IMPERIAL LEISURE  - latest update 15th DEC  2007
IMPERIAL LEISURE guerilla action..Imperial Leisure are an energy ball, they’re a ten-piece energy ball playing their own particular blend of cutting hip-hop fussed with cool old school London ska and beats and bites and riffs and... 
Word had been reaching us here at Organ throughout the summer of 2007 - You’ve got to see this band! 

Word gets around when there’s something genuine and exciting happening – when there’s something really real out there, then real people let you really know.  It isn’t about hype or clever marketing, not down here in the real world - down here in the undergrowth if there’s a good band then people you can trust start to talk. It really is that simple - word of mouth

All summer we’d been hearing about this gang called Imperial Leisure - about their blend of hip-hop and their gigs in strange places. First thing we actually caught was a shaky mobile phone video on YouTube. A video of them fighting the tide and playing on a beach - seems they like to play guerilla gigs. The ten of them just like to turn up and play – streets, building sites, outside festivals, shopping centres, Camden on a Sunday afternoon – they just like to play. 

Turns out they had loads of these videos doing the rounds and causing a viral stir – bootleg quality footage of these impromptu gigs they’d been doing, passers by just stopping and having to join in. Seems their activities got the invited to come inside and ‘officially’ play at a number of significant festivals this summer - their Reading Festival car park set went down particularly well, people declaring them band of the whole weekend! 

Their My Space/You Tube videos attracted enough attention for them to be made My Space band of the week recently – all this without an official release to their name. Pretty much every show they’ve played on their home turf this Autumn has been sold out. First gig we caught was at the Barfly in Camden, loads of people locked outside and the whole place jumping – nights like that just don’t happen at the Barfly – they especially don’t happen to an unsigned band with no official release and no press or radio coverage! We were in there before they were off the stage, got to release this one! 

Imperial Leisure are an energy ball, they’re a ten-piece energy ball playing their own particular blend of cutting hip-hop fussed with cool old school London ska and beats and bites and riffs and... They come complete with a live brass section, keyboards, DJ, two MCs and a cool as F singer. Seems they’ve been together since their North London secondary school days, and in some cases, the bonds go way back to primary school. Their sound is a nailed-down combination of hip-hop beats, tunes, street-wise lyrics, punk attitude and just the right amount of infectious soul. There’s a sense of unity and familiarity that I guess comes from their years of friendship and hanging out together. Based in their own rehearsal/recording studio in Tottenham, they work together and party together, they claim to put equal amounts of energy into both – I don’t know, their work seems like one long party to me! 

The debut Single ‘In A Letter’ was released on December 3rd 2007 here on ORG Records as part 36 of the ORG-AN-ISED SINGLES SERIES – and sold out on the day of release! 

The next single - Man On The Street - will be out on ORG on February 25th 2008 

"A tune of epic proportions... You'll be singing it for the rest of your life..."  Colin Murray (Radio One)

SUBBA-CULTCHA.COM SINGLE OF THE MONTH - IMPERIAL LEISURE - IN A LETTER – (ORG) - Fusing the hyperactive rapping of Hadouken and the skanking party-routines R X Bandits, in one single Imperial Leisure have saved Ska from the damage by The Ordinary Boys over two albums”

"Their debut single manages to capture some of their raucous live sound by allowing their demented mix of ska, hip-hop, techno and rock to blast off record with no concern for coherency. It’s a horn-drenched, spirit-raising of fury that rocks..." Clash Magazine

They've made a name for themselves (albeit in  small circles) for a string of  impromptu gigs in festival car parks, shopping  centres and beaches across the UK. Hell, they've even been brazen enough to pull  up outside London's  Brixton Academy and play to unsuspecting gig-goers queueing  to see indie's latest chart entrants. But now it's here, London's Imperial  Leisure's long-awaited debut. And what a debut it is. Released through Org Records, 'In a Letter' further serves to highlight why this is a band that deserve widespread recognition. Produced by 'Junk Scientist' (Larrikin Love, The  Rakes), this is a fast and furious offering from this new ten-piece. Fans of The Specials and Madness will no doubt love it. It's a relentless burst of hip hop, ska and rock, and it's not hard to see why the band sold out venues  like The Barfly even before any official releases. Shouldn't be long before this lot are household names. Start believing the hype. (Lauren Holden – High Voltage)

“Perhaps the most crucial band around right at this moment - the revolution begins here” (Losing Today magazine)

Imperial Leisure ‘In a letter’ (Org) - Not content with already serving up a blistering broadside beauty in the shape of Cardiacs as well as a stunning split release Herzoga and To the Bones, perhaps of one of the finds of the year comes courtesy of the rampantly infectious Imperial Leisure. Apparently this London based 10 strong ska fuelled hip hop collective have already garnered themselves the reputation of being the band to see right now, possessing an unnerving street savvy they’ve been known to do the odd guerrilla gig or two as well as posting up DIY videos recorded via mobile phone on you tube as well as blowing the entire Reading festival line up away with their appearance last minute impromptu appearance at the site’s car park. Displaying a rapid fire exuberant sound which describing would be to say imagine a face off between the Two Tone old guard and ‘searching for the young soul rebels’ era Dexy’s with Pigbag on hand crafting out Mexicana infused brass fanfares and John Cooper Clarke hastily scribbling the lyrics and Bad Brains overseeing the melee.  Limited to 1000 copies and sure to sell out of pre-sales alone, ‘In A Letter’ is furiously catchy, a bit like an itch you can’t scratch or a seriously bad case of funky bug bites this exhaustive anti-love cutie is packed with so much  urgency and energy it leaves you breathless as it races through with g-force  velocity amid an enviable volley of fast flung rhyming couplets, old skool scratchin’ and blistering brass underpins. Similarly infectious the saucy and sassy ’The Landlord’s Daughter’ sounds like prime time Terry Hall  and Co being served with electric shocks while ’The Beast’ (the best thing here incidentally)  is a seismically scorching sugar twisted sci-fi b-movie babe replete with twangs  galore mainlining on the impish mindset of the Cravats at full tilt which once  heard this riotous nugget will drive you to distraction hosting 24 hour parties  in your headspace. Perhaps the most crucial band around right at this moment -  the revolution begins here.

“Honest, playful, full of inebriated insight… if had a plane ticket to London hanging out of my pocket, and I really wish I had, I would happily fly the ten hours to see them. “  (Brendan Turrill – PulseNow) 

- three track CD single, released on December 3rd 2007(sold out)
- three track CD single, to be released on February 25th 2008