so healthy as it once was zine world these days, especially in the we’re more punk and underground than you and blah blah blah London zine fields...  There was a time when it was a real evolving alternative creative community... maybe there’s a hint of something to be found at the forthcoming ALTERNATIVE PRESS FESTIVAL that takes place from July 29th to August 2nd? (although there seems to be a lot of history errased) Go see, go get involved, add to it, start a zine, the word is still CREATE isn't it? Find out more here at or
12th JULY '09 - Sunday, radio day, on air 9.00pm tonight, Resonance 104.4FM in London, worldwide via - a whole bag load of demos, new releases, news, previews and not so radio friendly alternatives... 

NEWS: WILLIAM BLAKE: London’s Visionary Anarchist - Philosopher, historian, biographer, travel writer and poet, Peter Marshall recounts the life of one of London’s finest artists, William Blake. Marshall offers a lively and perceptive account of his thought, ranging from his philosophy, his critique of existing society and culture, to his vision of a free world.
           “Come along to find out why Blake can be understood as a forerunner of modern anarchism and social ecology, and discover the light which shines behind his symbolism and mythology. This event celebrates the reprinting of Peter Marshall’s book ‘William Blake: Visionary Anarchist’ published by Freedom Press”. The event is part of Housmans’ ‘London’s Burning’ series (Housmans – radical booksellers since 1945) see Event information: Wednesday 15th July – 7pm to 8.30pm, Housmans Bookshop, 5 Caledonian Rd, King's Cross, London. Free entry -

NEWS: GEORGE PELECANOS, one of the main writers and producers of TV show The Wire, is to give a talk at London pub The Boogaloo later this month. Pelecanos will appear at the north London venue on July 23, along with The Pogues founder member Spider Stacy, who will play a set with a band under the name Spider Stacy And Friends (does that mean it might tune in to one of those Baltimore detective wake nights with McNulty and Bunk?) See for more information.  There’s only two types of people in the world, those already hooked on TheWire and those yet to be hooked, Omar has us eating nothing Honey Nut here... Old news we know but everything is right, the look, the compelling sound, the space, the pace, the way you can invest time and emotion in every single one of them, the dirt it digs... perfect TV. 

NEWS: Great Birds of the British Isles is the first ever collaborative show from artists called Milk, Dora, K148 and Amour. The four formed this collective after meeting via underground graffiti circles, painting walls and photographing the evolution of the artform. “Print, paint and photography have brought these four birds together. After finding each other’s passions they are determined to take a step forward and create something totally fresh and unique. Expect to peer into a boudoir of colour texture and design with solo and collaborative pieces spilling from wall to canvas and back again, exploring an intoxicating mix of juiced up logos, great birds, female forms and a spoon full of graffiti... seen through a very different eye. Now sit back and watch them spread there wings and fly!” Oblong is at 69 Southgate Road, London N1 (nearest tube in Angel). The show opens on Friday 10th July and runs until August 9th – more details from or
JUNE 28th 2009: Sunday, you know what happens on Sunday, we don't have to say Sunday in radiohead day every week do we? Today is radiohead day, another rush over to London Bridge and over the river for the Organ hours on the actual radio station, can we get away with that new Fight Like Apes b-side again? Twirl bitch twirl? Heard that before somewhere, we love those Apes.... yeah I know, I cut and past this from last week, those Apes are in town this week though, music does still exite you doesn't it?.9.00pm. Organ on Resonance 104.4fm in London or worldwild... ... Worldwild: What's that...?

NEWS: KRIS WLODARSKI Art opening July 2nd - This should be an interesting and edgy night of fun and frolics ;-0 One of the most exciting artists in London right now...I personally recommend you come along and see these art pieces in the flesh.........some stunning work! Opening Night is Thursday 2nd July from 5pm See you there... so says Mediator. Unit 24 Gallery, Great Guildford Street, London, SE1.. Click here to see something... just another signpost on a Sunday morning while we put a radio show together and melt in the sticky London heat...

24th JUNE '09: NEWS: WET SOUNDS ~ UNDERWATER SOUND ART GALLERY ~  Touring swimming pools nation-wide, Wet Sounds begins a 16 date UK tour with an opening event at The London Fields Lido on the 4th July. The audience will float and dive in the swimming pool immersed in sound art played from underwater speakers. The theme for the 2009 gallery curated by Joel Cahen is Audio Cinema – narratives in sound. 
           Starting at 1pm on the 4th. The 75min sound art gallery session will be followed by an Aquadelica DJ set by Spax playing a collage of music and narrative sound compositions. The event is open to all ages and is priced at regular pool admission. Bring your goggles!!
The Closing Event on the 22nd July at Clissold Pool will feature live performances from some of the most prominent sound artists these days. They will play a live performance through an overwater sound system as well as an underwater one, effectively creating three distinct sound spaces each of which may be differently experienced by members of the audience, as they move above and below the surface of the pool. Find out lots more and figure out what the hell it is they're doing over at
22nd JUNE '09: Catching up with the mid summer sun and...

NEWS: DEPTFORD ART MAP, what's that then? People who are part of South London's thriving gallery/art scene doing something that's what....
        “Deptford Art Map details the most exciting galleries and art spaces in Deptford. From up and coming curated and artist-run spaces to established commercial galleries and warehouse spaces, each art venue has a different flavour from emerging artists to Turner Prize nominees. Deptford has recently been dubbed by the New York Times,’ as a 'boisterous concoction of blue-collar aesthetics and intermittent hipsterism,’. With Deptford Art Map you won’t miss an exhibition or event, helping you get the best out of the Deptford art scene. The Deptford Art Map website will be launched in September 2009 with multiple features, alongside a printed map available in all major galleries in London. Deptford Art Map is a Bearspace initiative” -
    And this Friday is final Friday in Deptford, apparently every last Friday of the month the galleries all open (relatively) late and then there's an after event party.... " We also have the first ‘Deptford Last Fridays’ this Friday 26th, where all galleries in Deptford are open until 8.30 pm, with an afterparty called ‘Dirty Cop Fridays’ from 9pm at the Old Police Station in New Cross" said Julie from Bearspace  –

ETIQUETTE OF COMFORT by LISA SLOMINSKI & SALLY SPINKS is an art show currently showing at a small intimate shop style gallery right in the middle of Deptford High Street, over there in South London - actually an ex pub once called The Brown Bear, though you'd never really know it was once a pub.... "BEARSPACE brings together Slominski and Spinks to investigate philosophies of security relating to comfort and discomfort through imagery" so reads the Bearspace website... "Using mechanical processes, both artists look at recognised visuals and insert these into a new context, from a threat into a symbol of reassurance or visa versa. Appearance and texture are important in this transformation.  Both artists use appealing media such as perfectly produced plastics, fine wool, luxury wallpaper print and other seductive materials to alter the original significance of both source visuals and medium...." Well worth dropping in  and checking out the mixed media textile flavoured paintings and pieces of Sally and Lisa, the show runs until 27th June –

17th JUNE '09: NEWS:SLUMP SCREENINGS: A night of activist and artists films Thursday 18th June that happens between  6.30 pm and 9 pm in Space Studios, Hackmey, London. A free entry event curated by artist Laura Oldfield Ford, the night will be an evening of artists, films, activist footage and documentaries charting urban social upheaval including: Breaking The Spell (1999), footage from the Genoa riots (2001), The Angry Brigade (1973), It Happened Here (1966). There will also be short films from artist Jenny Gordon and book stalls for the Savage Messiah zine and radical bookshop Housmans as well as a chance to see the exhibition ‘Slump City’ before it ends on 26th June -

NEWS: THE MAURICE EINHARDT NEU GALLERY presents ‘WAIT FOR ME’, a collection of drawings by MOBY. Running from 19th June - 24th July - "Moby’s exhibition of 16 drawings represents, in some way, a new approach and process that has helped him create his most recent work. The artworks loosely relate to the tracks on the forthcoming album “Wait for Me” and are the expression of this new and cathartic approach that Moby has undertaken. The bare, often humorous and melancholic material reveals itself in the simplistic, naive drawings which is a welcome addition to the quiet, occasionally unsettling music of Wait For Me". - Find the compact gallery at 30A Redchurch Street, London E2 

THE VAUXHALL ART CAR BOOT THING – 14th June, East London -  Knee deep in art and selling still wet paintings at the Brick Lane Art Car Boot sale, the car park was packed, art and bodies and people and sunshine and music and drink, didn’t get much chance to explore (or drink, I was dehydrating there just out of reach of that bar!). Selling Organart was the task for the day, fund raising for Resonance FM (Resonance is an arts based radio station here in London, probably the only art radio station in the world, all run by us volunteers and reliant on your donations and money raised at events like this). The place is alive with names to drop – Sir Peter Blake is over there selling one off prints at a boot fair style bargainatious thirty quid, Vivian Westwood is said to be somewhere selling off-cuts made in to badges for s fiver, her “old crap” made in to badges that read “I love crap”, Gavin Turk with some tyre prints and taking the car boot idea literally with car parts as art, Ian Monroe’s wood and marble veneered Vauxhall hatchback look good – several cars have been customised, Pam Hogg is selling, William Tempest.... Bob and Roberta Smith were just over from our spot with some good looking slices of currency, apparently any denomination of Bob and Roberta notes will set you back £50.00, investment indeed if finding a bargain that almost certainly is going to set you back a lot lot more in a more formal gallery... There’s good looking art stimulation everywhere - Hick 454 is painting a big piece of graffiti landscape with monochrome spray paint (dare we say it looks a little Roger Dean?), Like what Miss Led has done to that new car... No time to really explore though, the object was a guerrilla raid and a bag of acrylic, Montana Gold (that’s cans of spray paint to you), brushes and a pile of board recovered from a skip outside a local photography studio last week.... Set up on the edge of the Resonance boot stall/VW camper/studio where they have a DJ set up and a small booth where people are paying five pounds a time to record a jingle for the station and Bob And Roberta Resonance FM fridge magnets are being sold (e.mail us if you’d like to buy one, they’re really good!). 
             Big old ghetto blaster radios graffiti style over the leaf paintings and a whole load of things organically growing over other things is the order of the day, the already finished ones (up all night, no sleep ‘till Brick Lane) sell just as soon as they’re pulled out of the big post office sacks that have been  wrestled via the fractured Sunday morning tube system - just time to paint “Listen to Resonance 104.4FM” on them before they’re gone – encouraging start, this is fun.... This is fun! Could have been really stuck-up and well, you know... art galleries can be such inviting I’m cooler than you don’t talk to me places, especially over in East London, art-rage could have struck... This is relaxed fun though, people are coming up and talking as I sit there on the floor painting and spraying - one of the really pleasing things is the complete mix of people coming up and asking about the paintings and talking about what else they’ve seen, buying, questioning, asking about what I’m doing, about Resonance, telling tales of where they listen to their particular show – ‘ordinary’ people – yes I know there’s no such thing, but you get what I’m saying, I was expecting elite fashionista, this is far from it ... This is great fun, there’s live bands, dance troops, burlesque strippers and DJs on the main stage, they help  give a carnival atmosphere to the proceedings - all kinds of interesting people - fashion, imagination, creativity, everything relaxed, people getting really in to the reality of buying one off pieces of art to enjoy... No idea how many times I was photographed or filmed while painting, everybody pointing cameras at everyone else, the whole event has become a piece of art...  art and fun and a creative buzz and sunburnt goodness and dogs investigating wet paint in a very very colourful relaxed positive happy car park in East London – no art-rage here... Only wish I had had more time to explore and indeed to buy, must paint more... “I want that one when you finish it”. Thanks to everyone who bought a painting, or looked at one, or asked about one, all the money made went to funding the further activities Resonance FM... 
           And then it was off with almost empty sacks and just a couple of unfinished paintings and some almost empty cans of spray paint and over to London Bridge and the Resonance studio for the Sunday night Organ show. This really is a non-stop operation – a creative positive Sunday indeed.... Art is fun when it happens like this.... (S) 
SEAN12th JUNE '09:  “The Art Car Boot Fair was an idea that grew out of a desire to pick up where Joshua Compston’s ‘Fete Worse than Death’ and Gavin Turk’s ‘Livestock Market’ and Articultural Shows’ blazed a trail in the 90’s and to re-introduce some summer fun and frivolity into a thriving but increasingly commercial London art scene. We aim for the Art Car Boot Fair to be a day when the artists let their hair down and for all-comers to engage with art in a totally informal way, and to pick up some real art bargains to boot!”. More further down this very page...

THE ART CAR BOOT FAIR 2009 takes place this Sunday 14th June from 12 until 6pm, 146 Brick Lane, London, E1. Now in it’s FIFTH FRIVOLOUS YEAR the Art Car Boot Fair is gearing up to be the summer of 2009’s ultimate recessionista event, packed full of cool art, fashion and fantastic entertainments, literally everyone can join in the fun! Credit crunch chic made easy with bargains brimming out of every car boot, plus the best food you’ll ever find in a car park The line-up of artists this year includes Sir Peter Blake, Gavin Turk,Bob and Roberta Smith plus live performance from Donald Uruquart and Studio Voltaire, plus Natasha Law and total Booty Stage experience. 
  Amongst the stalls and boots, you’ll find us Organ team in the RESONANCE FM ‘boot’, which I do believe is a camper van come DJ booth come live art installation come stall. Organ DJs alongside the Artrocker team, Johnny Trunk and various others from Resonance where we're doing some fund raising for the radio station... art will be happening right on the spot, boards painted, spray paint flying, come down and grab some hand made exclusive Resonating street art this Sunday...

NEWS: BRITFLICKS @ THE BRITANNIA In Association with the BFI – Launches June 18th 2009 – London in the Raw / Andy Weatherall DJ Set.... Avant garde films, popular classics, guest curators and an outdoor cinema in the heart of Victoria Park – welcome to London’s new film-going experience, Britflicks @ The Britannia.
           This free season of events will see the venue’s back-garden space transformed into an al-fresco moonlit cinema every Thursday – complete with 26 x 15 foot screen. Cinema-goers can relax on the lawn and be pampered throughout the film - as waiters serve up jugs of beers, Pimms, Coolers and Garden Grill food including homemade Popcorn, burgers and Hot Dogs. The opening curators for the season are the British Film Institute, who will present specially selected pictures from their new ‘Flipside’ programme - weird and wonderful British films rescued from obscurity.
          The season opens with ‘London in the Raw’; Arnold Miller’s unflinching look at the underbelly of 1960s beatnik London. Alongside the BFI’s films, Britflicks will celebrate over 60 years of British cinema; with screenings of quintessential home-grown classics such as ‘The Third Man’, ‘Quadrophenia’, and ‘The Long Good Friday’. To add further spice, special guest-curators from the fields of film and music will be announced throughout the summer months. “We’re offering a new twist on outdoor cinema; and working with the BFI has enabled us to plunder their archives to bring a mix of both popular classics and undercover gems – starting with the Flipside season” comments Britannia co-owner Cymon Eckel. The Britannia is a traditional pub that takes its inspiration from the authenticity, heritage and comfort of the Great British boozer. With an expansive garden and BBQ area; live music, DJs and the highest quality cuisine – The Britannia is both community hub and destination venue in its own right. Time – 9.30pm, Cost – Free - The Britannia, 360 Victoria Park Road (junction of Harrowgate rd) London E9 - or
8th JUNE '09: NEWS: COP ON THE EDGE say “Hello, This Thursday, we are very excited to be taking part in The Apollo Project, a month-long event organised by a group of local Herne Hill (London) residents, who have this to say: "In a bid to rid the streets of decay, and support the local businesses, the group has secured the former Apollo Video Store for the month of June. With crucial backing of the Herne Hill Traders Association and local Councils, the Apollo Video Store will be home to a creative festival of art, film, music and performance provided by local talent and high profile artists." Its a brilliant idea, opening night was messy, fun and inspiring in all the right ways (see here), and we fully expect Thursday to be no different, so get yourself down there. We shall even be playing one of our favourite movie themes especially...” Thursday 11th June, Live at the Apollo, 29 Norwood Rd, Herne Hill, SE24, Nearest Station: Herne Hill”. 
     The bill features Something Beginning With L, Cop on The Edge (onstage 8.45pm) and Lobelia 7pm-10pm, Free Entry - £1 beers, £2 wines – More from or
2nd JUNE '09:  NEWS: The International MEETING OF STYLES Live Graffiti Exhibition/music event that we were telling you about further down the page, has sufered a bit of a setback: "We are very sorry to say that the evening of this event has been cancelled, The local council has had noise complaints about the venue, so has decided not to let the night go ahead. The daytime event will still be happening". More info:

28th May '09: NEWS: SKINFLINT is an eclectic show of artwork harnessing the potential of low rent materials: Skinflint will be at Lewisham Arthouse for 2 weeks, from Thursday 28th May until 7th June 2009. The Gallery is open 12-6pm Wed – Sun. Lewisham Arthouse, 140 Lewisham Way, London, SE14.  Showing new work by: Robyn Appleton, Catherine Bagg, Joe Doldon, Ralph Dorey, Dave Hanger, Nicholas Mortimer, Rachel Price.

The International MEETING OF STYLES is a Live Graffiti Exhibition and Warehouse After party... “From 10am-5pm, on Saturday 6th June, some of the best graffiti artists from the UK and across the globe will be painting alongside a mobile soundsystem at the Bagel end of Brick Lane at Bacon & Sclater Street. This is then followed by a serious line up of live music, Chai Wallah’s tea, bar and bbq, and much more artwork for your visual pleasure. Come be amazed at the Transit Warehouse, 87-107 Clifton Street, Shoreditch, London EC2. Alongside the vast walls of artwork check out the line up we have in store. Live Hip Hop, Breaks, Dub, Ska, Reggae, Grime, Dubstep, Breaks and Pieces from... Rodney P and Skitzm Goldielocks, Pama International Livem No.1 Station Live, Lazy Habits Live, Danny Breaks, JFB (DMC Champ), Reeps1, John Hendicott, Dizraeli Live, Hosted by Chu-I. Day event: Free, evening (5pm-4am): Advanced tickets £8  Tax on the Door: £10/15. 

I AM JOY - art in an old shop... 26th May '09:  NEWS: Now this looks like it might be worth checking out, and Organ is about the signposts and... “SARAH KENCHINGTON makes remarkable mechanical instruments, and has a new album with DANIEL PADDEN (Volcano The Bear/The One Ensemble) being launched at 3pm on Sat 30th at Serpentine (London), as part of Luke Fowler's exhibition. The show is free Please have a look at photos and listen to music at – Thanks, Daniel”
17th May '09:  ARTADE is a collective of under-counter, sub culture artists based in Falmouth Cornwall.  Past shows have been in Cornish Galleries; The Soup Gallery, Here And Now Gallery, Demelza’s Gallery and Babahogs Art House... Their Joy Gallery show, in Chichester, is the first time outside Cornish boundaries. The show runs from Monday 18th to Sunday 24th May. The Joy collective say the show is “probably the most exciting exhibition to date.  With over 20 artists presenting creations over many mediums from photography, fine arts, graphics, illustrations through to graffiti and animations, we have a full body of work to get all art lovers excited.   The emphasis on collective shows is to allow the audience to enjoy fresh works of art that often find it hard to get into gallery spaces and then be tempted into purchasing some very, affordable art.  Prices will range from £25 up and I’m sure everyone will be tempted towards spending because the work is outstanding.  For examples of work that Artade promotes check the website out... check out the growing I AM JOY empire at
JOHN LEE BIRD in the gallery15th May '09: NEWS:  JOHN LEE BIRD has a big artwork sale: “It is with the Hugest of Pleasure that I hereby announce a Day of debauchery in Sunny East Ham” Says Mr Bird. Saturday May 16th: “BIG artworks for sale from £300 - £600 - ???! Such a bargain. That's at least 70% off . Woo Hoo! Small artworks and limited merchandise and goodies from £1 - £50. That's just silly! Come grab it up and help him free up some space in his studio and give him some cash to continue his daubing. Noon 5pm At 89c Katherine Road, East Ham E6. Then from 7pm in the FabuLousEarl of Wakefield, just round the jack 'orner. The LAUNCH of the New SlapPeR CD, Crack o'Doon!!!!! With Special Guests including Kunt and The Gang! Admission Free! Buy a raffle ticket for a Squid! Buy Crack o'Doon for a fiver! Buy Kunt's new CD!!! see more info at PLease Do come along, it would be most Splendid to see you. All my Love Miss Symphony Cockpit x x" - or or more John Lee Bird on the Organ pages here

EX GRATIA on the opening of their record label art show: "Cheers chaps and chappettes (and those of you who were slightly chapped) was lovely to see your happy smiley faces last night at Inn On the Green under the Westway...  The Art is UP! if you want to see the most amazing paintings and line drawings from Miss Roberts of Rude Mechanicals fame, subversive fairy excellence from KodeK (VJ) and some rather peggy prints and embroidery from punkvert Inn on the Green is open daily 11-11 and you will find the art in the back of the Bar Room. - go look til 31st May -
       Big Ex Gratia Thanx to last night's entertainment from The Doomed Bird of Providence  (haven't heard 'Port of Amsterdam' since I was 14 - superb), Cursors Lite/BaiLaLor, ma boys in anarchistwood, Miss Bella Blue, Mr Handsum and his superb poetry about Slough and info on dodgy laws - well done sir! Just missing the Cheeky Flashman Lamb Chops... and also gratitude to Charlie Pycraft for filming the event - out on YouTube soon no doubt!
We'll be back at the Inn for the answer to the universe - well my birthday anyway - and the Final Specialisation Is For Insects party on Saturday 30th May with The Cursors, Rude Mechanicals, Total Descent, anarchistwood feat Chenko and Bella Blue, KodeK (VJ), Max Quirk, M Johnny Southside and more West Londoners than you can shake a voodoo stick at... be lucky!". The rather friendly Inn on the Green is at 3-5 Thorpe Close, underneath the Westway flyover, London W10. Closest tube is Ladbroke Grove, then down the alley underneath said Westway. More from

9th May '09:  BARACK OBAMA DILDO? Blue Dildo or Gold Dildo? Yes, it's Barack Obama in dildo form! Is this a tribute or a dis? Guess it depends on your point of view, but (according to the Bat) here's some hints: The tag line on the dildo's box is "You Love Your Candidate, Let Him Love You Back!" and "I Want A Big O!" 7 1/2" long, about 2" wide, made in San Francisco & ready to use, no batteries required. Made In The U.S.A. & Brand New! If you're over 18, click below for details. Democratic Blue Obama Dildo - $30.00... Presidential Gold Obama Dildo - $30.00. Yes you can, got to love the Bat's style... 

8th May '09: HardART? Corn on the cob and King Midas spitting out the teeth of the rich? said Carol AnnMayflies, “millions of them, the tiny pistons of a great machine” according to Richard Wilbur. The workaday world isn’t artistic, poetry is the compensation and the only way to feel the noise is when things be oh so good and loud, there never is Overkill and it all travels like an arrowshower of words borrowed from Philip Larkin. while you go to meetings in pin stripes.. 
           Time for the cutting and pasting of some words just in from allies over at PunkVert... they have some HardART for us... 
         “Getting the Friday feeling? Well it's just like any other day really, just begins with an 'f'... Just a quick reminder to y'all out there that this Sunday (May 10th) we have the opening of the Ex Gratia Recordings Art Exhibition. Expect lashings of fresh damp punkvert hardART and some plop-videos gracing the walls of Ladbroke Grove's Inn on the Green, as well as some sordid offerings from KodeK (VJ) that will make you go 'hmm?' or indeed 'urgh!' and some mystery pieces from that doyenne of Rudest Mechanical - Miss Roberts.
The show will be open to YOU and your guests from 7pm for a totally public view of some things that should be private or very possibly locked up. Not only that, we also entice you with a smattering of live music from The Doomed Bird of Providence, anarchistwood, Gilly Spencer and nifty riffs and twitches from Bailey and Mike Cursor. Hotcakes in the form of Bella Blue will be on some sort of artistic display no doubt and
          STOP PRESS ... I have been corrected that Mr Handsum will most definitely bring us 'That's not what I call Poetry 69' or a variation...
      The Morning Star Boutique will be selling limited art prints, posters, records, mp3s (don't forget your memory stick/ipod/cable!) at hugely reasonable prices - so huge you can haggle us up - our sales person Tasha is very good at it...”
         The rather friendly Inn on the Green is at 3-5 Thorpe Close, underneath the Westway flyover, London W10. Closest tube is Ladbroke Grove, then down the alley underneath said Westway. More from
8th May '09:  AARON KRATEN is a painter, I guess you’d call it pop art – well pop art in that post-computer, back to the tactile media, just get out there on the street and do it kind of way. He’s from Costa Mesa, California, he paints on wood, he paints with mixed media on wood, he paints on skateboards, on old unwanted Volkswagen doors - comic book imagery, graffiti, the enjoyment of paint and the exploration of marks - a distinctive style and hey, you don’t need our words, there’s one of his pieces right there, here’s the links, go explore, he’s good... or

1st May '09: NEWS: Returns to form? New sensuality and new conservatism? Interesting piece on Art Review again today. Laura McLean-Ferris has this to say.... “A perfect storm of events has created an outpouring from critics across the art world, proclaiming a return to traditional art-making forms and skills, and criticising art curators’ reliance on conceptual art and video during times of plenty. These factors include, although are not limited to: the global recession, two major exhibitions of bright young work - the New Museum’s “Generational: Younger than Jesus” in New York and “Altermodern: The Tate Triennial” at Tate Britain in London and the Turner Prize nominations, announced yesterday, which included skilled painters and drawers (draughtsmen, draughtswomen, whatever you prefer to say). As several critics, first Dan Fox at, and then JJ Charlesworth at ArtReview have already written, the highly negative response to Altermodern revealed an absolute refusal to engage with much of the work on show – conceptual, complicated, often not hand-crafted or skill-based. /Younger than Jesus/ has provoked some similar reactions in the US, although, not having seen the exhibition, it is difficult to compound or refute their criticisms..." For full blog post see artreviewdotcom

1st May '09: NEWS: CAROL ANN DUFFY becomes first female poet laureate: Four hundred years of male domination came to an end today with the election of Carol Ann Duffy. Duffy, the widely-tipped favourite for the post, received the Queen's endorsement ahead of poets Simon Armitage and Roger McGough, who had been considered to be in the running for the position. Speaking on Woman's Hour this morning on BBC Radio 4, she revealed that she had thought "long and hard" about accepting the offer. "The decision was purely because they hadn't had a woman," she said. "I look on it as recognition of the great women poets we now have writing, like Alice Oswald." Read the full story over on the Guardian pages. And you though spent our mornings listening to death metal and burning our toast... oh no, always worth that morning slice of Woman’s Hour before firing up the CD chewing machine and a bite or two of that first disc of the morning. I love the smell of burning compact disc in the morning and Charlie can surf really... happy Beltaine indeed, the start of summer, time to assume the position... 

29th April '09:  NEWS: A new collective is forming. An acquired breed of found objects and spectacular artefacts reincarnated as artworks (by you) to form a new archive for publications, exhibitions, creations and promotional books. To find out more check out acquiredcollective.blogspot  The first project involves 1970’s postcards. To get involved send your postal address to acquiredcollective at

NEWS: Skart: 'Poetry will be Written by All' performance event - Thursday 7th May (as part of First Thursdays) 6 - 9pm @ 129 - 131 Mare St, London, E8. Belgrade based art activist collective Skart lead an informal session in the gallery with live actions, collaborative poetry and embroidery. The event also offers a chance to see Skart's current retrospective exhibition 'On the Origin of Wishes' which runs until the 22nd May. More from

SPaRK art at Austin's, London E229th April '09:  AUSTIN GALLERY AND BENNY’S BAR can be found at 119A Bethnal Green Road, London, E2. Austin’s is a bar, cafe and more importantly a rather alternative DIY street art gallery. Friendly small converted shop of a gallery full of easy chairs, and serving cakes, toasted ciabatta, home made soup and award winning coffee (they seem to be very proud of their award winning coffee). The cafe now has an evening time alter ego as Benny’s Bar. The walls are lined with a whole manner of good looking rather inspiring street art and alternative creativity, music is piped through vintage boomboxes and there’s beer garden to the rear with regularly updated murals. Downstairs is the small basement gallery which hosts monthly street art exhibitions by both UK and worldwide artists. Right now the downstairs gallery features a selection of works by rather impressive French artist SPaRK. There  doesn't appear to be a website for Austin's right now. There's some SPaRK art just down there, well worth dropping in to the very friendly gallery/cafe if you're passing (which we were when the colour caught our eye and curiosity pulled us in)...
ASSEMBLAGE by WILLIAM BLANCHARD – Now where were we? It is rather easy to take shots at Shoreditch and Hoxton and all the baggage that goes with it. The place is festooned with look at me poseurs and yeah yeah yeah, I know... but there is an energy and there is a little buzz when you hit Old Street, when you’re heading somewhere, when your visit has a purpose...  A decent gig at the Old Blue Last - that Capillary Action show, that Rain Emperor experience the other week, the unexpected old shops that have evolved in to DIY  galleries, a fresh piece of inspiring street art – yeah, it is easy to sneer, to mock and Saatchi’s YBA gang and Shoreditch Twats and Nathan Barley down the Nailgunner Arms and blah blah... Right now going to Shoreditch feels good, we’ll miss it when it isn’t there anymore (like we miss the Camden of those 90’s Lurch days and the backroom of the Falcon before the Flies infested and the Crawl made us crawl...), this won’t last. There’s still a healthy do it yourself creative energy to be found in Shoreditch still, celebrate it while you can   Tonight our purpose is the opening of a small exhibition called Assemblage from a man some know as Wildcat Will. Wildcat Will’s real name is William Blanchard and a press release last week got us curious enough to get on the tube... The gallery website does Wildcat’s work no justice, is it us or does that one American Buns image, the only image on the site, look like a flat print? a slice of tired soup can seen it before Coca-Cola pop art? Art on the internet on the whole doesn’t work that well, in this case the image, is very misleading and rather two dimensional, best ignore it... 

“Strangeness is the indispensable condiment of all beauty” -    Boudelaire 

Here’s some blurb and background 

William Blanchard started his career as a musician with his first band Bruce Wayne and the Batniks back in the Eighties, a time in which he says he had a rock and roll epiphany involving sex and drugs, during in which God gave him the name Wildcat, a name he has used as an artist and musician ever since. 

“Wildcat Will has taken inspiration for this exhibition from Joseph Cornell (1903-72) who created ‘poetry from the commonplace’ especially with his boxed assemblages created from found objects, and the west coast artist Wallace Berman (1926-76) with reference to the privately made and published issues of ‘SEMINA‘ whose contributors included Antonin Artaud, Charles Bukowski, William S Burroughs, Marion Grogan, Stuart Perkoff, Jean Cocteau and Allen Ginsberg. Inspiration was also drawn from his collages and work with esoteric and mystical imagery using the early mimeograph machines.

Wildcat Will formed The Sandals in 1990, they existed for five years, releasing music with that rather confused label known as London Records (we here at Organ were doing a lot of art for bands associated with London at that time, those Atom Seed days and such, do recall being asked to do Sandals covers at one point by the label, we later heard that suggestion hadn’t gone down well with the band, seems they had ideas of their own – asking bands what they wanted to do never did seem to be a priority at London, the stories we could tell). Wildcat moved on from The Sandals before moving on to form an art/music/poetry collective, which included paintings and installations in galleries and clubs in London, L.A and Tokyo. from 1995-2002 ‘Wildcat’ played drums for Beth Orton, touring on and off for 7 years and recording the albums (Trailer Park, Central Reservation and Daybreaker), he played drums for Dot Allison, The Aloof, and more recently Whitey 2003-07. Wildcat has worked and collaborated with Jagz Kooner (Sabres of Paradise), Death in Vegas (Contino Sessions, Satan’s Circus), Andrew Weatherall (Two Lone Swordsmen) David Holmes, Primal Scream and James Lavelle. Recent projects have included co-producing, writing, playing drums, guitar and synths on the new album by his long term partner Siobhan Fahey (Bananrama, Shakespear’s sister), drumming for The Wolfmen (Marco Pirroni and Chris Constantionou (Adam and theAnts) session work on Dirty Stop out - Agent Provocateur creator Joe Corre’s new band with Mick Jones (The Clash), and last year with Le Volume Courbe and Arthur Delaney (Young and Lost). Wildcat is also writing and producing music as part of a duo with Matty Skylab known as The Electric Moccasins of Doom. Wildcat Will has returned to making art after an enforced hiatus and this is his first solo show in London for 5 years” – enough with the cutting ‘n pasting with the biog already.... 

The rather inviting rather basic Neu Gallery is in a dark looking seen better days shell of a one time shop down in Redchurch Street (next to the Owl And Pussycat should you know the area), there’s a whole load of people standing outside drinking and talking when we arrive a couple of hours after the official opening, bit of a party atmosphere... Push through the black shop door into the overloud music and there’s a wall of rather intriguing pieces of boxed found art, collage, framed sculpture, faded assemblages, torn pages, labels. Some of the twenty-six pieces work a little more that others - the collage, the pop art, the Americana and the 50’s comic book bites next the touches of Brasso, the Edwardian colours and the plastic moths, the rather different use of stencil and the almost English Victorian yellowed 60’s comic book Americana Cat Women and such... Wildcat has pulled together a good looking set of images to form some rather decent pieces - ideas that work, images that should contradict awkwardly and really don’t, not sure about those plastic moths and butterflies... A quietly lit dark old shop is just the place to experience Assemblage. Dusty old boxes for frames, faded sputniks, Action Man targets, contradiction that doesn’t contradict... well worth dropping by and exploring a little, well worth taking in the subtle assembly, the revenge of the lizard man and the holy bagatelle. 

The show runs from Friday 24th April to Wednesday 6th May 2009 at THE MAURICE EINHARDT NEU GALLERY 30A Redchurch Street, London E2, more from the Neu website - or

23rd April '09: NEWS: The East End Film Festival launches tonight with what we’re told is its biggest and most colourful programme of premieres, panels, parties, 3D cinema, live music, free outdoor screenings and unique special events across eight days and eleven East London venues. Full details of everything that's happening across the Festival can be

Here, direct from a cut’n paste of the press release that just landed here, is a brief overview of just a few of the amazing things they have lined up for you. 

“The East End Film Festival is fast becoming the UK's leading showcase for feature debuts, with international and UK first features vying for our 'Best First Feature' jury prizes. The festival will welcome talented emerging directors from Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Austria, India and more, who will be presenting and discussing their work. On Friday is the eagerly-awaited UK premiere of the East End set CITY RATS starring Danny Dyer, who puts in an astonishing performance against type as a struggling alcoholic. Alongside Danny is an all-star cast who'll be in attendance for the premiere and afterparty. Also from the UK comes HELEN, the debut feature from The Desperate Optimists, which will be screened alongside a retrospective of their award winning shorts.

If panel discussions are your thing, you'll find plenty to tickle your fancy in the programme of panel events. Guests include Will Self, Brian Catling, Michael Bracewell and Iain Sinclair, who will be curating a whole weekend of films and events at the Rio, and presenting his 'Hackney Diaries', a collection of remarkable footage shot around Hackney in the 1970's.

We've hardly scraped the surface here of the packed programme, so head over to the website to browse the other exciting screenings and events on offer, which include twelve short film programmes, a ten-hour Mid- Length Film Jam presented by Cinephilia, live music to suit all tastes, week-long exhibitions, outdoor screenings, rolling seminars and so much more. Full details across at

22nd April '09: TODAY'S SIGNPOSTS and links and paths and doors... that's all we're doing, simple really, just telling you where the things we encounter are, things that come our way that we think are worth sharing. Links, signposts, there you go, use it all and do what you will....

"Like a man with a fork in a world of soup" said Noel of Liam. So we stopped at issue 299 and changed things. We might put more up tomorrow, we might not, maybe next week if something enters our heads, come back and see. It was all getting too easy wasn’t it, predictable, gathering at the end of every week for another issue, deadlines, who got album of the week? PR types from uncaring record labels barking at us for reviews in their rude way, who needs deadlines restricting our excitment when we drinking a nice pint in the Robuck and admiring the glorious view Turner painted, far better use of time rather than fighting through the MyFace complacency of most bands, that or sitting on Ian Dury’s Reasons To Be Cheerful bench... What we need are 17 singers to join us there... it was the reference to Peter Prendergast that pulled us in to the 17... that's when all the commitment and energy and fighting with 4bs and paper came from... "You're not looking!"

Interesting piece on the Arts Review site from Charles Darwent entitled The Order of Things...  He writes “Let us imagine that the Andrew Brownsword Art Foundation, owners of Alfred Sisley’s View of the Thames: Charing Cross Bridge, decided, in a fit of good will, to give the picture to the nation. Glasses might be raised to Mr Brownsword, a millionaire dealer in teddy-bear cards; effusive speeches might be made. Then what? Something like this. The day after the announcement, Stephen Deuchar, director of Tate Britain, rings the Foundation to ask, in his mild-mannered way, when he might expect delivery of the painting? Sisley was British, after all, and Tate Britain’s remit is to show British art.
     There is an embarrassed pause.
             Moment’s before Deuchar’s call, the Foundation has taken another – from Nicholas Penny this time, director of the National Gallery, likewise enquiring after an ETA for View of the Thames. Sisley was born in France and lived there all his life. He may have had a British passport and parents, but he was French to the tips of his button boots, not to mention his Impressionist brushes. The National Gallery houses Britain’s collection of Old Art, defined as work made before 1900, most of it non-British.View of the Thames was painted in 1874: ergo..." read on over on the always interesting AR website

20th April '09: NEWS: JG BALLARD R.I.P - “My dear friend of nearly fifty years, Jimmy Ballard, died this morning at 7am. A giant in literature, he'll be greatly missed.” So said Michael Moorcock on his website earlier today. 

And this is what they said over at Ballardian... "“Goodbye, Jim… As publisher of this site, my goal has always been to take J.G. Ballard as a philosopher, rather than simply a ‘novelist’. Sometimes this has truly angered fans and champions of his work, more often it has brought me into brilliant and inspiring contact with writers, artists, musicians, filmmakers and theorists who all see the world through that same Ballardian lens — and with Jim Ballard himself who, along with his partner Claire Walsh, always remained supportive of the site. Ballard articulates clearly to me the implications of living in an age of total consumerism, of blanket surveillance, of enslavement designed as mass entertainment. But he also speaks to me of resistance through irony, immersion, ambivalence, imagination — of remixing, recycling, remaking, remodelling. Ballard embraces dystopian scenarios, including the archetypal non-space often characterised as a deadening feature of late capitalism. But this is not simply a call for nihilism. Ballard’s characters are not disengaged from their world. Rather, they embody a sense of resistance that derives from full immersion, a therapeutic confrontation with the powers of darkness, whereby merging with dystopian alienation negates its power. This is predicated on concurrency: Ballard’s writing turns objectivity into subjectivity, opens up gaps where there is room for new subjects. His scenarios are what I term ‘affirmative dystopias’, neither straight utopia nor straight dystopia, but an occupant of the interstitial space between them, perpetual oscillation between the poles – the ‘yes or no of the borderzone’, to use a phrase from his work. Here, dystopia becomes the real utopia, and utopian ideals, typically represented as a stifling of the imagination, the true dystopia. He reinhabits the frame to present a clearinghouse in which corporate and national governance is overthrown and regoverned as a ’state of mind’. To read and to understand Ballard, then, is to be gloriously, finally liberated. To James Graham Ballard: thank you". 

And here at Organ we say thank you as well, thank you JG. Ballard... The Ballardian said all we need to... 

20th April '09: NEWS: THE HAPPY LIST: Resonance104.4fm’s Ed Baxter featured in yesterday’s Independent on Sunday’s “Happy List,” along with 99 others including Sir David Attenborough, Lauren Child, Madhur Jaffrey, Grayson Perry, Thomas the Tank Engine, Louise Wilson and occasional Resonance broadcaster Josie Long. The full list of “100 people who make Britain a better and a happier place to live” is here

THE MAURICE EINHARDT NEU GALLERY presents “ASSEMBLAGE”: William Blanchard started his career as a musician with his first band Bruce Wayne and the Batniks (1982-89), a time in which he had a rock and roll epiphany (involving sex and drugs), in which 'God' gave him the name 'Wildcat', which he has used as an artist and musician ever since. 

Wildcat Will has taken inspiration for this exhibition from Joseph Cornell (1903-72) who  created 'poetry from the commonplace' especially with his boxed assemblages created from found objects, and the west coast artist Wallace Berman (1926-76) with reference to the privately made and published issues of 'SEMINA'. This is his first solo show in London for 5 years. The show runs from Friday 24th April to Wednesday 6th May 2009 at THE MAURICE EINHARDT NEU GALLERY 30A Redchurch Street, London E2, more from the Neu website -

19th April '09: 

"It has all been consumed, traded, downloaded, understood, heard before, sampled, learned, revived, judged and..." 

Are the answers there in that red book? 17? Bill Drumond? Peter Prendergast? Ninety percent of it really is about looking? Does anyone know how to contact and switch the other any more? A little more than just putting up a My Space page up if you know what I mean...  Up to you how you use these pages...

Speak, Shape, Create, Time.. time for things to evolve once more, 299 editions of Organ magazine, some on paper, some weekly on line, some handmade and spray painted, some plush and glossy, explore the old on line edtions and a whole bag of old Organs and history here, we're moving on again, kick over the bricks. Marinated in something or other. Reasons to be cheerful? You never know, until you get on that train... deer, parrot, a bench that points at Runnymead, Reasons To Be Cheerful... All recorded music run it's course? 17? Things from the black bag of time and did you really think we’d stop at 300? Time to evolve. Has the My Space attitide finally killed music? No surely not? Still pockets of goodness, Skingraft Records, Rune Grammofon, oh yes, still pockets of real thought, real creativity, inspiration, Organ fuel - Jono El Grande and that Neo Dada album...

OBSERVER GIVE AWAY DAMIEN HIRST'S HOURS ARTWORK - The Observer Music Monthly is giving away the original Damien Hirst painting created for the front cover of The Hours' second album, 'See The Light', to coincide with a special issue of the magazine starring the artist and the band on 19 Apr. You can register to win one of 20 prints of the artwork at, which will also get you an exclusive download of the track, 'These Days'. Details of how to win the original artwork (valued at £125,000) will be revealed in the Observer Music Monthly on Sunday - that's today, or yesterday if you're reading this tomorrow).X

20th March 09: Stone Roses guitarist John Squire has made his feeling clear on a possible reunion once and for all – by creating artwork about it. The work, called Statement (pictured), has been created after it was claimed The Stone Roses will be reforming this summer. In the mould of his recent work, the former guitarist's statement simply declares: "I have no desire whatsoever to desecrate the grave of seminal Manchester pop group The Stone Roses 12.3.09." It always looked unlikely Squire would rejoin his old band this summer as he is staging a major art exhibition. The show, Squire's biggest to date kicks off in July 5 at the Gallery Oldham, Squire has already stated he would be concentrating on his art career this year. "I've got a big show in Oldham and one in Austria and one at the end of the year in Tokyo," he said. "The Oldham show is in a major public gallery so it's a lot of work. It's the biggest show I've done." See for more information.
6th March 09: SHELLY WYN-DE-BANK, WHO'S SHE? Well she has a new show opening up this weekend, 6 Day Riot took us there, well checking up on what they were up to took us to Shelly's work.. and rather good it is, there's all the links you need to go explore, here's some details.... 

"Supine Studios are hosting an art show of work by Shelly Wyn-De-Bank. There will be lots of amazing music, a bbq and a bar and its all free so come down and get involved! Music starts at 5.00pm, bands playing acoustically, doing two or three songs each, appearing in no particular order."  Bands and such playing include 6 DAY RIOT / LAIL ARAD / A-HUMAN / JOSH WELLER / JAMES GREEN / THE BICYCLE THIEVES / LOFTY HEIGHTS / LAURA AND THE CLOCK / OLIVIA CHANEY / CARPET BANG BANG / HONEYTRAP / ROBIN GREY / QUIST / ORPHEUS KNOXX / MAGIC LANTERN / JOSH EXTRAVAGANZA / ALMA NOFEAR / SAM - all happening over at Supine Studios in Dalston, deepest underground London.. 

THE RAiN EMPERORTHE RAIN EMPEROR – Village Underground, Shoreditch, Feb 26th 

Once there was a man who loved the weather so much he composed music for it.  Then the music was lost, somehow, but his daughter found that it was wonderful and drew many people together so that it would be played and heard. That's the basic story behind The Rain Emperor, but this music has a life beyond the notes that spills out to become more than just another gig or a mere recital.  In The Rain Emperor these compositions have transmuted into ballet, cabaret, video projections, recorded sound and engaging performance art. The concert/play/art event utilises the glorious space of a converted Victorian warehouse that has pitch-dark arches and hidden nooks as well as a great, vaulted open spaces. The audience is ushered, one small group at a time, into darkness marked by shifting pools of light and divided by transparent curtains, the ushering was an event in itself but to tell you would be to spoil. They cross a miniature, harpy-haunted river Styx to the main rooms, but not before... no, the joy of this is in the uncertainty, the surprises, so we' really must resist detailed description and spoilers. This is an immersive experience, with actors mingling in character and a freedom to drift around and follow the shifting centre of action, the crowd forming and reforming around pools of light containing a must watch string quartet (the renowned Elysian Quartet) or a pianist or classical guitarist, or a dance wrapped in white or a girl who... no no, must not spoil by telling, your eye is darting around to pick out where the next bit will be .  Without being obvious or cliched, the sensual delight of different weather is achieved with such elegance - a beam of sunlight on a wall, projections of autumn leaves - whilst human strangeness lurks in the shadows, part steampunk, part The Ring... The performance enhances rather than overwhelms the music: there's a lot going on but the recitals of work by a remarkable contemporary composer, deserving of more exposure, are at the very heart of it, wonderful avant classicalism of the highest order. There was no real stage to speak of, performance happening around us, crowd parting for the next thing then forming around that bit, the next dance, the next shaft of light, the next rain cloud, the next dancer or...

The Rain Emperor happens at Village Underground, 54 Holywell Lane, London EC2 on 26th, 27th, 28th February 2009

the rain emperorHere’s the blurb, looked and sounded good to us and made us go in the first place...


Visual arts company Beggars Velvet introduces rare scores from renowned composer Robert Jacob to form a multi-sensory live music, theatre and visual arts performance event. Fusing music, performance and visuals arts, The Rain Emperor leads the audience into a world full of obsession with the elements. With secret chambers, unexpected appearances and haunting music the performance will transcend the boundaries between audience, artists, sound and light. Stirring with mystery, the performance is played out in stages, with characters leading guests further into the storm. Set in a restored Victorian warehouse in Shoreditch, The Rain Emperor defies conventional expectations of theatre and music experiences. The performance was conceived by Robert Jacob’s daughter, Judy Jacob, and is set to be a highlight for the arts calendar when its takes place in February 2009.

The Rain Emperor is a concept based performance event, created to offer a fully immersive and unique experience for each member of the audience. Using Robert Jacob’s music as a backdrop and an inspiration for the other artists who are involved; the show explores Jacob’s music in every form, slowly guiding visitors through a series of vaults, passageways and atriums using sound, movement, light, film and performance. Shoreditch’s Village Underground makes the perfect home to this atmospheric art piece and will be transformed into a dark, mysterious world for the performance. The Rain Emperor promises to awaken a truly genuine sense of emotion; from vulnerability to excitement and exhilaration. It blurs the boundaries between the arts and invites the audience to experience chamber music and an entirely unexpected way.

Robert Jacob - Musician and Composer (19th July 1952 – 11th April 2005)

Contemporary composer Robert Jacob was inspired greatly by his love of the rain and its rhythms and became known as ‘The Rain Emperor’ as a result. Born in London in 1952, Robert Jacob became a professional musician in 1973. He played throughout Europe with a succession of soul, rock, blues and jazz bands on guitar, including self composed material. He worked on numerous studio and recording projects as a session musician, arranged music for various bands and ensembles and provided music for video and film. Robert composed music for many different combinations of instruments from Symphony Orchestra to percussion ensemble. He also had a keen interest in composing for dance and theatre. Robert’s most recent commissions include a computer generated piece and a suite of pieces for solo Spanish Guitar, Three Dances for String Quartet and arrangements for The Dillington International Guitar Festival and providing music for two short contemporary films. His ingenuity was never more apparent than in his work “Aquamass” (2000). Commissioned under the Year of the Artist scheme, he worked with a variety of community groups and the pupils of Bishop David Brown School to compose and perform a work in a swimming pool using the acoustic properties above and below the water, in collaboration with choreographer Vicki Balaam. In June 2002, he conducted a research week at the Rhoda McGraw Theatre to develop a system using medical and musical technology to enhance the capacity of performers to expressively perform with music/sounds from a digital source in real-time, with dancer Caroline Lofthouse. In 2003 Robert was commissioned by Dilliington Festival to write piece for Guitar Orchestra and Electric Motor premiered there in August 2003. His innovative approach to composition will be remembered by all who attended. He was the founder member and MD of Naked Sunday Collective, a group combining elements of jazz, funk, hip hop, Drum and Bass and turntablism with improvisation. 

‘The Rain Emperor’ is a celebration of his music and his memory. Artists involved The performance is a collaboration by some of the UK’s most highly acclaimed and upcoming artists who have worked together using Robert Jacob’s music as their inspiration to create an engaging, experimental and emotive event. They will produce music, film, dance and physical performance to create a two hour immersion into the elements..

The Rain Emperor is the creation of Judy Jacob, daughter of Robert Jacob. Judy has unearthed many scores from her father’s repertoire and is keen that through this event, his works can be experienced in their best light, by a wide audience. She said, “My father was a very talented musician and composer, his music is inspiring. Rather than simply release the scores, I wanted to create a performance based around them in order to fully exhibit the music’s emotion. “This event will be my first independent piece of this scale as a director and I hope for it to set the grounds for further collaborations within the industry. The artists involved in The Rain Emperor have created

The Rain Emperor happens at Village Underground, 54 Hollwell Lane, London EC2 on 26th, 27th, 28th February 2009  It really deserves a longer run, you really should try and see/hear/experience it... Think we need to go explore Robert Jacob lots more now...

FEB 19th '09: ANDREA JABLONSKI:  And once we'd explored that Rabid Rabbit that lives over there in Chicago (see Organ #293) and those incy wincy spiders and all that glorious noise, we found bass player (and sometime vocalist) Andrea Jablonski has a whole set of other webs to dangle in front of your face. She paints walls with respected designer Diane Dauer (love the orange stripes in the hotel), she has a whole load of rather compelling personal work to explore, like this one here that explains how she is wired and how 'a' maybe for evil.. .

OK, then, just in case you missed it, it was album of the week here two weeks ago and that rabbit took us to Andrea's art...

RABID RABBIT – Rabid Rabbit (Interloper) -  Suffocating left-field stoner sludge and noise. Filthy feedback drenched raw ambiance from deepest Chicago. Most of this delightful noise is instrumental although Andrea Jablonski does add some colour with her low in the mix vocals now and again. They’re a two bass, one unrelenting drummer and a really edgy guitarist kind of band, they go to places that bands like Isis, Harvey Milk or Earth go to, but but but, far more loose colour thrown around here, they paint with far more freedom and imagination... and those itsy bitsy spider vocals running around give them so much character, Not afraid to take on an avant edge, touch on dark psychedelic freekouts with their cerebral bottom end soothing. They weave around doom and stoner sludge, they take it in to prog-jazz, they do it all with a subtle touch, a clever twist and turn, you can either sink right in to it, or just float on their surface and bang your head, both options are good, this is good, all is good. Good. – or

More at I AM  JOY, we like what they’re doing at that old shop that the I Am Joy team have turn in to a rather inspiring gallery down there in Chichester. “Dear all, We have an exhibition on Monday 16th February which will showcase new and old work by a young emerging artist BECKY ROSE. She has recently finished a degree at University College Falmouth and is currently living and working in Chichester. Her work is astonishing; striking colour and detail that posses a mesmerising quality. We would be grateful if you could forward this on to people who you think would be interested in seeing great art, listening to good music and having a JOYFUL time at our gallery!” They promise free drinks, canapes, live music and of course a helping of joy...






KELLY JOHNSON (Girlschool)
KELLY JOHNSON (Girlschool)