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TODAY'S SIGNPOSTS and links and paths and contradictions and things to check out.. 
Rev Billy27th May '09: More of your Daily Spleen? Is it unbalanced enough? 

Further to this morning’s Reverend Billy coverage, the Shopocalypse Tour: carries on tonight at that fine gallery on the waterfront down there in the West Country: Wed 27 Arnolfini Bristol, Thu 28 Liverpool Blue Coat, Fri 29 Birmingham – Fierce, Sat 30 London Battersea Arts Centre, Sun 31 London Limehouse Town Hall. Saturday seems to be some all day festival, Sunday however, is a free performance at 5.00pm over at the Boxing Club over in Limehouse at the Town Hall, 646 Commercial St London E14. We'd never heard of him until this morning, what else have you got for us us dear readers? -

NEWS: BEASTIE BOYS have announced that their new album will be called 'Hot Sauce Committee'. Here’s what they said: "Our new record that is coming out that we finished the other day is called 'Hot Sauce Committee'".

       “Hi, I just added a track to the Organ Readers Spotify thing, a track by Reverend Billy And The Church Of Life After Shopping. The two gigs i saw at the weekend were incredible, especially when everyone went for a sing song round Tescos. Here’s a video from Sunday....” Steve Adams

Not one of the last twenty three CDs that the chewing machine has spat back out have been worth even the shortest of mentions, make that twenty four now, there’s a lot of very average things out there getting a lot of hype, wonder why that is? Make that twenty five.... twenty six.... hang on this twenty seventh one has something good about it, all skylines on fire and who’s this? Oh, new Low Anthem single...

REVEREND  BILLY, Who's he then Steve? Looks good....

 Statement of Belief: “Reverend Billy and the Life After Shopping Gospel Choir believe that Consumerism is overwhelming our lives. The corporations want us to have experiences only through their products.
        Our neighborhoods, "commons" places like stoops and parks and streets and libraries, are disappearing into the corporatized world of big boxes and chain stores. But if we "back away from the product" – even a little bit, well then we Put The Odd Back In God!
    The supermodels fly away and we're left with our original sensuality. So we are singing and preaching for local economies and real – not mediated through products – experience.
    We like independent shops where you know the person behind the counter or at least –you like them enough to share a story. We ask that local activists who are defending themselves against supermalls, nuke plants, gentrification – call us and we'll come and put on our "Fabulous Worship!"
     Remember children... Love is a Gift Economy!” — The Rev

Mission: “The Church of Life After Shopping is project of The Immediate Life, a New York based arts organization using theater, humor, and grassroots organizing to advance individuals and communities towards a more equitable future - starting today. We partner with citizens, grassroots organizations and progressive visionaries to produce dynamic, informed public campaigns that enact our core values - participatory democracy, ecological sustainability, and the preservation of vibrant communities and local economies.”

NEWS: BLACK METAL BOOK TO BECOME FILM: Michael Moynihan and Didrik Søderlind's exhaustive history of the 90s black metal scene in Norway, and the church burning and violence that went with it, 'Lords Of Chaos', is to be turned into a film by Japanese director Sion Sono, it has been announced. One of the story's key characters - Varg Vikernes, best known for murdering the frontman of rival band Mayhem, Oystein 'Euronymous' Aarseth - is to be played by Jackson Rathbone, who recently starred in teen vampire movie 'Twilight'.
Producer Stuart Pollok told Dagbladet:"[Black metal] is a fascinating topic, a great visual world to depict, and a fun portrayal of Norway". 
          Some black metal fans will be none too pleased to hear that 'Lords Of Chaos' is to hit the big screen, because it's seen by many as a sensationalist account of that particular period of Norwegian musical history. 
       Vikernes himself, who was recently released on parole after serving 15 years in prison for the murder of Euronymous, said in 2004: "The vast majority of all the statements made in this book are either misinterpretations; taken out of context; misunderstandings; malicious lies made by enemies; a result of ignorance; extreme exaggerations; and/or third-hand information at best. The authors have managed to fill the heads of a generation of metal fans with lies. What could have been a righteous revolt has been made into some pathetic, embarrassing, brain-dead, impotent and traditional poser-culture". (CMU)


26th May '09: Your Daily Spleen? Is it balanced enough? 

NEWS: ANTHRAX have announced an ‘intimate’ London show, code for “we’re not a big as we were”? First show over here with new vocalist Dan Nelson. The show is at ULU on June 16th with Suicide Silence and Trigger The Bloodshed in support 

NEWS: Now this looks like it might be worth checking out, and Organ is about the signposts and... “SARAH KENCHINGTON makes remarkable mechanical instruments, and has a new album with DANIEL PADDEN (Volcano The Bear/The One Ensemble) being launched at 3pm on Sat 30th at Serpentine (London), as part of Luke Fowler's exhibition. The show is free Please have a look at photos and listen to music at – Thanks, Daniel”

ALBUM REVIEW: JASON LYTLE – Yours Truly, The Commuter (Anti) – Yer man with the unmistakable voice from Grandaddy with his first solo record. Soothing, polite, mellow, quite, pleasant, hopeful, spirited, (slightly middle aged middle of the road?) and pretty much like you’d expect the Grandaddy mastermind to be sounding on a solo album, and if you’re in the mood to be gently politely soothed then...

NEWS: Seems GALLOWS are playing another one of their low-key secret shows, this time at that pay to play venue, The Purple Turtle, in Camden, this Thursday... up to you if you’re bothered or not, we bring you the news in passing and they'd have a great venue there if it wasn't for their pay to play operation, scumsucking way to run a venue and treat bands, grey Britain blah blah, ah who cares, probably serve the bands right, right? 

ALBUM REVIEW: BELLINI – The Precious Prize of Gravity (Temporary Residence) – Four years on from the last well received album, third album in all. Steve Albini in the engineer’s chair once more and everything as you’d expect from the husband-and-wife “punk rock power couple” Giovanna Cacciola and Agostino Tilotta. This time the two of them are joined by bassist Matthew Taylor and Girls Against Boys drummer Alexis Fleisig for their female-voiced rollercoaster ride through abrasive highs and edgy lows – highs and low both musically and lyrically – four of their songs here centering around the deaths of loved ones, including a song called The Thin Line that features the surviving members of Silkworm. Darker than before, and a little more complex - not difficult, just complex in that hard-edged post hardcore/post rock way - a challenging starkness, that alt.American feel, things that taste a little like a darker Fugazi or a more complicated X or... well they taste of lots of North American things and all the time without really being obvious about any of it, dragging things forward in a positive productive challenging way... Stark, focused, to the point, different... good. or
NEWS: THE STUPIDS are back - “The band that were the pioneers for the whole UK melodic hardcore scene have reformed, and produced not only their first new album in 21 years, but arguably their most complete album ever. This isn’t a tired old rehash living on former glories – THE STUPIDS are back, and are stronger than ever!” This is the press release taking, we’re just doing the cut ‘n paste here, the single that we’ve already heard (and reviewed and played on the radio a few times, hang on let me go put them on the Organ Spotify list, yep, there they are, who needs to buy wreckords anymore, ain’t this the sound of labels shooting themselves in the foot bigtime?) - the single that we’ve already heard backs up the words and the record label hype though 
         “Following on from last year’s critically acclaimed reissues of their entire back catalogue which introduced the band to a whole new generation, allied to a loyal committed existing fan base, the limited edition “Feel the Suck” single sold out its first pressing via mailorder only in 3 weeks and received brilliant reviews in the press all round. 
         Archetypically STUPIDS, but the STUPIDS for the 21st century sounding fresh and bang up to date – it’s like the last 2 decades never happened. As one reviewer commented – “this is a first – a band that comes back, but comes back a stronger band than before” The band are doing significant touring to promote the album including a high profile slot at this years Rebellion Festival”. I think that’s an Organ quote there about them coming back stronger, not that Mr Press Man would actually admit that one in public now, heaven forbid no, can’t have that. 
           The dates: JUNE 7th : LONDON The Old Blue Last – ALBUM LAUNCH GIG w/SHITTY LIMITS and SECTION 13, JUNE 12th : SHEFFIELD  Casbah w/SECTION 13, JUNE 13th : NOTTINGHAM The Old General w/SECTION 13 (NOTTINGHAM PUNKS PICNIC), JUNE 14th : BOSTON Indian Queen w/SECTION 13, JUNE 26th: BRIGHTON Hobgoblin w/SOUTHPORT, JUNE 27th : KINGSTON Fighting Cocks (support TBC), JULY 12th: WAKEFIELD Escobar (Headlining Beefstock – 3 day punk fest), AUG 2nd : LONDON Camden Underworld w/ADOLESCENTS, AUG 9th : BLACKPOOL Winter Gardens REBELLION FESTIVAL, AUG 28th : MARGATE The Westcoast
          THE STUPIDS - THE KIDS DON’T LIKE IT is released on Boss Tuneage Records on July 13th -
Tuesday Tuesday, having even more of your cake and lying in the whole damn mess, paint spilt on poetry and the new black and words left on the floor... clean clean clean it up. So this Spotify thing then? Cat well and truely out and are you enjoying that playist we set up? just added an old Bellini track to iT while we get about writing words about this new album that came out last week, yeah, I know, late again...

So let's try out something here then, how about an ORGAN READERS SPOTIFY PLAYLIST to go next to the one we set up? is YOUR taste as good as ours? How about YOU dumping a couple of recommendations on there for the rest of us to check out, share something with us all, let's see how this Spotify thing can really be used in some kind of social way (yeah, I know there's no Cardiacs on there, we're on to that one). Go add a couple of tracks that you think the rest of us (readers and Organ makers) should be checking out... let's see how this one goes, we won't bother with any rules for now, don't go clogging it up with your own bands and self promotion, just share what you've been listening to, here's the link

DANIEL FRANCIS DOYLE25th May '09: Monday Monday, having your cake and lying in it...

ALBUM REVIEW:  DANIEL FRANCIS DOYLE – We Bet Our Money On You (We Shot JR) –  he’s from Austin, Texas, he’s been making noises, singing, playing guitar and drumming in bands and such for the last ten years now (we can read these press releases, makes us sound like we know). Time spent in bands like When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth and Earth Lines, apparently this solo work is his most challenging... Not that challenging, not awkwardly difficult and challengingly tough - just challengingly good in a positively hard-boiled awkwadly fluid spiky jagged jerky geeky lo-fi jumping up and down on your toes in a strange challenging kind of way - and no gasp for air until track four and the rolling in what? Frantic drums, rhythms going everywhere... This is his second solo release, harshly destructive and instantly rewarding – we like it lots - right up for the challenge with some left field awkwardness and some fluid North American other-wave pop. Other-Wave, did you like that one? Mark the day, they’ll be using it soon – bendy stuff, touch of pronk (‘pronk’, remember that one?) and quirkiness and handwriting that’s improving, as meticulously treated as the loops and the melodies and the chicken scratch guitar that may have been confusing. Sometimes I think I know.... and it maybe impossible to think that he’s standing on his own two feet and he says such nice things, smeared black ink and all very much song-based awkwardness, hardboiled tunes laced around songs, and there’s no need to worry ‘cause the tables aren’t turning. We analysed the notes, no need to hide them under covers - and after all of that it still seems so nice, and breathing and full of heart and it may come out as joke that entertains the folks but no no no, this is really good and no jokes here and no feeling your doubt... oh, that bit is nicely harsh, awkwardly jagged and harsh and there are so many ways to look at it, born and warm.... Jerky new wave and all rather busy and frantic and awkwardly challenging and hard boiled and this is the kind of challenge we like, this is what pop music should be... oh yes, this is street life and pleasure and all good and all born and warm and ambitiously positive and good good good -

ALBUM REVIEW: FRESHKILLS – Freshkills (Freshkills) - Well looks this actually came out last year, someone from the Brooklyn band’s camp has seen fit to drop it in the post and send it our way this week so we guess someone want us to say something? Not sure why, better late than never? Seems like pretty standard New York post hardxore-ish indie rock to us. Fierce where it needs to be, hard hitting here and there, more than touch of that post-punk Dischord thing in there without really igniting too much. Clever line is wordery and making love like a punch line - a musical twist here and ominously churning rhythm there. This self titled album is decent enough, nothing that wrong with it, they’re not quite just another indie rock band from Brooklyn and I guess if we were stuck in a cave with just one CD and a bag of lemons for a few months then we’d learn to love the detail lots and lots but... but... but... I don’t know, if we were of a mind to give out marks like the others do - something we really don’t like doing, lazy reviewing, just cut the chase see what the mark was - but if we did then this would be one of those six and a half, seven out of ten kind of albums. There’s the occasional revelatory moment like Revelations and the revelation of the singing the songs that our proud parents sung and a streamline structure and they’re better than The Killers or that other lot and they’re kind of enduring and those drums are rather good and... maybe seven and a half? Who really cares what we think, here’s too the restless turmoil of it all -

Continental Train Wreck, Southbank, May 09LIVE: CONTINENTAL TRAIN WRECK – Under Embankment Bridge, South Bank of The Thames, London, May 24th 

– The late night South Bank walk back along the river to Embankment from London Bridge based Resonance FM studio on a Sunday night always throws up something interesting.  New bits of graffiti, a curious fox, the Thames Bore, guerrilla knitting and last night it was loads of CD discs mysteriously tied to trees, that and avoiding the drunken disappointment of chanting Millwall fans. Is that a band we can hear? Buskers are louder in the still river quiet of night, there’s a kettle drum player drifting right out over the river and the city. That does sound like a full on electric rock band though? Surely not? A swirling noise in the open air just over from the Houses of Parliament. Small red-light illuminating a shadowy two piece, rather edgy, sometimes ferocious drum and guitar outfit playing very loudly under the bridge, driving amps, giant sound... A couple of scruffy figures bent over small drum kit and guitar under Embankment bridge just to the right of the Royal Festival Hall... The sound they create is massive, a sound booms and echoes under the giant cathedral arch of the bridge, not sure how intentional it is, but that sound is massive! Like one those free festivals you’d once stumble on in a field in the dark dead of night... all Loop and Hawkwind and is that a touch of Hillage (or maybe John Squire?) there in those guitar sonics... Drummer’s really going for it, punky energy and Mudhoney/Melvins blasts, really not sure how in control of it they are and how much of it is the accidental ambience of the railway bridge arch and the dark of the river and the open space but this (looks and) sounds excellent... They’re attracting quite a crowd, songs are greeted with enthusiastic cheers, passers by are throwing five pound notes in to their drum case that is now acting as their CD shop - people reading the CDs five pounds or donation sign and buying them as the two of them play on (and on and on) surrounded by the captivated onlookers.  Seems they’re two brothers from Montreal, Canada, Dan and Nick Philippi - London based now, here for the streets of gold I guess. We suspect they wouldn’t sound anywhere near this good in a conventional venue, (and their music on their My Space page doesn't really do them justice), down here at midnight in the atmospheric dark of a warm Sunday night they sound wonderful....

25th May '09: Monday Monday, having your cake and lying in it, all this Organ stuff started with a handmade messy zine, screen printed covers, tins of spray paint, broken typewriters, inspired by all the others – Urban Guerrilla, Forearm Smash, Revelatory - hauling bags full of heavy zines to venues, trading tapes, flyers, Pritt sticks and typos, dodgy photocopiers, up al lnight with staplers and silk screens. There were hundreds of handmade zines when we got the bug, thousands, couldn’t go to a gig without buying (or trading) one... That spirit is still there somewhere, some might say not as friendly these days, not as welcoming and arms open as it was in the 80’s when Organ first saw the light of day. That zine spirit and that doing it yourself feeling of creativity is still there somewhere isn’t it? Sure, you need to look a little harder to find it these days, it isn’t going to walk up to you at a gig anymore and when you do eventually find it you have to battle through what sometimes feels like the elitism and we’re cooler than you attitude that you sometimes find in the not so healthy as it once was zine world these days, especially in the we’re more punk and underground than you and blah blah blah London zine fields...  There was a time when it was a real evolving alternative creative community... maybe there’s a hint of something to be found at the forthcoming ALTERNATIVE PRESS FESTIVAL that takes place from July 29th to August 2nd? Get involved, add to it, the word is still CREATE. Find out more here at

NEWS: Blank Canvas present two stalwarts of the experimental electronica scene... PLAID with WILL DUTTA and LEAFCUTTER JOHN with members of HERITAGE ORCHESTRA... Plaid and Leafcutter John collaborating in different ways again, whatever they do they’re always good, highly recommended actually, both of them... The event happens at Cafe Oto, Dalston, London E8 on 27th May. More from

24th May '09: ALBUM REVIEW: BOBBY’S BEARD – Bobby’s Beard (Ingue) – Dreamy lo-fi dreamy drifting dreamy pop. Whispered and dreamy and breezy and all home-made silky sunshine and glowing drifting beauty and lo-fi home-made slowly drifting dreamy dreamy poppy breezy dreaminess from the sunny fields of Somerset. Dreamy lo-fi simplicity... or

ALBUM REVIEW: BIRDEATSBABY – Here She Comes-a-Tumblin’ (Self Release) – They’re from Brighton, and their album arrived here in a shower of red feathers (and who’d going to clean up this mess?). A shower of red feathers and swirling burlesque and confident brightness. And violins and always tying themselves up in the same ropes and... Now if you like those Dresden Dolls and a touch of Danny Elfman or Tiger Lillies or poppy Lydia Lunch and a touch more of those Dolls and Amanda Palmer’s breezy drama queen antics and loads of eyeliner and bold classical baroque swipes. Four girls, one guy and loads of refined string driven energy. Yes they are very Dresden Dolls, not too much though, they have their own delightful character and their own smudged lipstick and most importantly, their own delightful songs. All very much worth your time if red feather showers and the drama of those Dolls is your poppy kind of thing... 
    Here She Comes is out on June 1st, they’re busy playing everywhere, more from

Survival Sunday? Radiohead Sunday? Sunday, as we say every week, is radiohead day, Organ at Resonance 104.4fm... 9.00pm UK time, proper FM radio in London, on line worldwide via Live from London Bridge, down by the river and a hot studio full of fluidly awkward time signature adventure. This week Marina in the chair with her OTHER ROCK SHOW and the further exploration of rock that goes beyond the convention of mere 4/4... mathy, prog, post, new wave, no wave.... Other Rock as it were... 

23rd May '09:  NEWS: Scottish band, much loved around these Organic parts, THE FRENCH QUARTER have sadly split, a short statement on their My Space just reads  “The French Quarter split up on 19/5/09. Thanks to everyone who has shown appreciation for our music” -

So we gave in to the Blurred Crusade and this Spotify business and this thing about not having to buy music and clutter up your life with it anymore, could do with Jonathan not interupting with his advert, not worth the money it costs to shut him up yet though... So here's a SPOTIFY ORGAN PLAYLIST full of some of the musical things we've been talking about on this page and on the radio in the last week or so for you to play as you go about your day.... Tracks from bands we've reviews or brought you news of, or played on the radio and a few extras throw in to make up for the pink bows... 

22nd May '09: NEWS: Skate Till You Die Starts Tonight! Our good friend and general all round Bay Area punk rock do’er John the Baker, and a whole load of people, will be embarking on a 3 day skate mission/mini-tour/benefit beginning at midnight tonight over there in San Francisco! The 60-mile long trip from Richmond, CA to San Jose is to benefit two groups: Adaptive Action Sports (a group dedicated to supporting skaters and boarders with prosthetic limbs), and Bay Area Kids Who Rock (who are raising money for a tour van big enough for 2-3 groups to rent/lend to local bands who need a hand). JTB’s Instant Asshole will be playing all three shows in Richmond, Hayward, and San Jose, joined with other hardcore/punk bands from near and far! Come on out to B.R.S. tonight at 8:00PM or Dreamland tommorow at 3:00PM if you're in the area! (Saturday's show will be at a secret location-come to one of the shows to find out where!) For more information about the event, check out: or or

NEWS: Resonance is going to be running a stall at the ART CAR BOOT FAIR, Old Truman Brewery, 149 Brick Lane, London E1. Sunday 14 June 2009, 12 to 6pm. With Peter Blake, Gavin Turk, Bob & Roberta Smith, Pearce & Ramsey, Studio Voltaire and many more.

NEWS: The UNNAMED FESTIVAL takes place Cafe Oto, 18   22 Ashwin Street, London E8. 11 and 12 June 2009. With Keith Rowe, Rhodri Davies, Lee Patterson, Seymour Wright, Clive Bell et al. Find out lots more over at

PLAN B goes down the pan? We do like these shops becoming artholes, positive evolution, the word is still create. Spotifriday? Dream America Dream? Is that it then? Plan B down the pan, do we actually go and buy the new Green Day album or just stick Spotify on? Well actually, just stuck it on and I’m bored with the new Green album already, that piece of dreaming didn’t last long (I do rather like Green Day), listened to the first three tracks on this Spotify thing and next please and would you catch my words like some lighkeeper plague and... More to the point, do we go buy that new independent release? Hand stretched in the dark?  We are rather making our own bed here aren’t we, made now, too late, cat well and truly amongst the pigeons and the bedsheets ... all things are apart. So independent record labels aren’t selling records, so magazines can’t sell advertising so physical magazines can’t pay their printers so Plan B has gone as well now, ah fug, that really is a genuine shame. 

So anyway, Spotify then? Better put some Cardiacs and things up there hadn’t we...? Hey, we can listen to Sammy Hagar albums all day here, red, red, paint it red, I hear red thunder...   Plenty of WASP on this spoty thing, loads of Van Der Graaf, there goes Extra Life, no To The Bones, no Herzoga... guess if you’re on a little label... no June of 44, plenty of live Angel Witch. So Plan B went down and parallel my isolated tower... Lighthouses lighthouse the key... scan the horizon, must key eyes on.... scrolling the web with the acolytes of gloom, no time for reviews today, Van Der Graaf have been Spotified for the day...  Hang on, look all this Gentle Giant, shame about Plan B, real shame.... things are moving on... we’ll still need magazines and signposts and trusted people to say hey check this out and ask questions and, opinions to trust... shame about Plan B magazine, real shame... 

As ducks swim away from visions... back to those tins of Montana Gold...

PATTON, WATCHMEN, ALAN MOORE? Mike Patton has teamed up with comic book writer Alan Moore to work on a new project that includes an audio book and a soundtrack so other people in other places are reporting. Moore, the writer of Watchmen is working with UK indie record label Lex Records to release a two-hour audio book for the deluxe package of the semi-autobiographical work, which will likely be released in 2010 according to those Billboard peoples Musicians contributing to the soundtrack include Patton and Justin Broadrick Godflesh man.,,, No wait hang on, scrap that as rumour, other places have it wrong, we did the checking....
        “Lex Records have denied reports that Alan Moore is to work with Faith No More's Mike Patton on a forthccoming recording project. Although the label confirmed that the Watchmen writer plans to release a semi-autobiographical audiobook, with "key" soundtrack elements by musicians Fog and Doseone, they insist the Patton collaboration is nothing but a rumour.
According to Lex founder Tom Brown, the confusion arose when he was
asked by Billboard if anybody else was involved in the project. "I said no, but that Fog and Doseone had asked Justin Broadrick and Mike Patton if they were interested. I was very clear that they had not confirmed. The first volume of the audiobook, provisionally titled Unearthling, will be published by London-based Lex Records in early 2010. "It has a score by some artists and the visual side of it is amazing," Brown told While Moore has already recorded the two-hour audio portion, the package will also include art prints, an elaborate "photographic novel" and a separate vinyl recording of the soundtrack. "It's grown out of our production values and the music we work on," Brown said.
The confusion may also be partly down to the fact that Lex are currently developing a collaboration between Patton and TV On the Radio's Tunde Adebimpe. But for now, don't hold your breath for a Patton and Moore team up.

I AM JOY - art in an old shop...21st May '09: Duckgate? Moatgate? BNP having tea with the Queen? 

NEWS: SCULPTRESS are a new Extra Life related side project, Charlie Looker mentioned it when asked about TIME OF ORCHIDS the other day at that EXTRA LIFE gig that some around here are still frothing about...  Sculptress is Charlie Looker and Chuck Stern’s (ex-Time of Orchids) new recording project -

ALBUM REVIEW: BELL ORCHESTRE – As Seen Through Windows (Arts & Crafts) – A rather different six piece, a very classically flavoured instrumental orchestral rock band from Montreal who include a couple of Arcade Fire members amongst their number. Well we say ‘rock’, fine line really...  This rather refined second album (recorded with the help, in terms of production, of Tortoise man John McEntire) is a rich crafted piece of work - a warm album, experimental yet extremely accessible. Clever, easy, experimental when needed (never too experimental though, nothing difficult or too hard-boiled here...). A finely blended resonating orchestral chamber-rock treat is what this latest Bell Orchestre release is. An album alive with glowing restraint, with muted trumpets, clarinets, with violin, stroked percussion, with quiet power, the echo of French horn, alive with pure creative enjoyment...  An album that shimmers somewhere between the traditions of modern classical chamber music and the more positively imaginative side of healthy post-rock goodness. Bell Orchestre are in turn, fragile, alive and galloping, expensive, quietly restrained, economical, serene, majestic and very very enjoyable....  More from: or
       The album is out in the UK on June 15th, the band play a one off low key UK show, in London, at Camden’s Dingwalls on May 27th 

20th May '09: Morrissey is fifty on Friday, fifty years old, what difference does it make? 

ALBUM REVIEW: WAND – Hard Knox or Are You Sure Hank Jr. Done it This Way? (Ecstatic Peace) - Brutal sky, the earth turns cold, the spiders overturn the stones and the words catch you as the simple guitar eases by... Give me the haircut of an honest man and no spores collecting on a mirror... All crystal clear and batting eyelash through stubborn teeth good and we like the spell or indeed the smell of simple wordsmithery in the morning, turning like worms inside the fruit and gentle refined stripped-back flavoured singer/songwriter snapshots, positive pieces of narcissism and the pardoned cliché... Hidden depths and a definite touch of the Roger McGuinn about things, maybe a bit of Dylan. Some very fine songs, all about the songs in the end, the songs, the delicate spirituality, the resonating warmth...

Positions assumed? Field Punishment Number One? Disobedience? In the field of battle? Field Punishment number one - the replacement punishment, instead of flogging, tied to a cross? On display right in the middle of the battlefield? Turning like worms inside the fruit? Finger prints on chrome? Gorbals Mick? A Tribute? Great parliamentarian... Colossus... snobbery… not since Mr. Speaker Lenthall… William Wallace… Red Clydeside… Frank Haffey... Gordon Strachan… The Broons… Willie Gallagher…birds have flown… humble… history will absolve…great orator… defender… backstabbing… catholic reformation… Oor Wullie… not since Robbie Burns… dig nity….blackrod… black pudding and stotties… neeps and tatties… Jimny Maxton… Ally McCLoud… Mons Meg... Ian Bone... it is indeed all anarchy innit? Things borrowed... order, order... Don't you just love Resonance FM. So what if it was all within the rules? Who's going to clean our moat out? Look what we found in it this morning...

19th May '09: PREVIEW:ANARCHISM IN THE UK: EURO-ELECTION SPECIAL - A coruscating pre-Euro election analysis courtesy of Ian Bone. Ian’s guest this evening include blacklisted building worker MICHAEL DOOLEY currently running for General Secretary of UCATT and MARTIN WRIGHT anarchist and author of the acclaimed memoir ‘ANTI-FASCIST’ and veteran of the Battle of Lewisham against the National Front. Anarchism in the UK is on air at Resonance 104.4Fm tonight, Tuesday May 19th - 10:00pm - 11:00pm. Hear it worldwide via

Extra Life at the Scala, London, 2009That's a photo of Extra Life there, live at the Scala last night, what was that strange electric flute thing he was playing with one hand while playing keyboards with the other?  Scroll on down for the live review and bit further for the album review and a band you really need to check out...

NEWS: SOULFLY are set to play a short UK run of shows whilst they’re in Europe next month for the festival season.  Their current album, Conquer, was released last year to broad critical acclaim, with many metal commentators (including us) calling it their best album in years. Max Cavalera and his Soulfly cohorts, bassist Bobby Burns, Joe Nunez on drums and guitar whiz, Marc Rizzo will be rolling into the following venues:  15th Jun - BRIGHTON Concorde 2, 16th Jun - LONDON Islington Academy, 17th Jun - SOUTHAMPTON Brook, 18th Jun - STOKE Sugarmill, 19th Jun - DUDLEY JB’s -

NEWS: Twelve's Trio have had to withdraw from performing at the Orchestra Pit this coming Wednesday night (scroll down for further details). Stepping in to the  breach is Paul Taylor and his Trombone Poetry -  free jazz meets free verse -
        “also, our friends over at the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment have asked us to inform you of the latest in their Night Shift series. On Wednesday 20th May [no, we're not having a soundclash] they will be performing Mendelssohn’s Scottish Symphony at the Queen Elizabeth Hall from 9pm, full details can be found here

NEWS: MIKE PATTON joins FRED FRITH for Meltdown: “Seems you peeps in London are getting all the love these days” said someone from Ipecac Recordings (can’t say we are here Mr/Ms Ipecac, love don’t live here anymore), seems “Mike Patton is taking part in Ornette Coleman's Meltdown this year. He will be playing with Fred Frith on June 18th. This festival has tons of cool shows”. And indeed it does. Check out the details at:

Your eye19th May '09: EYES... FREE DOWNLOAD? GRAB A TASTE ANYONE? We played a couple of tracks on the radio show last weekend, now we have to be massively impressed to play one track, so two tracks played tells you what we thought on first couple of listens, seem you, dear listeners, agreed (we do love your thoughts and feedback....) Here’s a slice of this week’s radio show playlist notes:
          “Studio experiments, lumps of funk/soul/rock, field noise, “a chaotic kids disco wrapped in  day-glo”? Bits of Dan Deacon, a “butt-naked Bach with a peacock’s feather stuffed up his...”   (offers the press release), no not really chaotic, just different and instantly good in a stop and listen to this kind of way... Dance and funk and no-wave lo-fi electronics and just experiments and textures and most importantly tunes...” 
           And a friendly person at the band's label says "“Hi, Thought you guys and girls might be into this! (You should have received a physical copy the other week?) I was wondering if you fancied putting this MP3  up on your site as a free download for your readers?  It's an absolutely cracking track from USA's psyche-no-wave punksters, 'Eyes' forthcoming debut album 'Night Eyes' with us, Seed Records, which is due out on the 1st June 2009. If you like your Health, Ariel Pink or Love Pump United sounds, you might like this. If it's your bag, great, if not, no probs.  Please let me know your thoughts either way”.
                   "Why not" are out thoughts, we like Eyes, eyes are good things, Eyes are a good thing, Organ is about good musical things and using your eyes and....

        The album is called Night Eyes, and like the man just said, the rather impressive album is out on June 1st. You can grab a free taste here and you can explore more here - or

Extra Life at the Scala - May 2009That's another  photo of Extra Life there, live at the Scala last night, scroll on down for the live review and bit further for the album review and a band not to miss...

NEWS: MET POLICE DEFEND 696 - Two spokesmen for the Metropolitan Police have defended the controversial Form 696 that has been much criticised by the whole music industry and, as of last week, by MPs too. 
        As previously reported, the form is now used by local authorities in London as part of the licensing process for live music events. Promoters and musicians object to the fact that the personal details of all performers are demanded, and also that very specific genre information is requested. It's believed that information is used to make possibly prejudiced judgements about the demographics of an event's possible audience. With cross-industry trade body UK Music leading the opposition to the form, parliament's Culture Select Committee last week criticised the paperwork, saying in its report on licensing laws that it was part of an "increasingly authoritarian approach" employed by police and local authorities in the licensing of music events. 
          But, according to Billboard, the Met's Thomas Bowen and Adrian Studd argued at The Great Escape last week that there had been an 11% reduction in crime at live venues in London this year, and that club shootings were down, adding that information garnered from the Form 696 has helped in that process. They claimed: "The development of 696 has undoubtedly contributed to lowering shootings in these venues".
           Speaking for the live industry, MAMA Group's Steve Forster said he wasn't convinced 696 was the right way to go about policing crime at clubs and music events. He said the form was "too narrow", and that police should be focusing on the small number of "high risk events" rather than putting all promoters through the unnecessary and intrusive 696 process.  (CMU)

EXTRA LIVE - Scala, London, May 2009Still a non-stop operation...

LIVE: EXTRA LIFE – The Scala, King's Cross, London, 18th May -  One of those revelatory shows, many just staring like rabbits in the headlights, some hooked for life. In between the friendly bright lo-fi of Baby Venom (hanging together with a delicate touch of the shambolic) and the big, wave-of-noise heavy shoegazing of Deerhunter, New York based Extra Life stand out like... well, like something dropped from another planet.  Their magnificent Secular Works album is a tour de force of impossibly tight playing and passages of jaw-dropping complexity in the service of haunting, soaring, epic songs.  Ask anyone who's heard it to describe it and watch them squirm, finally weakly admitting: they're not like anyone else... Inside those songs are medieval and Arabic vocal lines, stunningly intricate glitch-like passages, drums equally precise and tribal. And live, it's all there, lacking only some of the subtler moments of the album. 
       The tightness and precision of Extra Life is something beyond any other band I can recall. Yet their emotive power is their true strength. Guitarist, band leader/composer and singer Charlie Looker has the voice of a fallen angel, carrying the plainsong-like styling of the songs through the Scala's notoriously boomy sound; whip-thin and mesmerising, he plays his guitar high on his chest, conducting the violin, bass, keyboards/wind synth and drums with the neck. They play the most complex passages seemingly effortlessly, ecstatically, all fury and elegance. Surprise of the evening is the inclusion of three new songs - big, bold, more super-progressive heavy ones, reminiscent of Thinking Plague or a darker, tenser Gentle Giant. 
    This band are playing their second ever UK gig in Brighton today (19th May), and who knows when they'll be back in Blighty, and its three in the morning thanks to the elusive 52 Night Bus - so let's get to the point: if you live in Brighton you might want to drop in to the Freebutt tonight where Extra Life are supporting Ariel Pink. You really, really might want to do that, if you’re not in Brighton and can’t get to Brighton then make every effort to see them when they come back, you need the album right now... One of those revelatory shows, one of those extra special bands... (M)
         The album review is a little further down the page. Explore Extra Life here - or

Rip Cruncher's motorway ride... ripride!19th May '09: A LIST: Tunnel 28, ruddy ducks, Japanese knotweed, dumbstick Motley Crue tribute bands, almost every band on My Space, so called punk rock labels run by the money-laden sons of large industrial institutions who think they can make the rules, chin stroking, post arriving soaking wet even though it isn’t raining, false locust trees, the general public – have you listened to the general public and their soundbites on those twenty four hour news channels, their contributions to radio phone-ins, London PR people who think they’re more important than the bands and labels who pay their bills, ratty-faced English post rock bands who've all been playing the same tune for the last few years, the lack of a decent London gig guide, someone should do one, smug Dave from Eton, Mohawkins and his Monsters, who is Mohawkins? People who make lists...

NEWS: MICHAEL J SHEEHY, one time Dream City Film Club/Saint Silas Intercession frontman has a new solo album. His fourth or maybe fifth solo album (?) is out on the 6th of July in Europe only. Seems the album is to be called WITH THESE HANDS (THE RISE AND FALL OF FRANCIS DELANEY). The album is performed by Michael J Sheehy and The Hired Mourners and is said to be a concept album that tells the tale of a fictional prize fighter. Further details including a track listing and artwork are available at  Seems there’s a new website where you can download a n album track called Nobody's Fault But Mine absolutely free (although it didn’t work just now when we tried it). We’re expecting good things, everything the man has been involved in thus far has been.....

how good were Extra Life last night? Cardiacs good is what they were! Review up in a matter of minutes... Pay attention..

18th May '09: NEWS: NOUGHT play an Orchestra Pit show this week... The driving instrumental prog band play the twenty fifth in the line of Orchestra Live Musical Concerts, a concert that is due to occur on Wednesday the 20th May at Arts Theatre Club in London’s throbbing Soho (50 Frith Street, W1). Appearing live, for your entertainment, be: LED BID - Dangerous gritty jazz fusion, NOUGHT - Hardcore progressive instrumental combo - TWELVE’S TRIO - Blistering free with elements of Coltrane and Mingus. The entrance cost is £6 on the door £4 in advance, via their web shop. [P.N. advance tickets are only until 3pm on the day of the gig]. Now if only those Orchestra Pit people, or indeed those Nought people, had told us before yesterday’s radio show... 

Rather good looking FREE gig this Friday 22nd May at The Unicorn, 227 Camden Road, London NW1. The bill features SILENT FRONT, they play “frenetic and chaotic crusty hardcore punk” says yer man who’s putting on the gig, bit of a complex chunkiness if you ask us, did you ask us? No. There’s far more important questions like where the fifth peg is. The bill also features ASTROHENGE – “Astrohenge are an instrumental party metal band - 2 guitars, one piano and drums. Think a mixture of Melvins, Slayer and Chas n Dave. Good times” and MAUDLIN – “.Maudlin are coming all the way from Belgium to crush us with their own take on the Cult Of Luna/Neurosis style atmospheric and miserable metal.” The show is free, ! The pub is open all day so you can turn up when you want, the first band will hit the stage around 8.15pm, second band 9.15 then 10.15pm. Bar is open til midnight... 

18th May '09: Last night's radio show was as enjoyably chaotic as ever, thanks for all the feedback, feedback is always good. Extra Life in town today, they're one of those very special do not miss kind of bands and their new album really is something to check out...

Organ show with Sean O on RESONANCE 104.4FM, Sunday May 17th 2009, 9.00pm – On your FM dial all over London and worldwide via

Who got played this week? How do you find our more? Here come the details and links...

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta)
2: EYES –  Stonehenge (Seed)
3: LYDIA LUNCH –  Another Man Comin’ (Sartorial)
4: EXTRA LIFE – I’ll Burn (LoAf)
5: EYES – There You Go (Seed)
6: EXTRA LIFE – The Refrain (LoAf)
7: MARNIE STERN – Don’t Stop Belivin’ (demo)
8: DUNCAN REDMONDS / HARD SKIN – That’s Bollocks Mate (BossTuneage)
9: ZARBOTH – Addict (Head/Discorporate)
10: SPINAL TAP – Saucy Jack (Demo)
11: BUSHMAN’S REVENGE – Belehagda Rock City (Rune Grammofon)
12: BLACK SABBATH in a riot in 1982...
13: ANNALOGUE –  Eve’s Drop (Ankst)
14: GUNS ‘N WANKERS –  Might Just See You later (Boss Tuneage)
14: PETER HAMMILL – The Old School Tie (Virgin)
15: VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR –  Man Erg (Charisma)
16: RUDE MECHANICALS – Body Fluids (ExGratia)
17: WILD DOGS IN WINTER – Good Ol’ Burnt Eyes (demo)
18: FLIES ARE SPIES FROM HELL – Untitled (demo)

The details, links and news of all these bands can be found here

17th May '09: ALBUM REVIEW: EXTRA LIFE - Secular Works (LoAF Recordings) - Time to roll out the superlatives, again.  I'd been warned, in hushed tones, by various US musicians and friends, about Extra Life, but nothing prepares you for the sheer dazzling beauty of 'Secular Works'.  This is avant rock at its most original, sensual and pleasurable.  Led by New York based musician/vocalist/composer Charlie Looker, Extra Life are born of that whirlpool of creativity happening right now where contemporary composition and the full gamut of rock/pop/indie sounds meet.  Here, the initial ingredients are unlikely but delicious combinations of Arvo Part plainsong and The Smiths, of medieval and early music and experimental percussion with eighties' indie. And then its taken somewhere else, somewhere actually, genuinely unique.  Looker's voice is exquisite, and, to top it all, he has something to say with it: glimpses of the bleak yet moving underbelly of modern life, poetic city drama, hints of dangerous emotion. Opener Blackmail Blues is the breathtaking curtain-raiser, the overture to what feels like a seven-part opera as much as an album: an hypnotic six-beat raga over which Charlie Looker's fallen angel voice soars, wavers and dances, climaxing in an astonishingly performed glitch-out.  I Don't See It That Way takes that super-tight, intricately composed ending further, but ends up - and this is the killer with Extra Life, this is what will ensure they will stick in people's hearts - with choruses and memorable refrains within a storm of strangeness. I'll Burn and This Time are slow, magnificent ten minute dirges, worth every moment, the latter building to a devastating, shivers-down-the-back ending.  There's the bright and breezy near pop hit of The Refrain, the one that really does sound a bit like a middle-eastern Morrissey - although, to be honest, its like nothing else in existence, it's as fresh as if music had just been invented.  As for See You At The Show...  I've sat here for too many hours now, trying to find a description to hang on this terrifying music; maybe Morricone and Ligeti in quiet tension and a vocal line that pushes European sacred music to somewhere in North Africa, simultaneously played unison on what may be a guitar... no, I give up. Just hear it.  And the final accapella solo of Bled White.
        Secular Works is gorgeous, exquisitely crafted, unearthly and echoing thousands of years of culture like an heirloom found in a market on another planet. Drenched in the reflected genius of the best of contemporary classical composition, freed of all restraint by underground attitude, it reveals itself with one novel, elegant surprise after another, shockingly new yet profoundly emotional. - or Extra Life play a show in London on a bill with Deerhunter at the Scala, Kings Cross, this Monday May 18th 
Ann Matthews17th May '09:  And talking of things to come, as we were down there, the new album from THE CHURCH unexpected landed here yesterday. Untitled #23 isn’t out until the start of August, couldn’t resist throwing it straight on in some kind of blurred crusade, clearly putting the horse before the cart... Untitled #23 (out on Second Motion) sounds good on first play.. Still doing it, ten more thoughtful simplistic epics that are never ever simplistic.  More on that closer to release date....

           Fading script? Crash and burn? Cut and paste? Sunday bloody Sunday? Indeed it is Sunday and that means radiohead day is here again and fishes can’t fly and neither can I. 9.00pm tonight UK time, 104.4FM in London, worldwide via – London’s finest radio station. This week’s Organ hour is brought to you by me, Sean O, loaded up with bag of demos, new releases, other rock, punked up new wave metal and lumps of progressive contradiction and riots at Black Sabbath concerts, that new album from Annalogue, Flies Are Spies, Hoods.... radio the Organ way.... 

ARTADE is a collective of under-counter, sub culture artists based in Falmouth Cornwall.  Past shows have been in Cornish Galleries; The Soup Gallery, Here And Now Gallery, Demelza’s Gallery and Babahogs Art House... Their Joy Gallery show, in Chichester, is the first time outside Cornish boundaries. The show runs from Monday 18th to Sunday 24th May. The Joy collective say the show is “probably the most exciting exhibition to date.  With over 20 artists presenting creations over many mediums from photography, fine arts, graphics, illustrations through to graffiti and animations, we have a full body of work to get all art lovers excited.   The emphasis on collective shows is to allow the audience to enjoy fresh works of art that often find it hard to get into gallery spaces and then be tempted into purchasing some very, affordable art.  Prices will range from £25 up and I’m sure everyone will be tempted towards spending because the work is outstanding.  For examples of work that Artade promotes check the website out... check out the growing I AM JOY empire at

Primal scream and shout, let that mutha out... 

16th May '09: NEWS: PETER HAMMILL’s new solo album, Thin Air, is reportedly almost ready, released in about a month so his otherself tells us. The VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR frontman is releasing what must be his millionth album and is about to take his wonderful band on a North American tour that starts on June 19th at the Nearfest in Bethlehem (PA). Before that Peter plays some Japanese solo dates... More on the latest solo album just as soon as we get out hands on one. Explore more over at – there’s a great page of downloadable live tracks and poetry pieces there or for Peter Hammill solo news at or the best door to go through, even if you don’t know the nature, is

SINGLE REVIEW:  NARRATION – Miracle (Exploding Light) – Narration’s epic indie rock has something a little extra to it, the South West London band are building nicely. Their demos have been more than well received around here and this is another step up on their way. And Narration clearly are a band on their way, make no mistake about that, Narration have that little touch of magic, the doors are open for them should they want it... It isn’t that they’re doing anything that radically different, more that once again their latest two tracks are alive, alive with even more of the promise those demos and the gigs so far have been alive with. A band alive... B-side Please Show Me The Lights is a beautifully sublime piece of glowing euphoric prog-edged epic simplicity. Miracle is an uncluttered slice of uplifting melting indie rock... all very simple really, Narration’s epic indie rock simplicity is laced with just a little more ambitiously refined class than most...  Rather good band emerging here. Miracle is released on June 8th 

NEWS: A track from BRIAN OLIVE’s debut is now available as an exclusive advance download thingy whatever from somewhere or otherm there's also a free track from the album called There Is Love. Here's what they say over at Alive: “The solo debut from Brian Olive finds the onetime Greenhornes guitarist branching way out from the garage rock that put his former band on the map. Sure, there are still some 60s cues via British psychedelia, but this is a way more multi-faceted affair, with nods to horn-driven soul and even a little New Orleans-flavored R&B, but Olive's excellent songwriting holds it together for a pleasantly diverse yet cohesive listen throughout.  Brian Olive self-titled debut album is out June 23rd on CD and green vinyl, limited edition". More details: or find the free track at Alive Music.. 

RUDE MECHANICALS15th May '09: Fiat lux? No letting there be light here today, and those dumbsticks from Primal Scream are still insisting they have every reason to use the name for their even dumberstick of a band, “but Primal Scream is the name of a Crue song dude, what’s wrong with that, nothing’s original anymore in music man, we never heard of no other band called Primal Scream man”. Are we sweeping leaves in the wind here or what? Post ironic nu-twee Bruce Springsteen covers albums in the post? Fiat Lux? We Stood Still...The 17 are sounding even more right today....  Hang on, this EYES album may just save our night-time sanity. Got offered a job in the US army today, via MySpace of course, their recruitment office has a MySpace page now, and we’re all Americans on there of course so we can all get a job offer and make a thousand dollars a month to shoot shit... 

There's Miss Roberts and her Rude mechanicals, she's up to something with the ExGratia art show, more about it down the page, we'll go take a look in a minute and maybees report back later.. primal scream and shout, let that flipper out..

ALBUM REVIEW: STEVE ABEL & THE CHRYSALIDS – Flax Happy (Kin’sland) – Recorded over two fruitful days in a New Zealand studio as a follow up to their 2006 debut Little Death. Flax Happy is eleven servings of refined relaxed mellow alt.folk and slowly reclining out-on-the-porch country rock. Refined beauty, traditional voices, hints of blues and all delivered with crafted knowing impressive simple beauty. –

Steve Abel and The Chryalids play the Kings Head, 2 Crouch End Hill, London N8 with Erland, Carnival and Kate Rogers this very evening, Friday May 15th and then at The Steeles in Chalk Farm, North London, with Dan Mangan on Tuesday 19th 

This is no house of special purpose, just throwing in the discs in to the chewing machine while the rain falls down and the paint dries before the next attack. No one asks anyone to send us any of these things, we do listen to them all, throw them on, full of hope, play them – alterno metal this one declares, nu-twee says this one! Nu Twee! Anything with the audacity to land here wrapped in a press release declaring it to be nu anything in 2009 really does deserve to be taken out back and shot in the kneecaps... And as for this dumbstick Motley Crue tribute band from Las Vagas who can’t see the problem with them calling themselves Primal Scream! Primal scream and shout, let that flipper out, shout at the devil or what! Hey, HAUSCKA have a show on 27th May at the Union Chapel in London with The Necks – now that should be a good place to see Hauscka - the Organ review of the Ferndorf album last year said;  "Experimental piano music, not too experimental though and all rather soothing and fortifying. Hauschka is the alto-ego of Dusseldorf-based pianist/composer Volker Bertelmann and Fendorf is a very relaxing pleasing set of experiences that exist mostly as delightful piano pieces..". find the full Organ review from last September over here or explore or

JOHN LEE BIRD in the gallery15th May '09: NEWS:  JOHN LEE BIRD has a big artwork sale: “It is with the Hugest of Pleasure that I hereby announce a Day of debauchery in Sunny East Ham” Says Mr Bird. Saturday May 16th: “BIG artworks for sale from £300 - £600 - ???! Such a bargain. That's at least 70% off . Woo Hoo! Small artworks and limited merchandise and goodies from £1 - £50. That's just silly! Come grab it up and help him free up some space in his studio and give him some cash to continue his daubing. Noon 5pm At 89c Katherine Road, East Ham E6. Then from 7pm in the FabuLousEarl of Wakefield, just round the jack 'orner. The LAUNCH of the New SlapPeR CD, Crack o'Doon!!!!! With Special Guests including Kunt and The Gang! Admission Free! Buy a raffle ticket for a Squid! Buy Crack o'Doon for a fiver! Buy Kunt's new CD!!! see more info at PLease Do come along, it would be most Splendid to see you. All my Love Miss Symphony Cockpit x x" - or or more John Lee Bird on the Organ pages here

EX GRATIA on the opening of their record label art show: "Cheers chaps and chappettes (and those of you who were slightly chapped) was lovely to see your happy smiley faces last night at Inn On the Green under the Westway...  The Art is UP! if you want to see the most amazing paintings and line drawings from Miss Roberts of Rude Mechanicals fame, subversive fairy excellence from KodeK (VJ) and some rather peggy prints and embroidery from punkvert Inn on the Green is open daily 11-11 and you will find the art in the back of the Bar Room. - go look til 31st May -
       Big Ex Gratia Thanx to last night's entertainment from The Doomed Bird of Providence  (haven't heard 'Port of Amsterdam' since I was 14 - superb), Cursors Lite/BaiLaLor, ma boys in anarchistwood, Miss Bella Blue, Mr Handsum and his superb poetry about Slough and info on dodgy laws - well done sir! Just missing the Cheeky Flashman Lamb Chops... and also gratitude to Charlie Pycraft for filming the event - out on YouTube soon no doubt!
We'll be back at the Inn for the answer to the universe - well my birthday anyway - and the Final Specialisation Is For Insects party on Saturday 30th May with The Cursors, Rude Mechanicals, Total Descent, anarchistwood feat Chenko and Bella Blue, KodeK (VJ), Max Quirk, M Johnny Southside and more West Londoners than you can shake a voodoo stick at... be lucky!". The rather friendly Inn on the Green is at 3-5 Thorpe Close, underneath the Westway flyover, London W10. Closest tube is Ladbroke Grove, then down the alley underneath said Westway. More from

This Is Like The Time Jody Didn’t Know What Cunnilingus Was... 

14th May '09:  NEWS: FIGHT LIKE APES? We haven’t mentioned them for a bit have we? We haven’t forgotten them... The next single, ‘Something Global’, is released on Monday 29th June. The “irascible Irish Obnoxious Pop combo” have been busy, busy, busy since the release of their well-received debut album ‘Fight Like Apes And The Mystery Of The Golden Medallion’. Thrilling their fast growing fanbase on a UK tour, playing shows in NYC and at SXSW, releasing their first US EP, seeing the album released in Japan and Australia; and blah blah blah... ‘Something Global’ is a single mix from the album, and is joined by a new John Goodmanson produced track ‘This Is Like The Time Jody Didn’t Know What Cunnilingus Was’ (which takes almost as long to say as it does to play) and a boisterous live recording of set-closer ‘Battlestations’  recorded at the Eurosonic festival in Holland earlier this year. The single will be released on limited edition white marble vinyl 7” in a hand stamped outer sleeve and as download on Model Citizen Records.
            FLA will be ticking off Travelodge’s the length and breadth of the UK this summer: May 16: Brighton, The Great Escape (2 shows), 18: Derby, The Royal (headline show), 19: Hull, Adelphi (headline show), 21:Liverpool Sound City, Korova , 23: Bristol Dot To Dot, Academy 2, 24: Bristol Dot To Dot, Rescue Rooms, June 22: Belfast, St Georges Market (with Kasabian), 26-28: Glastonbury, July 1: London, Cargo (headline show), 11: T In The Park, Scotland, 19: Latitude, Southwold, Suffolk, 24: Secret Garden Party, Cambridgeshire, 25: The Square Festival, Aberyswyth, 31: Kendal Calling, Cumbria, Aug: 28-30: Reading and Leeds Festivals , Sep 5 & 6: Jersey Live Music Festival, Channel Islands, 11-13: Bestival, Isle of Wight -

ALBUM REVIEW: HOODS – Pit Beast (I Scream) – In which the now long standing no messing Californian hardcore band blast through another set of positively charged brutally raw standard issue metal-edged old school hardcore slices of pit swirling energy. Hoods are the real hardcore punk rock deal, they’ve got the standard issue sound and attitude nailed, they don’t sound like they’d ever have an inch of compromise in there. They’ve been doing it since ’95, keeping it really real as it were, you get the impression they’ll be doing this for ever. A little more than just another scene and style, a living breathing thing...  If you want it straight down the line then here you go, eleven slices of brutal, honest, nailed, spot on, well produced West Coast Hardcore. Slices of anger, slices of fun, unity, politics of life.... Hoods aren’t breaking any new ground here, they’re not breaking any rules – rule breaking is the last thing on their minds, you’ve heard all this before, they’re doing it with heart-felt commitment, giving just a little bit more, a state of mind... Real hardcore, good to see and hear it still being delivered with this much passion. Nice one... . or
You got it right, you got it wrong, we’re still around, last ones to die.... 

13th May '09:  ALBUM REVIEW: ZARBOTH – Zarboth (Discorporate/Head) – They’re from Paris, this is their debut, a busy beast of a thing, experimental noise, metal flavoured and a whole load of twisted heavy-ass jibbering and twitching. Zarboth are not an instant band, they take a little more time, this is not comfortable listening... And they’re not going to grab your attention in that instant kind of way some complex things do, more a relentless remorseless kicking at your door and gnawing at the back of your head with their awkwardly fluid maths and their jagged edges and other fish to fry... It may not be instant but they do peck at your head and they do keep on grabbing lumps of mind with their abrasive creativity and their experimental colour. This is good... actually, this is very very good once you let them get in and their edge works in to your inner ear with their fidgety bits and their “we’ll be even” shuffling and how many needs do you have? How many hopes? Zarboth are one of those frantic two piece bands that sound like they’ve got ten arms each, one of those Hella band falling off the tracks with a strange bike that plays tricks on your eyes and give you no time to think. Another type of question, words that don’t need to be said... we better huddle in the corner? How needs do you have? How many gods do you need?  This is seriously good... seriously hardboiled and different and pecking at you and is it time to stand out in the left field? Left wing? Hypocrisy? Zarboth are a band you need to stick with, vital that you do, let their shifting Ruins and their clever sleepytime guerrilla prog and their sideways crab moves. Seven string baritone guitar through a bass amp so it seems – how very ‘other’, guess that’s where the rather different ‘heavy-ass’ sound comes from? A whole feast of discordant time-signature playing and free-noise-jazz-metal shape-shifting, oh yes, let this one boil away and peck at you and somewhere along the way there will be a sudden dawning and you’ll work out Zarboth are actually rather brilliant and you’ll wonder why you didn’t notice that first time around... I had no time to blink, no time to think.... or or

How was Shearwater last night anyway? 
        "the Union chapel was an amazing place to see Shearwater in, they seemed to sparkle..." said Emma...PREVIOUS ORGAN PAGE... 


PREVIOUS ORGAN PAGE...  A HAWK AND A HACKSAW, LATCH, RANCID, MOSS, DM STITH, DUNCAN REDMONDS, MARNIE STERN, BLUE LIONS, Aine Scannell's latest artwork, THE SLOW BLADE, Atheism and Feminism with Sue Mayermm THE GREEN RIVER PROJECT, RAVEN'S AINT NO MORE - In the early hours of Friday May 1st the squatted island in the...PINK NARCISSUS, WRAPPED IN PLASTIC, CARLIS STAR, Deerhoof dates, HYPER SNYPER, New TORTOISE track, Poisoned Electrick Head were always ‘eventful’, BARACK OBAMA DILDO? Blue Dildo or Gold Dildo? THE LOW FREQUENCY IN STEREO, HardART? Corn on the cob and King Midas spitting out the teeth of the rich? Ex Gratia Recordings Art Exhibition, ZAG AND THE COLOURED BEADS, AARON KRATEN is a painter, WHILE SHE SLEEPS, AND WHITE STARS, David Douglass, SEVEN INCH GETS RECORD PRICE AT AUCTION, TO THE BONES, RADIO MOSCOW, JON HOPKINS, MUDHONEY dates, SECTION 13, CASTROVALVA, AUSTIN GALLERY AND BENNY’S BAR, ISIS, FLIES ARE SPIES FROM HELL and WILD DOGS IN WINTER are touring together this month, MAYBESHEWILL, SIDDHARTHA, HEAVEN’S BASEMENT, THE SCRATCH ORCHESTRA, END OF THE ROAD - The Camp Bling/Save Priory Park campaigners in Essex have won!, LEXIE MOUNTAIN BOYS, MELLOFEST, NAVVY have a whole load of dates, SAD DAY FOR PUPPETSM Returns to form? New sensuality and new conservatism? Interesting piece on Art Review again today... ANNALOGUE, CAROL ANN DUFFY becomes first female poet laureate...MILES BENJAMIN ANTHONY ROBINSON, The Conservative party have issued a denial after it was suggested that... BLACKGUARD, DINOSAUR Jr post new track, GRIFTER, EXPERIMENTAL DENTAL SCHOOL, FREEDOM FACTION... 


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KELLY JOHNSON (Girlschool)
KELLY JOHNSON (Girlschool)