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JULY 9th 2009: Monitors went deep purple, then black, then died, Kevin went fishing for one far too wide, leaves were painted yellow and we blame Bono again...

NEWS: U2's MASSIVE CARBON FOOTPRINT REVEALED – Following revelations (well, observations really) that Bono et al's decision to register their companies off-shore, and therefore avoid Irish tax, impacts on Ireland's ability to give aid to the third world, now eco-types are down on the band for the carbon footprint of their current tour. Apparently the band's 360 Degree tour will this year have a carbon footprint equivalent to that of 6500 average UK residents all put together over an entire year. Or 65,000 tonnes of CO2.
          Helen Roberts, environmental consultant at told The Quietus: "The carbon footprint generated by U2's 44 concerts this year is equal to carbon created by the four band members travelling the 34.125 million miles from Earth to Mars in a passenger plane. You also have to add the carbon emissions from the same number of concerts again next year. Just looking at the 44 concerts this year, the band will create enough carbon to fly all 90,000 people attending one of their Wembley concerts to Dublin. To offset this year's carbon emissions, U2 would need to plant 20,118 trees". See, when the sea level rises and your records are al lwashed away and we all drown it will all be St. Bono's fault

JULY 7th 2009: Full moon Tuesday so it seems, extra instruction and places to be and ashes to ashes, funk to funking, juicy ripe things ready to pick, the first blackberries and fresh cans of Montana Gold and none of this ever makes any sense to you does it? Never mind, there's the review and the all important links and turn on the Spotify playlist that goes with this page while you read and it makes even more sense... 

ALBUM REVIEW: FUZZ FUZZ MACHINE – The Most (Casket) - Decent enough, sometimes melodic, sometimes crunchy, modern metal from Italy (sung in English). Bits that taste of Pantera, of Breed 77, of this and that, decent enough.... or

ALBUM REVIEW:THE STUPIDS – The Kids Don’t like It (Boss Tuneage) - Maaaan they’re sound good and new and in good health, real breath of fresh air kicking away the stale stench of rancid hairspray and hot topic punk rock marketing... The Stupids are back, feel the suck! And yeah, like we said when they put out that single a few months ago; a first, a born again band, sounding better than ever and like they’re doing it for something like the right reasons rather than to just cash in on former glories... far too many fat old middle aged bands cynically reforming when they really weren’t that good in the first place. First new album in twenty one years and some serious speed-punk thrashing moshing jumping off the speaker stacks skate skate skate like fugg in to the side of a ten ton truck. Still all the irreverent humour and that we don’t give a shit attitude, sounding like they’re having a blast and not taking themselves too seriously while making a rather seriously good album...  Spot on production, just the right side of raw, alive with energy and thrashing speed and are you sure this is the real Stupids and not a bunch of fresh faced new kids on the block making their first record? This can’t be a bunch of middle age punks? This might just be the Ipswich band’s best album ever! A rip cruncher or an album, it’ll bring a little tear to your eye, you’ll be wanting to go stick the carpet at the Hammy Clarendon... No no no, scratch that, this is now, oh watch out, the kids are back! Serious speed-metal-thrashing bloody-knee skateboarding wholesomeness punk rawk goodness for yer, think we’ll start a zine or something... – or

NEWS: JESU AND GODFLESH MEN TEAM UP FOR NEW BAND - Jesu and Godflesh's Justin Broadrick and Diarmuid Dalton, Isis frontman Aaron Turner and Head Of David's Dave Cochrane have teamed up to form a new band, Greymachine. The results, as you would expect, are heavy. Very, very heavy. You can check out, 'Vultures Descend', a track from their forthcoming debut album, 'Disconnected', which is due out via Hydra Head on 4 Aug, here:

NEWS: The first HARDY TREE track to see the light of day on CD will be on Sexton Ming’s Tribute album This is Ming Beat. “I've covered the tune Seagulls and Chips. Also on the album is, Dave Cloud, Head and Shoulders featuring Jowe Head, The Rude Mechanicals, The Deptford Beach Babes and many more all covering Sexton tracks. I don't think the CD is officially out yet, but you may be able to buy pre release copies from Sexton's Rim Records website  The Hardy Tree is the beautiful new project from Francis Castle, she of Transistor Six, more about that any moment now, hear the glowing delight and the sunlight on a warm brick wall and the long gone treasures over at

kill it kid @ St. PancrasJULY 6th 2009: Sing blue silver, kiss kiss, bang bang... Monday bloody Monday... Eat my dust you insensitive f.... Are you making use of that Spotify thing? 

LIVE REVIEW:  KILL IT KID – St Pancras Station, London, 2nd June – Now this is a cool place to see a band, cool in all senses of the word in this damn weather what with London in melt-down and such... Kill It Kid, a band named after an old Blind Willie McTell tune, in a railway station, playing some tunes to people rushing by... it isn’t quite freight-trains heading South but it does seem kind of right - the last bit of train travel  as romantic notion is alive and well once more at the born again St Pancras station – well it is upstairs sitting outside the Betjemen Bar where there’s no advertising clutter and you can watch the trains arriving from Europe while you take in the space, light and air of the grand gothic architecture - thank heavens Sir John stopped them pulling all this down.... 
            Kill It Kid are set up in the shopping mall bit downstairs though, not so much romance and air and space to be found down there but hey, this will do nicely for a free gig... The now London based Bristol band are a breath of authentic blues flavoured fresh air. Breezy songs, harvest moons, deep rich voices and swarming wasps mellowing-out around summer lemonade - a touch of rag-time from lips kept unclean. They're not the easiest of bands to pin down, lot of sides to explore, different voices and tempos, it may take a little while to connect it all – the strings and banjos and the flames getting higher and the melancholic ache and the harmonies and the stars that shine like switchblade silver, the cotton dresses and the roughly brushed hair and their 30’s Americana - they are worth sticking with though and they are stopping commuters and shoppers and making new friends tonight, two tickets to go please.... A fine early evening performance in the summer heat from a rather uplifting rather fine band and smiles and cheer all round.... 
         This is happening every Thursday in June apparently, different bands, same station, fine idea, don’t tell anyone about that upstairs bar and the fine Betjeman Ale, keep it a secret now, I like sitting there in the peaceful cool just drinking, watching  and doing nothing much else... or or Sir John Betjeman or

LIVE REVIEW: FIGHT LIKE APES – Cargo, London, 1st July - Give me my hook, need that hook again, it seems like ages since those Apes were in town and yes I know it was only a couple of months ago but give me my hook goddammmmmit! Need that hook... 
          Going to a gig is an insane idea tonight, the sticky London heat has turned tube travel into some kind of endurance hell and the last place to be is crammed in to a room with some damn band... Sensible people are loitering in the frozen food aisles of air conditioned supermarkets or making like cats and doing nothing in this inconsiderate heat. London does not do heat, give me some rain, give me some rain... And neither does Cargo do heat with their hopelessly limited selection of bad beer which amounts to a choice of piss-poor draught larger or overpriced bottled crap – the draught runs out far too early and almost seven quid for a couple of those tiny cans of crappy Heineken is taking the p even by London standards, some of you venues don’t deserve us paying to get in.  We’re not here for the beer though, we're here for one thing only, those hooks... Give me those hooks... 
         Support band aren’t up to much, but then it really isn’t the weather for checking out some band we’ve never heard of, we’ll give them another chance, some other time, someplace where the bar and weather are a little more band/punter friendly, I do hate to be treated like this by venues...  Those Apes then... There’s something genuinely different and exciting about a Fight Like Apes gig, there’s a buzz of anticipation now, a buzz that builds as we wait, regular Ape followers are starting to get to know each other, a nod here, a hello again and a knowing smile there... The band arrive on stage armed with rather ominous looking planks of wood, who let them have big planks of wood!? Doesn’t anyone know how dangerous these potential weapons are in the hands of Pockets and Maykay? They start banging them together in some kind of semi-ritualistic semi-chaotic way, banging away just above our heads as the delightfully deceptive politeness and the toasting of things that is Digifucker opens things... And did you fuck her? And did you stick things up her? And did she love it? screams MayKay in that accusingly hurt butter wouldn’t melt way of hers, before that pretty (pretty is the only word) melody soothes things again... Perfect start, the four Apes up there and despite the heat, the place is jumping from the off... This is a real following now and you know already that I’m a hopelessly frothing fan when it comes to Fight Like Apes, if you want some kind of stick-up-ass objective critical review then this isn’t the place, gigs and bands like this are why we do this Organ thing, music this good still excites us like it did when we started this monster. For all their banter and their baiting and the fun, it really is all about the glorious songs and the heroicness of it all. They have something extra, something magical, something stirring, something that really does play with your emotions – “this may sound silly but they almost made me cry” said a girl in a purple skirt experiencing them for the first time.... and you know that isn’t silly, in there with all the fists and the swipes and the yelling and the playdough stuck up noses and the Buckfast they do have this magical stardust that they effortlessly sprinkle all over their songs, and they do make you swell up and yes they can make us cry and no nightmare breaking bungee whores, these Apes are special. “They might now be my favourite-ever purveyors of onstage banter” said a stage diving member of another band... They really are my favourite-ever purveyors of pretty much everything right now, give me more hooks! Woo, that one’s a homewrecker, looks like Woody Woodpecker... and the new songs nervously introduced mid-set bode well, didn’t catch the tittles but the first one sounded great until they second one got another big hook in and really got hold of us and took us off and falling into their version of Mclusky’s Lightsabre Cocksucker Blues and that hip-hop bellyflop karate rock and the lacking of moral standards and all tied up in jackets and... Jake Summers is a highlight again with all that getting of grace and good good taste... Magameanie roars past Napalm Death style.... The synths are as triumphant as ever... MayKay in the middle busting faces and replacing them with bigger smiles and flipping and gusto and all the taking off, she’s there in control with her big hair all over the place and her black dress and flying is fearful of them and we’re aching from jumping too much and sold to wanderlust, jousting with Pockets and flying synths and... 
           They return for an encore with those planks of wood and Battlestations and in it all goes, planks above audience heads and in our hand now, banging together, Maykay crowd surfing and using words like clandestine.... Pockets, Tom and Adrian all with great big shit eating grins... Lovely noise, that makes us love them.... another triumph... the best one yet, until the next one that is, there’s no getting any grace here, this band are special, this is proper pop and fun and bite and energy and hope and most bands are boring the hell out of me right now with their MyFace twittering and it feel like a little Pond in here full of big ugly sharks to kiss... Can’t wait for the next one... give me more hooks, no one fearful here... are you coming? I love this band!  (S)  –
JULY 5th 2009:  Organ OTHER ROCK SHOW on Resonance 104.4FM with Marina, 9.00PM Sunday 5th July 2009... Here's who got played tonight....

Intro: PHANTOMSMASHER - Bishop Hopping (Ipecac)
1:  BOB DRAKE - The Cemetery Trees (download)
2:  SKELETONS - Dripper (Tomlab)
3:  OEN SUJET - Colby and the Devils (Loaf)
4:  LED BIB - Yes Again (Cuneiform)
5:  PSYOPUS – Insects (Metal Brade)
6:  LOW TRAMON – Bakesale (demo)
7:  HARVEY MILK - We Destroy The Family (Hydrahead)
8:  THEY CAME FROM THE STARS I SAW THEM  - It's Time (This Is An Exit)
9:  KIT - Flat Earth (Upset The Rhythm)
10:  LIME HEADED DOG - Kefum Weafuk (Volcano Attack)
11:  CARDIACS - I Hold My Love In My Arms (Alphabet)
12:  CHEER ACCIDENT – Facialization (download)
13:  MARS VOLTA - Eunuch Provocateur (GSL)
14: HUGH HOPPER AND ALAN GOWEN "Waltz For Nobby" (Cuneiform)

Full details, links and such up in a bit

NEWS: Great Birds of the British Isles is the first ever collaborative show from artists called Milk, Dora, K148 and Amour. The four formed this collective after meeting via underground graffiti circles, painting walls and photographing the evolution of the artform. “Print, paint and photography have brought these four birds together. After finding each other’s passions they are determined to take a step forward and create something totally fresh and unique. Expect to peer into a boudoir of colour texture and design with solo and collaborative pieces spilling from wall to canvas and back again, exploring an intoxicating mix of juiced up logos, great birds, female forms and a spoon full of graffiti... seen through a very different eye. Now sit back and watch them spread there wings and fly!” Oblong is at 69 Southgate Road, London N1 (nearest tube in Angel). The show opens on Friday 10th July and runs until August 9th – more details from or

JULY 4th 2009: LIVE REVIEW: VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR – Regent Theatre, Arlington, Massachusetts, 23rd June 
       Encouraged, maybe even exhorted, by Organ to go discover Van der Graaf Generator for some time now, it seems fitting to explore them for the first time in this very intimate, experimental theatre just a stone’s throw from the equally experimental People’s Republic of Cambridge. This third gig of their first proper U.S. tour is set in the comfortable, spare venue, far smaller than some living rooms and many NYC lofts. Fine acoustics, not a bad seat in the house, and I’m one of perhaps five women here, maybe six, in a sea of mostly older prog rockers who know how every note will go in a Van der Graaf Generator concert.
            New eyes and new ears present, and I know I’m supposed to be listening for intensity and despair, but I keep finding humour and hope. Is this a propensity of the XX chromosome? This stripped down trio (no saxophonist this tour) deliver rich, complicated, multiple layers of precise darkness. With holes of light. I wasn’t told about that. Intensity? I wasn’t prepared for the taurine ferocity of Guy Evans, a tenacious drummer and contents under pressure here, converted into a raw energy that is at once diesel fuel propelling big skyscrapers of sound forward, as well as a sheer pleasure to watch. I could listen to him pulverize the drum kit for hours straight. Hugh Barton is as dependable as the Thames, pure constancy on dual keyboards and foot pedals and understated accuracy. Peter Hammill on both keyboards and guitar is everything I’ve been promised, but it’s his voice that he uses as a fifth instrument that is physically compelling. It’s good to be seated perhaps only one hundred feet away to experience big swaths of sound at a cellular level. This pale slender English frame houses an enormous voice, that rips out of his lungs at enormous speed and wrenches his body and mouth.
            It’s the lyrics that are most defibrillating, in a positive way. Yes, I’m hearing actual fine poetry, full of literary device that burns emotions into my brain, actual free verse and form that most “poets” have forgotten or never learned to write – real form that acts as safe and sane bondage so that deep questions and deeper responses can be safely contained, something I’ve pontificated about for years. I imagine that he has learned to love the questions, as Rainer Maria Rilke wrote. “What cause is there left but to die?” Answered by “What cause is there left but to live?” and to try, there’s the intensity of hope. Good to hear “Lemmings” for the first time live.
              There are silences between songs, but none feel awkward, just lots of gentle self-deprecating humour to wash down great big slices of sometimes otherwordly prog rock. I love someone who can play with and to an audience; we’re definitely not here to be played at. There are shouts of requests as Hammill steps forward and tunes his guitar  for an age. An unperturbed Hammill answers, “Tune-age is very important on this stage”.  A moment of what appears to be a lost playlist, and then, “Guys, guys, we’ve spent hours working this out” as Hammill holds up a set list.   Humour only exists when two or more levels of reality co-exist; how appropriate for unique experimental prog that explores multiple time signatures, various snarls of tonal scales and meanings of lyrics. Lots of realities and spaces threaded in this room tonight.
       There’s much from the latest album “Trisector” tonight.  “Over the Hill” and “(We are) Not Here” are particularly good. “Man-Erg” is the redoubtable finale; it’s fragile and anthemic, smoother than the recording tonight and more vulnerable. I don’t hear the loneliness, but I do hear the music and lyrics penetrate the alone-ness, and having done so, the alone-ness disappears.  A musical nirvana, or a Zen koan, that alone-ness cannot last once it is universalized in such a piercing way. Not comfortable listening, but a match of lyrics and music that make a third delicate spiky reality full of darkness – with those holes of light. But then again, black is never black, is it? It’s an emulsion of all colours, and you just might find indigo or green or purple or even red in the cat’s fur.
          Go find these, and explore Van der Graaf Generator at or Now touring in North America through to 10th July. (Lilith Payne)
JULY 3rd 2009: We had some news about some band or other, but it melted in the heat, hang on, here's some... that St Pancras thing was good last night...Betjeman Ale in the pub named after the poetic man...more Kill It kid and Apes and things in a minute, or maybe an hour or maybe tomorrow 

NEWS: FINALLY PUNK, MALE BONDING and CHAPS are all in town on Saturday 4 July at the Old Blue Last, 39 Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch, London, EC2... Here’s the word from the Upset team...
          FINALLY PUNK are an all-female quartet based in Austin, Texas. They formed in 2005, united by a love of flannel and punk-rock disco and a desire to start a Seattle-revivalist band. This is the music Bikini Kill was trying to inspire with all that riot grrl stuff. Their sound is equal parts Mika Miko, Lung Leg and Meltdown - hilarious, true and liberating. It's just as fresh-sounding as those Kleenex 7"s you are hunting for, and it's happening today! This is the band's first ever UK date, and the first of six in England in support of the new 'Casual Goths' LP for Army of Bad Luck / Germs of Youth - a collection of three 7"s and unreleased / rare tracks.
       MALE BONDING is on-the-spot running project from Kevin Hendrix and John Webb of Pre history, sharing vocal duties and trading guitar and bass scree, with the addition of heavy hitting Robin Silas Christian on the cans and cowbell. The result is super tight, super tribal, echo-blown popcore -
      CHAPS are a trio hailing from Exeter and Oxford, who create a clattering, careering, anguishingly-yelped breed of hardcore punk. Their 'We're So Skatebored' cassette tape is freshly dubbed on Milk Records now.-

NEWS: GRIZZLY BEAR have announced that they will play live with the London Symphony Orchestra at London's Barbican Centre in October. They will be playing other shows in the UK too, but those ones won't feature any orchestras. Unless orchestras start turning up uninvited and crashing in... Tour dates:18 Aug: London, Koko (Sold Out), 22 Aug: Green Man festival, 31 Oct: London, Barbican Centre (with the LSO), 2 Nov: Glasgow, ABC, 4 Nov: Manchester, Cathedral, 6 Nov: Bristol, Anson Rooms.

NEWS: CLINT MANSELL ANNOUNCES LIVE SOUNDTRACK SHOW - Former Pop Will Eat Itself frontman turn awesomely awesome soundtrack composer Clint Mansell has announced an equally awesome sounding live show at Union Chapel in London. He will be performing (with the help of The Sonus Quartet) his soundtrack to 'Moon', the new film directed by Duncan Jones, aka Zowie Bowie. That film sounds awesome too, by the way. And it recently won an award at the Edinburgh Film Festival. The performance will take place on 20 Jul, with the soundtrack album released the same week on 13 Jul and the film itself out on 17 Jul.

DAVID HOCKNEYJULY 2nd 2009: How good were those Apes again last night, new songs, planks of wood and some kind of magical ingredient that just keeps on pulling us back for more... No air conditioning, transport system in melt-down, computers acting like heat-mosters, more red bats than ever swooping from the sky you're not getting much from us today... 

NEWS: ALICE IN CHAINS are giving away, to whoever wants it, a sneak preview of their highly anticipated upcoming album BLACK GIVES WAY TO BLUE (Parlophone) by posting a brand-new song online. The seven-minute-long track, titled ‘A Looking In View’, can be heard on and is available to download for free. Catch them live in the UK on August 4th at the Scala in London. Apparently the best link for users to download the track is

NEWS: ST PANCRAS railway station is to play host to weekly sets from live acts, to take place on the London terminal's concourse during the rush hour, in a new initiative aiming to raise the profile of new artists. The Station Sessions - A Platform For Live Music starts today, with performances from Jem Cooke and Kill It Kid taking place between 6.30 and 7.30pm. Future acts taking part include Katie Vogel and Kerry Leatham... Sir John Betjeman will no doubt be smiling...

NEWS: JACKSON IS ALIVE AND PRESUMABLY WORKING IN A CHIP SHOP - Yes, the internet is already filling up with speculation that the king of pop didn't really die last week and, rather, faked his own death to get out of his gruelling fifty night booking at The O2, or possibly his mounting debts, and is currently hiding out in Mexico.  I'm guessing half the people writing this stuff are doing so with their tongue in their cheeks, but the people behind the website – which opens with the headline "Michael Jackson may be alive!!!!" - do seem to have gone to quite a lot of effort for a joke. 
Their claims run thus: "The man who died June 25 looked like him, spoke like him and in fact doubled for him many times. The plot was 10 years in the making but it had to be done. Michael could not go on hampered with past debt, law suits, contracts etc. Michael is alive and well and happier than ever".  So good news for anyone at Sony hoping to follow the Elvis model for capitalising on the Jackson legacy. The Jacko spotting has already begun (cmu).

JULY 1st 2009: They don’t mean to, but they do, and 69p each is the price we pay for the Royal family, Sir Thomas Huxley invented the term agnostic, or at least the middle ground, probably not thought, Agnostic Front and can you believe in that? Not that we’re dogmatist or anything, and yes, I know, not much news and no reviews this week, you sit here in the London heat and those red bats and type this stuff! Off to Cargo for Fight Like Apes... “focus on the doughnut and not the hole” is the message according to the billboard outside the church we passed this morning on the way to the dump - focus on the doughnut and not the hole? What is that about 

NEWS: PIXIES will perform the 1989 album 'Doolittle' in full at seven shows in the UK and Ireland to celebrate its 20th anniversary later this year. In statement, frontman Black Francis said: "We wanted to do something special for the 20th anniversary of the release of 'Doolittle' and we thought this was a good opportunity to play all of the songs from that album, something we don't normally do at a regular gig". Tour dates: 1 Oct: Dublin, Olympia, 2 Oct: Dublin, Olympia, 4 Oct: Glasgow, SECC, 6 Oct: London, Brixton Academy, 7 Oct: London, Brixton Academy, 8 Oct: London, Brixton Academy, 9 Oct: London, Brixton Academy

NEWS: FLAMING LIPS stuff: According to reports, the previously reported new double LP from The Flaming Lips, 'Embryonic', will feature appearances by MGMT and Karen O. The album is released in the UK in September, and the band will follow that with a short tour of the UK, dates as follows:  10 Nov: London, Troxy, 13 Nov: Portsmouth, Guildhall, 15 Nov: Glasgow, O2 Academy, 16 Nov:, Manchester, Academy, 17 Nov: Birmingham, Academy

JUNE 29th 2009: ORGAN @ RESONANCE 104.4FM, PLAYLIST SUNDAY 28th June....

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta)
2: NOSTALGIA 77 feat THE FICTION TRIO – My Name Is (Tru Thoughts)
3: ONEIDA –  What’s Up Jackal? (Jafjagiwar/Brah)
4: GAY BEAST – Eeexxxpannndiiinnnggg (Skin Graft)
5: MICHAEL J SHEEHY –  The Gospel According To Marcelus J Mudd (Glitterhouse)
6: ANTI-POP CONSORTIUM –  Apparently (Big Dada) 
7: INCOMING CEREBRAL OVERDRIVE – There (Supernatural Cat) 
8: ANTHRAX (UK) –  Welcome (Happy Release) 
9: HORDES OF HEL – Leave Life Behind (Regain)
10: GG ELVIS –  Suspicious Mind (Mental)
11: JASON PEGG – Everything Is Easy (demo) 
12: DJ FOOD – The Illectrik Hoax (Ninja Tune)
13: FULBORN TEVERSHAM  - Beachtunes (Pickled Egg)
14: XBXRX –  F**k Your America (download)
15: POISON IDEA – Motorhead (Golf) 
16: PRE – Haircutticus (Skin Graft) 
17: ARAB ON RADAR – No3 (Skin Graft) 
18: CURSIVE – Donkeys (Saddle Creek)
19: J.VIEWZ feat NOA LEMBERSKY – Smooth Criminal (Tru Thoughts) 

Links and full details and news on what the bands are doing and why they got played and the colour of the sky here

JUNE 28th 2009: Sunday, you know what happens on Sunday, we don't have to say Sunday in radiohead day every week do we? Today is radiohead day, another rush over to London Bridge and over the river for the Organ hours on the actual radio station, can we get away with that new Fight Like Apes b-side again? Twirl bitch twirl? Heard that before somewhere, we love those Apes.... yeah I know, I cut and past this from last week, those Apes are in town this week though, music does still exite you doesn't it?.9.00pm. Organ on Resonance 104.4fm in London or worldwild... ... Worldwild: What's that...?

NEWS: KRIS WLODARSKI Art opening July 2nd - This should be an interesting and edgy night of fun and frolics ;-0 One of the most exciting artists in London right now...I personally recommend you come along and see these art pieces in the flesh.........some stunning work! Opening Night is Thursday 2nd July from 5pm See you there... so says Mediator. Unit 24 Gallery, Great Guildford Street, London, SE1.. Click here to see something... just another signpost on a Sunday morning while we put a radio show together and melt in the sticky London heat...

NEWS: Hardcore.metalcore pitcore corecore, enough cores already... HATEBREED have re-entered the studio to begin work on their long-awaited new studio album which is slated for a late Autumn 2009 release. HATEBREED’s follow-up to 2006’s ‘Supremacy’ will be released by Roadrunner Records in all territories, ex-North America.  The new album, simply titled ‘Hatebreed’. is shaping up to be one of the band's most ferocious albums yet (or so the record company say, well they would wouldn’t they? I mean, they’re not going to say, they’re recording a new album, it probably won’t be as good as the last one, they’re probably as little burnt out now, can’t even think of a decent title for it, can they? We have every faith though, this is Hatebreed right? 

NEWS: ANTHRAX have a new single, the proper Anthrax that is, not that we don’t have lots of time for the other Anthrax, we’re talking the English anarch-punk band Anthrax here though, days of Crass and all that...  That’s right, two brand new Anthrax tracks on one cd single... “We went into the recording studio on the 16th and 17th May and put down One Last Drop and Welcome. Both tracks will be available on a double A side CD single - the recording was with the original anthrax line up - Gareth bass, Peter drums, D guitar, Oscar vocals, Shaun guitar - the first time we had been in a recording studio for over 20 years. The single is available from - we have it here, straight on the radio with it tonight... 
             And talking of good old wholesome slices of punk rock on your radio, we've just taken delivery of a prime slice or two of GG ELVIS. Who are they? A rather GG Allin-like, punk as a punk thing Elvis Presley tribute band is who they are - and on their way over from California for some UK dates, as part of a European tour, in about a month.... Dates in the UK go like this 5th August - Camden Underworld, London, 6th Aug - TJ’s, Newport, 7th Aug - The Rebellion Fest, Winterpool Gardens, Blackpool, 8th Aug - Ivory Blacks, Glasgow, 9th Aug - The Palace, Bridgwater... Find out more via

JUNE 26th 2009: No we’re not at bloody Glastonbury with all the trust-fund hippies sipppppping bloody Pimms with the wall to wall media in their new green wellyboots checking out who the hell is playing the bloody Guardian Orange Vodaphone carbon-offseting John Peel stage, and no! We don’t want to follow you on bloody Twitter, no we don’t want to log on to bloody Facebook to view the details of your event, just bloody well tell us where the hell you’re playing and cut the crap... 

NEWS: SKY SAXON of sixties rock outfit The Seeds has died in Austin, Texas, from as yet undetermined causes. He is thought to have been around the age of 63 (although some say 71). The Seeds' lead singer and founder was born Richard Marsh in Salt Lake City and began his career performing doo-wop in the early sixties, before changing his name and moving on to a more psychedelic sound that made his band a favourite with the 'flower power' generation. Saxon had recently moved to Austin, where he played with a new band, Shapes Have Fangs, and was planning to take part in retrospective tour the California '66 Revue. 
           Lester Bangs once wrote: "All the bikers around San Diego thought the Seeds were apocalypse, then, I recall one hog-ridin' couple ... who didn't take the Seeds' first album off their turntable for three solid months". (cmu)

Music journalist Steven Wells has died, now that really is a genuine shame. Steven was an NME writer back when the paper and the music press actually meant something... Now we had our run-ins with him in the 90’s, he was also very supportive and enthusiastic when we released something he liked or he wanted to cover one of our gigs or he wanted to know about soemthing in Organ – he’d be on our case if we had something he felt something for, that’s something rare. Swells was one of those music journalists who wrote with passion, with real commitment, a music journalist who’s opinions were worth noting, one of the very few who’s words would make us go check out something or indeed go back to something and give it another go. If his name was on it it was worth reading... We encountered him quite a bit via our Atom Seed, Cardiacs, Huge Baby, Napalm Death connections, he was never one to follow fashion, to jump on the next bandwagon, never one to hold back with an opinion, he was provocative, he was full of it at times, he was one of the few mainstream music journalists we had any time and respect for. Stephen lost his battle with cancer this week, he was only 49, we’ll miss his commitment, if only there were a few more like him at the bloody NME now...

JUNE 25th 2009: EP REVIEW:A DANCING BEGGAR – How They Grow (Grand Independent) - Pure, crisp, clean, refreshing post rock instrumental pieces... Gentle, hopeful, refined, glowing in an understated slowly building kind of way. There’s something just a little different here, something extra, no revolution, this is very much that atmospheric instrumental building until you touch the sky instrumental post rock thing, just something a little more, an x factor (as we once would say before the term was stolen...)  This is just all rather beautiful in a simple crisp clean natural unforced kind of way. Clean guitars and that Sigur Ros Maps kind of thing. A Dancing Beggar is the solo project of Brighton based James Simmons – just beautiful melancholic creativity and everything just right, wonderful six tracks, simple really... Highly recommended warmth –

NEWS: AMANDA PALMER will perform in Edinburgh during the Fringe as well as at an early-September gig in London's Union Chapel. Dates from the Dresden Doll are as follows:   Saturday August 22 The Picture House, Edinburgh, Also appearing: The Indelicates. Saturday September 12, Union Chapel, London, Also appearing: Polly Scattergood

DEMO REVIEW:  CATO STREET CONSPIRACY – Oh look, this lot are doing their chosen thing impressively well, just ain’t really our thing, and maybe not the most original of things either... that slick emo indie pop rock polite guitar thing laced with melody and harmony... the Oxford band’s lyrics are a little more rewarding than most of these emo-indie modern guitar pop bands and good luck to ‘em we say. Here’s a link, if it sounds like your thing then they do it well enough, three pin-point tracks and go investigate and get it out of here and I think we’ve been polite enough for today and you know what we really think of things like this –

NEWS: DEVILDRIVER: NEW ALBUM AND DATES...  The circlepit kings who apparently slayed the Download Festival last weekend with their incendiary main stage set (don’t ask us, I’d rather pull my own head off than go get marketed at at that advertising festival that is Download) return to the UK for a short batch of dates this October. 
           The California based band's beast of a new album, Pray For Villains hits stores on 13th July.  Says here that “critics and rock media agree that this new release sees the band operating at a higher level than ever before, having honed their sound over three previous albums to the benchmark status they’ve attained today”, you know what, them there critics are right for once, we got it crunching and blasting and ripping right now and there’s a big circle pit of cats in the Organ office, this is what we need on a Thursday morning. 
        The October dates line up as follows: Fri 16th Oct: London - Garage, Sat 17th Oct : London - Garage, Sun 18th Oct: Leeds Rio’s, Tue 20th Oct: Glasgow - Garage Wed 21st Oct: Manchester - Academy 2, Fri 23rd Oct: Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall. For further information, point your mouse at And look, only two silly beards this time...

NEWS: CARDIACS: A STATEMENT FROM US: One year ago this week, Tim Smith of Cardiacs had a very serious heart attack and stroke, it happened at a my Bloody Valentine concert in London. Cardiacs are, were and will always be out musical fuel. We haven't said much about what happened here at ORG Records, in line with the wishes of Tim's family and the Cardiacs family. Today, Cardiacs, via The Alphabet Business Concern have made a statement, so today we shall say a little, there isn't a day that goes by without someone asking us for news. 

The band explain the situation in their statement. At the time of Tim's illness we were heavily in to the final plans for new Cardiacs singles here at ORG ahead of the new album. Tim was more animated and excited than ever about Cardiacs music and the new material, we were making plans on almost a daily basis - but the recordings for the single were never quite fnished and all the plans remain just conversations and e.mails between Tim and us. Now we're proud of every single record we've ever reelased on ORG, but nothing really mattered to us as much as releasing Cardiacs music does, Cardiacs have always been our real reason, our real love, our passion. Since the events of last year we've not really felt that desire to put out records, like we've said before, we never have released mere 'product', music matters to us, people matter to us, bands matter to us. Tim's recovery is still a long way off, who knows what's going to happen and who knows if we'll ever release that Cardiacs material or indeed feel like doing anything more with ORG. Maybe we will release that new Cardiacs single one day, maybe we'll release other things on ORG, for now, all we really want is for our friend Tim to recover... 

The CARDIACS/ALPHABET STATEMENT June 25th, read it in full on the ORG RECORDS page here

24th JUNE '09: ALBUM REVIEW: KLAY  Maps Of Rebellion (Lockjaw) – Generic mathy indie post something or other conformity and more slavish following of the damn rules. They do it well enough, but you’ve heard every single moment of it before sometime someplace in the last year - bits of Biffy, bits of Monument To Masses, bits of this, bits of that, same voice, same phrasing, same polite, slightly mathy, slightly post-rock/hardcore, same old indie rock riffs... I don’t know, I guess there’s some point in sounding exactly like your record collection, damned if I can see it though. Thing is, there’s a decent band in here somewhere, so why have they played so safe and conformed so much this time around? Why such a lack of ambition when they really should have been building on that last promising album? Why are we using up our space telling you this...? Why? Why....?  Why!

ALBUM REVIEW:  GODDASS – My Beautiful Sin (EMG) – God damn hell! More of this heard it all before dumbshit metalcore rule-obeying copy your record collection sound like your (already tediously unoriginal) heroes pointlessness. Will you people stop wasting your stamps and our time with generic gutless musical cowardice like this please - we’ve already got this same album released by seventy three other metalcore screamo beano killswitch engages this year. What is the damn point?  This lot are from Italy -  they can play, the singer can sing when he wants to, he can certainly growl, someone in there can do the regulation melodic bits, so why the hell don’t they take it all and at least try to be a tiny little weeeeny titchy bit different? Bedwetting metal is what this is, scared to do anything more than just conform to the tedious blueprint. And look at this press release frothing on about how “stunning” it all is and how they want to have oral contemplation with Bullet For a Friend and yeah, I know, I know, we usually just throw this generic crap in the corner and politely ignore it, there’s only so much of this time wasting bullshit we can take though! What is wrong with metal these days? Lookout, beware, when the full moon’s high and bright... No, we’re not even giving this lot a link, they don’t serve it. I’d rather listen to that damn awful Enter Shikari band all day than put up with anymore of these tedious metalcore copycats... 

ALBUM REVIEW:  HORDE OF HEL – Bodskam (Regain) - Thank the frothing lords of hell and all those cat-food bothering flies for that, some decent, challenging metal that doesn’t instantly sound like a hundred other metal things we already heard, something worth actually telling you about this hot sunny day! This is both originally different and really rather hell-boiled-up good! Horde of Hel “is a mysterious, clandestine collective of Swedish black/death metal scene legends and Blodskam is their highly anticipated debut”. This is good! This is misanthropic art, this is dark disturbing twists, turns and drones, this is all gone-wrong-at-the-church blackend melodies and hellish choral distortions, this is giant slams of slow-moving black metal with a sinister industrial godflesh of a twist, this is an adventurously challenging set of grimly sung atmospheres sliced open by evil riffs and  those slashes of voice and rhythm... This is forward moving, highly original, challengingly good black/death/whatever metal. This is evil, this is good, this is twisted black musical abomination, now go get me some ice cream please... oh yes, listen to that bit there jarring and ripping against that bit, listing to that choral moaning from the depths.. evil evil metal! or

SINGLE REVIEW:  COUGAR – Thundersnow / Rhinelander (Counter) - Release dates, who needs ‘em, this new single from Cougar, the first from their forthcoming second album, has been out a few weeks already, we’ve had it for ages, we should have said something already, what ya gonna do? These are busy times, and anyway, aren’t Cougar a metal band? Have we run out of new names for bands now? This Cougar are a quintet a million miles away from heavy metal, they’re from Madison, Wisconsin and this is two pieces of quietly considered glitchy instrumental post rock, laces with alternative post-rock bite, choral delight, clever interplay, considered warmth of a Vessels meets Four Tet nature, touch of Tortoise... or

Seems Van Der Graaf were on top form over in Boston last night, U.S ears experiencing the beauty for the first time... more of that it a while, more of lots of things in a while... more more more...

NEWS: The latest PUB POP show, brought to you by Resonance FM’s Dexter Bentley, happens tonight, Wednesday 24th June @ The Miller, 96 Snowsfields, London Bridge, Borough, London, SE1... The good looking bill features CHIPS FOR THE POOR, PLUG, SPINMASTER PLANTPOT, PEEPHOLES, THE PLAN, DJ: Rich Nuvo, Doors: 8.00pm, Entry a mere £3. The Miller is a nice friendly old school (messy) pub... 
       THE BILL according to Dexter: Britain's answer to the credit crunch Chips For The Poor promise to  break with their usual 60 second long song convention with the debut  performance of their proto-prog/punk, 1 note, 20 minute epic 'I Am Warrior'.
        Post-punk girl duo Plug return once again to cement their PUB POP pet band status!. Skeletal song structures combine with tribal rhythms to propel intriguing musings on germs, drugs and dosh. -
       Leading light of the spoken word scene and Toulouse Lautrec doplleganger Spinmaster Plantpot brings his al~fresco, surrealistic, anarcho-punk poetry to the boil.
         Wet Dog big cheese Rivka Gillieron makes a 'rare as hens teeth' solo performance under the monicker of The Plan. Expect an entire array of short, sharp (and perhaps alphabetically ordered?) pop-punk gems! -
           London based duo Peepholes perform contagious, raucous party-punk pop. -
           Links: or or or

NEWS: WET SOUNDS ~ UNDERWATER SOUND ART GALLERY ~  Touring swimming pools nation-wide, Wet Sounds begins a 16 date UK tour with an opening event at The London Fields Lido on the 4th July. The audience will float and dive in the swimming pool immersed in sound art played from underwater speakers. The theme for the 2009 gallery curated by Joel Cahen is Audio Cinema – narratives in sound. 
           Starting at 1pm on the 4th. The 75min sound art gallery session will be followed by an Aquadelica DJ set by Spax playing a collage of music and narrative sound compositions. The event is open to all ages and is priced at regular pool admission. Bring your goggles!!
The Closing Event on the 22nd July at Clissold Pool will feature live performances from some of the most prominent sound artists these days. They will play a live performance through an overwater sound system as well as an underwater one, effectively creating three distinct sound spaces each of which may be differently experienced by members of the audience, as they move above and below the surface of the pool. Find out lots more and fugure out what the hell it is they're doing over at

Your eye23rd JUNE '09: NEWS:TORTOISE have announced a London show at the born again Garage, over there in Highbury. Tickets at £13 in advance, you get them via This has been a short sharp news story, no corporate energy drinks were mentioned during the making of this news story and... 

Happy birthday, it must be someone’s birthday today, maybe Yours? Trees wrapped in red fabric and white spots? 

FIASSCO! – “Umm -!!!! We would like to apologies to everyone who tried to get into the EBRMC Fight Party on Saturday only to be turned away by the Oakland Police. --ALL 3,000+ OF YOU!!” Say one time ORG band and ever wholesome Bay Area punk explosive experts EVERYTHING MUST GO... 
            “Everything Must Go was the only band that successfully snuck all our members and our gear into the venue past the police blockade* and we did actually play the damn thing, to the 200 or so people who climbed over barbed wire down train tracks and over walls to break into the party. That is until we blew the power out for the entire building!!! Adding another layer of catastrophic ridiculousness. So then we went to Merchants (a bar downtown) and played there instead, along with The Binges (a f**king incredible Rock and Roll band from L.A. who came up to do the fight gig.) So that was rockin' at least.  There are lots of rumors as to how and why the thing got ruined and plenty of finger pointing but the long and short of it is this; Someone in city hall was dead set on preventing us all from having a good time. We will find out who! And expose their neo Nazi sympathies! Because one stick ass hard on should not be allowed to ruin an entire communities night~! But anyway thanks for coming out, and sorry it was such a mess. Cheerz & Love JAKE”
“Police blockades can be penetrated with a combination of lies, slight of hand, politeness, invisibility, and the exertion of an individuals inherent authority over the written law. Eddy got in three times.”

ALBUM REVIEW: CURSIVE – Mama, I’m Swollen (Saddle Creek) - Ink blots shaped like Zeus? Blood red egg yokes burning? Something like that anyway - the body, the burning, the earthquake, you get a little more with Cursive, no need for great escapes (HBO or takeouts), plenty here to write about, the best years of their lives, out there in their world – out there in the world. Cursive make great records, they write great records – a fluid progression once more, something to really hang on to get in to, invest time in, go back for more  When he says he doesn’t want to know what he knows you believe him, and he thinks he’s going to hell and you’re convinced by the argument, he may just be right, wearing out those heels on a road to...  Cursive are an intelligent band, a clever band, they don’t need to wear it though, they don’t need to constantly tell us how cleaver they are – that’s the clever thing, it isn’t rehearsed, this is natural, the considered screams from the foaming mouths. He’s at his worst when he’s at his best. Tim Kasher and his fine band – a band equally as comfortable from their energetic pit with your punk mates jumping or at home with their words and dark light where have you been, sailing out to sea with your new best friend... plenty of treasure islands and tales to tell and who needs that cease and desist... Aren’t most bands burnt out by this point? Cursive just get better and better (or at least keep on being as good as ever). An album alive and bursting with questions, points, the morality of humanity, growing up, getting old, Peter Pan - a heady album, not one of those albums that instantly grabs hold of you, no, the Cursive way is a lot more subtle, a longer lasting set of questions to explore... They really are on of the best bands around, one of the most interesting set of people, a band you can hang on to...  a treasure island of reality, something with a little more depth, and how much do we need a little more depth right now – or or

22nd JUNE '09: ALBUM REVIEW: KILLSWITCH ENGAGE – Killswitch Engage (Roadrunner) – Various shades of blustery/slick/brutal/melodic/conforming modern metal that kind of passes by without really registering the personality or indeed the cutting edge of previous Killswitch albums...

SINGLE REVIEW: ASHTECH/POLCARI – Meditronica (RareNoise) – Dub waves and delicate electronica, gentle rhythms, touches of trip-hop skilfully woven and rather soothing...

ALBUM REVIEW: THE ROBOT LORDS OF TOKYO - Whiskey, Blood & Napalm (Self Release) – They’re not from Tokyo, they’re probably not even real robot lords, they're actually from Ohio... didn’t the Bionic dog come from there? They may not be real robot lords but they do make some rather muscled-up classic old school heavy metal/hard rock that takes in bits of Sabbath (both Dio and Ozzy periods), early Rainbow, touches of things like Dragonforce, Trouble, Maiden in there along with their obscure Kiss cover Larger Than Life that comes out sounding more Judas Priest that Gene and Co... Solid, good for your ears, no messing, old school hard rock/metal, they're maybe not doing much you haven't heard already but hey...

22nd JUNE '09: Catching up with the mid summer sun and radio recovery day

NEWS: DEPTFORD ART MAP, what's that then? People who are part of South London's thriving gallery/art scene doing something that's what....
        “Deptford Art Map details the most exciting galleries and art spaces in Deptford. From up and coming curated and artist-run spaces to established commercial galleries and warehouse spaces, each art venue has a different flavour from emerging artists to Turner Prize nominees. Deptford has recently been dubbed by the New York Times,’ as a 'boisterous concoction of blue-collar aesthetics and intermittent hipsterism,’. With Deptford Art Map you won’t miss an exhibition or event, helping you get the best out of the Deptford art scene. The Deptford Art Map website will be launched in September 2009 with multiple features, alongside a printed map available in all major galleries in London. Deptford Art Map is a Bearspace initiative” -
    And this Friday is final Friday in Deptford, apparently every last Friday of the month the galleries all open (relatively) late and then there's an after event party.... " We also have the first ‘Deptford Last Fridays’ this Friday 26th, where all galleries in Deptford are open until 8.30 pm, with an afterparty called ‘Dirty Cop Fridays’ from 9pm at the Old Police Station in New Cross" said Julie from Bearspace  –

ALBUM REVIEW:  THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX – Tab 4 (Tee Pee) – Neat enough cover of Pink Floyd’s Astronomy Domine (though nowhere near as good as the Voivod version from back there), is it me or are the usually mighty Bitchwax sounding a little polite and middle aged middle of the road with their 70's sounding psychedelic stoner rock this time around? They hit the sweet spot now and again but... little disappointing -

ALBUM REVIEW: THE LEGENDS – Over And Over (Labrador) – More Swedish creamy dream pop that now and again has a tendency to hit the Jesus And Mary Chain button and drench everything in white noise fuzz and buzzing feedback. Seems the Legends is a one man band with a number of guests and voices and vibrant pop and degrees of Stereolab, My Bloody Valentine and such...

Those good people over at SchNEWS have issued a “humble apology to all the police we've unfairly maligned over the years. Apparently the boys in blue's over-zealous friskiness with the boots, truncheons and tasers isn't 'cos they're the front-line of state repression after all. It's because the poor dears are getting their brains fried by microwave energy when they're sat in their paddy-wagons. According to an article in Jane's Police Review – the 'UK's best-selling policing title', ''Police behaviour at the G20 protests in London could have been caused by the frequency used by the officers' Airwave radios interfering with their brainwaves', one expert has said.'
          So what turns yer average easy-going liberal bobby from helping old ladies across the road into an armoured truncheon wielding stormtrooper? 'Officers were waiting in metal vans for hours, and  their Airwave radios effectively turned the vehicles into microwaves. Airwave radios send out microwaves at a greater rate than the brain's natural rhythm, which controls decision making in emergency situations. If you put waves through the brain, you end up with entrainment, which makes you do something you are not programmed to do.'
Next up we expect to see police violence excused on grounds of poor Feng-shui (insert gag here excess gamma rays etc) inside New Scotland Yard. Stay tuned or go see -

SINGLE REVIEW: MIRANDA LEE RICHARDS – Life Boat (Nettwerk) – Another escapee from the Brian Jonestown Massacre circus of chaos and gunfire, Miranda has a beautifully creamy dreamy sunshine drenched voice. The single is lifted from her recent Light Of X album. Life Boat is delicate uplifting West Coast psychedelic folk and warm glowingly gentle alt.Americana –

ETIQUETTE OF COMFORT by LISA SLOMINSKI & SALLY SPINKS is an art show currently showing at a small intimate shop style gallery right in the middle of Deptford High Street, over there in South London - actually an ex pub once called The Brown Bear, though you'd never really know it was once a pub.... "BEARSPACE brings together Slominski and Spinks to investigate philosophies of security relating to comfort and discomfort through imagery" so reads the Bearspace website... "Using mechanical processes, both artists look at recognised visuals and insert these into a new context, from a threat into a symbol of reassurance or visa versa. Appearance and texture are important in this transformation.  Both artists use appealing media such as perfectly produced plastics, fine wool, luxury wallpaper print and other seductive materials to alter the original significance of both source visuals and medium...." Well worth dropping in  and checking out the mixed media textile flavoured paintings and pieces of Sally and Lisa, the show runs until 27th June –

ALBUM REVIEW: SAD DAY FOR PUPPETS – Unknown Colours (Sonic Cathedral) – Creamy girl-fronted shoegaizer indie fuzz pop from Stockholm. Think Mazzy Star, The Primitives, Madder Rose, mellow harmonies, lullabies, gentle sunny feedback and investigate over at should you feel the need.

21st JUNE '09: The problem today is red acrylic, busting tubes, and always the red ones 

ALBUM REVIEW:  ADAM FRANKLIN – Spent Bullets (Hi Speed Soul / Second Motion ) – One time Swervedriver front voice (and main songwriter) with a refined set of reflective songs that have a clever positive Elvis Costello touch to them alongside that Swervedriver (Husker Du, My Bloody Valentine) feel. Rather impressively good, rather evocative, rather inviting once you open up and let those gloriously mellow songs in. Clever details, something a little more, alive with the understated beauty of it all. Rather recommended.

ALBUM REVIEW:  ASSEMBLE HEAD – When Sweet Sleep Returned (Tee Pee) – San Francisco’s Assemble Head with their third album and some 70’s sounding psychedelic rock goodness that flies along somewhere near those Notorious Byrd Brothers getting all psychedelic on us in a bright breezy stoner doom kind of way... Like them films with the lens flair sunshine and the bikers chasing the American Dream and all the Fear And Loathing and acid and the dream went wrong years ago and the bats, he’ll see the bats soon enough... Bits of The Who, bits of Jefferson Airplane, bits of Lalo Schifrin soundtracks where bad people in black Dodge Chargers are chased by the cool cops in even cooler black Mustangs up and down those San Francisco streets. All bliss-out vocal harmonies and acid guitars and the assemble head in sunburst sound indeed... or

NEWS: GUERILLA GARDEN TO STAY - In the last month locals in Brighton have been transforming a derelict former ESSO garage into a community garden. The concrete Lewes Rd site, empty for five years, was cleared of rubble before being laid with flower beds and lawn. Benches, flower pots, sculptures and other decorations have made the space an oasis of calm on a busy, heavy-traffic, high street. Last week site owners tried to spoil the garden party by chaining the access gate, but undeterred, the gardeners ensured access to the site by removing the gate. The owners have now given consent for the continued use of the garden until 'development' begins. Volunteers are still needed to help with the garden and run workshops as well as garden materials.  See lewesroadcommunitygarden

ALBUM REVIEW:  TYR – By The Light Of The Northern Star (Napalm) – Serious horns-up, sword-wielding Viking metal. Open track goes by the name of Hold The Heather Hammer High and tells of truths to be told on the wings of old – I think you get the picture.  They’re from the Faroe Islands and they damn well sound like it! This is excellent, they have the folk tradition in there with their pounding metal, and when they do it in their own language... oh yes, proper into the storm Viking Metal... shame those damn Faroe Islanders have no respect for all those whales they slaughter... or

SINGLE REVIEW:  SLIPKNOT – Sulphur  (Roadrunner) – We’re late, it came out last week, what ya’ gonna do? Take it up with your local MP? Slipknot with a single sliced off the last album and we still have time and space for their metal. A kind of average Slipknot moment, but hey, in terms of modern metal slickness, they’re way ahead of most...

ALBUM REVIEW: MEAT PUPPETS – Sewn Together (Megaforce) -  The born again 80’s American alt.rock cult legends blah blah blah.. .all sounds nice and breezy and all sewn together this time, all nicely sewn together in a breezy sunny alt. American way, all that rapid eye movement and....

21st JUNE '09: Mid summer Sunday, Sunday means Organ on your radio, Solstice sun up and this week we have THE OTHER ROCK SHOW at 9.00pm on Resonance 104.4FM in London or worldwild. The Other Rock Show is about exploring rock that's made using things beyond the convention of mere 4/4, exploring time signatures that are a little more adventurous.... 

ALBUM REVIEW: GAY BEAST – Second Wave (Skin Graft) –   “Gay Beast are one of the few bands I’ve seen around  that are seriously challenging the form and content of modern rock music. Their compositions and execution are ambitious and effective. A truly unique and weird band” to quote Flying Luttenbacher Weasel Walter. And he’s right. Gay Beast, “Minnesota’s premier agit-prog queercore band” to quote once more, this time from the press release (wonder how many agit-prog queercore bands there are in Minnesota then?), have a new album, Second Wave, out right now – an urgent album, a precise album, a premeditated clatter of guitars, keys and pin-point drums flavoured with a dash of electronic psych and some cutting sax – a significant album, an exciting album, another thrilliant album. Spongy synth contradictions, obtuse angles, bits that go off and things, squalor alive once more, things left on the floor. Walter is right, Gay Beast are one of the few bands seriously challenging the form of modern rock music – that doesn’t make them a difficult listen though. Hard-boiled and jittering all over the place yes, very busy, rushing off in ten directions at once, never abrasive though. They do have a lot of early Cardiacs about them, they have lots of good things about them – tight pin-point new wave (dare we say pronk?) exploding knees and thingd eeexxxpannndiiinnnggg. Electronic psych, wild sax, waves of point feminism, no trouble leaving any house these days... Gay Beast are Cardiacs good in a Flying Luttenbachers meets Deerhoof contradictory way – yes, really that good!  We love doing this Organ thing when things like this land - or explore Skingraft’s site, there’s a good page of free sample downloads to get you hooked over there, you really need to buy the whole album though –

19th JUNE '09: The good lacking all conviction? Mere anarchy let loose on the land? contradictions? Down the 303 for the sunrise this weekend? 

SINGLE REVIEW : ASLEEP BENEATH VOLCANOES – EP01 (Dormant) – New band with a debut release on a new label, Asleep Beneath Volcanoes are a rather impressive two piece outfit from Kendal, Cumbria. We’re talking forward moving refinement, organic electronica and a more than healthy mix of raw instrumentation and sequenced sound... Bit of a positively classic Hawkwind Valium Ten feel to that opening track, a feel that carries on when those vocals kick in. Droning tribal Hawkwind meets a Killing Joke/Primal Scream menace of a feel to that first of three tracks, a subtly textured glowing right minute orgone accumulating thing called Water... Second track Heavy Legs is more of a bubbling slice of refreshing electronic ambience, an aural bubble bath with a touch of a dark undercurrent running just bellow the soothing surface. Third track, Holiday, follows the two eight minutes slices with a more focused one and a half minutes of a hopeful Spiritualized nature... Something good happening here, rather encouraging first moves from a new band worth checking out... www.dormantrecords.comor

WE ARE SCIENTISTS - Somerset House 08NEWS:The SOMERSET HOUSE series of gigs is almost here, always a pleasant set of outdoor summer events  Right in the middle of London, this side of the river, grand surroundings. There's a photo from the night Fight Like Apes played last year... We already told you DM STITH had been added to the Bat For Lashes day as a special guest, the organisers have now added a final night to the run with CALVIN HARRIS. The series will run from Thursday 9th – Monday 20th July. 
          The full line-up of 2009 Summer Series now features the following: Thursday 9 July:  Grace Jones, Friday 10 July: The Enemy, Saturday 11 July: Lily Allen, Monday 13 July: The Mars Volta, Tuesday 14 July: The Ting Tings, Wednesday 15 July: Pendulum, Thursday 16 July: Bat for Lashes, Friday 17 July: Athlete, Saturday 18 July:  Super Furry Animals, Monday 20 July: Calvin Harris. More from

NEWS: SILVERY have posted a free live audience recorded bootleg called "SILVERY,  I PRESUME"., their swirling Victorian carousel ride of a show from the Bull And Gate that happened earlier this year can be downloaded for free from here complete with artwork, sleeve notes and everything else you could possibly want...  More from

EXTRA LIVE - Scala, London, May 2009NEWS:MARNIE STERN has announced UK tour dates. Hooray! What's more, support will come from Tartufi. Tour dates: 20 Jul: Cardiff, Buffalo Bar, 21 Jul: Leeds, Brundenell Social Club, 22 Jul: Bristol, The Croft. 23 Jul: London, Luminaire 24 Jul: Manchester, Islington Mill  More in a minute...

NEWS: Extra EXTRA LIFE, extra PERIOD... They're probably the finest band in the world right now and Extra Life have just got back home from their European tour. Charlie has posted a blog...
       “Back home from Europe. The tour was outrageously good. We made tons of new friends, and even a few awesome new enemies. Much love and gratitude to Paper and Iron, Julie Tippex and Disco Babel for lining it all up. Bands, you should play in Latvia if you haven't. What a vibe...
      In other news, I have made a page for PERIOD. This project has been going for a couple years and a page is long overdue - The band features Mike Pride, Darius Jones (Little Women) and Chuck Bettis (Brown Wing Overdrive). Also, check out SCULPTRESS if you haven't already.
            Extra Life will be on break from shows for June and July. We'll return to the stage in August, although we'll mostly be playing at home as we work on new material. We're excited to cook it up for you. love, Charlie / Extra Life” 
             If you missed Extra life on their European tour, then you really missed out on something really rather special. the Organ album review and live review can be found here, explore the Extra Life magic via

NEWS: COURTNEY LOVE REFORMS HOLE (WITHOUT TELLING HOLE) - Courtney Love is still working on her new solo album (the one that was supposed to come out six months ago), 'Nobody's Daughter'. Except it's not her new solo album any more, it's now the new Hole album. That's what she says, anyway. Before you get all excited/angry about the thought of a full-blown Hole reunion, don't.
           Because it isn't. The number of original Hole members featuring on the album will be two. And the second, bassist Melissa Auf Der Maur, will only be providing backing vocals.
Courtney revealed her decision to release this album under the Hole moniker in an interview with the NME. She also claimed that the album is almost finished, thanks to Michael Beinhorn, the third producer to have a crack at it, who seems to have reined her in a bit. Beinhorn produced the last Hole album, 1998's 'Celebrity Skin', and his rockier production style (compared to former Four Non Blonde Linda Perry, the album's original producer) may be what has caused Love to think of this as more of a Hole album than a solo work.
        'Nobody's Daughter' is apparently scheduled for release, despite having no label as yet, in late 2009 or early 2010. But, hey, by then everything could have changed again. Who knows. (CMU)

18th JUNE '09: Twirl bitch twirl.... Things things things...

SINGLE REVIEW: FIGHT LIKE APES – Something Global (Model Citizen) – New single from the abrasively fluid spiky synth-pop fight club from Ireland known as Fight Like Apes. Give me my hook, nothing lame about pop with a big hook, give me my hook! Choruses are for who? We love hooks, we need a chorus, feeling up who? Those Apes were the pop band of last year, they’ve been far too quiet this year, give me my next hook damn it! New single, lead track off last year’s album but that will do for now... More of their fiesty do not mess do-you-like-my-new-look silver hot pants and fractured synths... Something good, something real, something cool, enough for all the boys the drool, give me my hook ... The single is out as a white vinyl 7” hand stamped sleeve on June 29th, busy at festivals and such right now, single comes with a one minute outburst of a new track called This Is Like The Time Jody Didn’t Know What Cunnilingus Was that really almost certainly won’t get played on any radio shows (besides ours that is – Twirl Bitch Twirl! And a live version of their rather heroic Battlestations – we love those Apes, you know that already though, pure Organ pop fuel –

ALBUM REVIEW: ALEXISONFIRE – Old Crows/Young Cardinals (Roadrunner) - Forth album from the Canadian band, the follow up to Crisis and more of their bluster... Positive bluster mind you, little less obvious in terms of their screamo car crashes this time around, moving along in a feverish manner... They have some extra colour in there this time, a heightened sense of light and shade. All kinds of hints of things in there – is that a touch of Warrior Soul? Killing Joke (Accept Crime sounds very Joke), bit straight ahead driving hardcore, modern metal, moody bits where they want us to appreciate their sensitive side now and again... They say they pretty much want to put the knife in screamo, they certainly wounded the idea...  A not bad album, which is a lot more positive than we were expecting to be, rather decent, nothing vital, decent enough though - or

NEWS: THE MYSTERY OF THE MISSING SUNSPOTS: The sun is in the pits of the deepest solar minimum in nearly a century. Where have all the sunspots gone? Scientists studying a jet stream deep inside the sun may have found the answer. Find the full story at

NEWS: SQUAREPUSHER ANNOUNCES LIVE BASS ALBUM - On record he is best known for his mind-bending drum n bass antics, but Squarepusher, aka Tom Jenkinson, is equally acclaimed for his live solo bass performances. In fact, one such performance led Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea to call him "the best electric bass player on Earth". And he would know. If you've not been lucky enough to see him in action, you'll be able to hear what you're missing on his new live album, 'Solo Electric Bass 1', which was recorded at Cité de la Musique in Paris in September 2007. The album will be released by Warp on 17 Aug. (CMU)

NEWS: NIGHT-SHINING CLOUDS: On June 16th, a remarkably intense display of electric-blue noctilucent clouds (NLCs) swept across Europe. Sightings were made in Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Poland and the British Isles. These mysterious clouds are known to flourish during years of solar minimum--and 2009 is such a year.  This means more NLCs may be in the offing, not only over Europe but also North America and elsewhere. Check for images, movies, and observing tips.

NEWS: Bat for Lashes’ Natasha Khan has personally asked DM STITH to support her at the sold out Somerset House show (London) on 16 July. Stith will also be performing his own headline date at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen on Monday 20 July. Much covered and played around these Organic parts, discover why Bat taste is good over at

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ORGAN PAGE (#302)...  oh go have a look, another page of whatever the hell it is we do for some godforsaken reason or other, you don't need a list do you? Just explore it...

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KELLY JOHNSON (Girlschool)
KELLY JOHNSON (Girlschool)