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Raincoats - 19792nd Sept '09: Have you seen the rain out there? Do we need raincoats already? Is the summer over? 

NEWS: THE RAINCOATS reissued.... We ThRee have announced the reissue of the The Raincoats, the legendary first album by The Raincoats, originally released on Rough Trade Records in 1979.  Widely acclaimed as one of the musical highlights of the post punk period  and a breakthrough moment for women in music, 'The Raincoats' has been commercially unavailable for the past 10 years. We ThRee is The Raincoats' own label and will release the album on vinyl on 12 October and a special edition digipak enhanced cd with bonus tracks and live footage from 1979 on 9 November 2009.  Kill Rock Stars will release the album on vinyl simultaneously in the USA. The album comes with liner notes by Kurt Cobain written in 1993. More from
           "I really don’t know much about The Raincoats except that they recorded some  music that has affected me so much that whenever I hear it I’m reminded of a particular time in my life when I was (shall we say) extremely unhappy,  lonely and bored. If it weren’t for the luxury of putting on that scratchy copy of The Raincoats’ first record, I would have had very few moments of peace."   (Kurt Cobain, Nirvana, June 1993) 
"It was The Raincoats I related to most. They seemed like ordinary people playing extraordinary music. Music that was natural that made room for  cohesion of personalities. They had enough confidence to be vulnerable and to be themselves without having to take on the mantle of male rock/punk rock aggression... or the typical female as sex symbol avec irony or sensationalism." (Kim Gordon, Sonic Youth,1993) 

NEWS: OBLONG celebrates one year.... The Oblong Gallery celebrates one year of showing new art and doing the things they do at small galleries with a new show that runs from 4th Sept through to 20th Sept. See the Organ art page for previous Oblong features, neat little gallery that’s almost a garage on the side of a house in front of a stone sculpture workshop in Islington.  Oblong Gallery, 69a Southgate Road. London N1 - - Oblong is part of the First Thursdays collaboration –

DEMO REVIEW:  THE QUIRKY – One track demos are never that helpful in terms of getting a real angle on anything. This sounds interesting enough though, sunny folky psychedelia laced with spoken word soundbites and delicate instrumentation, lots of bright colour, dare we mention the H word?, These people sound like hippies – not that that’s a bad thing... A song about LSD and sunny summers of love and... and well, here you go – – Oh and they also put on a regular night at the Cross Kings over in Kings Cross, London. Next one is tomorrow, 3rd September, VIV ALBERTINE (of the Slits) playing with her new band, more on that from

NEWS: NEBULA dates... “L.A. power trio Nebula, whose cosmic cocktail of heavy riffs, electric blues and psychedelic space rock has earned the band international (and, dare we say, universal) acclaim return to the UK this coming October to promote their ‘Heavy Psych’ album recently released on Tee Pee Records. They play the following dates: Oct 13th - Talking Heads, Southampton, Oct 14th - Underworld, London, Oct 15th - Old Angel, Nottingham, Oct 16th - Sin City, Swansea - /

1st Sept '09: ORGAN ON THE RADIO AT RESONANCE FM, here's who got played tonight 

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta)
2: PRE – Gang Of Wire (Skingraft) 
3: THE LAZE – Falling Up Ladders (demo)
4: UPSILON ACRUX – In-A-Gadda-DeVito (Cuneiform)
5: CHICKENHAWK – NASA vs Esa (Brew) 
6: YEARS – Hey Cancer, F*** You (Arts & Crafts) 
8: CUTTHROAT CONVENTION – Spinning (demo) 
9: OKIE DOKIE – Motorhead (Aagoo)
10: MORAL DILEMMA – Embrace The Rage (Pumpkin)
11: FOOT VILLAGE – National Jamthum (Upset The Rhythm)
12: LED BIB – Flat Pack Fantasy (Cuneiform)
13: KAYO DOT – The Awkward Wind Wheel (Hydrahead)
14: WILLIAM D DRAKE – Fiery Pyre (ORG) 
15: CARDIACS – Insect Hoofs On Lassie (Alphabet)
16: THE CURSORS – Alien (British Medical Records) 
17: OEN SUJET – Life Given To Quiet Places (Loaf) 

Full listing, links, details and news of the bands played up later 

NEWS: ORGAN ON YOUR RADIO...  Whoops, hang on, stop press, seems we're back on the radio tonight, last minute thing, something to do with insects and anarchy and best not to ask how these things work. After a two week break we have an unexpected extra last minute straight off the subs bench, quick grabs some records and such Organ radio show at 8.00pm tonight, on London's finest RESONANCE 104.4FM - FM dial in London, worldwide on line via - We'll throw some music at you, some chat, some insects, some of that Pre album... 

ALBUM REVIEW:  MERAUDER – God Is I (Regain) – Brutal hardcore punk/metal crossover from New York that pretty much does all you want from a new album delivered by a classic NYC crossover hardcore band like Merauder. They’ve been a big part of the metalcore scene since the early 90’s and they’re pretty much sticking to their aggressive guns here... Keeping it real, true to the scene, just like it says on the tin and all that kind of stuff –

PREALBUM REVIEW: PRE – Hope Freaks (Skingraft) - Ah Jezzzzzz, once was enough wasn’t it? Do we really need more of their headpecking noise and their discordant screaming? Is there really any point in repeating the exercise, as glorious as that first album was, do we really need a second? There she goes again with her high-pitched manic ‘singing’ and screaming and yelping and there they go with their frantic new wave left-field ‘difficult’ scuttling.... You know, there are people, people who are usually tolerant when it comes to these notions of music and noise and going off and things, people otherwise reasonable and tolerant, who come in here and yell “oh no, not bloody Pre again!”. Indeed, people phone up the radio station and complain when Pre are on air, I love Pre! And yes, it is very much a case of going off and things - you know what we mean by that, squalor is alive, things abound...  And yes there is a very big point in this second album, they are extreme with their hard-boiled noise but this is as relevant as anyone’s second album, maybe even more so? Could they take it anywhere after that debut? Are they just going to be a glorious one trick noise-pony? No they’re damn well not! Pre have expanded their sound, they’ve challenged themselves, they’ve become even more gloriously awkward, even more difficult, maybe even slightly poppy (in a deranged way), they’re even more addictive... Try listening to beautifully bendy pointy pencil-sharp tantrums like Cold or the title track Hope Freaks and then dare to come here and tell us you’re not instantly addicted. Pre are glorious, they’re like Deerhoof thrown in to the deep end of the Pond, they really are going off and things, kissing big ugly sharks like early Cardiacs on extra hyper-active orange juice, they are hope freaks, they are hope, nothing freaky, who knows what she’s yelling about? Once was never going to be enough, this builds perfectly on the original attack of Epic Fits, Pre have more than followed their debut up. Gibber and Twitch indeed - or

NEWS: Georgia’s “mind-blowing” (to quote the press release) alt.psych-rock 5-piece DEAD CONFEDERATE are playing a small Low-key gig at The Legion in Shoreditch tomorrow night, Wednesday Sept 2nd. Returning to the UK for the first time since their Spring tour with A Place To Bury Strangers, DEAD CONFEDERATE have just been supporting Dinosaur Jr on a run of UK / European dates. They’ll be playing this one off London headline show before jetting back to the states to embark on a co-headline tour with Meat Puppets.  Dead Confederate?s debut album Wrecking Ball has already been really successful and critically acclaimed over in the US and is set for release in the UK on November 2nd through Kartel – grab a taste at

NEWS: GIGGS – Grab a free download... Grime? UK Rap? Call it what you want, Giggs will tear you apart (as they like to sing in the best parts of M16), straight up, dirty, menacing, threatening, here’s the video, here’s a free download, don’t ask where it came from, we grab these things so you don’t have to go there... 

NEWS: PESTIVAL is a festival celebrating insects in art, and the art of being an insect. Pestival 2009 runs from 3rd-6th September @ The Southbank Centre, London and is jam-packed with insect-inspired talks and debates, as well as comedy, music, walks, workshops, installations, radio and experiments. The radio element comes from Resonance FM. For further information, please visit

SINGLE REVIEW:  PITCHBLEND – Celsius (Sugarshack) – More from Reading’s Pitchblend and more of their My Vitriol/A Perfect Circle/Placebo meets Explosions In The Sky melodic/anthemic style alterno-indie rock... Kind of feels like they’re treading a little water here after all the early promise. We’ve paid them compliments before, feels like time to be moving it on a little now maybe? Is it time for Pitchblend to challenge themselves a little more?

ALBUM REVIEW: DAMON & NAOMI – The Sub Pop Years ( – A retrospective anthology best-of collection drawn from one Galaxie 500 duo’s Sub Pop albums and if you’re not already familiar with their embracing work then this is just what you need. Their delicate warmth and those glowing melodies that caress the earthly peaks, their American alt.folk take on the gentle art of shoegazing, an exquisite swirl of words and rather human honesty that may sometimes lack cheer, but, to quote Robert Wyatt, is “like real water in a world of soda pop... or

31st AUG '09: Sun out,.sirens screaming, whistles blowing, even more sirens screaming, we're in the carnival zone, thankfully there's also death metal and whoever's kicking up this latest delightful hellstorm that just landed in the CD cruncher.... We'll tell you about the hellstorm in a minute, (stop press: there it is now) meanwhile To Arms have a new single out today...

SINGLE REVIEW:  THE CURSORS – Alien / Hmm Ha (British Medical Records) - New self-released single and more of the London band’s busy bouncy springy punky new wave thrust that’s starting to turn heads more and more. We’ve told you about them before... Feisty, girl-fronted, kind of sinister and a little menacing in an alien aero-spaceage flying at your mind kind on way... stand up, start up, get set, set course, lights on, turn green, they’re here.  They’re here and we should have been as well, release dates? An alien took ours, hmm ha, we only just got it back, fell through a timewhole of a time hole. We like these Cursors, we like their raw energy, and their punky 1981 are we not men? No, we are Cursors. That first track sound like something Robert Calvert would have flown in on during his Captain Lockheed adventures, until it gets a little Siouxsie in that bouncy springy Yeah yeah Yeahs new wave way we already mentioned. We like these Cursors. Busy playing lots in London right now...

ALBUM REVIEW: IMPIETY - Terroreign: Apocalyptic Armageddon Command (Agonia) – They’re from Singapore, took an age to work out what the name on the front cover was, same old unreadable logo and yet another hellstorm of pissed-off wasp guitars, growling vocal regurgitation and more of those million mile an hour speed metal riffs... Like we keep on saying, we get hundreds of albums like this, piles of them puking out of our speakers every week, a spewtum of extreme metal projecting at us from all over the world... Most of the time they’re dealing out the same old same old, most of it doesn’t impress enough to get even the briefest of mentions around here, most of it is a conforming waste of everyone’s time, more about the pose than the substance... Oh, he’s singing goat father, had to check the lyrics there... Bestial To The Bone... Black Fu... Impiety are not that different to the hundreds of others, just they just hit the spot a little more than most do. Classic old school storming death/black/thrash venom, unrelenting onslaught of noise - a terror rain of matted hair, bullet belts, growls and riffs, nothing radically different, just that they’re hitting the extreme metal sweet spot with their hail of damnation and boiled up blackness, their violent onslaught and shitrain of black noise, hitting the spot just little more than most and when this stuff hits the sweet spot then wooooooaaaaaaaaaaagghhhhhhh, bring it all on. This, for once, is wreckomended extreme metal noise -

SINGLE REVIEW: TO ARMS ETC. – Misbelieving/Lucky (Bronzerat) – They have such a distinctive, instantly recognisable, colourfully rich sound, a slow gliding style all of their own. Charles Campbell-Jones and his band following up that fine debut album (and his previous solo work). A little more poppy with these two new songs, that’s no bad thing... Slightly left-field, slightly oddball (not really oddball in any way really) art-pop-prog flow and it could only be To Arms Etc. They’re easy, they gently glow, they’re anthemic, simple, alive, a touch of the baroque with their sky-touching goodness, a gleam all of their own, another set of treats that you may need to give a couple of spins before the magic hits you or

30th AUG '09: NEWS: No radio show this weekend, Resonance is closed for a week in terms of live shows, while they do some essential maintenance and tweak a few things. They’re running old shows all week, including this Sunday, so no live Organ show or Other Rock on Resonance 104.4FM this weekend... And next week we have the Pestival being broadcast live on Resonance so no Organ show next week either, we're on our summer holidays...

SINGLE REVIEW: DEAR READER – Great White Bear (City Slang) - This is just absolutely gorgeous, one of those singles to just put on repeat and stand in the middle of a room with and just listen to... This is just a heartachingly beautiful song alive with emotion, alive with radiant intricate simplicity... Dear Reader are vocalist and piano player Cheri MacNeil and musical collaborator Daryl Torr, they’re from Johannesburg (apparently they have an uneasy relationship with their home country of South Africa). Left-field tales and places to hide and almost getting there... and disasters and youthful dreams of escape and however wrong the day may have been and the running from that bullet in the back, whatever happened, this is just absolutely gorgeous – Oh there’s a great animated video as well., see it here

SINGLE REVIEW: THE NEW ENEMY – Outsourced EP (self release) - Rough-voiced throaty commitment from four North American hardcore punk types... They’re from Toronto actually, that throat sounds very raw – that familiar chugging punk sound that you know so so well –

SINGLE REVIEW: STREET SWEEPER SOCIAL CLUB – 100 Little Curses (Cooking Vinyl) – One of the more obvious cuts from the recent Street Sweeper album. Tom Morello’s new outfit, but don’t be thinking this is just Rage revisited, could never be just that when you’ve Boots Riley fronting thing, to suggest it is is rather disrespectful really - or

SINGLE REVIEW:  SOULSAVERS – Death Bells (V2) – Another single from the rather excellent Soulsavers, second to be lifted from the Broken album. Mark Laneghan, former Screaming Trees frontman, with his musical personality stamped all over it. Massive Mogwai re-mix on the b-side of this advance version we have here  -

SINGLE REVIEW:  SKUNK ANANSIE – Because Of You (One Little Indian) – They’re back for more, born again, easy to be cynical about these things, scoff about old bands back for the money... This second born again single sounds as committed as the previous one was, got some their early days attitude and biting edge back in there... And Skin always was impressively powerful when her band got things right.  May not be a fashionable opinion, who cares about who’s cool enough to namedrop and who isn’t this week. Skunk Anansie are back making more than decent rock records once again, that’s no bad thing – 

29th AUG '09: NEWS: The VYNER STREET FESTIVAL returns today “for the eighth extraordinary year with an impressive music line-up.... Set in Bethnal Green’s most vibrant and contemporary gallery district (of London) the festival is a favourite London summer event that cannot be missed.” Vyner Street Festival is a bank holiday weekend event and is free to attend....SATURDAY LINE-UP (29th Aug) - 2.00pm DJ Simon (Blow-Up), 4.00 - Anti-Rhythm Bandwagon, 4.45 - J.D Smith, 5.30 - Squirrel Skin Slippers, 6.15 - Friends of Luca Brasi, 7.00 - The Jude, 7.45 - Tits Of Death, 8.30 - The Silvertown Explosion, 9.15 - Thee Vicars. SUNDAY LINE-UP (29th Aug) - 2.00pm DJ Wooden Mitch (The 60s), 4.30 - Randall Stevens, 5.15 - Miss Kirstenana, 6.00 - The Supernovas, 6.45 - Anti Rhythm Bandwagon, 7.30 - Babe Shadow, 8.15 - The Special Ks, 9.15 - KOF - 

ALBUM REVIEW:  CRAZY ARM – Born To Ruin (Xtra Mile) - Darren Johns, front man out of The Once Over Twice with his latest shot and a debut album that carries on along the same slightly dusty American sounding alternative (positive) track that Darren and his various bands have always followed. It isn’t that Crazy Arm are radically different, just that there’s some rather fine, rather intelligent, rather rewarding depth here, some serious song writing – a band with a little more -  crafted, a little more to hold on to, a band who sound like really do matter a little more than most.... committed songs.  I don’t know, if Johns was from California or some other place, rather than Plymouth here in the UK, then people would be shouting about him and his new band, this man can write a song! We’re vaguely talking Husker Du, X, Fugazi, maybe a touch of REM, Springsteen, The Replacements, The Clash, maybe even a hint of the timeless country warmth of CSNY in there with the hard edge and that intelligent alternative feel... Crazy Arm, like The Once Over Twice before them... well to put it bluntly, if Crazy Arm were North Americans then people would be raving about them (seems the album has been out since the start of June, only just limped in here this week with a very short hand-written note from the band themselves - “here’s a copy of the Crazy Arm album for review if possible, thanks, Darren” – if only you English labels had things a little more together a bit more when you have treasures like this!). Eleven quality songs, all good, no hint of anything near filler, timeless depth, serious alternative, punk-edged, alt.rock intelligent quality - born to find reason, each building on the last – boring looking front cover but don’t let that stop you going in – just get out and give this a little more than just the once over, there’s a seriously good band with some seriously good sentiment and some very serious songs here. If that start to Kith And Kingdom don’t grab your heart first time then I fear you’re already dead to music...  Highly recommended - or

28th AUG '09: ALBUM REVIEW:  O.M.T – Anamantium (Rising) - Choppy growly shouty mix of Maiden style melody, galloping riffs, thrashing metal – brutal bits, melodic tuneful old school metal bits, apparently it stands for Our Malevolent Tyranny, they’re from the South coast of England, this is their decent enough well produced debut, our work is done here, there’s the link –

ALBUM REVIEW: LIME HEADED DOG – Kfum & Kfuk (Volcano Attack) – All kinds of different angles here, isn’t enough to just be so different, does help though, Lime Headed Dog are as different as a strangely coloured animal;s head, Lime Head Dog are different and good – very good. Discordantly melodic, alive with strange tunes that somehow come out really poppy and yes, there are lots of current reference points (or at least recent, what ever did happen to The Klaxons?). “Microwaved and unlike anything that you can instantly put your finger on..” we said last time... words and beasts and built of love alone... think klaxons, Streets, and flipping like a fish out of water, chess wars and bishop taking knight and all kinds of rushes and going off and things, different pop, awkward, was that a touch of Cardiacs? Just a touch? Different, lime-headed... curiously good -

ALBUM REVIEW:  TOURNAMENT – Years Old (Forcefield) – More of what we like, raw aggressive imaginative bleeding noise, Tournament are from Brooklyn, New York, they deal in raw alternative metal that’s delivered with blistering style. Oft-kilter driving edge for those who like their metal with a little bit of thought, with the challenging edge of bands like Rye Coalition or Drive Like Jehu –

27th AUG '09: Focusing on the whole of the doughnut, hole and everything, surely we should be to attending to the hole as well? 

DEMO REVIEW: THE LAZE – Spacetime Fabric Conditioner – This isn’t really a demo, this is things in progress and an early taste of some kind of masterwork and an album almost ready for release – pay attention serious forward looking cutting edge prog-friendly labels out there, I think they’re looking for someone to take notice and put this out - and someone really should, this is seriously good! We’re talking some kind of instantly attention-demand frontline blend of the best side of brooding Faith No More fused with the progressive drama and seriously challenging adventure of classic King Crimson. Radiant keyboards, moody mountains of imaginative light and shade and stop the boat, the jester, the lark’s tongue is aspic, all lighthouse keepers and whoever’s helping young Washington to cut that cherry tree down for one mad-dive prog rock clock-ticking lawn-mowing minute, stop everything! We have a serious band here, this just might be the missing link that glues together the classic English prog of long past days and the forward looking musical adventure of now. This is cutting edge post-whatever you got for people who understand the glorious beauty of early Genesis, the dramatic adventure of Van Der Graaf or classic King Crimson, this is all that kicked in to a slightly twisted here and now with such gutsy passion, with such understanding of what this thing we call prog is really about... This is the real deal, this is proper full-on unashamed cool as f**k cutting edge expertly crafted dirty-fingered keyboard driven, sax-fuelled twisted English prog rock adventure and when they get the release details sorted we’ll delve a lot further in and tell a hell of a lot more about how brilliant it is... 
 You can catch The Laze on tour in the UK with Upsilon Acrux and Honey Ride Me A Goat at the start of October, now that is going to be a serious event of a tour, those three bands together is almost too much! More from

AN OPEN LETTER FROM RIP CRUNCHER: Seems Rip caught up with one of those bands who we encountered during that battle with the demo mountain further down the page, seems out link took the Crunxh off to their My Space page... 
        “Can Rip Cruncher seriously believe his ear'oles ? No he f'kg can’t. You really are full of hot steaming bat shit you people aren't you ? Quote: “Full Scream Ahead have been quietly preparing for battle and are now ready to unleash the big guns"...CORRRRRR!!!!! I was thinking "bring on some Armaggedon!", as I hit the play button on your My Space page. But what's this then? What's all this pink poodled, jingly-jangly, handbaggy toss wallop that's raping my lugs?. I thought you were gonna strap it on and batter me with f**kin' shrapnel? "Screaming guitars and drums like thunder" you said. So who are these impostors then? Those very pretty boys who look like bloody dentists receptionists who have their picture on the top of your page? Nice f**king haircuts though boys, you'll definitely pass mummy's muster before she lets you out after you've eaten your tea.
  Full Scream Ahead? Do me a favour. With Billy big bollox boasts like yours I want to get thrown across the room and walloped over the head with a metal baseball bat, I want ravaging f'kn piranhas eating my guts out from within. This limp-wristed, apologetic shandy rock is about as dangerous as dangling your dick in granny's fishbowl. So you're ready for battle then are ya? Ready to strap it on with the entrail-ripping, heads on spikes, battery acid drinking monsters of Crunch are ya lads?  Trouble is, with fighting talk like yours I might even turn up at one of your little gigs to sample some of your demonic, skull crushing rage. I'll be the one frothing at the mouth with a rusty axe and a hard on. DON'T f**kin well let me down now. Love n gnashes - Cruncher”.

NEWS: GAY FOR JOHNNY DEPP have announced UK tour dates in November and December...Support will come from Outcry Collective and Blakfish. Tour dates: 13 Nov: Plymouth, White Rabbit, 14 Nov: Bristol, Louisiana, 15 Nov: Southampton, Talking Heads, 16 Nov: Birmingham, Flapper, 17 Nov: Nottingham, Seven, 18 Nov: Brighton, Engine Rooms, 20 Nov: Oxford, Bullingdon Arms, 21 Nov: High Wycombe, Nag's Head, 22 Nov: Southend, Chinnerys, 23 Nov: Bournemouth, iBar, 24 Nov: Derby, Royal, 25 Nov: Glasgow, Ivory Blacks, 26 Nov: Manchester, Satan's Hollow, 27 Nov: Luton, Sub Club, 28 Nov: Sheffield, Leadmill, 29 Nov: York, Fibbers, 30 Nov: Newcastle, Cluny, 1 Dec: Leeds, Cockpit, 2 Dec: Cardiff, Barfly, 3 Dec: Exeter, Cavern, 4 Dec: London, Borderline –

26th AUG '09: NEWS: ZACH HILL JOINS WAVVES - Continuing his efforts to play on every underground indie release ever, Hella drummer Zach Hill has begun playing with Wavves, aka Nathan Williams. The duo head out on a US tour next month and have already begun recording new material together. 

NEWS: MAPS will headline Adventures In The Bloody Beetroot Field at Cargo in London on Friday night. Also on the bill are Poni Hoax, Hook & The Twin and Samuel & The Dragon, and DJ sets come courtesy of Run Hide Survive and Ben Rymer. Entry is absolutely free. Maps will be previewing material from their forthcoming second album, 'Turning The Mind', due out via Mute on 28 Sep. You can also catch them at Offset and Bestival.

LONDON STREET ARTIST D*FACE TO LAUNCH SOLO EXHIBITION IN NYC - Ludovico Aversion Therapy / All Your Dreams Are Owned By Us  @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery September 12th October 10, 2009
       Press release here says “New York's Jonathan LeVine Gallery is pleased to present Ludovico Aversion Therapy / All Your Dreams Are Owned By Us, a solo exhibition of new original works and multiples by the London-based street artist known as D*Face returning to the gallery for his debut solo show in the United States; in conjunction with a site-specific, street-level installation. The show title Ludovico Aversion Therapy references a futuristic human behaviour reconditioning treatment from A Clockwork Orange (the 1972 cult-classic film by Stanley Kubrick), in which the patient’s eyelids are forced open to watch disturbing footage containing subliminal messages.
         Artist statement: “If you've ever wondered what goes on inside of my mind, this body
of work is it. A visual interpretation of lucid dreams - the replaying, disassembly and reconfiguring of images held in one’s mind... it's as much 'Exquisite Corpse’ as everyday Ludovico Aversion Therapy”
          Re-interpreting the exquisite corpse concept, each piece in Ludovico Aversion Therapy features a singular composite subject created using an amalgamation of various branded corporate identity mascots combined with classic superhero characters, interspersed with typography derived from comic book art and advertising. Having spliced these elements into thin segments of recognisable information, the artist scrambles the pieces then stacks them vertically, re-assigning features to form mismatched conglomerate faces and deliver a powerfully graphic impact. Paintings and etchings in this exhibition feature the artist’s signature tongue-in-cheek aesthetic, known for creating two and three-dimensional work using a variety of mediums and techniques. Incorporating pop iconography with satirical commentary and anti-establishment values, D*Face questions the increasing turnover and bombardment of imagery by the media as well as how much (if any and what parts) we recall, digest and retain. Extracting elements from the endless stream of visual stimuli absorbed daily by our conscious and subconscious, the artist re-works and subverts imagery appropriated from comics, currency, corporate advertising, and cultural figures - drawing from decades of materialistic consumption in our media-saturated society".

      ABOUT THE ARTIST - "D*Face is a London-based sculptor and street artist. His artwork has been exhibited in galleries and on the streets of cities around the world. For over ten years, his wall stencils and three dimensional urban interventions have tested public awareness and resistance when faced with visual alternatives to corruptive, persuasive commercial advertising. Reoccurring themes include: celebrity, fame, and mortality. The artist uses the term aPOPcalyptic to describe his work, which often features images of cultural icons as a commentary on conspicuous consumption in popular culture. D*Face’s early artistic inspirations include pop artists such as Lichtenstein, Haring and Warhol. Additional influences include: punk music, graffiti, skateboarding and skate magazines featuring graphic artists like Jim Philips and Pushead.”  Find out more about D*Face at, the gallery is at

NEWS: CHICKENHAWK, who's new single is reviewed further down this page, have posted a video trailer, they say “Thanks for the review, its muchos appreciated, if you are interested there's a trailer for 'I Hate this, do you like it?' video is online here

That WEASEL WALTER podcast thing we told you about yesterday is well worth checking out, the thoughts of Weasel and loaded with good stuff from Deicide, Model Citizens, Burmese, Psyopus, Heart, Shelton/Berman/Walter, Darkthrone, The Fast, Quok, Morbid Angel, Bestial Warlust, The Chicago Sound, Toy Killers, Morbosidad and more... further details down the page....

25th AUG '09: Tuesday Tuesday, hot and sticky, and more artistic endeavour and the continued battle with...Well let us take on the demo mountain... got to be some good fresh exciting music here to shout about...


         We’ve been throwing demos in the chewing machine for what seems like hours now, chewing them up while leaves get twisted, cats bark for fresh food, the sun burns down and people ask us if we’re going to Reading, (no we’re not going to bloody Reading!). Demo after demo, hopefully throwing 'em in, spitting them out again and to quote our good friend Senator Clay Davis, “sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeittttttttt!”. 
              The truth of the matter here is that, however hopeful we are when we throw these discs in to the player, nearly all of these demos these days are pretty much, at best, politely alright.  politely alright is not good enough and we could waste several chunks of this fine sunny day writing half-hearted three-line polite review after half-hearted three-line polite review that ends with an uncommitted polite comment and a My Space link you won’t really be inspired enough to bother to hit... We could politely tell you about polite indie rock demos from Scotland or the same old polite ska-punk from Manchester or more shouty pink-haired electro girls with their Hoxton art-school wannabe same old same old that really isn’t that clever when seventy three others have already done it ahead of them this year... We could tell you about this slice or remarkably politely average (very average) Bon Jovi pub-metal from Essex that’s about to be ejected and violently mangled... or this or that or or or... 

       or or or... Or this lot who’ve been sending in the same remarkably average, politely slick, pop-rock politeness in to us for at least the last five polite years or so now – every six months, like clockwork, they send in another demo and always with the same politely-printed press-release claiming they’re the next big thing ‘cause the bloke who books Tuesday nights at the Hope And Anchor said so once.... 

     Yeah, sure, we could clutter up our pages with polite review after polite uncommitted review and tell you how they all politely sound a bit like this crossed with something a bit like that... Endless reviews that in reality no one will care two rotten red apples about. It isn’t that most of these bands or demos are really that bad, just that they’re not very good either.... Come on you bands, we're not impressed, The Bunk isn't impressed, no one is impressed.... We want your music to jump out of the speakers and bite our ears, to stop us in our tracks, we want you new bands to grab us by the throat and demand our attention, demand our words, our page space, our airtime, our shouting and frothing and barking - this parade of politely average half-hearted demos will not do! This one we’ve got on now is some bloke in his bedroom at an electric piano like we’re on some late night after hours cheesy cruse ship to somewhere south of politeville.. What on earth makes you people think any of this is going to be wanted by anyone besides your being-polite-because-they-love-you immediate family and handful of so-called friends who won't tell you the truth? Jesus, look at that! There’s twenty four songs on here! “Some of it sounds like Cardiacs” he says, no it bloody doesn’t! You don’t get around our ears like that. Miles away from being anywhere near the goalposts... 

               ...Oh hell, listen to this one! Nearly as bad as the one we had on a minute ago that came with some shouty hand-written teenage punk rock style manifesto that might have looked good on the paper in their heads, no good if your music sounds like it was made in a cardboard box out the back of a Scout hut before mummy called you in for tea and told you off for using sharp pens without permission... And here come some more shouty electro look-at-us Hoxton toss.
          Started off here politely telling tales of how everything was politely average, almost as average as that band who sang about how everything was average (or that other average average lot who sang about cashpoints and wanting to be the Clash but never ever were whatever XFM and the bloody NME tried to tell us, Hard-Fi, that was them, whatever happen Hard Fi? Weren’t they supposed to be the biggest band in the world by now?). On and on they go, some of these things really are worse that those damn everything is average Kaiser Chiefs, at least the demo mountain is getting a little smaller. 
         Some (not very) polite heavy metal now, man with bollocks caught in a poodle’s jaws by the sounds of things, oh dear, this is nowhere near average, where the hell have this lot come from? Cardiff? Oh dear! Gawd help us, Cruncher ‘d fall down one of his holes if he was to be subjected to this! 

            Ah, jeszzzzzzzzus, this one is on one of those blank white CDr things, not even a name written on it, some dreadful emo indie pop band who could be from anywhere, comes with a press release – if you are going to send these things in then at least get it together to write your name on the disc! The damn thing will get feed in to the machine, the phone will ring, we’ll forget who you are and wallop, blank disc, no name, which cover did it come out of? Who knows? Who cares? In the bin... Gawd, read this press release that came with the blank disc, how many giraffes are this lot having? “Full Scream Ahead serve up a mesmerising blend of thunderous rock, squalls of guitar and cavernous drums, with shimmering melodic passages, with dizzying musical layers and a myriad of emotions, they have a sound that could well grow into the best British thing for years....” – ummmm... no you bloody don’t, you’re not even politely average! No, can't resist, here's the link to "the best British thing for years", this is the kind of polite avergeness that clutters up our day... 

Next please... Some band called She Hit Me First... yeah, who can blame her? Hit them again!  And you lot from Glasgow with your Banksy balloon stickers, we politely told you last time you sent us this very same demo (and followed it up with a million e.mails) that we weren’t that impressed, take the polite hint, if you send this in for a forth time then we will actually review it, you won’t like what we say, we’re being very polite here... sheeeeeeit! And this singer-songwriter being all moody sitting on the beach on his cover... we know how bad this is going to be well before we put it on... No, wrong, far worse then we expected! Do any of you people even bother checking out what we cover here before you waste your stamps and jiffy bags? Argghhhh, listen to this one! Are you people deliberately sending this stuff in just to annoy us!?
           Oh sisters of bloody mercy, we got bad bad goths with Pet Shop Boy synths and comedy Marilyn Manson gravel voices now – “I sing about Ancient Egypt, outer space, cemeteries and forsaken places of body and mind...” We need to get out of here.... We really do listen to every demo that comes in...
NEWS: WEASEL WALTER podcasts and twitters and he’s what he said.... “Weasel Walter podcast now available for free go to to check out the first in my regular podcasts where I play lots of weird music and rant about various things. You can follow it with an rss feed through the site if you like. I also started a twitter account @, so check it out.” More from if you don’t know who Weasel is go explore, you need to know those Flying Luttenbachers... he’s a grumpy git but he’s involved in some rather tasty boundary pushing music, almost joining Twitter... almost... 

NEWS: KISS have signed to Roadrunner Records' Loud & Proud subsidiary for the UK & Europe release of their new album, 'Sonic Boom' - which features their first new material for eleven years and the first studio album with guitarist Tommy Thayer. Speaking about the new album, Gene Simmons said: "'Sonic Boom' may be the best new record we've done since 'Destroyer'. It is 'Rock And Roll Over' meets 'Love Gun'".Paul Stanley added: "'Sonic Boom' is the perfect title for what we're creating - it's earthshaking and deafening!". The album will be released on 5 Oct. (CMU)

NEWS: MAJOR LAZER will play his first headline London show at the Hoxton Bar & Kitchen on 8 Sep, which will be interesting, given that he's a fictional 80s cartoon character. The men behind the project, Switch and Diplo, will be on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly though. 

24th AUG '09: Monday Monday, hot and sticky, artistic endeavour and the continued battle with the ever inspiring ever confounding ever plump and ready to burst demo mountain, there will be something good here, somewhere...  surely? There was Cutthroat Convention earlier, need another hit now though, the never ending search for new music, fresh art, different marks... We may have been here doing this much longer than most of you, we're still a hell of a lot more excited about new music and all that surrounds the never ending pursuit than most people seem to be.. Join in, get involve, communicate, contact and switch the other, this thing just won't blow over.... 

NEWS: BAD LIEUTENANT, the new band put together by Salford's finest, New Order’s Bernard Sumner, have posted a track called Sink or Swim on their My Space page, sounds like a classic bit Bernard Sumner pop of the more recent New Order vintage to these ears, the track is officially released next as a single Monday, investigate via

SeanSINGLE REVIEW: CHICKENHAWK – A Or Not (Brew) - Riddle this one as well, kicking tin cans to the moon and I spy what? New three track single from the mighty Chickenhawk. We do not user that word mighty with the abandon of most others around here, this Leeds band are mighty,  I made this, do you like it? Chickenhawk back for more and didn’t we say something about their debut album being metal album of the year or something like that here at Organ last year? Before the I Spy book of bulshit kicked in? Really do hope this band don’t get tangled up in the crap that passes for some kind of British music industry, they really deserve more than all that ego infested soup that can tangle a band up and strangle them to death. This is a serious twist of intelligent forward looking, thinking person’s creative metal, clearly enough of a band to want to challenge themselves and push their boundaries and on the evidence of this, a band who thankfully haven’t used it all up on album number one. Three tracks, all of them strong, all looking and sounding rather good, all comes down to the music in the end - or They’re at the Reading and Leeds festivals this coming weekend, they’re busy touring throughout September, the single is out in the first week of September... There's some free Chickenhawk downloads and such further down this very page, go I Spy them, they are one of the best matal bands out there and these three tracks are healthy steps forward ... 

DEMO REVIEW: BAD FOR LAZARUS - Riddle that one, holy burning toast, lashings for bats, five piece band from Somewhereville England, something to do with reading lesbian poetry or maybe nothing to do with reading any poetry, messing with the Cramps and the Stooges and The Pixies and mostly some kind of eighties b-line matchbox on a course for disaster and all that To The Bones Icarus Line dcuzzy rawness, adrenaline, attitude, slashed blues, broken guitars and low slung hell yeah punk rock n’ roll chaos, old rats on new ships or something like that... early days. Heavy nasty pop... got some good You Tube action on their MySpace.  They’re at the Comedy Cafe (opposite Cargo), Shoreditch, London on September 4th  -

DEMO REVIEW:   OMNIVORE – Spandaurandurandaulallet - we get an Omnivore passing through here every couple of years or so, this latest Omnivore are from Leeds and appear to be connected to those other wild noise-makers Death Qunt. Actually it looks like it may just be Death Qunt with a new name and more of their wild freeform jazz noise delivered with attitude, drive and raw threat. More of that rushing all over the place hard-boiled free form jazz honking, not so freeform that things are out of control mind you, these people are not making mere noise for art’s sake, they’re in control of their challenging sound. We’re talking John Zorn, The Thing and heading out towards those Flying Luttenbachers at times... Seven instrumental jazz-sax driven tracks in a hand made cow-camouflage cloth cover with a hand painted luminous green band logo on the front... Just how we likeit...

ALBUM REVIEW:  CONQUEST OF STEEL – Storm Sword, Rise Of The Dread Queen (No Face) - Old school battle metal from the Northern wastelands of England (Bradford actually), proper old school metal, Iron Maiden, Angel Witch, Manowar, Dio, Anvil, all swords and galloping riffs and a touch of English folk/prog for added light and shade, and fighting for the queen and the promised land and a grandiose unabashed boldly ambitious concept album. Bombastic. Proper, no messing tyrant-vanquishing old school proper proper metal –

E.P. REVIEW: SIXTY WATT BAYONETS – Pounding Hearts, Fighting Words (Broken Tail) - Feisty spiky shouty busy blustery girl-fronted indie pop-rock four piece from Reading with a seven track EP, Don’t know how many of these have turned up in the post now, I guess someone would like us to say something... Well, feisty spiky shouty busy blustery girl-fronted indie pop-rock that’s either mildly irritating or potentially thrilling, depending on your state of mind. Kind of in your face and screeching and yelping away and Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Beth Ditto driving away and they think they got it sorted, they think they got your number... they haven’t got ours yet, their pounding hearts and fighting words haven’t got us off the fence... –

DEMO REVIEW:  CUTTHROAT CONVENTION – Denizens Of The Bath House - Cutthroat Convention are a musical law unto themselves, they’re like no one else, it really should sound alien and awkward, it really isn’t... Even at this early juncture you know who it is straight away, a couple of DIY demo releases and they’re already instantly recognisable, now there aren’t too many bands making their first moves that you can say that about. Strange lines, twists, things that really shouldn't be happening or at least shouldn’t be working in terms of conventional rock music. This is seriously progressive other rock and they really don’t sound like a single other band out there, or at least any band we can point a signpost at as some kind of vague dancing about architecture type clue... They’re London based, via Japan, their packages always stand out, so does their stencil art and hand made creativity that fanfares each batch of fresh music. Seven tracks this time, all good and they had us lost for words last time and they have us even more lost for words this time... And all their creations are there to cling on to,  outbursts of franticness, strange lengths, twitches, gibbers, darkness, sinister bits, disturbing bits – strange rather than difficult or awkward or hard-boiled, Cutthroat Convention are strangely easy to listen to – very very strangely easy and just so compellingly different  - and yes, they do sound Japanese, very strangely Japanese though, like the strangest Japanese movie full of animated cat-buses that somehow makes such obvious sense. Cutthroat Convention are just different, they’re impossible to describe, they’re rather good, they’re very very good with their strings and their slowly burning skin and their seeing of the light and the rain and their sinister undercurrents and different time signatures and strange lengths and... This time the music turned up in a mysterious hand-painted box along with loads of good looking artwork and tales of parasites and their paradise and... and... and ...oh just go find out, hit the link and find out, they really are worth finding out about, go now...

23rd AUG '09:  NEWS: No radio show this weekend, Resonance is closed for a week in terms of live shows, while they do some essential maintenance and tweak a few things. They’re running old shows all week, including this Sunday, so no live Organ show or Other Rock on Resonance 104.4FM this weekend... 

ALBUM REVIEW: YEARS – Years (Arts & Grafts) – This is rather special, a lush summer’s day of an album. Bits of delicate acoustic glow, touches of Arvo Part classical caress, some delicate post-rock glitch – warm inviting compositional sound-scaping, all green and glowing  - mostly instrumental but that only adds to the delicate understated power of the vocals when they do occasionally come in in such a soothing window-opening way. Some of this is lush and rich, pastorally classical in an avant kind of way, some minimal and simple (clever) acoustic guitar. When the triumphantly epic 65 Days style prog-glitch does gently kick in, it kicks in a subtle crafted considered intelligent thoughtful way - everything here is done with restrained though and an extra touch of class, a beautiful appreciation of less being so much more. Leaf-green and alive, the work of Ohad Benchetrit, an immense work and very much a piece of work that’s of now. A wistful, uplifting beautiful body of work, alive with hope and shimmering steams of sunny warmth (and maybe just a touch of melancholy). Acoustic guitar pieces that grow in intensity and flow in to digitally sequenced lush orchestral arrangements. Ideas knitted together to form one coherent body of flowing work – flowing emotion, rewarding musical colour, restrained trumpet, whispered violin, prog adventure, lush plants and seeds flowered, sunny, inviting – sometimes things are just right, this is just right, this is one of  those times.  Just right soothing summer-bright heart-lifting beauty from Broken Social Scene’s Ohad Benchetrit – or

22nd AUG '09:  NEWS: JIM LINDBERG QUITS PENNYWISE... The members of Pennywise, Fletcher Dragge, Byron McMackin and Randy Bradbury, have issued the following statement regarding singer Jim Lindberg’s departure:  “After 19 years with Pennywise, Jim Lindberg has decided to step down as lead singer.  Pennywise has long stood behind the motto that you should always follow your heart and pursue what makes you happy, and we wish Jim the best of luck in his new ventures, whatever they may be. Pennywise has become a way of life for a lot of people, and has definitely become a way of life for us. As the three remaining members of Pennywise we feel that we are not done delivering our message to our fans. The band has always been about moving forward in life no matter what obstacles stand in front of you. We will begin our search for a new singer immediately. We will continue to tour the world and we are looking forward to writing new music. We've had a lot of good times and survived the hard times thanks to the undying support of our fans. We're looking forward to what the future may bring. Sincerely Fletcher, Randy, and Byron” -

PAUL NORMANSELL @ Wanted Gallery, Portobello, London –  Modern, fresh looking, fresh feeling pop art, you don’t really get the art of Paul Normansell in any kind of serious way until you’re stood there in front of it – well that goes for most art/artists really, stating the bleedin’ obvious or what! Particularly important that you see the current work of Paul Normansell in the flesh though, you’re really not going to get the power or the colour from his CD covers or from photos... You’ll maybe know him from his recent cover work for The Killers. The work on show here is striking, rather original, and just different - stylish pop art in the most real of senses. Big pieces, a fascinating combination of gloss and enamel on aluminium that makes perfect sense when you stand in front of it and drink in the brightness – you’re really not going to get it from looking atwebsites, photos or CD covers (as good  as that recent Killers CD artwork is), you really need to stand in front of Paul Normansell’s rather expansive work and just really enjoy it. There’s two floors of work in a small shop-sized gallery, about half a dozen rather big bold colourful pieces.  The show ends on 23rd August, all work already sold so it seems – you’ll find it all, if you’re quick, at 15b Blenheim Crescent, Notting Hill, W11 –   - Go look today if you’re in the area, Mick Jones from the Clash is playing a free gig at his Rock ‘n Roll library, just down the road at 5.00pm. The Rock & Roll Public Library is open free of charge Wednesday to Sunday from 11am until 7pm; until August 23rd.  2 Acklam Road, above 272 Portobello Road, London, W10...Ladbroke Grove tube. 
NEWS: GRAFFIK is a rather good looking gallery/shop, just opened, and freshly spied yesterday, on Portobello Road - number 284, top end... Now this is more like it, this is buzzing street art taken to canvas, flying spray paint, colour, texture, the art of that do it yourself culture we were talking of yesterday in that DIY London Seen piece further down the page, taken in to a packed exciting gallery – it isn’t new of course, that doesn’t matter though, not when things are this good...  Fresh stencil, graffiti, street art, clothes, zines, books... The walls are alive with inspiring art, bursting with energetic colour... there’s a quality here, a standard, a refinement - pieces that excite and inspire. These are early days, they only just opened, their website isn’t up yet, but the small gallery is packed with energetic art, creativity, attitude, this is good... More soon...
21st AUG '09:Sun out, DIY London Seen last night, more more more...

NEWS: DEERHOOF TO STAR IN ART FILM - US geniuses/weirdos Deerhoof are to star in an art film called 'BAND'. The film,directed by artist Adam Pendleton, is based on Jean-Luc Godard's 1968 film about The Rolling Stones, 'Sympathy For The Devil', intercutting clips of The Stones in the studio from Godard's film with the footage of Deerhoof recording and rehearsing in their very much more lo-fi set up.  The filming will finish with a free show by Deerhoof at Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto, which is one of the Toronto International Film Festival's 'Future Projects' events, apparently. In a statement, Pendleton said: "I was really looking for a group that balanced experimentation with a slightly pop, slightly rock sensibility and had a dynamic performance presence and style... Deerhoof had it all".

NEWS: MACHINE HEAD have announced UK tour dates for next February. So far only four dates have been revealed, but more are expected in the next week - 16 Feb: Plymouth, Pavilions, 18 Feb: London, Brixton Academy, 21 Feb: Birmingham, O2 Academy, 26 Feb: Manchester, Apollo... Don’t know about you but we’re not done with summer yet, don’t want to be thinking about tour dates next year quite yet!

NEWS: VESSELS have announced new tour dates to ease us into winter. The band will be previewing some new songs from their second album, which they are currently in the process of writing. Tour dates: 4 Sep: Fell Foot Sound Festival, 1 Oct: Sheffield, The Harley, 2 Oct: Leeds, Brudenell Social Club, 3 Oct: Bolton, Dog & Partridge, 7 Oct: York, City Screen Basement Bar, 9 Oct: Brighton, The Freebutt, 16 Oct: Glasgow, Captain's Rest, 17 Oct: Edinburgh, Sneaky Pete's 20 Oct: London, Barden’s Boudoir, 1 Nov: Brainwash Festival

DIY LONDON SEEN - Covent Garden, 20th Aug -  Tonight we’re heading for yet another closed down shop, another shop taken over, on a temporary basis, in the name of art... Tonight, right in the middle of Covent Garden, in the tourist trap of a plaza, and probably not the first place you’d go looking for DIY street art or the smell of underground alternative culture, we’re in search of the opening of an exhibition called DIY London Seen. Work inspired by the artists featured in Aaron Rose’s new film Beautiful Losers apparently... The film is out on DVD this week and currently enjoying a run at the ICA, so this is some kind of tie-in semi-launch - there’s a ‘marketing’ budget, entry by invite, food to eat and bottles of that pear cider to suck on, while the art is viewed... 
          The film itself (not being shown tonight) is inspiring, the film is important, the film is exciting, it should kick off the idea of just doing it yourself in the heads of many who never before really though they could... The film is essentially documenting something that’s been going on all over the world for years (and years) – something that really germinated back there with the second wave of punk rock. The wave that really was about doing it yourself and seven inch records in hand made covers, of making your own zines, putting on your own gigs, taking control and the possibilities, ideas that extended well beyond just the music... That real DIY street culture, birthed at the end of the 70’s with the coming together of street graffiti, skateboard culture and punk rock - that ever expanding thing that was alive with energy, excitement, cross-pollination and feeding off each others ideas - something that’s been evolving and regenerating for years now – and all there, documented in the film, and none of that is really to be found in this rather polite and starkly white downstairs shop-turned-into-gallery tonight... 
          There is some good art here, couple of really good pieces – this isn’t really the DIY culture we’ve been familiar with for the last twenty plus years though, this isn’t the hand-painted zines talked of in the film, this isn’t skateboard pits or graffiti, or doing it yourself because the gallery system is an alien concept you never even thought of approaching... This isn’t primitive art jumping off squat venue walls, warehouse gigs, this isn’t punk rock inspired do it yourself creativity. This isn’t expansive canvas alive with spray-painted energy, this is isn’t giant chess sets in the middle of Claremont Road or the acid junkyard sculpture of Skreech Rock. No giant pink windmills made of street-scrap, no Cheap Essential Scenery painted on sails here... None of the craft of those Bristol street artists like Milk or Dora who were over at Oblong with their Great Birds show the other week...  No hint of Montana Gold, no spray paint allowed by the looks of things... Nah. 
           There’s some good art in here, this isn’t really DIY culture though, this isn’t about ignoring the rules or doing it yourself - but there is good art in here...

           What this is, is a semi-corporate launch for a film that’s kind of missed the point of the film, an artistically polite show in a far too polite gallery with polite food and free drink and yes, some rather decent small pieces of pop art flavoured graphic design, some decent bits of illustration, photography and some rather good pieces of individual artistic expression. Some of it kind of feels like the work of half way through term design students rather than the street artists, punk-driven creators, skate-culture painters and such that you’ll find in the film... Some of it is genuinely rather good. 

        Yes, there is some good art in here, it is important to repeat that, and the fact that the Watch This Space team have enthusiastically pulled it together and found an empty shop and gathered it all in one place is to be celebrated – twenty or so interesting (young, we assume) artists getting a chance to get some work out there is what this is - and that is enough, that should be celebrated.

There is some good work here, well worth a visit, just don’t be expecting the energy or danger that Beautiful Losers should inspire, don’t be expecting real DIY culture. The fact that some of the artists have been found via a last minute competition, (insisted on by the film company so the Watch This Space curators say) and run on bloody My Space – the ultimate in none-DIY corporate marketing crapola – kind of tells you some of where we’re at here... The fact that the most interesting artist tonight, and the nearest thing to some kind of idea of street culture, Keiron Lee (AKA  XXXXXX) and his play on Frank Shepard Fairey’s Andre The Giant Has A Posse, has come through that My Space route suggests that no one really went out and connected with any of the real UK street artists or went out to find the real DIY art culture that is out there... 
           Street art? DIY attitudes? Alternatives? It really should be alive with energy and excitement in here tonight – it is in the film - the joy of the creativity, alternative communication, the attitudes, the sense of just getting out there and doing it - joining in, togetherness, defiance, rule-ignoring unity... Oh I really don’t like sounding like I’m down on this show, there is some good art – Robin Clare’s mix of 50’s futurist white goods and pop-art graphics, Harry Malt and his cartoonish Just Don’t Try To Talk To Jim Morrison piece (good to see GG Allin and John Cooper Clark there – a bit of punk rock after all then), the giant mirror bear sculpture of Arran Gregory brings a smile, Best One...  A collection of painters, illustrators, photographers and such, all worthy of the time and space, but this really isn’t the street culture or DIY or anything like the energy to be found in the film, this isn’t what we hoped to find, not what we expected...  Go enjoy the show for what it is, twenty relatively new British artists, photographers, illustrators and such showing some healthy new work in a closed down shop in the middle of town......

DIY LONDON SCENE runs until September 5th at 11, The Market Building, Covent Garden, WC2

ALBUM REVIEW: LE CHAT NOIR – Postcards From The Dark Highway (Garage Sale) - Gruff, whisky raw, Bonny & Clyde, lo-fi, highway guitar blues and dust and rough Nick Cave-ish punkish barroom country rock ‘n roll blues bluster with a side-serving slice of a surf punk rockabilly driving it on.... They’re from Exeter (rather than Texas), there’s two of ‘em, Eileen on drums, Teddy on scratchy guitar and vocals. And I guess we should mention the energy and attitude of those White Stripes as much as Johnny Cash or being on the run or spilt gin or Valentine’s Day Massacres or...  She’s from California, he’s from London... wish she’d join in with the vocals a little more, really good when she does.     Really good anyway, her under-used voice just gives it an extra edgy dimension. Fiery stuff, hellbound whisky-drenched, raw, wild and black cat good, go investigate – 

ALBUM REVIEW: GUILT MACHINE – On This Perfect Day (Mascot) – One of those dark moody Porcupine Tree type melodic neo-prog bands. This time from Holland, they do it with epic dimension, extremely melodic, very easy on the ear in that smooth slick long-winded polite modern clinical neo-prog way that some people appreciate far more than we do, here’s the link if you want to know more  –

20th AUG '09: ALBUM REVIEW: NEW DEVICE – Takin’ Over (Pwerage) – Real deal Eighties sounding big bold brash North American sounding slick ‘n nailed hard rock from the South of England. This debut album came out in late July, impressive stuff, slick hard rock for you people out there who know the idea of a big stadium power ballad jousting with a touch of road-racing, galloping, arm-out-of-the-window hard rock is a very good thing. Bits of classic rock and vital bands like Y&T, Sammy Hagar’s Van Halen, early Aerosmith, the harder edge of those first Bon Jovi albums... see, like we just said, cool as f... turn it up, turn it up..  Fist in the air, peddle to the metal.... Heavy Pettin’, first Def Leppard album, Skid Row, Krokus... you know what we’re talking about...   Hands up, do it right... Yep, this is the real deal, they got it nailed, they clearly love their craft, this ain’t no Darkness / Steel Panther poseur bolloxium.... Proper big brazen stadium filling 80’s hard rock goodness...  Some of us around here love it as much as a Steelheart ballad while some of us think it to be diabolical hard rock poodle-headed turn it off dated 80's radio-metal nonsense... Highly recommended -

NEWS: THE DECKED PROJECT is coming... Decked is "a collection of fine and dandy illustrators, designers, tattoo artists and street artists", all showcasing custom designed skate decks. Each deck is hand inked/printed/painted/carved and will be on display from 25th – 29th August at StolenSpace Gallery, The Old Truman Brewery 91, Brick Lane. E1. Head to for more information and the all important visuals!

chaka ( AUG '09: NEWS: Brooklyn, NY heavy psych rock band NAAM has completed work on their debutalbum.  The fast-rising buzz band will drop the self-titled Naam on October 20, 2009 via NYC’s Tee Pee Records.  Point your hungry mice at or the Tee Pee Records website:

NEWS: CHICKENHAWK free download and such...  “Over at Hawk central we are all busy getting ready for the A. Or Not? EP release due out on the 9th September. In the meantime why not click the above link for your freedownload of Dude-a-tron taken from their debut album! Clicky Clicky! The A.Or Not? EP is the first Chickenhawk release on Brew and a follow up to their self titled (and well received here at Organ) debut album. These tracks lead the way towards a new album and plenty of touring. All tracks were recorded, mixed & mastered by Jason Sanderson (ThePlight, Rolo Tomassi, Mirimar Disaster, Azriel, The Freezing Fog). We also have hotnew A.Or Not? t-shirt/EP combos now available to preorder from our online shop. Also....Rick Frier & Danny North & the team over at Roach Productions are still putting their magic touches to the zombie themed video for 'I hate this, do you like it?'  Which will be out to support the release!”. Chickenhawk have just finished a tour with labelmates Kong, they’ll also be doing a number of dates in September, October and November to support the release including the Reading/Leeds festival. -


NEWS: SHOWCASE TONIGHT: The latest in the on-going series of fortnightly one night Showcase art shows happens tonight at Cafe 1001, Brick Lane, East London. 5.30pm until 11pm  – opposite the Rough Trade shop. Go here for our words on the last one or explore via the Showcase webpage

NEWS: TOMMY LEE GETS HIS FINGERS BURNED - Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee has been unable to play a number of gigs on the band's Crue Fest 2 tour after burning his left hand while playing with some sparklers. Tommy Lee is 46 years old. 

NEWS: EELS RELEASE FREE LIVE EP - Eels have made five tracks of a six track live EP available to download for free. The solo performance by main Eel Mark 'E' Everett was recorded as part of the MySpace Transmission Sessions and can be downloaded from The sixth track will only be available of a twelve inch vinyl edition of the EP, released on 1st Sep.

NEWS: CONVERGE ANNOUNCE NEW ALBUM -  Metalcore kings Converge have announced details of their new album, 'Axe To Fall', the follow-up to 2006's 'No Heroes', which will be released via Epitaph on 20 Oct (with the vinyl version appearing via Deathwish). Guest appearances on the album come from Steve Brodsky, JR Connors and Adam McGrath from Cave In, former Entombed man Uffe Cederlund, John Pettibone of The Vows, Steve Von Till from Neurosis and Genghis Tron's Mookie Singerman. You can hear the first track from the album, 'Dark Horse', on the band's MySpace page now -

NICK VADASZ- Millenium BridgeNICK VADASZ @ GRACELANDS CAFE, LONDON NW10, 18th Aug - Art in galleries can be cold, art in cafes can be a far more relaxed and inviting prospect... Austin’s, for instance, is by far the most inviting vibrantly relaxed place in Brick Lane... There’s lots of art to be explored and experienced in the capital city right now, you got to go look for it though, you have to make the effort, a lot of it is hiding - there’s the latest Showcase tonight at Cafe 1001, the D.I.Y London Seen launches tomorrow in a closed down Covent Garden shop (see Organ art archivefor more).  Art is alive... 
            And so last night it was canvas rather than guitars on our minds as we took ourselves off to an opening of an art show in Willesden Green, NW10. A show that turned out to be a little disappointing... but but but, such is the nature of art and getting out there and just doing it in London right now, that heading for one show at one gallery will almost inevitably throw up an accidental encounter with another. And right on our doorstop as well, if we hadn’t been passing we would have been blissfully unaware... Back from the disappointment of Willesden we scuttled to the Gracelands Cafe in Kensal Rise (it may not be as alive as some area of the city but there are one or two things happening around here – that stuff in the Old Flower Shop, Hoppy at the Lexi this week...  art is starting to break out, there’s something creative in the North West London air). 
        The chalk board outside was inviting people to just come in and experience the work of one NICK VADASZ. The colourful cafe emptied of tables for the night.... just the wall of work, some comfortable seats, a bar, and some rather vibrant striking eye-demanding colour. Nick’s work is alive with atmosphere, attention-catching pieces, acrylic on sizeable pieces of canvas, contemporary London cityscapes, familiar shapes picked out from the colour, the light, the atmosphere... We’re not talking any kind of cutting edge situationist street art punk rock paint throwing look at me attitude here, we’re simply talking alive vibrant exciting inspiring paint on canvas and some very fine rewarding rather beautiful work. Nick Vadasz has a clear love of the East End of the city he captures with such radiant warmth as well as for the paint he moves around his canvas in such a glowing way. Inspiring, exciting, vibrantly glowing colours... 
        Gracelands Cafe is to be found on College Road, Kensal Green, London NW10. Nearest tube – Kensal Green, or take the overground to Kensal Rise. The furniture is back in place, food is being served, and Nick’s work is on the walls waiting there for you...
          Nick Vadasz's website is over at, and as we’ve said before, looking at art on the web is really no kind of satisfying substitute for experiencing it in the flesh. Nick’s on-line portfolio (or indeed that piece up there) does him no justice what so ever, tempted to go have a coffee and sandwich for lunch right now, go enjoy bathing in it all again in the summer daylight - now the idea of going back is in my head, the thought of seeing it again is a bit of a buzz, good exciting art makes you buzz... (S) 

18th AUG '09: NEWS: RADIOHEAD have officially released their new track, 'These Are My Twisted Words' as a free download via their W.A.S.T.E website. As previously reported, the song mysteriously appeared on fansite At East last week. There was speculation that the band would release a new EP called Wall Of Ice yesterday, after some people discovered that those three words and "2009-08-17" appeared in a ASCII test file accompanying the original leaked file. Then someone set up and pointed it at W.A.S.T.E and the internet shat itself. The site was later updated claiming to be a hoax. Anyway, download 'These Are My Twisted Words' here.

ALBUM REVIEW:LITMUS – Aurora (Rise Above) – What a curious spaceship Litmus is, can’t help but like them and their oscillating swoosh, their classic timeless space rock keyboard driven locked-on fizz ‘n swish... The problem here, if indeed it is a problem (and it really isn't), is that every note, every move, every line, has already been played out by those masters of the universe Hawkwind. Litmus may have an album full of their own rather fine compositions here, they are however, pretty much a Hawkwind tribute band - a very very good Hawkwind tribute band and more than welcome what with the Hawkship not flying with so much shine and lustre these daze.... London’s Litmus have a new album then - this is what you wanted, this is what you get they sing, and yes, it pretty much is, it maybe none more Hawk but it is the classic swirling throbbing on the runway spot on authentic best days sound and they could well just be the new kings of infinite space... Hey look, we love Hawkwind around here, they’re still out there in some form, we miss their glory days though – their Acid Daze and Sonic Attacks, the free festivals, the multi-coloured all dayers, Stonehenge... Litmus are doing it in style, this is their finest release yet, it has the right spirit, it has the classic style. Hawkdrive space rock nailed down and done just right should you want it. Recommended - or
Rip Cruncher's motorway ride... ripride!18th AUG '09: ALBUM REVIEW(s): EXTREME METAL ON METAL BAKED BEAN DIVE IN TO THE WAITING PILE.

         Really is a non-stop operation, got this death metal album here, on top of the ever-growing pile, can’t for the life of any giant black spider read the logo or find their name anywhere, growling about washing his hands in the blood of the lamb or something like that, what was going on in the mind of those that made thisremarkable piece of art...? We’d probably make more of an effort to find out what the damn logo on the none more black cover said if it wasn’t such standard issue generic death metal splurg and same old same old bass drum pounding conformity... Same goes for this one here, perfectly readable logo this time, well not perfectly readable, some kind of legible, may as well be the same CD as the first one still stuck and growling away in the player though... Same with this third one and this forth - bad black metal meets Iron Maiden effort from Norway... We get so much of this stuff, every day, more of it arrives from all over the planet, a never ending spewtum of copycat extreme metal. More coffee, next CD, throw it in the disc mangler..  What was it that band Blue Blud said when we interviewed them that time? “Heavy metal is like baked beans, everyone wants their beans orange and tasting just like the others, no one wants their baked beans purple of green do they” – something like that anyway, they were supporting some new band called Faith No More, who, they were pointing out, would never get anywhere sounding all weird and different like they were...
            Onward with the never ending pile of extreme metal baked beans... Ah, this one’s a little better, and a just about readable logo as well – SANCTIFICATION – Black Reign (Pulverised) – Relentlessly heavy, pounding, a brutal onslaught of riffs, low-end vocals jousting with a never-ending barrage of kick-drums, regulation bass churning, all in an orange tomato sauce and death metal from Sweden, they really could be from anywhere, their warring shitstorm of atmospheric extreme death metal does stand out a little, slightly off-orange beans in a slightly purple kind of way  – or – Now were crunching... extreme metal blow out, next...  PLANAR EVIL – Mankind Way Of Life (MDD) – Old school Italian thrash metal on a German label, 80’s sounding trashing speed and Slayer and Overkill and Testament and Anthrax and really not bad at it in their own raw basic dented can, low budget own brand beans kind of way. Decent old school skate-thrash metal –
  BRESCHDLENG – Breschdleng (Prevision) – Tough sounding hardcore metal with a 90’s groove to it. Serious hardcore noise (and aggression) from Southern Germany and sung in what were told is an obscure German language called Swabian. No idea what they’re singing and yelling about, nothing dubious we trust. Their name apparently means strawberry - monstrous hardcore groove with a manic sounding German screaming and yelling (get the feeling from checking websites that those lyrics are nothing bad, their politics appears to be sound).... Kind of like all the yelling and hardcore punk metal groove actually, really do hope nothing bad is being shouted about here – mean looking bunch of crunchers -   - next please...  AZARATH – Praise The Beast (Agonia) – And on it goes, storm after storn of deathly black extreme metal orange baked bean wasp-bothering noise and more raving frothing extreme extremities and hoover-sucking vocals. This lot are actually from the US, they sound like they’re more likely to be from mainland Europe, they sound like a thousand bands you already heard, they do it well enough, worth an ear if you should need more beans on toast - – that’s enough metal and orange baked beans for a Tuesday morning... More coffee, get me out of here... metal on metal... drive you insane, the louder the better, volume's the game... we love the smell of metal in the morning, now what's happening in the real world today?

Firebug17th AUG '09: ALBUM REVIEW: FIREBUG – Season For Change (Buddha Belt) – Rather lush female-fronted retro alternative melodic hard rock. Originally from Chicago and now located in Los Angeles, Firebug have one positive foot in the 70’s, folk rock, restrained touches of Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac while their other foot is positively planted in the U.S. radio-friendly alternative rock of the 90’s. Lush, strongly-voiced classic American alternative hard rock, twelve impressive tracks, no fillers, just classic melodic hardrock – simple as that, classic song-based guitar driven beautifully-voiced impressive imaginative classic melodic rock –

NEWS: NODZZZ, HANDS ON HEADS and PLUG play together on Saturday 29th August at The Old Blue Last, 39 Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch, London EC2

NEWS: MARS VOLTA ADDED TO 10 YEARS OF ATP - The Mars Volta are among the latest acts to be added to the line-up of the Ten Years Of ATP festival at Butlins in Minehead in December. Also joining the bill are Beak (featuring Portishead's Geoff Travis) and Japan's Afrirampo. They join and already good looking line up, which includes Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Modest Mouse, The Breeders, Explosions In The Sky, Battles, Melvins, Mudhoney, Sunn O))), múm, F**k Buttons and more. It all takes place between 11-13 Dec and tickets are available now from
      The Mars Volta, who were excellent at Somerset House here in London earlier this summer - review on this page - will also play a London show at the Forum on December 14th...

Organ OTHER ROCK SHOW PLAYLIST on Resonance 104.4FM, 9.00PM Sunday 16th August 2009

Here’s who go played last night...

Intro: PHANTOMSMASHER - Bishop Hopping (Ipecac)
1:  UPSILON ACRUX - In-A-Gadda-DeVito (Cuneiform)
2:  KAYO DOT - Gemini (excerpt) (download)
3:  NITKOWSKI - The Beveridge Report (Function)
4:  FOOT VILLAGE - Energy Hunters (Upset The Rhythm)
5:  LED BIB - 2:4:1 (Still Equals None) (Cuneiform)
6:  THE FUTURE KINGS OF ENGLAND - Sea Saw (Backwater)
7:  ON HISTORIES OF ROSENBURG - Leave Us Here (Function)
8:  UPSILON ACRUX - The Wack Art Deception (Hactivist)
9:  MAGMA - The Last Seven Minutes (Recall/Snapper)
10: MIRIODOR - Reveille-matin/Shadow of the Alarm Clock (Cuneiform)
11: WE INSIST - Deja  Vu- (Exile On Mainstream)

Details, links and more up over here

16th AUG 2009: NEWS: COLLISION 2009 - The fourth annual Collision event will be conducting experiments in the fusion of performance, sound, light, digital interactions and the just plain weird. Alongside a collection of site specific works, an international group of artists and performers will facilitate altered versions of familiar social situations and games in which the audience will be invited to participate to allow the process to become complete. Expect strange behaviour and interventions from Clare Quilty, Mick Grierson, Genetic Moo, Emmanuel Spinelli, Brainer, Cédric Hoareau, Matt Appleby, The Lonesome Cowboys From Hell and AKAJOEY. August 22nd, 7pm till late, The Bussey Building, 133 Rye Lane, London SE15. For tickets and details visit

NEWS: JONJO FEATHER announce live dates and a new single. The single, Little Spark, is released on September 7th. The take their dark crafted, rather romantic, alt.pop to the following venues on the following days: 2nd Sept - Single Launch @ Queen of Hoxton, London, 3rd Sept - Royal Park Cellars, Leeds, 10th Sept -The Victoria, London, 17th Sept - The Lexington, London, 1st Oct - Roehampton Uni, London, 15th Oct - The Washington, Sheffield. Taste their delicate sound, while we untie this black knot on their hand made CD cover, over at

NEWS: SPIZZENERGI play a one off 30th anniversary show, their only UK show of 2009, it happens at the 100 Club, here in London, the band play (and search for Captain Kirk and get all Athletico and...) on September 3rd. Spizz, once described by no less a person than Sir Joe Strummer as “A major post-punk cult figure" will also take his rather spiky new wave post-punk band to Leuven, Belgium September 5th for a gig with Absolute Body Control. More from

SUNDAY IS RADIO DAY – ORGAN HOUR, 9.00PM UK time on Resonance FM, 104.4FM on the dial in London, and world wide via - this week The Other Rock Show and the further exploration, on proper radio, of rock music that goes beyond the confines of 4/4. This week we have some of that new Function Records material we were talking about earlier this week, we have new material from Upsalon Acrux, we have...

15th AUG 2009: NEWS: KAYO DOT are heading over for some UK dates, lot of people around here are excited about this, the New York avant-prog band open a UK tour at Cafe Oto in London on September 11th. Looks like dates are still be confirmed, more when we have it -

ALBUM REVIEW: ABRAMIS BRAMA – Smakar Sondag (Transubstans) - How much more Seventies could it be? None, none more Seventies. Swedish hard rock, classic Seventies hard rock – Swedish prog-ish hard retro groove rock - Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Stone Sold, Bad Company, Led Zeppelin, Mountain, Cream ... the full on authentic sounding real deal. Sung in Swedish, no idea what they’re on about, nothing dubious we trust.. They rock, if Seventies hard rock is your thing (and why the hell wouldn't it be!) then this is good good good... and you just know their flares are bigger and better than anyone else’s. Cool as f.... – or or

SINGLE REVIEW: JASON LYTLE – It’s The Weekend (Anti) – The unmistakable voice of Grandaddy and one of the finer tracks off his recently rather breezy and easy-on the ear sunny alt.pop solo album Yours Truly, The Commuter  – or

ALBUM REVIEW: AHAB – The Divinity Of Dreams (Napalm) – “Funeral nautic doom metal” says the publicity blurb... well they’re not that fast! This is seriously slower than slow metal – anthemic, melodic, treacle thick and monastic. Surprisingly listenable, almost soothing. Ahab are a German four piece, the cite the sea as their main influence, if that is the case then their sea is calm, forebodingly dark, at ease, anre ready to swallow whole sailing ships - they’re in the doldrums...   This is seriously slow metal – superslow, anthemic, serious metallic redemption, kind of threatens to become some kind endurance test by the fifth seven and a half minute track Tombstone Carousal although they do keep investing their positive durge with colourful imagination – seriously good, seriously slow, serious sea-calm doom metal... or

NEWS: SLITS’ VIV ALBERTINE AT THE ROCK ‘N ROLL LIBRARY TODAY: Viv Albertine plays an acoustic set and Zoe Howe Street reads from The Story of the Slits ar Mick Jones’ Rock ‘n Roll Public Library under the Westway today, 5pm This Saturday August 15th 
       The Rock n Roll Public Library is Mick Jones’ (The Clash, B.A.D, Carbon Silicon) direct artistic challenge to the likes of the corporate 02 British Music Experience. Rather than let his creative legacy atrophy Jones is ’transforming’ his own archive of near 10.000 artefacts into one unique ‘guerrilla-library.’ Set under the Westway motorway in 3000 sq.ft of former office space, Jones’s five-week civic endeavour will also encourage visitors to enrol, interact with the archive-exhibition (Jones began collecting well before he formed The Clash in 1976 to eventual international success, as such it forms an invaluable guide to the influences that informed Jones as a pop-artist). Also uniquely by request users will be able to scan (courtesy Genus, U.K distributor of the Book2net Kiosk) certain objects and via memory stick carry them away. And of course collectable Rock & Roll Library Memory Sticks are available at a rockingly reasonable fee – “just ask one of our resident funky libararians... Please note that visitors to the world’s first, resolutely alternative, Rock n Roll Public Library shouldn’t expect peace and quiet; not least because we will also be running a recording studio next door with Strummerville, The Joe Strummer Foundation for New Music.
         The Rock & Roll Public Library is open free of charge Wednesday to Sunday from 11am until 7pm; until August 23rd.  2 Acklam Road, above 272 Portobello Road, London, W10...Ladbroke Grove tube. 
14th AUG 2009: ALBUM REVIEW:  TEN CITY NATION – At The Still Point (Sturm Und Drang) - Whooops, release dates, tube trains, buses, all easily missed when the sun is out and well... Ten City Nation’s second album came out last week, released on their own label on August 3rd and more of their slightly different, rather English, grungy guitar bluster that once again comes laced with their always passionate commitment.  Old battles lost replaced with new battles found and a positively lo-fi raw rather personal sound – to call it grunge is wrong, like My Vitriol before them, the spirit of grunge is where Ten City Nation’s sound is anchored, there’s other things here though, Manic Street Preachers are as much of a reference point as Nirvana – nothing too obvious though, they’re a band influenced, very much a band doing their own thing though, Ten City Nation have their own sound – a sometimes compelling, sometimes very dark inward looking sound and a commitment that’s grounded in something lost on most English indie rock bands these days –

ALBUM REVIEW:  DIE PRETTY – Bitter Sweet (Unconform) – Girl fronted bratty catchy hi-energy punk pop from Brooklyn, New York. For some reason she’s reminding us of that singer from No Doubt, far more attitude and energy though, far more in your face – Rancid, Social Distortion.... Formed by brother and sister tag team Skip and Sarah back in 2008, they’re a ball of no messing catch punk-pop energy, you can catch the catchiness here – or

RIP CRUNCHER GOES TO BLOODSTOCK – Part 3:  Y'know what, as I sit here in me khaki shorts, knotted hanky, me scotch egg and my pint of blurgh, I'm beginning to think the fookin' tide's going out on this f**king generation don't you? I was only having a lark about Bloodstock with you all earlier, but now the end of Cruncher's nose is beginning to twitch (always a lethal sign). This shit ain't just a rip-off, it's a daylight mugging with a diamond studded kosh & willing punters involved. Don't these daft little cash-on-the-hip rockbabies realise when Father Christmas is pissing up their tree? Screw that. The Cruncher tented village pissed off to their £300 squid 'reserved' field about an hour ago the stupid buggers, told 'em to "lay one for me" (I meant a golden egg, not a....) I'm stayin' here to listen to the Rams get slaughtered by Scunny instead. Why?. How does it go ? "When someone comes to eat me alive, I like to see their teeth". Now then, time to stick The 'heads 'Suckers' on the MotorCruncher.

NEWS: MADONNA BRANDED CRYPTO-SATANIST - Madonna has been called a "crypto-Satanist" after it was announced that she would perform in Poland on a religious holiday. The show is planned for 15 Aug in Warsaw, which is the day that Polish Catholics commemorate the Virgin Mary's ascension to heaven. Anyway, a spokeswoman for the Committee For The Defence Of The Faith And Tradition Of Poland, Marian Baranski said at a press conference: "Madonna specialises in offending religious feelings. It is possible to suspect her of being a crypto-Satanist". Former Polish politician Zygmunt Wrzodak added: "Madonna sneers at Jesus Christ, the symbol of the cross and all Christians". Madonna has apparently refused to move the date of the show, despite protestations. (CMU)

RIP CRUNCHER GOES TO BLOODSTOCK – Part 2: Well now, what you and a friend could've done, if only you'd had the nouse, inclination and a spare £939.90 in your wallet. 5th option down. Flip me, just how DO BloodSuck make their bloodcurdling profits eh ? I'm walking there today, can't afford to park again after shelling out nearly a grand for a gold plated Abramovic f**kin' sherpa tent. FIFTY QUID is all the parking attendent's asking for. Well so was Charlotte The Harlot, but at least you got a decent (censored) out of it... Rock On Duuuoood - Rip 'leave your Mastercard at the front door' Cruncher.

FUNCTION RECORDS are one of those little labels who’ve been consistently releasing interesting things for a good few years now. Based in the South of England and without really shouting and being all tediously scenester and cooler than you about it, they’ve been building a rather impressive catalogue of recordings. A more than decent release record and a more than healthy attitude when it comes to doing those things that keep the underground networks flowing, evolving and all together alive with good music, art and cross pollination – something a few others could take note of in these spam-the-world and don’t bother thinking zineless times of FaceSpace where even the smallest of bedroom operators think they need to act like a copy of the corporate product pushing machine. We really have had enough of all these ego-breeding rich-kid mummy-funded bedroom labels and their mates with start-up PR companies who think they’re more important that the music and the bands they claim to care so much about... Function just get out there and just quietly do it without all the ego and bulpoop and the look at us aren’t we cool. A refreshing throwback to the best days of zines and real undergrounds and John Peel and communication, the sprit of contact and switch the other... And that’s all reflected in the music. They may not be up there with the genuinely radical cutting edge leaders like Skin Graft or Cuneiform or taking the daring musical risks of Loaf but they are releasing solidly good, rather consistent slices of quietly challenging always interesting alternative mathy indie punky post-whatever...  We could do with a few more like Function, a genuine badge of something or other and we’re rather pleased to see a batch of new releases from Shane and co...    Right, enough blowing smoke up people’s holes, let’s dive in and see what’s new...

ALBUM REVIEW: NITKOWSKI – Chauffeurs (Function) – From London with some blustery scratchy, rather busy, spiky, mathy alt.rock (and some rather intriguingly strange looking artwork). Itchy music, itchy and scratchy and with a sometimes shouty man adding vocals that never push too much at you – their pecking at your head is kind of positive. This is good, there’s a lot of this scratch indie shouty mathy rock complexity around - you’ve got to have an edge these days, a bit of depth to stand out, something a little more, Nitkowski do... Tumbling up stairs, cantankerously good, alive with energy , razor sharp, jagged, slightly worrying, mangled and knotted and if they do have a Don Cabellero feel then we’re talking Don Cab with a broken bottle and a menacing look in their collective eyes.  Nitkowski have a sense of light and shade, a genuine need to push at the edges rather than just follow the pack, something good evolving here –

SINGLE REVIEW: ON HISTORIES OF ROSENBERG – On Histories Of Rosenberg (Function) – A rather refined four track self-titled EP from the Southern English band. A five piece with a healthy glow about them, I’m guessing this is their debut. Progressive post-rock Englishness that has a warm dew-fresh glisten to it, they’re in to those rather current indie-mathy areas again, that quietly spiralling epicness, those slightly angsty vocal lines -  they have heir own beauty though, a comfort not questioned, and they understand the power of understated restraint and that a quiet less is so often so much more than more noise and aggression. Emotional English indie-prog that takes you out with the leaves and fields and things awoken. That throaty vocal style again but On Histories have a refined bit of class and craft to them and without being dramatically different, these are Impressively hopeful uplifting and sometimes rather beautiful first moves  -

ALBUM REVIEW: YOU'RE SMILING NOW BUT WE'LL ALL TURN INTO DEMONS - Contact High With Da Demons (Function) - The awkwardly named UK band (Portsmouth actually) are back with their latest album and their first release on Function since 2003’s split with Escanna. They’re dealing in a fuzzy heady mix of Sabbath psychedelia for Sonic Youth heads, an alt-rock song-based psych-drone and this is probably their best release to-date. A positive forward-moving edgy drone, fuzz-punks and Melvins and Dead Meadow rolling along in a demonically smiling colourful kind of way...

As previously reported, Function take there turn at RoTa this coming Saturday afternoon (15th August), the bill this Saturday features EX-LIBRAS, SLY AND THE FAMILY DRONE, MONROE EFFECT and YOU’RE SMILING NOW BUT WE’LL ALL TURN INTO DEMONS. First band on at 4.00pm, all well worth checking out, free to get in, Nottinghill, London town, over by the Barclays Bank jsut down the road from the tube, big bold wooden doors and crash barriers outside are the only real give away to where the basement venue is... 

Meanwhile NITKOWSKI playLondon's 93 Feet East along side KNIFEWORLD (the new band put together by Kavus, he of Cardiacs, Guapo and such), and 85 BEARS on August 18th. All of the current Function bands are rather busy in terms of live activity right now, go explore their already linked MySpace pages or head to the Function Records main site

Go see, hear, explore, here –

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