HUGE BABY - latest update 4th JUNE 2001
HUGE BABY  "Y'know how every now and then, when your faith in music is waning, a record seems to come out of nowhere and shows you a whole new infinity of posssibilities that need exploring? Happened with Public Enemy, Throwing Muses, LFO, The Young Gods and now Huge Baby. This band are most intriguing...." Neil Kulkarni in Melody Maker (1994)
HUGE BABY quite literally exploded on to the scene in a hail of mystery, chaos, rumour and counter rumour  in 1994..... There first release was a 10" EP on ORG and you just could not avoid them around the capital for six glorious venue crushing months -

    "Aaaah, the great smell of brute force. Huge Baby may look like archetypal rap-metallers (shorts, dreadlocks, a guitarist so intense he makes Henry Rollins look like Evan Dando) but they cut the crap. They prefer full-on instrumental overload, cranking it up to near-breaking point and topping it off with an impressive array of guttural grunting noises. You'd need a chainsaw to cut through all this tension........ One suspects they'll all be dead from stress within a year, but for for now Huge Baby are coolly cruel" Mark Sutherland  NME

  "Beginning nonchalantly with Van Morrison-esque stream-of-conciouusness liltings. Huge Baby grow into toothgrinding, deranged, semi-improvisational Can-casualty meanderers. Sweet. "Well Far Out" shouts some wag after an angelic, serene skip through fields of daisies with Miranda Sex Garden, Pink Floyd's "Cirrus Minor", William Burroughs and some Butterflies. Right! The guitarist burns his hand over a candle flame, psyching himself up like an Olympic weightlifter to be off like the wind as Singer Sal stagedives into the floor and does upside-down beetle impressions......." Carl Loben    Melody Maker

                "Huge Baby, in a perfect world, should provide the soundtrack to Omen III..... This is an evil, malevolent and unspeakably scary record which you should only play in the hours of daylight, if accompanied by a priest, do not be fooled my children by the seemingly frivolous title. Growling satanic bass, grinding guitar which can often sound like it's actually sacrificing a live goat in the studio, whiningly inhuman vocals, horribly grimy violin-ish squeaks and somewhere along the line, macabre ambient tunes to ensure you sleep in your mum's bed for the next week"    Johnny Cigarettes - NME Single Of The Week

    "Y'know how every now and then, when your faith in music is waning, a record seems to come out of nowhere and shows you a whole new infinity of posssibilities that need exploring? Happened with Public Enemy, Throwing Muses, LFO, The Young Gods and now Huge Baby. This band are most intriguing. "Black Mama" turns from a Main-ish feedback wall into the dirtiest scuzziest blues I've heard in years, before stopping, starting again and finishing on a crescendo that even had the cat pinning her ears back. "Hopscotch" is a terrifying Slint-ish lullaby that will send you to sleep clinging to the sheets and bracing yourself for a restless night, and "Voodoo" is a cross between Pram and AC Temple, featuring a most astonishing vocal performance. Thinking the record was warped, I got up to take it off but it wasn't, she was doing that shit naturally! As I stepped back from the hi-fi, already a little spooked. whoevershemaybe's voice abruptly mutated from a light croon into a frankly horrifying blast of vocal rage that actually physically sent me jerking away in fear. Good job I hadn't eaten. Fascinating stuff, and one to keep an eye on, albeit a widely dilated, shit-scared one."   Neil Kulkarni in Melody Maker (not quite sure of singer Sal's sex - he's male.)

        "Huge Baby are responsible for some of the most ferociously intense live shows London's ever seen. From the minute they hit the stage, it's virtually impossible to predict whether band or audience will survive the night......."  Virginia Black   Melody Maker

        "The rumours are spreading. Again. Two punters have apparently been helped out of the Monarch. covered in blood........" Simon Williams NME

            Ah look, it's hard to remember it all now, for six months in 1994 the rumours flew, it really was over the top "It's getting ridiculous!" blusters guitarist Kay "More people are saying they were taken out with injuries now - there's been another three since the last gig! People are actually queuing up to tell us they were injured at our last gig" - interview in the NME
            - There's loads loads more of these press cuttings, it was really like the Pistols must have been, it was getting out of control.... it couldn't last of course, record companies crawled all over them.. and they made all the wrong moves, told one major label that their massive offer wasn't good enough then got in to bed with Beggars Banquet and scared the shit out of them after one single and a mini album (which stupidly featured mostly new versions of the songs we'd already released on Org, along with a Cro-Mags cover?!).... got themselves thrown out of EMI's offices when the deal had almost been done, hooked up with Acid Jazz (what the hell were they doing there?) Refused to turn up for a tour with Killing Joke and finally got whisked in to a studio with AC/DCs people over at Alberts.... they recorded an album.... whether it will ever come out is open to question... they came back and played a handful of shows in '99 (mostly Organ shows), the magic wasn't there asny mre though, toured with Napalm Death - the magic wass still there but.... it's different.... and in typical Huge Baby fashion, they fought their way through the chaos left by several managers and record labels to get their album made only to have frontman Sal quite the band a couple of days before they were supposed to play a show for us at the Garage and the week after they'd finally finished the thing...... They tell me they'll be back...... see you in five years?  1994 was one hell of a Summer/Autumn!

Where are they today? They came back again right at the end of 1999 with a new singer - it's not the same.... they turn up now and again, they went to Europe with AC/DC - the new guy has a great voice but it's not Huge Baby - time to take it apart and start a new band?

see above - those quote were from the ORG period in 1994 - you really had to be there at the time.
organ003   10"ep "GOOD NIGHT IRENE, HELLO DOLLY"  - TRACKS: Voodoo, Black Mama, Wise Blood, Hopscotch
ORG052   Track on ORGAN RADIO 6: Black Mama (different version)

Releases elsewhere on other labels: I'll list them when I have second - though they never quite touched on the magic of that first EP ever again - it was very very special, you had to be there.