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29th JULY 09 - Oooooo, so many things... Just why haven’t you reviewed our wreckord? “Why not?!” That’s it, you send in your angry mail demand to know, “Why not?! We sent it in, you surely must like it! Review it now”. We never ever ask for any of you to send any of this stuff in, our review policy and attitude is there for all to read, all is clear, there for all to see and songs about throwing sticks at magpies just won’t do....

ALBUM REVIEW:  SLEEPER – Behind Every Mask (Mush) – Claustrophobic electronica, hissing samples, textures and all through a lo-fi, dark, moody (maybe sinister) experimental hip-hop filter. Clever soundscapes, otherly textures, grainy atmospheres, grimey drums, thick layers of dusty North American musical thought. An instrumental album layered with digital intrigue (and nothing to do with any female fronted Brit Pop band of the 90’s). Less is more, lots of less and more and everything else here, a crafted sound, clever considered constructions... and none of this sounds as if it happened in any kind of accidental press it and see kind of way... this sounds and feels like every note was placed with purpose, every sound carefully considered.... who knows if that is the case, feels like it though, a work of depth – circuit-bending beat driven electronic soothing goodness and well worth your delicate ears. Out now and available in the UK via or

NEWS: F**K BUTTONS ALBUM AND TOUR... Noisy noise-makers F**k Buttons have announced that they will release their second album, 'Tarot Sport', on 12 Oct via ATP. Produced by Andrew Weatherall, the album will spawn its first single, 'Surf Solar', on 14 Sep. They'll also tour in September... Tour dates: 17 Sep: Leeds, Brudenell Social Club, 18 Sep: Sheffield, Corporation, 19 Sep: Oxford, The Cellar, 20 Sep: Manchester, Deaf Institute, 21 Sep: Nottingham, Bodega, 22 Sep: Birmingham, Hare & Hounds, 23 Sep: Newcastle, The Other Room, 24 Sep: Glasgow, Stereo, 25 Sep: Lancaster, The Storey, 26 Sep: Bristol, Colston Hall, 27 Sep: Brighton, Audio, 27 Sep: London, Heaven

28th JULY 09 - Even the government, via the Foreign Office are Twittering! Why? Are they going to Twitter us about those Arctic Monkeys? 

NEWS: MUSIC FOR NON-THINKERS is the latest Punkvert event, it happens at Inn on the Green, 3-5 Thorpe Close, (underneath the Westway) London, W10... Punkvert events are always good, the bands are always a little different... The gig happens on Friday 31st July... This time featuring TOTAL DESCENT, PERHAPS CONTRAPTION, THE DOOMED BIRD OF PROVIDENCE, ANARCHISTWOOD... Here’s what the Punkvert crew say: 
         Total Descent - performance artist Sobriety Twist's new rock and roll band takes to the stage for it's debut show, with Sobriety singing orders from the helm. 
            Perhaps Contraption - An ever-evolving collective gargling a love of the spontaneous & technical, humourous & desperate, soothing & challenging. "seriously hard-boiled, tetrahedron-shaped, bendy pronk" (Organ)
           The Doomed Bird of Providence - Almost like a post-rock (spit!) take on Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds soliciting The Pogues with a little pinch of the Tiger Lillies this is a true soup of string drenched compositions being pierced by jarring Australian vocals sung in a near shanty style about topics such as murder and honour amongst thieves. (Diskant) 
          Anarchistwood - rolling wild and unkempt, the 'wood and Handsum Pete perform (in some shambolic fashion) a variety of their tunes with a medley of Flaming Fire and Rapeman covers at the mercy of drummer Bully Bash joining them for this one off show. light candles for them at your leisure 
        DJs  - Max Quirk - he of the Tuesday night Max's Magic Circles show on spinning psychedelic rarities and gaudy baubles to his heart's content.  - PRNWhore - heads spinning, rekkids spinning, pranktastic tunes from Subterfuge Cabaret's resident DJ 
      Four quid on the door, decent pint, lots of visuals, DJ always good, friendly people, beautifully chaotic and always worth checking out, they say it starts at 7, they never start on time.... More from

SINGLE REVIEW:  ROBIN GUTHRIE – Angel Falls (Rocket Girl) – new four track EP ahead of the Carousel album that’s due out on September 1st. Angel Falls is four very mellow slices of delicate tinkling dreamy uplifting slow-moving opulence and those trademark Cocteau Twins floaty things he does - /

NEWS: GREEN DAY TAKE ART ON TOUR - The new record may not be up to much, but hery, good to see the band have commissioned a different piece of artwork for each of the tracks on current album 21st Century Breakdown, and even better to see the collection of works will be available for all to see when the band tour America and the thought of art is always ot be encouraged. The exhibition has been curated by stencil artist Logan Hicks who commissioned a different artist for each piece. "I chose artists whom I felt had a similar visual approach to art as Green Day does to its music. Although most of the artists represented are well-established in their careers, they embrace the same emotional rawness with their art, which speaks from the heart and swings with the fist. Their subject matter is struggle and injustice - they shoot from the hip and their art is their weapon".
          Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong added: "We are really excited to be touring with this incredible show. Seeing the pieces that our new album has inspired is very exciting. Many of the artists Logan has chosen show their work on the street, and we feel a strong connection to that type of creative expression. We think the fans coming out to see us on the road will love it".
         Here's a list of who and what...

Song Of The Century by Broken Crow
21st Century Breakdown by Ron English
Know Your Enemy by London Police
Viva La Gloria by C215
Before The Lobotomy by Dabs/Myla
Christian's Inferno by Meggs
Last Night On Earth by Lucamealeonte
East Jesus Nowhere by Chris Stain
Peacemaker by M-City
Last Of The American Girls by Eelus
Murder City by Adam5100
Viva La Gloria by Will Barras
Restless Heart Syndrome by Peat Wollaeger
Horseshoes And Handgrenades by Sixten
The Static Age by Sadhu
21 Guns by Pisa 72
American Eulogy by Jeremiah Garcia
See The Light by Component
Portraits of Green Day by Logan Hicks

ALBUM REVIEW:  FALCONGATE – Disappear Here (Lockjaw) – They’re from Hungary and they’re another one of those competent enough indie emo guitar rock bands who could be from Hungary or Brighton or California or pretty much anywhere really. They do their slick thing well enough, no hint of identity or x factor or any kind of desire to push anything, no risk taking, no challenge... You’ve heard all this before, and one of those auto-tuner vocoder things just kicked in so the eject button is about to be hit and just what is the point in another record like this? And look at that bit there with the press release; really not sure how the label can be claiming the flag of punk rock with this one, this musical conformity is probably about as far away from the idea of punk rock as you could possibly get...  here’s a link if you want to investigate and make you own mind up -

NEWS: NEW ENGLAND - “Hi. Hope you remember us, we've reformed as a 3 piece under the name of Kill The Machine. Our myspace is We have a gig this Tuesday, 28th of July, at South of the Border on Old Street. Hope you can be there, we were once called New England, we just reformed.... Cheers, Ian Winters” – where’s ‘uxter though, hasn’t done a Sid has he?

ALBUM REVIEW: MANGROVE  - Endless Skies (Transubstans) – Decent enough melodic 70’s stoner flavoured heavy rock from Stockholm... Psychedelic edges, unashamedly retro, Sabbath flavoured, big galloping riffs, ex members of Sideburn... or

27th JULY 09 - Last night's Organ show on Resonance 10.4 FM went like this....

Organ show with Sean O on RESONANCE 104.4FM, Sunday July 26th 2009, 9.00pm – On your FM dial all over London and worldwide via

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta)
2: GABLÉ – Debut (Loaf)
3: ELECTRICITY IN OUR HOMES – Hooves (Parlour)
4: RUDE MECHANICALS – Body Fluids (Ex Gratia)
5: PERHAPS CONTRAPTION – The Old Dispensary (demo)
6: ANARCHISTWOOD – Don’t Bullshit The Artist (Ex-Gratia)
7: LIME HEADED DOG – Bobby Fischer (Volcano Attack)
8: THE ORB – Raven’s Reprise (Malicious Damage)
9: KONG - Gwant (Brew)
10: WILD BEASTS – When I’m Sleepy (Domino)
11: THE THING – Hidegen Fujnaka Szelek (Smalltown Superjazzz)
12: STREET SWEEPER SOCIAL CLUB – The Squeeze (Cooking Vinyl)
13: HYSTERICA – Girls Made Of Heavy Metal (Crong)
14: RUINS – Zajyu (Ipecac)
15: GG ELVIS AND THE TCP BAND –  Suspicious Minds (Mental)
17: THE STUPIDS – Drumshop Arsehole (Boss Tuneage)
18: RUINS - Mennevuogth (Ipecac)
19 JON HOPKINS  - Light Through The Veins (Double Six)

Full links, details and everything else here....

ALBUM REVIEW:THE THING – Bag It! (Smalltown Superjazzz) – The Thing have a new album out this week, this is good news for peace and quiet loving reflective types everywhere.... More of their hardboiled freeform noise and spiky jazz challenge. Serious other rock, more blurring of the barriers and pushing at the rules. This time the band travelled to Chicago to record with arch Jazz disliker Steve Albini – although pretty much everything we’ve ever heard from The Thing has been recorded the raw Albini press the button and capture the vibe kind of way anyway, not sure what they thought he was going to add (isn’t he jut a tape operator when it comes down to it anyway? Guess the name on the sticker on the front helps? Makes some kind of statement in terms of where they are?). Raw hardboiled left-field jazz noise and loose pieces that once more cling on to the edge of some kind of solid construction frame while the sax honks like a pack of rabid geese and the rhythm section go their very own inspiring way once more. Pretty much avoiding the covers this time other than touching on The Ex and Japan’s 54 Nude Honey (they are known for their free jazz improv interpretations of things they’ve borrowed from good people like  Lighting Bolt, White Stripes, PJ Harvey and such). Just how the Jazz world views them I don’t know, they’re certainly deconstructing and contradicting pretty much every barrier  - the spirit of free jazz and dare we even say John Coltrane channelled through some brutal avant other rock noise cloud that’s been thrown at the wall at the back of garage rock. Spontaneously thrilling, alive with danger and as always with The Thing, a rollercoaster of cutting edge free jazz noise and just the fine challenge of thrilling music. A band bot to be missed....Jazz noise for people like Albini,  Jazz for rock heads..
            Bag It is out now on the consistently excellent Smalltown Superjazzz label. The Thing play a rare UK show at the Field Day festival in London next weekend (further Field Day details further down the page) –
26th JULY 09 -  Sunday, Like we said last week, you know what happens on Sunday, we don't have to say Sunday in radiohead day every week do we? Today is radiohead day, another rush over to London Bridge and over the river for the Organ hour on the actual radio station, new music does still exite you doesn't it?.9.00pm. Organ on Resonance 104.4fm in London or worldwide and right there wherever you are

25th JULY 09 - Signposts, signposts, get on the boat, passing and throwing even more paint, montana Gold running low again, and Sharks vs Hawks, sounds more like some emo band than a game of cricket 

ALBUM REVIEW: KONG – They’re a bothersome band this Manchester lot, scratching and poking and prodding away, agitating, buzzing around your head, flying at your face, taught, wired, never letting up....  Debut full album.... bruising, intense, jagged, fractured, bleak, angst-ridden, riffs contradicting reflection... insect rushing... fractured, broken, mended, fractured again... Kong are different, and like we’ve said before, they’re one of the best bands in the UK right now... boundary pushing, tripping up over their own boundaries, taking risks, challenging themselves, challenging us, clever, never ever obvious, still can’t predict where they’re going... one unholy row, metal? Not really, beyond that, falling upstairs, falling up mountains... disjointed... fluid, angular... screaming... crashing...  only got a CDr here, hope there’s intense artwork.... discordant, disturbing, face-pushing... perpetual...punk, post punk, Fugazi car crashes, buzzing... buzzing off it... chainsaw chaos, destructive beauty, head-pecking goodness.... wound up tight... crash, bang, devastatingly unconventional, crafted ferocity, crafted bliss, crafted....  falling off the roof of the world... as intense as any band who have ever been called Kong.... disturbingly good and everything we dared to hope their debut album would be.... abrasive beauty.... we told you all this before didn’t we? - or

ALBUM REVIEW:  HYSTERICA – Metalwar (Crong) - Dangerous looking big-breasted leather-clad women with names like Hell’n, Bitchie, Sinderella, Sat Anica and such, all there in the flames with their axes, chains and growling faces and shinny black PVC and singing of halloween and being midnight queens searching for love in the graveyard and sounding like WASP on a bad hair day telling Manowar they’re not loud enough! They’ve got a Song called Pain In The Ass, best not go there... “Where’s the priest to bless the beast?” An undoubted work of metal genius... strap what on?  “We are the girls made of heavy metal, We’re here to raise some hell, We play so f**king loud your ears will start to bleed..”. they’re going to rock until we drop so it seems, bang your heads, lose control, bring your sword, we’re going to break some laws, listen up. Obey their words... Ripping and crunching! Stand and shout, louder”  Hysterica, how much more metal could it be? None, none more metal, metal album of the year without a doubt, we mean it maaan, god's a Youtube, here's some links  - or

ALBUM REVIEW: HOW’S MY POP – On The Hop (Barnbox) – Northern indie pop (from Lancaster), they sound like they want to be the next Arctic Monkeys or something, not doing that much for us but hey neither do those Monkeys. Sound like they should be all over XFM and the NME and the sun is out and live and let live and here’s a polite link, next please –

SINGLE REVIEW: THE CAPITOL YEARS – You Can Stay Here (SOE) - Brain set to stun? Or just being eased by some lush breezy North American alt.indie pop? Rather easy on the ear two tracker from Philadelphia’s The Capitol Years, glowing indie pop, gentle pace, melodic harmonies and a fine taste from the forthcoming album Dance Away TheTerror –

24th JULY 09 - Signposts, signposts, day after day, while we're passing and throwing paint and skateboarding never meant much to us  but hey, you might want a slice and ...

FIELD DAY FESTIVAL DETAILS: With just over a week left to go until the gates of Victoria Park open on August 1st for their third annual outing, the Field Day organisers say they are pleased to announce the full stage-by-stage breakdown of stellar acts playing this year's event.  Plus, there will be a brand new Guardian Tea Room Tent and Do You Come Here Often, a “spankingly” fresh art happening area from Time Out. Here at Organ we say THE THING are the band to make sure you don't miss 
     Eat Your Own Ears Main Stage: Eat Your Own Ears DJ's / Errors / Fennesz / Final Fantasy / First Aid Kit / Gaggle / Jon Hopkins / Mogwai (Only English Summer Festival Show) / Santigold / Skream / The Horrors / The Temper Trap 
      Adventures In The Beetroot Field Stage: Allez Allez / Crispin Dior (AITBF) / Devil Made Me Do It / Four Tet / King Charles / Micachu And The Shapes / Mystery Jets / Plugs / S.C.U.M / Sian Alice Group / Stopmakingme (AITBF) / The Big Pink / The Invisible / Wild Beasts 
        Village Mentality Stage: Fanfarlo / James Yorkston / Juana Molina / Malcolm Middleton / Mumford And Sons / The Thing / Toumani Diabate / Wet Paint / Woodpigeon 
Bugged Out! Stage: Aeroplane DJs / Audion (Live) / Delphic (Live) / Erol Alkan / Fake Blood / JD Twitch (Optimo) / Little Boots (Live) / Wild Geese 
Bloggers Delight Stage: Casper C (AITBF/Bloggers Delight) / Drums Of Death (Live) / Greco-Roman Soundsystem  / No Pain In Pop DJs / Rusko (DJ Set) / Skull Juice (Bloggers Delight) / The Xx / Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs / Work It 
        This year will also see a brand new Guardian Tea Room Tent joining the myriad delights of Field Day. Perfectly positioned to cast your eyes over the ever-amusing goings on in Village Mentality, the Guardian Tea Room Tent will offer a touch of refinement to proceedings with lashings of freshly brewed tea and home-made cakes to help you recharge your batteries whilst perusing the paper. 
           Time Out are joining the fray too with Field Day's inaugural cabaret and art happenings tent hosted in conjunction with Eat You Heart Out and Take Courage Gallery. The 'Do You Come Here Often' tent brings together the cutting edge of live art in London. Look out for the upcoming alternative magicians and surreal alt drag queens, comedic neo-cabaret singers of London's exploding performance art scene, and see them in a unique space. All in all Do You Come Here Often is the centre of the unlikely at Field Day, come with an open mind and you might just sneak the performance highlight of the year. Showtime! 
        Field day happens on Saturday August 1st, at Victoria Park, Tower Hamlets, London, E3. More from

WHIPLASH, HEAVY METAL ACCIDENT... “Oh my rancid godfathers ! please tell me it ain't true!. Whiplash this time” Yelled Rip Cruncher, “Yesss, I remember the fateful day I bought their cowpat shaped pile of toss Power and Pain from Shades records in the early eighties. And incredibly, the metallic crap they'd impregnated into the grooves of that record was even worse than the cover artwork...quite a feat. If their sauce (see sauce story further down to find out what's set off The Crunch this time) is anything like their music then pass me the nearest salmonella jab. 'Rip Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares'... hmmm, bears some thought. And you're correct, I've graduated onto boil-in-the-bag Ravioli these days”.
            Meanwhile, this here press release that's just arrived with the morning pizza tells us that "reactivated Garden State thrashers WHIPLASH have posted another new song -- Fight Or Flight -- on their official My Space Page - . The track comes from the band's new album, Unborn Again, which is scheduled for Aug 5th release via Pulverised Records. The CD was recorded at  Studio with producer Harris Johns (SODOM, KREATOR , HELLOWEEN, SEPULTURA). The band mixed and mastered the CD at  Spiderhouse Studio. The cover artwork was created by Ed Repka (DEATH, ATHEIST, MEGADETH  NUCLEAR ASSAULT, POSSESSED, etc) and can be viewed here" - Can't be as bad as the cover of Power And Pain cover can it? Surely not?
             WHIPLASH were, and still are, a three-piece power metal trio hailing from New Jersey. The band was assembled back in 1984 when Tony Portaro (guitar, vocals) and Tony Scaglione (drums) joined forces, recruited Tony Bono on bass and released their first CD, Power and Pain, in 1985 on Roadrunner Records. The debut CD was followed up by their first live performance at Ruthie's in Berkley, California with POSSESSED and DEATH ANGEL. WHIPLASH's current lineup is: Tony Portaro - Guitar/Vocals, Joe Cangelosi (ex-KREATOR) – Drums, Rich Day (ex-PRIMAL SCREAM) - Bass. 
          Rip Cruncher is alive and well and living in the Midlands of England with his Bathory records and his chainsaw...

NEWS: SAD DAY FOR PUPPETS make a flying visit to the UK this weekend for a couple of London shows and an appearance at the Truck Festival. Here are the details: Friday, July 24 - The Windmill, Brixton - Saturday, July 25 - Truck Festival, Hill Farm, Steventon,  Sunday, July 26 - The Dream Machine at The Half Moon, Herne Hill. They will be back for a full UK tour in November and there will be a new release to coincide. In the meantime their debut album 'Unknown Colors' is out now. Find out more from the good people at Sonic

20 YEARS OF DEFINITIVE SKATEBOARDING is an exhibition that ties in with a big fat glossy coffee style table book of skateboard photos. The exhibition is in the rather spacious Maverik showroom, Redchurch Street over in gallery infested London E2 (That’s Shoreditch to you). A collection of atmospheric photos from American photographer MIKE BLABAC, he’s been documenting significant skateboard events from the last twenty years – Danny Way’s jump over the great wall of China, landmark moments in LA and San Francisco. All tied in with some shoe company and the kind of corporate glossy nonsense and product placement (and some hideous looking orange and black shoe) that you might like to think it shouldn’t be about but there are some rather good photos if skateboarding glossiness is your thing. The Show opened last night and runs until Friday 31st July –

23rd JULY 09 - Signposts, signposts, we've got more...

NEWS: TATSUYA YOSHIDA (RUINS - ALONE) will be here in London at Cafe Oto on Saturday and Sunday August 8th and 9th, this is exciting; “Tatsuya Yoshida is one of the most innovative drummer/composer/improvisers in the Japanese avant-garde music scene. Born in 1961 Yoshida began playing professionally in early '80's and formed his own drums and bass duo group Ruins in 1985. Ruins play very unique high energy music that is mixture of contemporary music, hard core and progressive rock. Yoshida has led many other groups including, KOENJIHYAKKEI, RUINS, ZUBIZUVA, AKATEN,  KOREKYOJIN. He has collaborated with JOHN ZORN, FRED FRITH, DEREK BAILEY, KEIJI HAINO, YOSHIHIDE OTOMO, ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE etc...
     Tatsuya Yoshida will also perform one night at the Serpentine Gallery alongside Charles Hayward, an event organized by OTO Projects in association with Cafe Oto on Friday August 7th. Full details can be found here

NEWS: OBERST TO CLOSE HIS BRIGHT EYES - Conor Oberst has decided to retire his Bright Eyes project after one more album, according his hometown's newspaper The Omaha World-Herald. This follows an interview with Rolling Stone last month in which he said: "It does feel like it needs to stop at some point. I'd like to clean it up, lock the door, say goodbye".

ALBUM REVIEW:  THE DANDY WARHOLS – The Dandy Warhols Are Sound (EMI) - We used to be friends, a long time ago.... Bands come, bands go, there’s always a new band... Haven’t really seriously encountered the Dandy Warhols for what seems like ages, last century? We used to be friends, a long time ago... Organ covers when no one knew them, brilliant (half-empty) Camden pub gigs and topless roller-skating margarita incidents before all the hype kicked in, bullying EMI in to releasing that first single when over here they really didn’t seem that interested in the U.S band they had on the label - trying to get them to let us do it seeing as they didn’t want to do it themselves, getting the Brian Jonestown Massacre and all their baggage in return (some thank you that was Dandys!). Oh yes, we used to be friends, a long time ago..  A new album then, kind of lost touch, is this where the band are at now? Less of that gloriously locked on forward moving rather focused North American rock of the early days, still sounds like no one else but them though, different drugs to slow things down? “Let’s get this one recorded in one toke....” and funk, lots of funk, too much funk? And that forth track, The Last High, sounds rather too much like Bowie’s Ashes to Ashes doesn’t it...? It is that familiar Dandys sound though and it is always good to run in to an old friend you once felt so much for... old friends always make you smile don’t they? Might not be the same as it was but they are still sound enough. Not sure if this is a brave album or not? Is this the sound of a band growing gracefully old and mellow? Or a band trying to challenge themselves and take a few risks? They are still sound aren’t they? Yeah, The Dandy Warhols are still Sound, this is a mellow album, a band at ease, kicking back, doing what they want, under none of the pressure of past times, a relaxed band/. Some bits of it works more than other bits and indie rock bands trying to funk are always a little dubious and meeting old friends you grew apart from is always a little awkward and I think I like this album don’t I? Yes, The Dandy Warhols are still sound...

22nd JULY 09 - SINGLE REVIEW: ELECTRICITY IN OUR HOMES – We Agree Completely (Parlour) – We are very impressed, we will watch over your sleep, horse breath on necks, they should be proud, arms and legs used well, this is good for you, they’ll make you proud...  Why would a band you’ve never heard or don’t really know make you proud? Don’t ask such awkward questions, just be thankful for the electricity and bands who have something a little more to them... It isn’t like nothing like this has happened before, still feels good when it does though. Don’t you want to (follow)?. Six tracks from the London band, all trustingly thrustingly discordant and rushing about and full of life and simultaneously inharmoniously good, so good that cup of tea that I was making went all cold and stewed and cold tea and scenes from the life of a double mattress and hooves and a glorious musical tension in their message of joy. The Message Of Joy here is that we have a fine fine record from a rather good band here and would you like to try mine on...? Effortlessly edgy, good and going off and things to say...Other pop post-punk, wrong pop – wrong pop? That’s the term I was trying to remember, whatever happened to all that wrong pop energy? Here it is... Good! A fluid sound this time, well less scratchy that previous encounters, they’re evolving well... This is great, we’re very impressed with you, all horse breath and perfectly pleased... – Oh, they’re doing an instore thing at Rough Trade East here in London at 6.00pm on Saturday 25th July... use your arms and legs, they’ll keep you well, perfectly pleased, one of the best new musical things for ages.... 
Listen - Sean...JACKSON POLLOCK? How satisfying is this? Probably drive Jack The Dripper crazy, probably incredibly disrespectful, but hey, don’t say you never find any useful links on these here Organ pages, this will keep you dripping for hours –

21st JULY 09 - RESONANCE FROM THE PLINTH.... Resonance104.4fm are pleased to be broadcasting a radio show by Sheffield Live! 93.2FM live from the Fourth Plinth as part of Anthony Gormley’s “One And Other” sculpture in London’s Trafalgar Square. Presented by Sheffield Live’s Alan Fransman, the broadcast aims to create a memorable connection between audiences in London and Sheffield. Alan writes: “I am a big fan of Resonance FM and proud to be part of a collaborative work that involves two fantastic radio stations.” Sangita Basudev, Chief Executive of Sheffield Live! 93.2FM adds: “Community Radio is all about bringing communities together. With Alan’s broadcast from the Fourth Plinth, we will be bringing Sheffield to the heart of the capital – and putting the streets of London on to the Sheffield airwaves.” We say: “Alan’s use of radio ingeniously propels Anthony Gormley’s participatory artwork into the centre of community arts.” Tune in or turn up and hear it happening in the flesh. The broadcast will be on London arts radio station Resonance FM tonight, Tuesday 21 July, 8pm – 9pm...

ALBUM REVIEW: MAGNETIC MORNING – A.M. (Friend or Faux) – A.M is the debut full length from dreamy creamy slowcore swirl-making song-crafting duo Adam Franklin (from Swervedriver) and Sam Fogarino (he on Interpol). A glowing set of gentle sonic washes, soothing textures, very much about the songs though...  Written, via the wonders of e.mail files, cyberspace, tour buses and hotels,  while both of their bands were busy globetrotting with their two bands – “from Hawaii to England, New Zealand to New Jersey...” it says here.. Beautifully soothing songs, uplifting interludes, progressive shifts, just really enjoyably good...

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Whatever did happen to SIKTH anyway? Championed lots around here back in their early days before the music industry moved in to mess it up...  tracks on ORG compilations, support slots on Organ bills and such, seems they fell in to Dante’s inferno and split sometime in 2008 never to be heard of again.... until today that is... “Some people may be interested to know that Dan Weller, Sikth guitarist (and his co-writer Ciaran Cahill) recently wrote all the music for a Children’s BBC series on BBC2. The show is still on air: its called 'Transmission Impossible with Ed and Oucho' on Saturday mornings at 10am. They wrote a song called 'bananas' for the show - its a song all about how incredible bananas are. This song could become a released single apparently so... here it is, and here’s the theme tune. 

20th JULY 09 - no time to waste, no  time for mindless times in utopia, the Left isn't utopia, the wanting of a better society that's all, are you happy with the status quo...? Ultimate ends? Beliefs? Things getting worse? Never mind that, on with the music and the materialism, Monday bloody Monday...

NEWS: ANIMAL COLLECTIVE have become the first band ever to have a Grateful Dead sample cleared for use. The freak folk band use a portion of the Dead's song 'Unbroken Chain' in a new track called 'What Would I Want Sky'. Posting on Twitter, Animal Collective's management company, Leg Up Management, confirmed that the deal had gone through, adding that it was cleared because Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh "loved the track".  You can hear the sample in question in use on this live recording of 'What Would I Want Sky':

Seven for a secret never to be told...

ALBUM REVIEW: GARETH SAGER – Slack Slack Music (Creeping Bent) – Founder member of the legendary Pop Group with a new solo album... The Pop Group, Rip Rig & Panic, Head, his most recent project C.C Sager, quite a history here... history isn’t what matters though, respect to it and respect to him, but this about new records and the new now and getting all fired up and we are all prostitutes and so fired up, so fired up...  He may have been guitarist with The Pop Group, these twelve brand new tracks are what we’re concerned with and with a history like his, there’s a lot to live up to.. .He does, this is good... hard to pin down as well, good... good good good.... All is good There’s all kinds of little hints in here, that wonderful Pop Group legacy and all that awkward challenging angular energy and bits of The Fall, New Order, Orange Juice, Wire, The Clash (The Pop Group were right up there with them all back in the day of course). Nothing slack here, all good lean challenging new wave button pushing angle provoking goodness, still as challenging as ever, still as different as ever, nothing safe, no taking it easy, history is now, we are all...  –  or (or some history -

This Monday, that’s today, here and now, sees the start of a new exhibition at I AM JOY...  CRITICLE POLITICLE: '20 PAINTINGS ON THE G20 RIOTS' - BY SAM McGANN
       “This show is a comment on how Sam perceived the police's actions in the G20 protests in May 2009 based on media coverage.  At the show you will be able to view some first hand video and written information about these protests”.  Private View will be held on Monday 20th @ 6 - 9pm and the show runs from 20th to 26th July – The I AM JOY gallery is in Chichester, we’ve covered the gallery on these Organ pages before, there’s an energy at I Am Joy that’s missing with most artistic gallery encounters, an energy, and a standard of work that excites us. See the Organ art pages for previous thoughts and encounters, explore the gallery and everything else via
           Here are links, links to some footage of the G20 events just in case you've not been paying attention...

chaka ( JULY 09 - Catching up with these piles of discs and we haven't given up on music yet... 

SINGLE REVIEW:  UNITED FRUIT – Mistress Reptile, Mistress (She Said) – Rather urgently abrasive five track EP from this immediate Glasgow four piece. Tightly wound jagged guitars and new wave post hardcore angular hardcore noise-rock goodness that bites down hard.. .Reptile Mistress indeed, a demanding sound, a wired sound, all creeping in from different angles and gooseberries jarring with blackberries and lemons and bananas and experimental visceral intensity and we like this lots... all discordant and jagged and nagging at your head to eat your oranges and your Fugazi and your Shellac and your Mclusky and... yes... go grab your united fruit, five a day needed, obey your mistress, strenght of character.. – or

ALBUM REVIEW:  THE DUEL – Childish Behavior (FFRUK) – London punks The Duel with their latest album, all very very London... defiantly so... Melodic girl-fronted punk pop defiance and the infectious street-urchin spirit of ’77. Catchy, shouty, riffy, all pistol’d up and o bondage up yours and Blondie and Siouxsie dayglo and torn fishnets and... They’re good at it, not many doing it this way these days.. and they got their sound nailed this time, took themselves up a league or two....

DEMO REVIEW: NIXA – Three track demo from a rather professional sounding London based band. Nixa describe themselves as a ‘modern rock band’, they’re all very slick and yeah, ‘modern’, one of them there emo/indie slick melodic rock bands that really don’t do much for these ears. Let me politely point out that they do their chosen thing impressively well and leave their melodic slickness and modern pop-rock rule obeying with you. If you like slick indie guitar rock and things like Biffy Clyro or Foo Fighters then they do it well enough, they have their  thing together... Here’s a link, off you go and investigate, not exciting us much –

Want your Organ served up without all the music getting in the way? Want art and painting and...? Here it is, the ORGAN ART ARCHIVES and all the music cut away and art abound and hasn't all music been done before anyway? No.... plenty of music on this main page, sometimes the wood needs to be cleared so we can all see the trees and paint can be sprayed and...
SUNDAY IS RADIOHEAD DAY – ORGAN HOUR, 9.00PM UK time on Resonance FM, 104.4FM on the dial in London, and world wide via - this week The Other Rock Show and the further exploration, on proper radio, of rock music that goes beyond the confines of 4/4. This week we have an early taste of the new Gong album that isn't out until September, first with Hillage for ages, classic Gong teapot taxi travel... 


Great Birds of the British Isles is the first ever collaborative show from artists called Milk, Dora, K148 and Amour. The four formed this collective after meeting via underground graffiti circles, painting walls and photographing the evolution of the artform. 
         “Print, paint and photography have brought these four birds together. After finding each other’s passions they are determined to take a step forward and create something totally fresh and unique. Expect to peer into a boudoir of colour texture and design with solo and collaborative pieces spilling from wall to canvas and back again, exploring an intoxicating mix of juiced up logos, great birds, female forms and a spoon full of graffiti... seen through a very different eye. Now sit back and watch them spread there wings and fly!” 

        Oblong is a small friendly gallery on the side of a house come stone carving studio in Islington, North London (take the bus, 141 stops right outside, quite a walk from the tube station). Almost feels like a converted garage – what a fine idea, do away with cars and turn all your garages in to galleries. I don’t know why but, graffiti, so I’m expecting big and bold, a brash assault of attitude, I’m expecting busy, I’m really not expecting small and subtle, delicate – delicate pieces, subtle colours... this is a little different, push different artistic buttons. The whole environment is subtle, pastel colours on the grey wall, clouds shapes and pieces spilling out from canvas on to the brickwork. The collaborations work, the individual pieces feed off each other. Bold pieces, small pieces, a feminine style, I kind of wanted more more more... there wasn’t enough of it, wanted more from the four of them, I guess wanting more is no bad thing... Well worth your time... small and subtle is sometimes good, this is good... 

         Oblong is at 69 Southgate Road, London N1 (nearest tube is Angel). The show opens on Friday 10th July and runs until August 9th – more details from or

SINGLE REVIEW: BUFFY SAINT-MARIE – No No Keshagesh (Cooking Vinyl) – Single of Buffy’s first new album in fifteen years, the album is called Running For The Drum and this single is the forthright Native American raging in her subtle way – well subtle in terms of the music, nothing subtle about the lyrics, quite clear where Buffy stands when it comes to politics, people, Native resistance. Still the Native American international activist pop star, still with the bite and no, you can’t do that... Buffy plays the Cambridge Folk Festival on July 31st, before that she’s at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London on Jul 28th –
17th JULY 09 -  THE ALTERNATIVE PRESS FESTIVAL is almost upon us, and like we sid a few pages back.... having your cake and lying in it, all this Organ stuff started with a handmade messy zine, screen printed covers, tins of spray paint, broken typewriters, inspired by all the others – Urban Guerrilla, Forearm Smash, Revelatory - hauling bags full of heavy zines to venues, trading tapes, flyers, Pritt sticks and typos, dodgy photocopiers, up all night with staplers and silk screens, soap on stamps, post art, FIN cells, word of mouth... There were hundreds of handmade zines when we first got the bug, thousands, couldn’t go to a gig without buying (or trading) one... That spirit is still there somewhere, some might say not as friendly these days, not as welcoming and arms open as it was in the 80’s when Organ first saw the light of day, some may say it died with the internet. No, surely not, that zine spirit and that doing it yourself feeling of creativity is still there somewhere isn’t it? Sure, you need to look a little harder to find it these days, it isn’t going to walk up to you at a gig anymore and when you do eventually find it you have to battle through what sometimes feels like the elitism and we’re cooler than you attitude that you sometimes find in the not so healthy as it once was zine world these days, especially in the we’re more punk and underground than you and blah blah blah London zine fields...  There was a time when it was a real evolving alternative creative community... maybe there’s a hint of something to be found at the forthcoming ALTERNATIVE PRESS FESTIVAL that takes place from July 29th to August 2nd? (although there seems to be a lot of history errased) Go see, go get involved, add to it, start a zine, the word is still CREATE isn't it? Find out more here at or
BAT FOR LASHES, SOMERSET HOUSE IN THE RAIN17th JULY 09 - Now that was seriously lashing rain and Bat For Lashes last night, outdoor shows in thunder and lightning, is there anything better?

NEWS: THE ORB are to play a one off, intimate gig on September 10th at Arch 635, Clapham, London SW4. Dr. Alex Paterson and Thomas Fehlmann AKA The Orb “are still going strong after over 20 years, still producing great new material and gigging, The Orb are a living, breathing band. This is not a reunion and not a nostalgia gig”. Tickets are limited to 250 so early booking is strongly advised £10.00 from

LIVE REVIEW: DM STITH / BAT FOR LASHES – Somerset House, London, 16th July - 

Now that was serious rain! And it was all going so well until DM Stith said something about thinking it wasn’t going to rain and then sang a final song of a rather beautiful set that had something to do with rain... then it started to rain... it started to seriously rain, seriously seriously rain, torrential rain, and thunder and lightening and soaked... soaked to our underwear kind of rain...

DM STITH, SOMERSET HOUSEDM Stith got to play in relatively pleasant summer warmth and fading light, the man himself, David Michael Smith, up front, augmented by cello and sax, gentle electric guitar, imaginative percussion and all kinds beauty... Been looking forward to this since the delights of his Heavy Ghost album unwrapped themselves with such unexpected glory... He and his fine band didn’t disappoint. I suspect the majority of the crowd, mostly still arriving during his half hour set, had no idea who the gentle man with the acoustic guitar and the very polite almost shy stage manner was - I suspect that by the end, judging by the warm reaction, quite a few were left wanting to find out more. Pin-pointing his sound isn’t easy, DM Stith is rather different, unique, a beautiful glowing gentle sound, a sound with delicate wings, a sound that gently lifts everything – ghostly, choral, church-like. The fact that his father is a wind ensemble director and former church choir director, his grandfather a professor in the music department at Cornell University, his mother a respected pianist and his sisters opera singers, shows – just a different set of exposures, a slightly different approach to your average alt.rocker... If Sea  Nymphs were from Brooklyn (via Bloomington, Indiana) – gentle songs that glow, epic suggestions, magical touches, crafted choral folk-experiments that kept the rain away and made strangers smile at each other out there on the stone courtyard of Somerset House... I was expecting something special and I suspected this would be a fine place for a first live encounter, he and his band did not disappoint, they were an uplifting delight... 
BAT FOR LASHES, SOMERSET HOUSE IN THE RAINYes, back at Somerset House for a second time this week. We like this place, this big old buildings on all four sides, the river, the courtyard at Somerset House is a great place to catch a band and bask in the evening summer sun – the last song from DM Stith and his band is met with the start of the rain, by the time he finishes, people are rushing for cover, umbrellas up everywhere, this is a little more than a touch of rain! That crash of thunder wasn’t on the track being played over the PA was it? We’re all soaked to the skin in a matter of minutes, the open air backstage area is a parade of drowned rat small-time rockstars and not looking so cool now are you, hairspray not doing the job tonight...

             DM Stith was the reason for being here tonight but Bat For Lashes in the lashing rain and the lashing lightning and lashing everything else was something rather magical. Under the lights with the rain providing the atmosphere and most of us determine to stick it out... From the start of Trophy right through, up there sounding very very Kate Bush in a very positive otherworldly wizards and sirens kind of way... and looking a bit Rick Wakeman in those capes and cat-suits and things as the rain lashed and the thunder crashed and the rich reds and deep purples bathed the Somerset House walls again...  all eyeliner chaos and warm in the cold and wet, soaked to our skins, there is no turning back... all rather magical actually, you had to be there in the rain...

NEWS: According to the Chicago office of Reuters, the founder of a street gang that administered beatings and made threats in its drive to control the punk rock music scene has been charged with extorting a Chicago performer.
        Elgin Nathan James, a self-proclaimed founding member of Boston-based FSU -- which stands for "Friends Stand United" -- was arrested on Monday by FBI agents at his Los Angeles home. The attempted extortion charge was then unsealed by the prosecutor's office in Chicago. FSU boasted in videos dating to 2004 about beatings it administered to punk music fans and performers. The aim was to establish control at clubs and concert venues and drive "Nazi skinheads" out, according to prosecutors.
         The victim in this case was a "popular recording artist from the Chicago area" who was not named. The victim and his friends were beaten and repeatedly threatened by FSU members while on tour in late 2005 and early 2006, prosecutors said.
       Cooperating with the FBI, the victim tape-recorded James seeking to extort money from him in a telephone call and agents observed James accepting a $5,000 payoff at a club to stop the harassment. If convicted, James could face 20 years in prison. 
16th JULY 09 - Art is a hungry hungry beast... Proms start tomorrow, Stravinsky and Tchaikovsky to kick things off, that's going to rock like a firebird. The proms are great, just turn up and get in for a fiver as a promanader (unless the price has gone up this year? No, still a fiver to promanade, get in line early though! No tickets, just get in the line). The BBC are doing their best to dumb it down, we'll try to ignore that... Can't wait, the Proms are exciting, especially with some Stravinsky kicking it off - seriously hard-boiled classical pronk and ballet feet at all kinds of angles....

ALBUM REVIEW: DEVIL DRIVER – Pray For Villains (Roadrunner) – Metal, we love it around here... Metal, it really does piss us off around here.. all that glossy corporate milking Download bulshit and the endless line of dumb copycat tattoos and hairspray - an endless parade of product pushing and marketing and image over substance and that bloke out of Static X, him with the silliest comedy hair of all.... But hey, Static X are long gone and Devil Driver have been making up for previous crimes and as modern corporate play-the-game metal goes Devil Driver have been one of the better experiences of recent times... You never know with these glossy Download generation metal bands though, even the good ones let you down in the end, that recent Killswitch Engage album was a big disappointment to put things politely... Pray For Villains piles in with relentless style and a pounding bone-shaking drum-pounding thrashing growl and Devil Driver are not letting up here - this kicks off where The Last Kind Words ended, that opening track is a modern metal sledgehammer to skull declaration of metallic intent and Dez and his crew don’t let up for the whole length of the album... OK so we kind of loose interest after six of so tracks, but hey, as short sharp blasts of short attention span throwaway metal goes, this is another good one from Devil Driver... You never quite know... or

16th JULY 09 - Art is a hungry beast... 

ALBUM REVIEW: ONEIDA – Rated O (Jagjaguwar/Brah) – What is going on here then? I rather like it, what is going on though? Three copies of this triple album have shown up here in the last week, guess that’s wreckord companies for you. Rated O is something like being trapped in the back room of Club Dog with some Ozrics loving electronics freek (or maybe some mid 90’s squat where there’s not enough generator power for both light and sound and paranoia is playing with your head and is that the cops coming in again?). I guess those who weren’t really tuned in to what was actually going on musically back there when all that cross pollination was going down at free festivals and throughout the underground networks and such, will probably tell you that this is some kind of pushing the boundaries of kraut dub flavoured prog in to the here and now or something... It is a good album, don’t get me wrong, this is a great album, but hey, it don’t half sound like bits of Ullulators or Oroonies or I.Shensound and the rest with those bits of dub and the locked on forward movement and bits of electronic stoner punk-prog Neu and Gong and all powered by some impressive percussion and compressed ideas and... The second installment of their Thank Your Parents triptych of releases and all kind of kosmische and 70’s Kraut rock and that percussion nails it and not so much forward movement or breaking of new ground but the sound of a million illegal free festivals and underground squat jams and looking back while trying to push forward... Heard it all before, yep, the Brooklyn outfit would have sounded right on the ball in the poodle lounge of George Robby somewhere around 1993... Some of it even sounds like Webcore, not quite the magic of Webcore but do take that as high praise... this thing will not blow over, contact and switch the other... like it lots, floating anarchy indeed, sure some of it gets a little lost in the smoke, three discs long? Did it need to be? Wonder what happened to Evil Edna’s Horror Toilet? Really didn’t need three copies to get us to play it on the radio though... anyone one want one of these spare copies? First come, first served... Damn good album, like the ambition, like the guts, love the percussion, might get lost in the dark in the corner for hours, might be a good place... like the Captain’s Table or something... Nice one... if we play it again next time that will be three weeks on the bounce on the radio or

Art is a hungry beast, and if you need to know then JANE’S ADDICTION are playing a low key ‘secret’ gig  at Centro in Holborn, here in London tonight, 16th July – go visit DM Stith tonight though and walking it not just talking it and how many days simce the sound of static and.... Need to tel lyou about those great british birds and Oblong and this new demo from....

14th JULY 09 - Alpha, beta, gamma, hubbaduba, flying teapots at the ready, here we go for some more floating anarchy....

NEWS: WHIPLASH and Thrash Metal Hot Sauce Line Available and... and we don’t make any of this up and Cruncher is probably going to take up cooking something a little more that noodles and baked beans now and reactivated New Jersey thrash metallers Whiplash have joined forces with From Mild To Wild Hot Sauce Shop to produce and release the first-ever thrash metal hot sauce line. We really don't make this up... 
         The band says: "This moderate hot sauce should appeal to anyone with taste buds. It's been a favorite of ours for a long time and we're thrilled to be providing it under this label." The "three-sauce gift pack" featuring Power And Pain, Last Nail In The Coffin and Swallow The Slaughter is now available for a limited time only - "Get 'em while they're hot!" For more information visit or Rip Cruncher's kitchen. Meanwhile the band's long-awaited (so it says here on this press release) new full-length Unborn Again was scheduled to be release on July 15th via Pulverised Records; the release date has been pushed back until the end of July. 
         Right, enough of these cooking stunts, we’re not going to fall for this kind of clutching at straws to get a news story about a new album up on line out and on the streets, what kind of suckers do you think we are - or
       Tomorrow: Warrant's thought on the events of this coming Saturday, national cherry day we'll have you know, free cherry pie down at Borough Market so we're told... 

LIVE REVIEW:  THE MARS VOLTA – Somerset House, London, 13th July 

     No support band, no real excuse for that, all that time and space and audience and ticket price, just one band and well, there could so easily have been a half hour set from someone like, well, a new band like Chickenhawk or Kong or...  Shouldn’t you big bands and promoters be giving the fresh blood the time and space? You were that flesh blood in need of an audience once upon a time. That little moan out of the way, this is a great place to see a band and the weather is good and The Mars Volta more than most have a right to enter to the sounds of the Mexican Spaghetti Western sounds of Moroconi as the sun starts to go down... 
             So, pretty much every description and gig listing of The Mars Volta mentions the P word, and those of us who take these Prog things seriously debate this fact vigorously - so much bandwidth could be saved if the following question could be answered: just what is frontman Cedric Bixler Zavala drinking on stage? He has a steaming mug of something on a special Mug Table up front, which he replenishes from a rather dark shiny flask.  The sight instantly makes me want to swap my four quid (FOUR QUID!!!!!) weeny bottle of fake cider for a nice cuppa, strong, milk no sugar, ta. Now, I'm sure there are Mars Volta fans in the moshpit in front of me who can tell me exactly what's in the mug, thus resolving all arguments: if it's tea, then they are progging Prog, end of story. 
          My guess is that it's not tea, certainly not orange and the bag left in, but some weirdass peyote desert sage medicine thing. With a few shots of really strong coffee thrown in.  Because The Mars Volta are at heart a psychedelic band, for all their volume and nods towards complexity.  There's a splash of King Crimson and passing combinations of voice and instrument that sounds like Yes, but most of all its Led Zeppelin in a wall of sound, (guitarist Omar Ridriguez-Lopez unashamedly Page to Cedric's Plant) driving along in their most indulgent jamming mood. On record, they're dense and obtuse enough, so I'm expecting more so live.

          Somerset House is an absolutely spectacular venue: a great open air square courtyard with a handy gentle slope for better viewing, enclosed by historic architecture, straddling what was once the bank of the Thames, right there smack bang in the middle of London. A brilliant blue sky darkens, the facades behind the stage and around us are gradually lit with ever-changing, gold, deep red and blue lights. The crowd's a fascinating balance of young and old devotees, including gangs of cool and/or eccentric females, who know every single word, and pale young men attempting to make the most of their naturally curly hair.  That billowing wall of sound is distorted and harsh close up, better toward the back - but in this brilliant setting the band's sheer flamboyance shines.  I'm surprised at how compelling The Mars Volta are, live - to be frank, a lot of their recordings leave me frustrated, sounding similar to each other, grooving along at the same pace, lacking strong melodies. But there's no denying the conviction and drive and emotional depth behind their work, and it pours out of them live. 
            There's a lot of new material tonight, and its good - very good, Cotopaxi is an early set new song biting highlight, the Mars Volta on form and striving for more.  Most of their songs, old and new, sway along in six time, telling dark, angsty stories, way too dense and blurred and leveled-out to grasp details first time but creating enough atmosphere and groove to pick up on. It's an odd, slippery mix of skilled musicianship and vague looseness, veering between complex structure and jamming, and if you let it wash over you in psyched-out waves it works.  Especially tonight, with the dome of a deep violet, un-English clear desert sky overhead, the white stone of Somerset House surreal against it. Cedric and Omar and indeed the lot of them look great, Cedric throwing endless skinny Robert Plant shapes and the occasional somersault as they barrel through and delve into their shared visions. Of course they're at their best when they break things up, inject light and shade, and towards the end have passages of space and contrast - a new song of the recent Octahedron album called Teflon showing just that with all the burning tires and... But those long, intense, almost obsessive wig-outs have their place too, especially when the time and place is right, like it is tonight. 
              The Mars Volta take a bit of listening to, they're worth it,  they mean it. They're a strange band, lost in a personal world of their own - no going through the motions here, thankfully a band fueled on feel and pure energy rather than tedious pin-point technique – they certainly can play, they don’t need to prove it. The trick is to tune in to the storm and overlook the bits that get just a little too Led Zep with out the real Zeppelin dimensions - just let it go and get lost in that  personal world all of their own.... For the fans who've already made the journey in to that world, this was one helluva gig, for those on the edge dipping in a toe it was a triumph, two hours and no messing about, just a classic rock band in their own space and inviting us to ride with them... No encores or any of that stuff, just straight in and no stopping for anything, two hours and a litlte bit and then they gone, lights up, colour everywhere and a classic bit of ’76 Kiss and Mr Speed on the PA while we soak up the atmosphere, smile at strangers then head for The Strand taking a special gig with us...
       The Somerset House series of shows is on now and continues all this week down by the River Thames... Full details:
NEWS: GONG, “the legendary psychedelic prog rockers” today announced they will release their new album “2032” on Monday 21st September. Released on Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy’s subsidiary G-Wave label, the album is officially released two months before Gong’s highly anticipated nationwide UK tour which kicks off at the Bristol Academy on Thursday 19th November. 
       Described (in this here press release) as "exhilarating, compelling and other worldly", 2032 represents the first time Hillage has recorded with original Gong founder, Daevid Allen, since 1974’s You album. 2032 is a new instalment that continues Gong’s famous ‘Radio Gnome’ album trilogy which includes the milestone psychedelic progressive rock albums - Flying Teapot (1973), Angel’s Egg (1973), and “You” (1974). 
       The line-up on the album includes Daevid Allen (guitar, lead vocal): Steve Hillage (lead guitar), Gilli Smyth (Space Whisper and poetry), Miquette Giraudy (synthesizer), Mike Howlett (bass), Chris Taylor (drums), and Theo Travis (sax and flute). Special guest performances on selected tracks include former Gong member Didier Malherbe (soprano sax, duduk, and flute) and Yuji Katsui (electric violin) of the Japanese progressive psychedelic jam band Rovo.
              “2032 is when Planet Gong makes full contact with the Planet Earth; a major new chapter in the continually evolving Gong mythology,” says Daevid Allen. 
LIVE REVIEW:  ENGINEERS – Sonic Catherdral @ Bush Hall, London, 10th July – We’ve missed the supports, other places to be, other bands to see, can’t be in two places at once, lot of people here for the supports so it seems – Richard Barbieri, he of Porcupine Tree and Japan along with Ulrich Schnauss. Porcupine Tree lost our interest years ago, anything involving a Porcupine Tree is going to attract the devoted, careful timing lands us in West London’s Bush Hall just in time for the headliners, kind of keen to see them on the strength of the new album... 
       Engineers arrive on stage in a minimal low key kind of way, almost in darkness, not much of a light show, no kind of theatrical sense of event, no real build up, just shadowy figures almost unnoticed for a moment under the faded splendour of the Bush Hall chandeliers... and somehow that feels right  Tonight, they just let the music do the talking, no need for lights or words or any grand entry, just let the music glide in that very easy effortless way. I’m sure it takes a lot of effort but you know what I mean, everything is easy.... They haven’t played live in ages, it kind of shows, communication and audience connection is down to a minimum, it feels a little awkward, it does feel right though, it just feels right – for tonight anyway – and they seem kind of surprised to see so many here, nervously pleased - these are not your average rockstarish type people, something a little different here.  The Manchester band are a gentle delight, they glide serenely, they build and float, they glow in the perfect Bush Hall darkness. A mix of electronic Krautrock warmth and anthemic shoegazer flow somewhere there in the darkness and the waves of gentle warmth. They kind of shimmer, they touch on Harmonia, people bask in it, are the band enjoying this? Is this uncomfortable? Do they really want to be playing live? They’re engineers, they engineer delicate walls of sound again and again, does it feel right to them up there? It is a sound to savour.... They have a new album, same old story, labels messing about, four years after the first they’re getting Three Fact Fader out  Things are all very pleasant, they kind of get themselves in gentle forward moving state of glow and glide away in a semi (tangerine) dreamstate of slowly spiralling Chapterhouse Rides and Slowdives and touches on Neu and Amon Duul and Boards Of Canada on that plane is where they stay, gently moving forward and dreams of falling and glowing and all very nice in the most positive of ways and not many dimensions but who needs dimension? This is the thing that still celebrates itself and let us quietly slip out the side door and leave them on their pleasant ride, drifting and dreaming and...  or

ALBUM REVIEW:  ENGINEERS – Three Fact Fader (K Scope) – They have a plush new album, been some time in the making, they’re a band to just flow with, bask in, a refined sound, a refined album. Somewhere near the glory days of shoegaze, not far from mellow kraut rock and dreamscapes and inauras and just floating out there with their songs and their textures and subtle structures and simple considered details and should you be in a relaxed mellow mood and feel like gliding and glowing and....  An album to spend time with, unravelling it as it unravels you...

Good moring, it didn't rain, more in a while... Mars Volta, Oblong, Engineers... bags of new releases to tell you about when we get a moment, we do things our way and in our own sweet time. Paint to spill first and coffee and none of this matters does it, you just want new music don't you? 

LONDON SOUND SURVEY: “Hi, thought some people here might interested in the London Sound Survey website at Does what it says on the tin with recordings of incidental sounds from around London, plus more purposeful sounds courtesy of street market traders, demonstrations, hustlers, buskers, football fans and more. About 230 recordings in all and growing slowly but steadily. Also with recordings organised into sound map format, plus historical references from many different authors on how London sounded back in the day. Have a look and a listen, hope you enjoy it.”

NEWS: WHEN IS A HOLE NOT A HOLE? When it doesn't contain Eric Erlandson, is the answer to that question. As previously reported, Courtney Love has said that she plans to release her new album under the name Hole, even though none of her former bandmates are involved. However, Erlandson says that there's no Hole without him. Not just in an egotistical sense, but legally too. He told Spin: "We have a contract. She signed a contract with me when we decided to break up the band, which was like 2002 or something, so I really don't have comment on it except that I know my part in that band. The way I look at it, there is no Hole without me. To put it blunt. Just on a business level".
        He's not taking any thing Love says too seriously, though. He continued: "Somebody told me and it just sounds like something... it just sounds like the usual. I love her a lot and I wish her the best, and I'm open to discussions regarding the real Hole, and if she has a solo album together, I think that's great. I think she should finish it and put it out and do that". (CMU)

13th June... Is it going to rain on us today? Mars Volta open air tonight, no rain no rain no rain...

Organ show with Sean O on RESONANCE 104.4FM, Sunday July 12th 2009, 9.00pm – On your FM dial all over London and worldwide via

ART, POETRY, BALTIMORE CORNERS, MIDDLE AGES PUNKS and smartarse excuses for playing tracks...

Who got played this week? How do you find our more? Here come the details and links...

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta)
2: PETER HAMMILL – Stumbled (FIE)
3: PRE – Haircutticus (Skin Graft)
4: MARNIE STERN – Don’t Stop Belivin’ (demo) 
5: WIRE – Three Girl Rumba (EMI)
6: JAZZKAMMER – Freemix Norwave – Thurston Moore Remix (Smalltown Superjazzz) 
7: D.M STITH – Issac’s Song (Asthmatic Ktty)
8: THE STUPIDS – Middle Aged Punk (Boss Tuneage)
9: ORIGINAL SILENCE – Argument Left Hanging, Rubber Cement (Smalltown Superjazzz)
10: SLAB – Gutterbusting (Vinyl Ink)
11: D.M.STITH – SPIRIT PARADE (Asthmatic Ktty)
12: MICHAEL J SHEEHY - Fight For Your Right To Fight (Glitterhouse)
13: C.R. AVERY –  The Boxer Who Just Returned From London (Bongo Beat)
14: GREYMACHINE -  Vultures Descend (Hydra Head)
15: MEXICAN INSTITUTE OF SOUND – Sinfonia Agridulce (Cooking Vinyl)
16: WILLIAM BLAKE – London (download)
17: ANTHRAX (UK) – One Last Drop (Happy Release)
18: SHEARWATER – On The Death Of The Waters (Matador)
19: ONEIDA –  The Story Of O (Jagjagiwar/Brah)
20: THE STUPIDS – Drumshop Arsehole (Boss Tuneage)
21: HEIRS – Plague Asphyx (Denovali)

Those all important links details and reasons for the play here

12th JULY '09 - Sunday, radio day, on air 9.00pm tonight, Resonance 104.4FM in London, worldwide via - a whole bag load of demos, new releases, news, previews and not so radio friendly alternatives... 

NEWS: WILLIAM BLAKE: London’s Visionary Anarchist - Philosopher, historian, biographer, travel writer and poet, Peter Marshall recounts the life of one of London’s finest artists, William Blake. Marshall offers a lively and perceptive account of his thought, ranging from his philosophy, his critique of existing society and culture, to his vision of a free world.
           “Come along to find out why Blake can be understood as a forerunner of modern anarchism and social ecology, and discover the light which shines behind his symbolism and mythology. This event celebrates the reprinting of Peter Marshall’s book ‘William Blake: Visionary Anarchist’ published by Freedom Press”. The event is part of Housmans’ ‘London’s Burning’ series (Housmans – radical booksellers since 1945) see Event information: Wednesday 15th July – 7pm to 8.30pm, Housmans Bookshop, 5 Caledonian Rd, King's Cross, London. Free entry -

NEWS: GEORGE PELECANOS, one of the main writers and producers of TV show The Wire, is to give a talk at London pub The Boogaloo later this month. Pelecanos will appear at the north London venue on July 23, along with The Pogues founder member Spider Stacy, who will play a set with a band under the name Spider Stacy And Friends (does that mean it might tune in to one of those Baltimore detective wake nights with McNulty and Bunk?) See for more information.  There’s only two types of people in the world, those already hooked on TheWire and those yet to be hooked, Omar has us eating nothing Honey Nut here... Old news we know but everything is right, the look, the compelling sound, the space, the pace, the way you can invest time and emotion in every single one of them, the dirt it digs... perfect TV. 

10th JULY '09 - Another day, another bag of reviews and slices of news while we do what we really do (which really isn't this). Do what you will with whatever you find, the links are there for you to use should you wish... 

ALBUM REVIEW: CALLOUS  – Descension (Casket) – Metal, from Kent, could be from anywhere really, this time the band are from Kent... that universal modern metal thing done by a thousand and one bands from all corners of the planet, Callous are from Kent they could easily be from Ohio or California or New South Wales or...  They energetically crunch when they need to, they thrash (in a melodically thrashy way) when they need to, they do their thing in a decent enough way – Machine Head, Megadeth, Soilwork, Killswitch Engage – you know the score, you know the sound.... I guess they do it as well as anyone, decent enough debut seven track, no real x factor or identity or musical personality, and like I’ve said before, no idea why these bands are all just happy to conform to the rules and the blueprints and not challenge themselves or us a little more, decent enough though, maybe they’ll move it on challenge us next time, maybe they’ll grow a collective pair (as someone once said) and make some metal with a little bit of identity, guts and ...

NEWS: The rather majestically beautiful SHEARWATER have announced another London show, this time they make a burrow for a nest over at the Luminaire in Kilburn on September 14th. Probably the last time you’ll get to see the New York band in an intimate London venue, can’t be long before they head for bigger halls and....  / /

ALBUM REVIEW: HEIRS – Alchera (Denovali) – Dramatically dark instrumental post rock epics of a brooding Swans, Pelican, Mono nature. Maybe a little less over-baring take on the suffocation of Neurosis, the musical claustrophobia... a soothing Godflesh of a band? Can you have a soothing Godflesh? Some of this really is effortlessly soothing... considered, every slow moving sound considered, crafted, warm.... monumental. Hunting, gathering, oppressively good, bleak yet full of hope and a euphoric undercurrent in that restrained low-end darkness. Heirs are from Australia, this is impressive, very impressive.... or

NEWS: MEW have announced details of their new album, which will be released on 25 Aug via Columbia Records. The album's title is this: No more stories Are told today I'm sorry They washed away No more stories The world is grey I'm tired Let's wash away. Yes, all of that is the title. Currently touring Europe with Nine Inch Nails, Mew will be in the UK next week for a few shows, which look like this: 15 Jul: London, O2 Arena (with Nine Inch Nails), 16 Jul: London, ICA, 17 Jul: Latitude Festival Two of the tracks from 'No More Stories...' are available now on the band's new EP of the same name, which was released last week. You can hear one on the Organ July Spotify playlist over there or here

ALBUM REVIEW: MALEFICENT – Demise (Sicktronic) - London based female fronted colourfully strident goth food fused with a dark electric undercurrent and a sinister industrial bite. Rather fine version of Nick and Kylie’s Where The Wild Roses Grow in amongst the blackness, the twisted malice and all the desire. Theatrical bents, conceptual performance – something a little extra in here, a touch more imagination, a kiss of class with the tight rope and smudged redness. A sound that lurches, pushing down heavy and if you like your Marilyn Manson or your Nine Inch Nails cut with a touch of Coptic Rain or Queen Adreena, with a hint of operatic desire, with a sprinkling of dark dark brooding blues in there with the rumbling electronica and the power and the black nails then this is rather decent –

DEMO REVIEW:  HAKEN – Full album’s worth of demo quality tracks and a potentially Impressive work in progress from Surrey band Haken. If you appreciate that neo-prog, technical prog-metal side of things and if bands like Dream Theatre do it for you, then Haken are going to be of interest. They’ve been around since 2007 and they’re fast building themselves a healthy reputation... There’s plenty of colour and imagination here, hints of ambitious prog-flavoured rock that has lots of the story telling qualities in there with the melodic prog adventures of the old school – Camel, 70’s Genesis, IQ, early Marillion -  woven with Haken’s modern technical sound. Some of that modern side is maybe a little cold and a little too much technique over substance, this does sound like a demo though – the right production might do the trick? Maybe?  Plenty of tasty mood switching, plenty of light and shade, plenty of proper old school proggyness, clever key changes, colourful composition - unfortunately there’s a lot of cold clinical technical fret-wanking, some rather uninviting look at me ego-cheese and technical showing off when what’s really needed is some feel, some heart and some soul. I don’t know, when you listen to stuff English bands are coming up with next the really exciting provoking progressive bands from other places, bands like Extra Life or Cheer Accident then... um... well...   –

PREVIOUS ORGAN PAGE (#304)... FIGHT LIKE APES, KILL IT KID, VAN DER GRAAF in the USA, a whole bag load of album reviews, news, this and that...

ORGAN PAGE #303... All the stuff we were frothing about yesterday, the day before, last week... THE ART BOOT FAIR, IQ, PETER HAMMILL and a whole whole whole load more...

ORGAN PAGE #302...  oh go have a look, another page of whatever the hell it is we do for some godforsaken reason or other, you don't need a list do you? Just explore it...

ORGAN PAGE #301...  A HAWK AND A HACKSAW, LATCH, RANCID, MOSS, DM STITH, DUNCAN REDMONDS, MARNIE STERN, BLUE LIONS, Aine Scannell's latest artwork, THE SLOW BLADE, Atheism and Feminism with Sue Mayermm THE GREEN RIVER PROJECT, RAVEN'S AINT NO MORE - In the early hours of Friday May 1st the squatted island in the...PINK NARCISSUS, WRAPPED IN PLASTIC, CARLIS STAR, Deerhoof dates, HYPER SNYPER, New TORTOISE track, Poisoned Electrick Head were always ‘eventful’, BARACK OBAMA DILDO? Blue Dildo or Gold Dildo? THE LOW FREQUENCY IN STEREO, HardART? Corn on the cob and King Midas spitting out the teeth of the rich? Ex Gratia Recordings Art Exhibition, ZAG AND THE COLOURED BEADS, AARON KRATEN is a painter, WHILE SHE SLEEPS, AND WHITE STARS, David Douglass, SEVEN INCH GETS RECORD PRICE AT AUCTION, TO THE BONES, RADIO MOSCOW, JON HOPKINS, MUDHONEY dates, SECTION 13, CASTROVALVA, AUSTIN GALLERY AND BENNY’S BAR, ISIS, FLIES ARE SPIES FROM HELL and WILD DOGS IN WINTER are touring together this month, MAYBESHEWILL, SIDDHARTHA, HEAVEN’S BASEMENT, THE SCRATCH ORCHESTRA, END OF THE ROAD - The Camp Bling/Save Priory Park campaigners in Essex have won!, LEXIE MOUNTAIN BOYS, MELLOFEST, NAVVY have a whole load of dates, SAD DAY FOR PUPPETS, Returns to form? New sensuality and new conservatism? Interesting piece on Art Review again today... ANNALOGUE, CAROL ANN DUFFY becomes first female poet laureate...MILES BENJAMIN ANTHONY ROBINSON, The Conservative party have issued a denial after it was suggested that... BLACKGUARD, DINOSAUR Jr post new track, GRIFTER, EXPERIMENTAL DENTAL SCHOOL, FREEDOM FACTION... 


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