THE SMEARS  - latest update 2nd March  2007
"Confident abrasive raw grrrl powered punk rock... oh yes this is good" 

"stop wearing those fuck-me boots and start wearing some Fuck You boots!" Emma Smear in a Drowned In Sound interview

The Smears are: Emma O'Neill (guitar/vox), Miss C (bass) & C-Doll (drums)

Those of you who’ve been paying close attention to the pages of ORGAN will know how much we love the three of them, full on screaming and biting abrasive/tuneful don’t-mess punk rock


The Smears brand of raw, loud 'n' abrasive all-girl punk rock action has been kicking up a virtual shit storm throughout the Midlands of England for the last couple of years now. Abrasive demos, raids on London. Queens of the zines and a massive underground following... 

First off, let's get one thing straight, we ain't talking no Riot Grrl angst or fabricated Ramones-gang dream a la the Donnas here. The Smears play it straight, hard and to the point,they do it their way, with their own tenacious style. 

Based in Nottingham, their no apology attitude, girl-swagger and super sharp, sucker punch menace has earned them a serious live reputation. Drawing influence from the blues, punk and rock and mixing it up into a melee of primal anger and positive hate, they've trod the boards with bands from all corners of the globe and given as good as they've got, if not more. Combining that timeless white boy (girl) blues holler on vocals with a furiously fuzzed up 'n' f****d guitar sound, thundering bass and primal punk drum pounding, the Smears will kick you in the teeth and rip your heart right outta your chest. Cynicism and comparison are rendered useless once the first chord is struck, the first skin beat. 

The Smears exude a confidence that'll scare the s**t outta your average indie boy looking for his next guitar girl pin-up. They are the complete girl group package, thorns and all. Throw Patti Smith and the Shangri La's into a blender with the Northwest ferocity of Mudhoney and you're coming close to the kind of explosive mix that has left the so-called rock city reeling and bystanders begging for more. 

2nd March 2007 - “We get girls coming up to us a lot at our shows asking what it's like being in a band and where they should start, and my answer is usually along the lines of stop wearing those fuck-me boots and start wearing some Fuck You boots!" Emma Smear in a Drowned In Sound interview that’s just gone up on line today – read the whole thing here... 

Here's the Smears bit of an Organ live review... 

THE  SMEARS / SOB DOLLIES / TEASING LULU  Saucy  Lil Tart @ Colours Bar, Camden - April 27th 2006

THE SMEARS - there is only one, this is them, forget all the others who borrowed the name and kept it warm and ready for these three to slip in to. We've been shouting about their deliciously messy demos and playing their fiercely raw roar on the radio and they don't get to London much do they? They're finally in a venue that were not banned from yet (actually I do believe this is only their second London gig, were not banned from that many venues, honest guv, it wasn't us - there's usually a revolving list  of about four or five venues were banned from depending on people's moods and who doesn't like what we have to say much this week). There's three of them, Emma O'Neil on low slung guitar and very loud vocals, Miss C on even lower slung bass and C-Doll on drums locking it all down. Now I hate these situations, we've been talking up a band on the strength of their demos and their obvious attitude. We've not seen them live yet, I'm here face to face in a very intimate venue, there's nowhere to hide, I can't even secretly sneak out if they suck - are they going to disappoint? Is it going to be a quick polite yeah, it was good, got to go, there’s another band I promised to see and the reptiles must be fed and I need to avoid that giant skunk over there and yeah, Ill speak to you soon, bye, yeah yeah, I'll call you...  The Smears are in town (from Nottingham) and no need to worry! They seriously rock from the moment they hit the floor (nearly said stage there - no stage, bare brick wall, minimal PA, this is a DIY punk rock gig drenched in good attitude) and they were such quiet polite friendly people before hand as well (isn't always the way).  Now The Smears are not in to the Riot Grrl tag, they say they're just a punk rock band and yeah, I know where they're coming from - there's no  manifesto, there's no feminist stance, there's no Donnas style gang  image.  Hey Emma kicks up a seriously roaring Babes In Toyland/Seven Year Bitch screaming storm of intensity though, Miss C is not far behind with her classic low slung garage punk rock bass and rip it to shreds backing vocals. You clearly do not mess, they're just right up there doing it - surely that's what Riot Grrl was always meant to be!? The Smears are right up there doing it on their own terms. They've got the high heel swagger, they've got the attitude, they know how good they are, they know they rock more than you or your weedy band. They've got that punker than you garage blues edge of Mudhoney or the Stooges. They deliver their deliciously aggressive songs relentlessly fast and furious, they never ever let it up. They rip apart Patti Smith's Rock'n Roll Nigger - whooooooo can Emma sing! woooo can she spit out those vocals! Raw power!  The Smears know they should be getting far more attention, there’s anger with the swagger and the screaming (and the frustration). This is real punk rock, this is real riot grrl power whatever they may say about it.  The Smears are the real right-in-your-face deal - they're got the songs as well, you can't run that far on just pure attitude, that Patti Smith moment really does not stand out that much from their own material and their seven deadly sins, there’s some real class here. You want a classic three-piece shoulder to shoulder rock’n roll band? You want no messing stripped-down raw as hell confrontational positive punk rock?  The half hour flies past, no encore, no messing, everything you needed. 


ORG414 - BRING IT ON (out MARCH 19th 2007, limted edition, 1000 only) - Tracks 1: BRING IT ON, 2: PINK POP, 3; FRIENDLY FIRE (live)