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14th AUG 09: ALBUM REVIEW: THE DEVILROCK FOUR – First in Line (Unconform) - Good time AC/DC flavoured ear-friendly melodic pop rock ‘n roll, touch of The Cult about them, Danko Jones... Throwaway pop rock from Melbourne, Australia, harmlessly likeable – or

DEMO REVIEW: THE LADIES OF SPORT – The product - Demo from Brooklyn, three slightly poppy, slightly quirky, catchy electro-pop inventiveness – bit of a They Might Be Giant feel, touch of Flaming Lips, although they’d probably rather us namedrop Beck or MGMT, three rather likeable songs from the two girls and singing boy drummer -

13th AUG 09: And it came to pass.... hang on, crashed again, better the devil you know? Demon? Web hosting? And what’s with the Royal Mail again this month? And who stole the summer? And what’s this in the e.mail in tray? “You are invited to a weekly gathering that brings together the creme de la creme of the music industry on a weekly basis. Network is a night where the big players come out to check on old acquaintances, establish new connections, discuss the state of the ever-changing music industry and let their hair down. This exclusive members only night will be a gathering of carefully selected label executives, A&R, music publishers and a who’s who of blah blah blah...”  Well now, can’t be that exclusive if they’re inviting scumbags like us can it? The creme de la creme of the music industry all gathered together in bloody Hoxton! Where’s my shotgun, makes you want to get all Omar Little on them  don't it?  Or at least laugh until you fall over this pile of Steel Panther flyers... in Hoxton! The creme de la creme.... music industry...  snigger....

LIVE REVIEW: BLOODSTOCK: Seems Rip Cruncher is on the spot (well it is happening next door to the holes he keeps digging up there in Derbyshire). Here’s his first live report from the metal festival: 
         Fifty quid parking? 20 quid for a tee shirt? Ten quid for a pint of gassy gnats piss, another tenner for a greasy corproburger ? Eh?, What ? And Christ only knows where these berks are gonna grab hold of their f**kin hair gel and stick on tattoos out in the wilds of Derbyshire. And what the hell are Girlschool doing up here eh ?

Meanwhile back here, how annoying is that pretty boy Frankmusic and his Spotify advert! Trying to get a bit of Stavinsky in ready for tonight, none to hanfd so we've gone for some Spotify and he keeps popping up with his punchable voice...

ALBUM REVIEW:   DEAD STARS – Break The Tide (self release) - Landed here from Brooklyn, New York, with an orange post-it note stuck to the front, “we’re looking for you to release our album or at least review it” said the rather reasonable friendly note. Well now, let's have a listen... Breezy 90’s sounding radio-friendly Lemonheadish indie guitar alt.rock isn’t really going to set our pulses racing, sounds a little dated and well, we’re being as polite and we,, – here’s a link if you’re curious... Good luck to them, hope they find that label -  . 

ALBUM REVIEW:  STUPIDITY – I Need You (Go Fast) – Gravel-throated bar room alt.punk-pop from Sweden, hint of LA new wave circa 1981, you know the kind of thing, not doing much for these ears –

ALBUM REVIEW:  SYRACH – A Dark Burial (Napalm) – This one has to be a joke right? Comedy doom metal band with death warmed up on vocals....Oh yes, look at the cover, definitely a joke – those witty Norwegian metal types, oh, hang on, the singer’s called Ripper, wonder if he knows Mr Owens from that band Steel Dragon ... “Our doom is the law, obey!” – Right Rip, got you there... nearly had us – or

NEWS: BONO'S WIFE SUES PAUL MCCARTNEY'S DAUGHTER What a brilliant headline, came in from CMU this morning, we’d love to take the credit but the headline was there in our in box and....  "I don't want to spoil it by telling you the specifics of the story, but I guess I'm going to have to.
            Bono's wife, Mrs Bono, is suing Paul McCartney's daughter, Macca Jr. Though both women are insisting on using their alternative names - Ali Hewson and Stella McCartney - when the case goes to court. Hewson, who owns a company called Nude Skincare, has taken an exception to a new fragrance released by McCartney called Stella Nude. 
As a result Mrs Bono and her business partner, Mrs Bono's Friend (aka Bryan Meehan) have filed a lawsuit against Macca Jr claiming that the use of the word 'nude' in the name of her fragrance amounts to trademark infringement, because they own all rights to the word in relation to things you might put on your skin, or something.
               A source told The Daily Mail: "Nude Skincare is suing for compensation, not because of anything to do with the scent of the perfume but because of branding and the use of the word 'nude'. Stella isn't likely to make any changes now because the fragrance is coming out in September and nudity is a big part of the perfume's look. The bottle, for example, is a nude colour".
       The case is set to go to court in London later this year. (CMU)
         Mr. Bono meanwhile has a plan to save the world, pay attention now.... Where are Creaming Jesus when you need 'em...?

ALBUM REVIEW:   AMBASSADOR GUN – When In Hell (Pangea) – They’re from the USA, Minneapolis in fact, we’re talking a shitstorm of heavy heavy intense metal.... A kind of Slayer stomping on Mastodon for taking Nasum’s cheese biscuits without asking nicely - a relentless kind of rage and growl. Relentlessly intense, extremely heavy - no intention of stopping for anything, no time for breath, no time for reflection, just pile in there with the riffs and the vocal wall of metal noise – when in hell indeed. Frothing, boiling, relentless metal intensity. Who knows what they’re on about? Bottom Feeder, Death Nail, Killed Hooker’s Money – don’t really want to look too closely, doesn't sound too savoury. If you like your metal intense and Slayer-like then this storm is an impressive cut above the average –

12th AUG 09: NEWS: The legendary MAGMA are heading to London once more, 6th October, at the Barbican.... more soon

ALBUM REVIEW:  MORAL DILEMMA – Agree To Disagree (Pumpkin) – Back for more, the three of ‘em, all mohawked up and raging away with their no messing shouty hardcore punkified speedmetal streetpunk attack. Cleo, Pasty and Craig, the three of them right there on your toes, shouting and speeding and riffing, nothing ground-breaking or different, just straight in there with some seriously good no messing energy, some throaty vocals, a bag of confrontational attitude and a whole load of raw blistering speed punk class. They’re from London, they’ve risen out of the DIY squat punk scene, they're loaded with hard hitting no messing raw angry bite and a serious no messing second album that more than builds of the debut. Spot on sound, spot on raw production, spot on attitude, and like we said last time around, proper London punk rock, go grab a slice  –

NEWS:  YOU’RE SMILING NOW BUT WE’LL ALL TURN INTO DEMONS - Where was we? Some badge of something... Seems the good people over at Function Records are up to things, they got a whole bag of new releases so it seems, and they take over the weekly free afternoon thing at RoTa this week. RoTa happens every Saturday afternoon, free gigs in the rather relaxing Notting Hill Arts Centre, nice little basement of a venue that gets taken over by a zine or an alternative label or some such set of minds and bodies once a week on a Saturday afternoon for a free gig (done more than a few Organ things there ourselves up until the day the security people got violently sexist and out of order with people on the door). Get past the door people (actually they’re not so bad on a Saturday afternoon as they are on a Wednesday or Thursday evening, Saturdays are OK... ) and you’ll find a fine basement venue, comfy seats, and a decent bare-wall basic basement of a place to check out some new bands on a late Saturday afternoon in London. So anyway, got an e.mail here from Function telling us they’ve got bands playing this weekend. Ah shit, they want is to go off on a hunt for a  bloody Facebook page to find out who’s playing! Why the fluck don’t you people just put it in the damn e.mail you just sent us!  Fugg SpaceFace and Twitter and all that bul...  Well that took ages of poking around stupid combinations of tedious social networking sites to actually find out that the bill this Saturday features EX-LIBRAS, SLY AND THE FAMILY DRONE, MONROE EFFECT and YOU’RE SMILING NOW BUT WE’LL ALL TURN INTO DEMONS. First band on at 4.00pm, all well worth checking out, free to get in, Nottinghill, London town, over by the Barclays Bank, big wooden bold doors and crash barriers outside are the only real give away to where the basement venue is, on he main street, past the bookshop, over the road, past the bank. Go see, hear, explore, here –

NEWS: LED BIB are over at the Rough Trade East shop, Brick Lane, East London, tonight, free instore gig somewhere around 7.00pm. Led Bib are a rather tasty avant jazz-other rock hybrid, get a taste via these websites: or or and fid out more about the gig at

ALBUM REVIEW:  MASTERS OF REALITY – Pine/Dover Cross (Brownhouse) – ‘Proper’ new album from Chris Goss and his on-off band known as Masters Of Reality. A rock record that once again touches on the later things Led Zeppelin did in quite a big way - bits of groove, bits of stoner rock, bits of Cream, very much rhythm orientated old school rock record once more. Mahavishnu Orchestra seem to have influenced things rather a lot this time around, bits of free-form instrumentals, lots of this is instrumental actually and once you let it flow and accept it for what it is and just let the groove and the prog-fusion and the bits of later Zeppelin goodness flow in that familiar Masters was - the Presence and the tinge and the groove and such – then this is a rather enjoyable new album, not sure how relevant it all is in 2009, enjoyable when the groove and flow gets you though...

ALBUM REVIEW:  OKIE DOKIE – Okie Dokie (Aagoo) - Ain’t felt this good for an hour..... Now we’re motoring - fourth day, five day marathon... Okie Dokie, here we go again, strap yourself.... This is a head-driller, no idea who they are or where they’re from... hang on...  Val Verdie, California. Right then - eight tracks, we couldn’t resist cutting to the chase, track seven, straight to it, moving like a parallelogram – more in a moment. Back to the start first though...  There’s three of ‘em, Mikey, Mikal, Ryan, they sound like they’re armed with power drills and buzz saws... They’re powered by a maniac of a drum machine (apparently no human drummer could handle the task – so they say - what’s wrong with those Californians!?). Part time outragious, full time contagious (or something like that)... Austere precision so they say. They sound like that band who found the legendary brown note, the one that makes you shit when they play it     Actually they sound like manic killer punk rock muppets, with an extra maniacal vocalist spinning cryptic high speed yelping yappy riddles and slashing cutting barb - wonder what he’s on about? This is good - battering ram directness and eight slices of slashing punk rock - he sounds like a manic pirate’s even more manic parrot with those manic vocals on that nailed-down wired-up version of Motorhead... we should be tired, all we are is... Okie Dokie are wired, raw, blistering, maniacal, wired some more and all rather different - ice pick kicking ooga booga and relentlessly drilling at you non stop, you’ll love it or hate it, I love it... or

Five best ever covers of Motorhead until Okie Dokie came along....
1: COCKNEY REJECTS and their dysfunctional car crash of a live version on the b-side of the Hang ‘em High single 
2: POISON IDEA's version that's nearly as dysfunctional as the Rejects...
3: All MOTORHEAD’s versions, take your pick – we’ll it ain’t a Motorhead song is it! They’re all covers, you knew that already right.... All good clean fun, lighten up, have another stick of gum...
4: PRIMAL SCREAM and that swirling Hawkish version on Vanishing Point
5: REO SPEEDEALER’s version, we’re still adding the REO, who care’s what the lawyers say, you’ll find it on this month’s Organ Spotify 

11th AUG 09: And it came to be... net net net, this is now net, still com tooooooo but you'll find things are far better if you adjust your sets and point your ariel at from now on... Why? Because we like nets that's why, don't ask silly questions... Here's some more music and things all in our net.... THIS IS A BIG NET, PLENTY OF ROOM IN HERE

New things go up on the ORGAN website every day, alternative news, things the others just don't bother to cover - reviews, links, art, music - just bookmark it and drop in every couple of days then you won't come moaning when you miss events like those brilliant Ruins shows you missed last weekend, we told you lots of times, no good moaning at us afterwards, the Hyde Park show last Friday, in a glass venue in the middle of open green space, with Charles Hayward, was one of the best gigs ever! Pay attention, use your organ. This week we’re getting worked up for some frontline Stravinsky action, happening this Thursday.... If you're in London, the Proms is the place to be for some serious hardcore post-punk pronkoid angular action, RITE OF SPRING as part of the Proms at The Royal Albert Hall....Its only a fiver to get in if you Prom - you just have to make sure to get in the line early, it will sell out - serious punk rock! Look on the BBC Proms website for more... Here’s some You Tube, You Tube, to get you in the mood – Stravinsky, the Cardiacs of his day.... 

 NEWS: UPSET? Don’t be, UPSILON ACRUX are on their way, this is very good news indeed, the good people at UPSET THE RHYTHM have just announced that the band who’s 2007 album Galapagos Momentum was declared the second best album of 2007 here at Organ, and who’s new album Radian Futura landed here in the morning post about an hour ago, will be here in London as part of a European tour on October 6th. We’ll give you the rest of the dates just as soon as we have them, here’s a bit of Organ talk from 2007 - “Galapagos Momentum (Cuneiform) - Extravagant, dazzling Upsilon Acrux are talent billionaires, and generous with it. . With every track an astonishing mini-masterpiece, Upsilon Acrux have delivered an album of complexed hard-boiled hardcore avant prog that will have jaws hitting floors for many years to come. Quite possibly the coolest band in the world"  -

The London UPSILON ACRUX show happens on October 6th at Barden's Boudoir, THE LAZE and HONEY RIDE ME A GOAT are also on the bill.... put it in your diary now -

ALBUM REVIEW:  JAMES YORKSTON & THE BIG EYES FAMILY PLAYERS -  Folk Songs (Domino) – The folk singer from Fyfe, this time with the rather sublime Big Eyes Family Players and some rather fresh sounding contemporary folk simplicity. This time James has gathered together a simple soothing and extremely beautiful set of mellow fair-bodied folk songs -  traditional songs, compelling songs, old songs of Britain and Ireland gathered together.... Just simple songs, beautifully played, lovingly arranged, words to drag you in, tales and textures and everything just perfectly right. I shall be honest here, folk is not my first choice in terms of a musical port of call, this is one of the most delightfully inviting albums for a long long time... garters and ribbons tied around gates and all waiting, a set of absolute pleasures. And real folk, simple folk, none of this smoothie-folk, nu-folk, coffee table-folk nonsense, just heartfelt crafted timeless traditional contemporary goodness and an absoulute delight. Highly recommended.  – or or
SINGLE REVIEW:   RANDAN DISCOTHEQUE – Daily Record May 18th 1993 (The Bonjour Beach) – From Edinburgh with a song about all the forgotten headlines from a day back at the start of the 90’s when lots seem to happen and Denis Law was Scot of the Day in the national newspaper that day.. A Quirky scratchy old school indie thing, a different thing, the kind of thing the much missed Mr Peel would have run with in the way he did with these delightfully different things...Not sure about the b-side, sound like the work of a different band, like the a-side though....

SINGLE REVIEW: TINY MASTERS OF TODAY– Real Good (Mute) – The teenage band everyone loves to namedrop but don’t let that put you off, they got the goods to back it all up. Infectious lo-fi hand-clap alt pop that feeds off all kinds of lo-fi garage punk flavoured beatbox things, mixes it all up and out it comes, fresh new pop music...

SINGLE REVIEW:  ANTI-POP CONSORTIUM – Apparently (Big Dada) – Single from the forthcoming Fluorescent Black album and a slice of cutting edge robot-funk-hop apparently – outside the machine so it would seem, a b-boy blend of fizzing electronics and biting rap... they say they’ve taken time to work out their strengths and weaknesses, this is the first fruits... left-field robot-funk flavoured hip-hop rap-crunch lane switching from outside the machine... or something like that -

SINGLE REVIEW:  THE CURE-ATOR / TERRY EDWARDS & THE SCAPEGOATS – In Between Days / Boots Off!! (Sartorial) – In which Terry Edwards does The Cure in his own unique way (and on amber coloured vinyl, no accident that the last Sartorial seven inch was red and the next one is green... traffic lights...). All lounge-jazz-ska-soul trumpet, saxophone and what the makers themselves describe as a “Motown-via-Wham backbeat” – you’ve never heard The Cure like this before –

FATHER MURPHY10th AUG 09, Monday, Monday...

ALBUM REVIEW: FATHER MURPHY – And He Told Us To Turn To The Sun (Aagoo) - Where  to start? An album unlike anything that’s gone before, not a difficult album – well in terms if listening this isn’t a difficult album, in terms of telling you about it then it most certainly is difficult. Seems they’re from Italy and we can be here all day throwing things we’ve never heard or indeed heard of in the CD mangle in the corner, most will be predictable, a lot of it will be at best, average... and then once in a while something will stop us and demand we stop whatever we’re doing and pay full and proper attention. They’re kind of making some sort of avant-folk, then again they’re not, anyone remember those early Huge Baby days? Kayo Dot? Stripped back, skeletal, otherly... Dark... Morricone.... yeah, I know, Italian, mention spaghetti Westerns – cheap lazy shorthand music journalism...  it does have the pace and space though, the drama, the less is more feel, the quiet tension, the dark detuned minimal guitar, the strange voices, the falsetto crooning, the off-hinge whispered keyboards... This Heat, Robert Wyatt, Birthday Party, Lairs, Huge Baby.... only nothing like any of that in anyway what so ever... and all rather quietly intense and yes, very much otherly, intriguingly otherly... Nine songs, intriguing titles....dirgy in a positive way... monastic....  wonderfully different... sinister... are we evil? We are evil (we are Devo?).... Forcing who on who’s knees? Where to  start? Highly recommended, we don’t know how to tell you about it... wonderful... or

NEWS: WILLIAM D.DRAKE is to appear at The Bull and Gate, 389 Kentish Town Road, London NW5 on Friday September 11th  Central Reservation and Rocket Goldstar support.

SINGLE REVIEW:  LOVVERS – Ocd Go Go Girls (Witchita) – One of them bitten by the Stooges lo-fi garage rock’n roll slightly out of tune ‘cause they really don’t care scratching in the dirt kind of bands that you’ve all heard a million times. Ramones fans running on some kind of idea that attitude will get them through the day – they’re probably right. Came out last week, we’re a week late reviewing it, what you gonna do? There’ll be another one of these bands along in a minute with all their fuzz and stuff, could be from England, could be from Detroit or Sweden or some village in Wales, does it matter? – they got an album out today, we only have this one track, they’re busy touring, playing their UK homelands, doing some kind of instore thing in London this week, or so the e.mail that Katie just sent said, go look if you want to, their My Space URL says they want to communicate... let's communicate... hey, ho, let's go.. 

ALBUM REVIEW:  BLINDFOLD – Faking Dreams (Cinepop) – Pleasantly polite melodic and rather heavily Radiohead influenced indie rock Sigur Ros tinged expansiveness from Iceland. Nothing new and like so many things that flow by, but this would be rather difficult and a touch heard-hearted to not like this  –

DEMO REVIEW:  DIALS – Fix The Imbalance (self release) – Four slices of rather polite and maybe potentially epic indie rock that touches on a bit of musical adventure here and there while they content themselves with flirting with bands like Amusement Parks or Placebo or...

Organ show with Sean O on RESONANCE 104.4FM, Sunday AUG 9th 2009, 9.00pm went something like this. Catch it all on your FM dial all over London and worldwide via

Who got played this week? How do you find our more? 

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta)
2: SLEEPER – Faulty (Mush) 
3: GRASSCUT –  High Down (Ninjatune)
4: UNITED FRUIT – Track The Hunt (She Said)
5: VOWELS – Sonny (Loaf) 
6: LED BIB –  Yes, Again (Cuneiform)
7: LIME HEADED DOG –  Bobby Fischer (Volcano Attack)
8: GRENOVILLE – City Of Sirens (demo)
9: ARAB ON RADAR –  No3 (Skin Graft)
10: JAMES YORKSTON – Low Down In The Groom (Domino)
11: DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA – Lucy Fears The Morning Star (Ascendence)
12: GG ELVIS –  Suspicious Minds 
13: AGNOSTIC FRONT – Urban Decadence (Epitaph)
14: THRACIA – Eyes Shine Black (demo)
15: PETER HAMMILL –  Stumbled (FIE)
16: PERE UBU with SARAH JANE MORRIS – Bring Me The Head (Cooking Vinyl)
17: LR ROCKETS – Renee Loves Losers (Ctrl.Alt.Del.)
18: SLEEPER – Mr.Megatron (Mush) 

For full playlist, track details, links and more go here

9th AUG 09:  Sunday, Like we said last week, you know what happens on Sunday, we don't have to say Sunday in radiohead day every week do we? Today is radiohead day, another rush over to London Bridge and over the river for the Organ hour on the actual radio station, new music does still exite you doesn't it?.9.00pm. Organ on Resonance 104.4fm in London or worldwide and right there wherever you are...

NEWS: GG ELVIS STRIKES AGAIN... That’s right, the real king is alive and well and he’s been inhabited by the spirit of GG Allin! GG Elvis leads an Elvis tribute band, they do it GG Allin extreme punk rock style and the good news (oh yes, it is good news!) is that they’re beem over here for an August UK tour that, if you haven't caught it, you've almost missed. Hang on though, the GG Allin inspired punk rock king has another last minute show, this time at The Royal Sovereign, 64 Northwold Road, Clapton, London E5 on August 10th, I do believe that's tommow, see you there .. More from

8th AUG 09 NEWS: DIY LONDON SEEN is an exhibition documenting the work of, and work inspired by, the artists featured in Aaron Rose's film 'Beautiful Losers'. The exhibition will take place in the heart of London this Summer.. The exhibition showcases the work of upcoming British Artists whose are either inspired by those featured in the film, or who create with a similar work ethic and freedom of spirit... 
      DIY LONDON SEEN runs from 17th August - 5th September 2009 at Unit 11, The Market, Covent Garden, London WC2. BEAUTIFUL LOSERS is released by Revolver Entertainment on 7th August and runs exclusively at the ICA until 24th August . The DVD is released on 24th August. – More from
         Curated by Bakul Patki and Lee Johnson of ‘Watch This Space’, the show ‘DIY London Seen’ brings together twenty young Artists, whose work encapsulates a similar naivety, freedom and energy to that of the original ‘Beautiful Losers’, and a shared willing to create art for art’s sake. Whether they be painters, photographers, illustrators, sculptors or filmmakers, the Artists have in common an inbuilt passion to produce work that is neither defined by the art market, nor any factor other than the desire to express their innate creativity; reflecting the society they inhabit and the emotions they experience, through their preferred artistic medium. 
       Artists contributing to *DIY LONDON SEEN* include; Arran Gregory, Aidan O’Neill, Best One, Chrissie Abbott, Clare Shilland, Charlie Woolley, Cheryl Dunn, Gustav Eden, Graham Hudson, Harry Malt, Ivory Serra, Jethro Haynes, Marc Silver, Marcus Oakley, Robin Clare, Sam Ashley and Toby Shuall. –

7th AUG 09 - Shall we ...? Morning, it is morning isn’t it...? I see some people are dismissing that Street Sweeper album as nothing more than an attempt to re-heat former Rage Against The Machine glories, that’s a little disrespectful  in terms of Boots Riley, his history and his contribution... Where were we? Ashes? Postal strikes? Ruins alone?

NEWS: Classical Harp duo HARPTALLICA has announced a three week tour comprising dates in Denmark, Germany, Holland, Belgium and United Kingdom. UK dates go something like this: Aug.23 High Wycombe Nags Head Loft Aug.24 Bristol The Croft, Aug.26 Brighton Price Albert, Aug 27 Swindon The Rolleston, Aug 28 Dyfed, The Killkenny Cat (that’s all the press release said, somewhere in Dyfed), Aug 30th Pontypridd The Crown Inn, Aug 31st Milton Keynes The Craufurd Arms, Sept 1st London Bull & Gate.... “Harpists Ashley Toman and Mollie Marcuson, collectively known as Harptallica, will be showcasing arrangements of Metallica songs from their album Harptallica - A Tribute as well as previews from a planned follow up release.  Harptallica hopes to find European audiences as receptive as those they have seen in the course of their 3 stateside tours over the last 2 years. The girls aim both to introduce audiences to new and original combinations of musical styles and to of course give tribute to a band they were individually introduced to as a 'musical giant': Metallica.” More from or

6th AUG 09 - SINGLE REVIEW:  MARCH OF ANGER – March of Anger (self release) - Brooding big killing joke of a thing, yelling at a thousand gods in that defiantly angry way of Killing Joke or maybe Faith No More – no mere clones though, they’re doing it their way, their on bite on things. Strong stuff – heavy, powerful, claustrophobic, a sound to drown in – full, dark, impressive old school brooding boiling angry full-bodied drive from South London. Four uncompromising tracks, not a hint of a compromise, a full on global noise attack and a rather good four track EP – or

ALBUM REVIEW:  BLEED FROM WITHIN – Humanity (Rising) - One of them there growling up a shitstorm type vocalists and what sounds like a second dick-caught-in-zip type screamer alongside him... Some brutal metal riffs, some raging speedhorn stomps and some violent brutal brutal yelping tantrum plagues... Did we say they were brutal? Brutal, intense, relentless, locked on... who knows what they’re yelling about? Price of fish? State of the Japanese knotweed invasion? Colour of Lemmy’s underpants this week? What the devil might be having for tea tonight? Ah look, you’ve heard it all before, a brutal stew of intense brutally brutal shouty metal and noise and violence and brutal yelling and riffing and raging and speedhorning and if you want another helping of metal brutality then, without doing anything that new or different, this debut album from this Glasgow outfit really ain’t bad... or

NEWS: COBAIN'S SWEARING CAUSES UPROAR - Kurt Cobain has caused controversy in his hometown of Aberdeen, Washington by swearing in a park. Residents have complained about a new granite memorial in an unofficial neighbourhood park (whatever that is), which features eight quotes from the late Nirvana frontman. The one causing problems says: "Drugs are bad for you. They fuck you up". The stone was donated by Grays Harbor Monument, while local man Tori Kovach selected the quotes. Aberdeen City Councilman Jerry Mills told The Daily World: "[Fuck] is a word that should be done away with. We paint over it every time it's on graffiti. It's inappropriate". 
         Kovach said: "To me, the syringe is more offensive than the F word. I didn't include that quote because I enjoy and am comfortable with controversy. It wasn't for that reason. It was a message from Kurt and a very powerful message".
           The city's mayor, Bill Simpson said that the Parks Board would now decide whether or not "fuck" should be removed from the memorial. Confirming that the offending work could easily be sandblasted off, Grays Harbour Monuent's manager Jerry Myers said: "In the granite industry, it'd be a bleep. There's about a 50-50 mix of people who care and those who don't". (CMU)

ART REVIEW:  SHOWCASE @ 1001 Cafe, Brick Lane, 5th August.... The idea is a good one, a showcase for the work new emerging artists, one night only – put the work up, throw open the doors at 5.30pm and stay open until somewhere around midnight, one night only, no messing about. Who goes to any of the dozens of Brick Lane galleries at any time besides the opening nights of the shows anyway? Most of the galleries aren’t even open when the East End is at its most vibrant, all closed and dark during the evening when people are out at gigs. Seems most of the small galleries are only open (and showing to no one) during the dead of day time... fed up with passing locked doors on the way to gigs. 
             Showcase was busy tonight, the 1001 Cafe is always a vibrant place anyway, find it down Dray Walk, just over from the Rough Trade East shop by the old Truman Brewery, just off Brick Lane. The showcase itself takes place in the big open backroom of the spacious cafe - up the stairs, battle through all the people sitting on the always crowded forecourt and through the bit with all the books and art and comfy seats and there it is - the backroom and the Showcase sign and a busy room divided up by simple white wooden peg-board panels. Well lit, basic, spacious and packed with fresh art waiting to be discovered, waiting to be bought, explored and generally enthused over... There’s a buzz in here, a busy relaxed atmosphere, none of the stagnant formality of your ‘normal’ gallery, this is D.I.Y good and people just getting in there and doing it, a positive thing surely? Or is it? Seems that the organisers are treating the artists well, for once this doesn’t feel like an exercise in nothing more than parting hopeful artists with the little bit of cash they have in exchange for some over-hyped wall space that doesn’t live up the promise offered by a slick website. Showcase feels honest, it feels right...  The one major thing that lets all the good intention and obvious committed enthusiasm of Showcase down is the lack of any real quality control - of the eighteen or so artists ‘showcasing’ tonight there’s only really maybe two or three that really seriously warrant further investigation... Most of the work on display really isn’t that exciting, some of it verging on bad and in danger of bringing down what is in essence an excellent idea – a bit of quality control is desperately needed or an idea that just might fly in the coming months could come crashing down before those wings have really allowed themselves to spread. A little more quality control is going to be needed if we’re going to come back every two weeks, saw enough tonight to thing a trip down Brick Lane again in two weeks will be worth it though... 
         Of those worthy of more attention tonight, ANIA PIENIQZEK’s rather vibrantly bold still-life pieces stand out, COLLEN MORICE’s Scratchings From The Underground and her manipulation of photographic images of torn posters from the tube system are rather interesting, KARIN VAN DER PLAS and her colourfully energetic three dimensional folk art pieces draw the eye with their riot of colour and slightly disturbing undercurrent, while KHUAN TRU’s graphic novel style Vector caricatures are strong, some of EMMA ASHTON’s pop-art cats are charming in a sweet kind of candy coloured way and best of all, LEANNE GOYMER’s stylised comic book influenced 50’s flavoured pop-art painting showed promise and demanded a mental note of her name be taken – just might have been a bargain investment at around forty pound a piece had we had some spare cash to hand. All the work is on sale tonight, some of it more realistically priced that others, all the artists are there politely lurking and ready to talk (or at least we assume they were . the two or three we met were more than willing to chat without ever being pushy). The whole event is vibrant, friendly, energetic, alive and if the enthusiastic organisers can get a handle on that quality control issue then the early days of Showcase (tonight was the third) might just build in to something rather good. The event happens every second Wednesday, the next one is on August 19th, find out more via the website and go enjoy exploring some new artists in a very relaxed friendly informal slightly chaotic, rather positive environment - Showcase webpage

5th AUG 09 - Shall we review some more records then? Or...? Or... stick in an oar? Reality bleeding who? Radiohead beauty...

ALBUM REVIEW: THE CHURCH – Untitled #23 (Second Motion) – The Church are a far too well kept secret, one of the most constantly reliable and creatively wholesome rewarding bands of the last thirty or so years. The psychedelically-edged Australians just keep on quietly doing it – quiet in all senses - they’re an unassuming legend amongst those who are lucky enough know about them... And Untitled #23 is as inspiring as anything the band have done - a little more restrained now, not so many blurred crusades these days.. Mellow consideration and quiet reflective creative contentment – sometimes dreamy, sometimes creamy, always intriguingly wordy (in an uncluttered simple kind of way).  The Church gentle glide, they glow, the create quietly unassuming sky touching epics, they have done for years and years, they’re clearly still putting their horse before their gorgeously easy cart. Torches that keep on burning, slowly uncoiling rich vibrant beauty, as mysteriously dark and as instantly accessible as ever, warm space between the notes and another instalment in what really has been a rich long-flowing unbroken stream of instinctive distinctive creative gentle vine-heavy goodness – or, out this week and available in the UK via

NEWS: RADIOHEAD RELEASE SONG IN MEMORY OF WAR VETERAN - Radiohead have released a new song, which got its first play on Radio 4's 'Today Programme' this morning, in memory of World War I veteran Harry Patch, who died last month. Entitled 'Harry Patch (In Memory Of)', the lyrics are based on the soldier's last words and Thom Yorke said he was inspired to write the song after hearing an interview with 'The Today Programme' recorded in 2005. The song can be downloaded from the band's website for £1, with all proceeds going to the Royal British Legion. Go here to get it.You can hear a stream of the song here.

SINGLE REVIEW:  TRULY BEAUTIFUL DISASTER – Luxury Living EP (Pearl Flash) - The art of noise, takes a moment and a play or two to bypass the materialism and those opening track lyrics that initially annoy until you get under the surface... that and the Nu Rave alarms and the feeling of oh no, more Hoxton fashionista and Natham Barleyisms and the gag reflex and... no, no more of this style over substance hang on....  like that bit there... and...oooo... nice bit of crunchy electro pop there... decent bit of old school flow there.... bit of Orchestral Manoeuvres there, touch of classic Pet Shop Boys...  Daft Punk bite.... actually this is good, they got bite, they do have style, the luxury of doing lots.... the materialism is a sneer in the direction of some bankers they encountered one night...  let’s make lots of money...  atmospheric goodness and almost heroic and when you let it flow then four fine fine debut tracks and a rather impressive first EP from the East London duo, cuts through with a touch of depth and some genuine quality... got to let these things breathe sometimes... luxury living.... yes...

4th AUG 09 - Get involved? Works both ways...  never mind that, here’s some of this....

NEWS: SHOWCASE happens every second Wednesday evening over at Cafe 1001, Dray Walk, Brick Lane, East London  Showcasing new art, paintings and such.. “Every other Wednesday evening at Cafe 1001 (Brick Lane) expect to see an exciting bunch of contemporary artists presenting a rich variety of work and artistic styles” – looks rather good to us, a little bit more energy and excitement than a lot of the Brick Lane galleries we’re experiencing right now.. .looks good on line anyway, looking at art on line is really never tellS you that much, serious case of mere signposts, we’ll tell you more tomorrow when we’ve has a proper look. Next showcase is tomorrow, that painting over there is the work of Amy Wright, she shows on the 19th August... Showcase webpage

NEWS: Meanwhile, BEAUTIFUL LOSERS, “Hi, thought I'd mention a couple interesting things coming up incase it's of any interest to you. The first is the premier of the film Beautiful Losers at the ICA, which charts the progress of a group of New York based street artists through to success. The film premiers this Thursday and will have a q&a and party after, I think tickets are still available via ICA. And the next is a group show that I'm involved with that has been arranged to complement the UK showing of the film, taking over a disused shop unit in Covent Garden Piazza and the show is titled DIY London Seen, showing work by UK based artists working with a similar ethos. If you're interested in either let me know and I can send you some more info.Thanks, Robin”

NEWS: Sculptor TONY ROSENTHAL has died aged 94, the New York Times reports. The cause of death was a stroke. The prolific sculptor was perhaps best known for the Alamo, his popular revolving black cube installed in Astor Place in the East Village in 1967, where it remains to this day, and his many other public sculptures, which dot streets and plazas across New York and Los Angeles   (A.R)

NEWS: PELICAN are said to be in the studio putting the finishing touches on their fourth studio album, entitled What We All Come To Need. What guitarist Laurent Lebec has dubbed “the most perfect synthesis of everything we've done to date, sonically”, the press release here goes on about how “this new album is a giant step forward within the complex, intricate, beautiful and crushing sound Pelican is famous for. The album features more guests than have ever appeared on a Pelican album before: Greg Anderson of sunn O))), Aaron Turner of Isis, Ben Verellen of Harkonen and Helms Alee and Allen Epley from The Life & Times and Shiner. Content-wise, Lebec says “there is a current of inspiration that feels particular to each album's music and titles. Though we lack a singer, the song names are often conceptual. This new album speaks to a rapidly decaying world, the fulfilment we find in each other, as well as the resolve to move beyond disillusionment.” If the recent Ephemeral EP is any indication of what’s to come, we can expect nothing less than the apex of Pelican’s creative output” – well that’s what the press release says, last Pelican album rather bored us but hey, don’t shoot the messenger here, I know lots of you care about them...

ALBUM REVIEW: GULLICH – Gullich (Pay For The Piano) – A trio from North East English with a debut self-titled eight track mini album of spiky mathy awkwardly angular indie rock  They show a lot of ambitious promise, a little predictable right now and a little lacking in terms of texture and dimension – those guitars riffs and that voice stay at the same level and never vary in terms of scratchy texture from start to finish. Textures and mathy moves we’ve heard already and crying out to be taken somewhere just a little different... Hopeful start though, let’s see what evolves, worth sticking around to see where they take it, see if they can get a little more in there.. or

ALBUM REVIEW: NINJA DOLLS – 1, 2, 3 Go! (Unconform) - Fast feisty female fronted punk pop from Sweden, not many dimensions to it, that never stopped those Ramones though...

NEWS: SUNN O))) SOUNDTRACK JEANS ADVERT: 'O)))Bow 1', a track from Sunn O)))'s 2001 album 'Flight Of The Behemoth', has been used in a new advert for Norwegian design agency and clothing company Anti-Sweden's new line of 'True Black Metal Jeans'. The jeans will also feature the occult inspired artwork of American artist and Sunn O))) collaborator Justin Bartlett on their labels. Strange times... now you know.  Watch the advert here – black metal jeans and adverts and we’re not making any of this up... Actually that is an impressive looking and indeed sounding advert, we'll have some of them, put me down for hald a dozen and what would Rip say...

3rd AUG 09 - AUGUST SPOTIFY: Scrap all of that that, scratch it out, whatever you do, don't get invovled in anything...  Monday, eat our own ears, that Spotify thiNg, new month, new list, here's the August list, we'll add tracks as we put news and review up, the previous month's lists are still there, over there on the edge of the page, as is the readers list that you can add things to for everyone to share and hear and check out and...

2nd AUG 09 - Scrap that, scratch it out, whatever you do, don't get invovled...  Sunday, eat our own ears, SUNDAY IS RADIOHEAD DAY – ORGAN HOUR, 9.00PM UK time on Resonance FM, 104.4FM on the dial in London, and world wide via - this week The Other Rock Show and the further exploration, on proper radio, of rock music that goes beyond the confines of 4/4. This week we have another early taste of the new Gong album that isn't out until September, first with Hillage for ages, classic Gong teapot taxi travel and we have...... 

NEWS: RUTH BAYER has a launch for her new book  POPPERS... 'Poppers: Photographic Portraits by Ruth Bayer' Ruth Bayer. With introductory essays by Michael Atavar, Stephen Thrower and Cathi Unsworth. Book Launch Wednesday 5th August 2009. Doors open at 7.30pm. The Horse Hospital, Colonnade, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 
                 “In ‘Poppers’, photographer Ruth Bayer achieves a simple but effective frisson between the composed, formal relationship of camera and subject, and the rogue element introduced by her subjects' inhalation of Poppers - the street name for a legal compound belonging to the alkyl nitrate family; a muscle relaxant which causes the dilation of blood vessels, leading to increased blood flow and a rush of heat and euphoria. Fascinated by the watery, dilated eyes and sensually heightened faces of those she saw taking Poppers in nightclubs, Ruth set out to capture those fleeting moments of euphoric aware/unawareness in the series of photographs presented in this book. More from or

ALBUM REVIEW: OEN SUJET - Life Given To Quiet Places (LOAF) - Oen Sujet are from Montreal, but they could be from another planet. This glassy filigree of complex, space-age sound glistens like pollen and diatoms under an electron microscope or a leaf under an ordinary one. Oen Sujet imbue electronica with vibrant, hypnotically detailed life, taking analogue synth warm purity and a whole zoo of the best sort of sonic glitch and bloop that pepper techno or drum n bass, and using them in a way that's a polar opposite to the usual - long, long epics packed with time changes and super-rich harmony.  'Life Given To Quiet Places' might even be some sort of breakthrough in music, some kind of breaking down of a whole bunch of barriers: between contemporary classical and pop, between electronic cool and heartfelt prog. It certainly defies description.  Blending immaculately with the clear, meticulously crafted production is the gorgeous, gently soaring voice of Julie Blanche, thoughtful lyrics knitting all together into a seamless, unique whole.  That whole can be called an inseparable mixture of Plaid and Burt Bacharach, of Stereolab and Aphex Twin, with the melodies and structures of Yes and early Genesis.  Despite the electronic, bleepy, glitchy soundscape, those endlessly shifting key changes, and the lovely female voice breaking into warm chorals recall the Sea Nymphs... but little else comes close. 
         And oh, the tunes. So many tunes, any of which would be stretched out for a whole song by more miserly songwriters, like the sudden killer chorus around nine minutes into Bird and Binocular.  All five mini epics are constructed out of tiny chunks of compelling melody, shifting from simple nursery rhyme to sophisticated Bacharach progression to hymnal in a few lines.  The depth of imagination in each composition is breathtaking, the detail bewildering but so inviting. The more you listen, the more comes to life, each part delightful and surprising in itself.  And the entire album holds together, as a unique whole.
        Spectacularly beautiful... and not really like anything else. - or

NEWS: THRACIA JOIN AGNOSTIC FRONT IN LONDON: “Hi. hope all is going well. Just realised it was over a year ago we sent our CD (Rise of the Disco Sapiens) to you to be reviewed...  Remember us? Thracia? punk metally types form Northampton with singy screamy Jen on vocals....  in case you need a memory jogging haha.. Anyway, we've finally got a new CD ready(ish) called 'Sea of Tediocrity' which I'll bung in the post to you in the hope that you'll enjoy it enough to write about it again.  We're also playing at The Underworld in 2 weeks (11th August) with Agnostic Front, randomly lucky to get that support!!  I dunno if you fancied coming down, see what we're like as a live band (and see AF of course!!) or even just give it (us!) a plug... it all helps doesn’t it!! Cheers Liam Thracia” -

1st AUG 09  - Ah, there's always good music, there's always hope in art, you corporate types with your music industry ways can't squeeze the life out of it all... 

ALBUM REVIEW: STREET SWEEPER SOCIAL CLUB – Street Sweeper Social Club (Cooking Vinyl) - Burger flippers grab your spatulas... sit up, pay attention, time to rage.... Street Sweeper Social Club is Tom Morello and Boots Riley and their self-titled debut album drops over here this coming Monday. It rules! Go out and get.... 
            What... you want more from us?  Oakland pro-active hip-hop legend and all round positive social force Boots Riley On voice and words - best know as leader of The Coup (Wire heads, does he sound like arch Honey Nut fiend Omar or what?), Tom Morello, he of the (still) mighty, (still) cool as f*** Rage Against The Machine on guitar and bass, Stanton Moore of Galactic laying down some serious drums.... Oh look, this is frontline Rage, no ifs, no buts... this is switch-flipping Rage good.... Boots Riley fits the bill perfectly, The Coup are widely acknowledged as being one of the best hip-hop outfits out there, his words bite, he’s got things to say and ways to say it. Born in Chicago and raised in Oakland, Boots became a teenage community organiser, served on the central organising committee for the Progressive Labor Party and lots more, “Boots Riley has been an integral part of the progressive struggle for radical change through culture” – if you don’t know him already, you’re getting the picture, he fits right there with Morello’s trademark riffs. This is seriously in the zone raging against the machine, a megablast... and some of it is just damn well infectiously good... two by two, Promonade. Those familiar “steamroller” riffs, “It’s revolutionary party jams” says Morello... Rage and depth and funk, and giant slabs or rock “This is a time when the working class is being fleeced left and right, they’ll need something to listen to on their ipods while storming Wall Street”. Front line Rage in every way, this rules, one of the albums of the year, big rock monster, shake it by its furry hand... or

ALBUM REVIEW: NUTSAK – Failed Musician (Signed By Force) – Frantic jazz, only it isn’t, scratchy alternative rock, only it isn’t... John Coltrane for Sonic Youth fans? Maybe? Frantically busy and rushing from one side of your mind to the other... they swipe you with outbursts of frantic instrumental avant flavoured experimental jazz and just when you think you’re getting somewhere near working them out, off they rush with some frenetic wired garage punk or an insane working of My Favourite Things that ends up as some manic freeform feedback jazz fest once more – and always precise and, in a loose and manic way, so very tight (and easy to listen to). My Favourite Things is brilliant actually, raindrops and roses and the fine sound of music     Mostly this is instrumental jazz noise - not too noisy, not too difficult, not too hardboiled, just frantic frenetic jazz-fried other rock... they’re not adverse to a touch of garage punk and a touch of bad attitude though – They F**ked Good Tonight has a touch of the GG Allin about it... It just may be an eclectic ride but it does all make sense and it does flow as one glorious genre-bending irreverent whole, give it a few plays and you’ll suddenly find you love all the Hidden Charms (the Willie Dixon Hidden Charms actually), they go to many place and sound like nothing but Nutsak, recommended. – or
31th JULY 09  - This weekend SPACE artists at Britannia Works, Bridget Riley and Eastway Laundry will be opening their studios as part of the Hackney Wicked festival. Launching this Friday and running all weekend, the festival includes exhibitions, live music, film screenings and an artists fete alongside hundreds of open studios throughout the Hackney Wick area. Further details can be found here

Resonanting days? Eat who's own what? Get involved in who? Is there any kind of alternative musical underground spirit left in this country or is it all just smaller less efficient versions of the corporate machine? What happened to the idea of zines and alternatives and unity and creating different ways? Structures, D.I.Y? Free festivals rather than corporate sponsorship and Guardian Tea Rooms? A real alternative? The Relentless Garage? The O2 this, the Bassett's Liquorice Allsorts Camden Barfly? Alternative festivals run like unfiriendly copies of giant corporate festivals, alternative music sites all cluttered up with the same mainstream 'alternatives', so damn clogged up with the corporate culture and their own self-importance rather than any genuine notiion of sub culture, alternative culture, counter culture, pulling together, unity, cross pollination...what happened to doing a little more than just talking it? What happened to the bit about it being about the music? Get involved? Why? 

Never mind that, back to the 'product', no cynical smiles here... 

ANTHRAX have a new single, the proper Anthrax that is, not that we don’t have lots of time for the other Anthrax, we’re talking the English anarch-punk band Anthrax here though, days of Crass and all that...
  SINGLE REVIEW:  ANTHRAX – One Last Drop / Welcome (Happy Released) - Does it really take an old crusty anarcho punk band who really shouldn’t be making records in 2009 to kick it all back in to some kind of beautiful focus..?. Ours is to question why? Why is this new Anthrax single, their first in about twenty years, why is this sounding so much more alive and kicking and biting and snarling than almost everything we encounter these days? Whatever happened to the notion of real punk rock anyway? 
     The new single from the original Anthrax, this is a righteous snarling thrusting breath of beautiful slashing and burning thrashing punk rock fresh air.   Two fresh raw biting provoking slices of new Anthrax from the proper days of Crass and protest and squat gigs and fanzines and us and them and bullshit detecting and something a little more than hairspray, fashion, marketing and corporate PR campaigns.. This is the antidote to all your Gallows hair-gel and your rules and your regulations and glossy ‘punk rock’ music industry and all your soul-sucking PR fashion parade selling bollocks. Ah fuck, we shouldn’t been needing a new Anthrax single this much should we? I mean it is good just to have ‘em back and blasting, but it really shouldn’t be sounding this good and this vitally fresh should it? Surely others should have picked up the baton and run with it? Surely it shouldn’t take some aging punks and.... This a raw biting blistering questioning heartfelt punk rock, this is top quality forward looking positively angry question throwing goodness in an age of unwelcoming conformity, and (alongside that new Stupids album) this is the finest slice of fresh punk rock air for quite sometime. This is Anthrax sounding better than ever... Wonder why they felt they needed to come back? Whatever the reason thank heavens they did... Welcome to the age of not doing much, welcome to the age of corporate conformity, welcome back to a world that needs bands like Anthrax and their slices of energy and attitude and their questions, and their top quality spot-hitting music, more than ever... 
        That’s right, two brand new Anthrax tracks on one cd single... “We went into the recording studio on the 16th and 17th May and put down One Last Drop and Welcome. Both tracks will be available on a double A side CD single - the recording was with the original anthrax line up - Gareth bass, Peter drums, D guitar, Oscar vocals, Shaun guitar - the first time we had been in a recording studio for over 20 years. The single is available from

Listen - Sean...ALBUM REVIEW: END OF EVERYTHING – A Man Made Sun (Casket) – Rough clanking clattering crashing punk/metal stew of aggression, pissed-off intent, angry bile and delicate flower picking...  They’re from Glasgow, they sound like the type of people you avoid making eye-contact with on late night buses. It isn’t entirely clear if this brutally raw mess is by accident or blistering intent, it is violently good though (and we may have lied about the flower picking element). Fast, heavy, direct, relentless, a glorious road accident of an album, ‘basic’ production, drums sound like cardboard boxes, nothing subtle, six tracks, hang on here comes a moody slow one, no, they’re taking off like a bull in yet another china shop, good stuff, who knows what he's singing (yelling) about...

SINGLE REVIEW: GRASSCUT – High Down (NingaTune) – Diffenrent yet accessible, experimental yet easy and just good... Sweeping melodies, gentle epics, gentle glitch and edgy textures that flow is a simple satisfyingly gentle way... like walking on the Sussex Down on a nice fresh day, grasscut fresh and alive with goodness and all is well....

DEMO REVIEW:  TORTURO NERVOSA – Wired raw grungy punky punchy shouty alternative edginess from deepest Scotland. Four tracks that sound like a lot of things we’ve encountered before, them shouty alternative grunfy punky guitar bands we can all name, damn good at it though, bag loads of energy, attitude and a slice or two of abrasive class in there with that hint of a nasty edge –

ALBUM REVIEW:  INNOCENT ROSIE – Bad Habit Romance (self release) – Twelve slices of decent enough standard issue high energy heard it all before a million times L.A glam metal Guns ‘n Skid ‘n Roses Row stuff (from Sweden), one shot of Jack is as good as the next right? Should you want more of it that is, up to you really -

30th JULY 09 - ALBUM REVIEW: OBLIQ – Antenna (Ensue) – Rather impressive four piece band from Sweden with some rather epic, rather lush, rich, refined, flowing, easy on the ear, contemporary, indie rock colour... All good and Doves and Editors and Coldplay and Keane and...  and really rather good if you like that kind of thing. good look to 'em, all a little nice and polite for these awkward ears but hey... strong vocals, soothing epicness, pleasantly uplifting... or

ALBUM REVIEW:  THE MORNING AFTER – You Can’t Hurt Steel (Rising) – A not altogether convincing attempt at some kind of 80’s power/hair metal hybrid... All Maiden and Europe and Helloween and apocalyptic screaming sci-fi and singalong bits and Malmsteen style guitar solos and what nice neat short tidy hair they all have...

ALBUM REVIEW:  ANDY NICE – The Secrets Of Me (Front And Follow) – Andy Nice is currently recording and performing with Tindersticks. He’s previously worked with Luke Haines’ Barder Meinhof, Cradle Of Filth, Orbital, he’s also the cellist with string/dance music aficionados Instrumental.... The Secrets Of Me is a pleasantly soothing, restrained, quiet, mostly instrumental solo album. Layers of cello, slowly gliding string driven textures and all rather enjoyably soothing in a slow-moving richly textured chamber orchestra kind of way –

TWITTER IS WHAT? Twitter is "gay"... "Twitter this shit, motherf**ker". Or so said David Cameron when asked about the popular micro-blogging service on the Absolute Radio breakfast show yesterday. Oh no, hang on. He said "twat" didn't he. No, it was Kid Rock who said the other stuff. Asked about the Twitter phenomenon by Rolling Stone, Rock said: "It's gay. If one more person asks me if I have a Twitter, I'm going to tell them, 'Twitter this shit, motherf**ker'. I don't have anything to say, and what I have to say is not that relevant. Anything that is relevant, I'm going to bottle it up and then squeeze it onto a record somewhere". And how stage-managed to look like he’s one of the people was ordinary Dave from Eton’s ‘mistake’ on the radio yesterday, like that other toff in the baseball hat back there... Cameron is not to be trusted, others may well be making a mess of things right now, we haven’t forgotten Thatcher and the Tory grab it all for us and who cares about plebs attitude though, we never ever will... He is right about bloody Twitter though, and no we’re not on it and stop sending us gig invites via Facebook, and no we don’t want to follow you and know what you’re doing all day, and no we’re not telling you what we’re doing either and no, we’re not on bloody Facebook either, just tell us where the damn gig is without all the invites and spam and crap, cut the crap...! And who does this band I’m listening to now sound like, bugging the hell out of me and why is it raining when there should be cricket and what’s wrong with being gay anyway Kid? Suck it and see... FIELD DAY stage times are out, annoying for all you outside of London that we’re going on about it, but The Thing!! The Thing are on at 4.00pm... full stage times here

NEWS: THE RAYOGRAPHS are playing tonight at Gramaphone, with El Gran Chufle and The Oscillations. Gramophone is to be found at 62 Commercial Street, London, E1 - Algate East, which means nothing id you’re in Boston or Derby or Salford or Sydney, but hey, Rayographs are exciting us right now and... Rayographs on Thursday, Perhaps Contraption on Friday, The Thing at Field Day on Saturday, we got your London lives all sorted for you here....

ALBUM REVIEW: ELECTRIC RIVER – Radio No Go (self release) - Big bold Clash-like radio friendly pop-rock energy and attitude from the Kent band, energy and songs that now and again hit the spot (an now and again don’t quite...). Hardworking committed band doing it the right way, good look to ‘em -

ALBUM REVIEW: CHEVAL SOMBRE - Sombre (Double Feature) – A rather glowing one-man band from Hudson River, NY and a collection of eleven rather sombre, rather delicately detailed slowcore folk songs. Songs that wash over in a gentle psychedelic kind of way, touch of Spacemen 3/Spectrum in there – he, his name seems to be Cheval Sombre, he has been recording with Sonic Boom, as well as collaborating with Dean Wareham (Galaxie 500, Luna) and Britta Phillips (Luna) – indeed Sonic Boom plays on all of these delicately warm gentle tracks...  mellow warm slowcore alt.folk and organic electronically detailed acoustically driven psychedelia... rather beautiful. Eleven fine songs, including a version of the Doors song Hyacinth or find copies in the UK via

30th JULY 09 - Catching up with the things we should have done yesterday before tomorrow kicks in, tick tock and white rabbits and mad hatters and more rain and feed your... doing it our way, in out time... 

SINGLE REVIEW: THE RAYOGRAPHS – Frances/Yellow Hair (Everything We Know) – More from The Rayographs, good, we all need more, second single from the three girls and they’ve built on all that elegance and enchantment that we talked of last time... Built on it all in a seriously good way with these two new tracks. They kind of mix a classic riot-grrrl ethic with a PJ Harvey style Nick Cave blues feel, more than that though, they're not that easy to pin down ... they’re stark yet full bodied, wired yet rich, they really are creating something that threatens to be special, they’ve got a dark edge, a menace that you wouldn’t want to mess with. Sharp, atmospheric, alive... Pixies good and who cares if Courtney is making a new Hole record or not, Rayographs are fast becoming the band Courtney would love to be in... that good... and only two singles in... fine basslines, sharp drums, stark words, imaginantion, real blues.... One of those stand out records that doesn’t often come along, one of the genuinely exciting new bands...and how good is that moody riff at the start of Yellow hair... catch this conversation, pay attention, this is special.... or

ALBUM REVIEW: WAVVES - Wavvves (Bella Union) - From California and kind of sounding like it, San Diego... Californian lo-fi fluster and artrock bluster and busy busy busy scratchy fuzzy and some kind of one man noise-pop lo-fi scratchy garage thing that sometimes gets angular (in a not that angular kind of way really), an album that’s sometimes rewarding, sometimes a little annoying and sometimes leading to sentences that never quite end... Scratchy lo-fi tendencies, Californian goth girl obsessions, skateboards, weed, fuzz... a one man wall of indie-rock lo-fi noise from Nathan Williams... bits of clipped electronics and fractured fuzzy experimental noise, always around the lo-fi no-fi songs though, this is pop first and foremost, pop songs... and if we’re honest, which we always are, a little take it or leave it.... I think we’ve had enough now...

BOOKSHELF... Now this looks rather interesting.... Good looking website, rather intriguingly mysterious at the moment... art, performance, film, theatre... “We are bookshelf” they say (in lower case...) “bookshelf is a new arts group dedicated to creating work in the visual, cinematic and performing arts that explores the place where art meets love. the name bookshelf reflects the 'little bit of everything' list... at the heart of it the emphasis is on words.... words we'd like you to hear. . “. 
         “Our first project is beast a new play written and directed by Elena Bolster” they say “He is an artist. She is a whore. She will be his inspiration, his muse. He will change her forever. A beast will be born.” Beast is part play, part poem, combining fluid verse with terse & direct dialogue. The show utilises various types of media, incorporating live performance, recordings, sound effects and moving images to create the passionate and haunting internal world of two lovers...”
  Beast is being performed at the Edinburgh Fringe  from August 10th until 31st and before that there is to be a short run at Theatre503 at the Latchmere, London SW11 on 3rd & 4th August... 
       Explore Bookshelf at your leisure and find out more, when they reveal it, over at

29th JULY 09 - Oooooo, so many things...

ALBUM REVIEW: GOODNIGHT AND I WISH – A Ruffled Mind Makes A Restless Pillow (Modern Pop) – Titled after a Charlotte Bronte quote, a collection of songs reference the thoughts we take to bed - the fears, the loves, the worries and ambitions, the spying flies and that space just before dreamscape... A Collection of songs, different songs, whispers, echoed thoughts in the night breeze... Lullaby Pop so it seems, a set of songs that began their lives as an aid to help cure bouts of insomnia suffered by singer/songwriter Brandon Jacobs – “I would write instrumental pieces to listen to when I tried to sleep, then, as time went by, I started adding stories, poems and nursery rhymes to the music”. Some of the songs are sweet, some innocent, some of them maybe a little too twee... Some charming, all very atmospheric, some of it magical... microphones set up in dark stairways and underneath wind chimes in the garden at night, in a haunted house, with the noise of mice, the space shared with loved ones.... Touches of Tim Burton, Daniel Johnson, The Divine Comedy... A mostly delightful English album, some of it poignantly beautiful, and if it is Lullaby Pop then it must just be slightly left field sometimes magical alternative Lullaby Pop... Brandon Jacobs is also drummer and founder member of Neil’s Children. A Ruffled Mind is released as a limited to 250 pressing of two CDs, Sun and Moon, the CDs come in hand made black velvet bags...

chaka ( REVIEW: ADMIRAL ANGRY - Buster (Shelsmusic) – Late night blistering metal, these things shouldn’t be listening to first thing in the morning... A raging frothing yelping screaming pit of tantrum throwing churning brooding metal. Modern grindcore intent and a whole dark blue bag of spitting chewing aural savagery...  Debut album from the LA crew (and they do sound like a crew rather than just another band) and some intense modern screaming hardcore metal that comes with just a little something extra... a little more colour, imagination, a little more danger... You probably won’t want them flying at your head all day everyday, and on some mornings yelping screaming man is going to be the last thing you need, on days you do though, on days you do then this is intensely good edge-pushing metal. Sometimes the music is good enough to cut through all the crap, sometimes the music is worth it...

NEWS: NICK PYNN, PARADISE 9, CLOUD CULTand... Roy Wood wrote: > "Hi, I have not dropped you a line for a while but I am involved in a couple of things this week that I thought you might mention if you have the space. The first is purely altruistic. My good friend and criminally underrated musician NICK PYNN is playing the 12 Bar (Denmark Street, Central London) on Wednesday (today). If you don't know him he is a solo artist who performs on violin, guitar, mandocello, dulcimer, cokolele, bass pedals and a looping box. He has been doing this for a while now - long before many others did  it and was, and still is sometimes, Arthur (God of Hellfire) Brown's entire live band -       The second part is to ask if you could mention a show my own band THAT LEGENDARY WOODEN LION is appearing at. We are supporting PARADISE 9 at their CD launch at the Inn on the Green on Saturday 1st August. This is self promoted so  there is no record company / publicity machine behind it. We need any help we can get. It would be nice if you could mention the gig and the bands.-
          That's the grovelling for publicity over then. At the risk of sounding sycophantic I would like to say thanks for pointing me in the direction of Skeletons and Extra Life - both of which are CDs I have enjoyed a lot recently. I was really pissed off to discover how good Extra Life were - the day after they played here in Brighton! Since you seem into art a lot these days - have you heard a band called Cloud Cult? I discovered them via one of my MySpace friends and have three albums. Can be a bit septic/wimpy voice in places but then it can be all electronic too and the lyrics can be very good and they seem to have their hearts in the right place. They have artists onstage with them painting pictures during the set! May be just a gimmick and I have never seen them live - don't think they have played  here but it all strikes a chord with me somehow and it is so far away from a lot of the stuff I listen to.-
      Well thank you Roy, we plan to be a little busy over at Field Day on Saturday, happy to pass on the news and the links though, although, we do have a forum for you all to use for these  things... please do go put your gig news up and your thought on Extra Life or bands you think we should be checking out orcomplaints about too much art and not enough metal or poetic justice or...

NEWS: DAVID BYRNE TO PLAY THE ROUNDHOUSE...  When we say David Byrne is going to play The Roundhouse, we don't mean he's going to get up and just play a guitar and sing a bit, we mean he's actually going to play The Roundhouse as a musical instrument.... The (former?) Talking Heads frontman has apparently devised a way to draw sound from the building by attaching various mechanical devices to its beams, pillars and pipes, which can then be channelled into a keyboard that can be played by visitors. The 'Playing The Building' sound installation has already been staged at the Battery Maritime Building in New York and the Färgfabriken building in Stockholm. It comes to the Grade II listed London venue over in Camden between 8-31 Aug.

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