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22nd Sept '09: NEWS: There’s a brand new shiny (and best of all) free CASTROVALVA download of Pump Pump available at “Take it, share it, love it!” says the man from Brew Records...
21st Sept '09: NEWS: Those “True Metal Warriors” CONQUEST OF STEEL have stopped sewing patches on their jackets for long enough to make a new video for a track called The prophecy from the new album "Storm Sword - Rise of the Dread Queen". To watch the video go ride the wind with your sword in hand or alternatively hit this link here
           “Conquest of Steel’s conceptual epic “Storm Sword – Rise of the Dread Queen” is still available on No Face Records and continues to receive plaudits from the critics” say their label people.... And indeed they do....
            Terrorizer - “Conquest of Steel aren’t ones to do things by halves, and Storm Sword: Rise of The Dread Queen’ is their Jeff Wayne-on-a-shoestring epic” 
Behind the Veil  - “This is a very bizarre album that people with specific taste will appreciate …”  ....and more importantly, Organ  - “Proper, no messing tyrant-vanquishing old school proper proper metal” The next gig is on 26th September at The Star, South Harrow, London with Stuka Squadron and more -

ALBUM REVIEW: THE FEW AGAINST MANY – Sot (Pulversised) – A storm of cod-classical b-movie horror film soundtrack and technical death metal growling ‘n crunching ‘n chopping ‘n riffing all mixed together in some kind of over the top stew of death ‘n growl that kind of almost works in a morbidly satisfying everything thrown in with the kitchen sink longass sentence kind of way.... almost. –

NEWS: THE DRUMS ANNOUNCE UK GIGS - New Yorkers The Drums have announced their first round of UK gigs. They'll also play the Iceland Airwaves festival on 16 Oct, and before all of this gigging kicks off, they'll release their debut single, 'Let's Go Surfing' on 28 Sep and their debut EP, 'Summertime!', on 12 Oct via Moshi Moshi. Tour dates: 20 Oct: Manchester, Night & Day, 21 Oct: Manchester, Deaf Institute, 23 Oct: London, Koko, 24 Oct: Swn Festival, 27 Oct: London, Barfly

SINGLE REVIEW:  F*CK BUTTONS – Surf Solar (ATP/R) -  Out as a seven inch picture disc and download and those F Buttons twingling away with their finely tuned positively repetitive star-bright electronica. Yes there is such a word, F Buttons twingle and tingle and.... This latest single (taken from their new album Tarot Sport) kind of feels like one of those splendid Amon Tobin creations –

ALBUM REVIEW: KILL IT KID – Kill It Kid (One Little Indian) - Kill It Kid are just so likeable, they hit the spot in such an extremely good way, they bring the sun out, they’re like floating down the sunny river without a care, they just do it right... Sunny alt.blues and rich rich vibrant voices – they sound like they’re wise way beyond their years, they sound like they’ve been on the road and swapping tales for years and years with their gorgeous two-part harmonies and their warm intimacy, their intriguing interplay. They certainly don’t sound like they have an average age of just 21and this does not sound like a mere debut album from an excited young band making their first significant moves. There’s a touch of Tom Waits about them, a hint of Delta blues sunshine in there with their Mid-West truck-stop twists and their breezy folky Englishness (they got their name from an old Blind Willie McTell song so it seems, this is an English thing though, they know where they're from). Truth be told, there’s really nothing revolutionary going on here, nothing that’s going to change musical lives, no, this is just really good simple (clever) uplifting sunny tunes and some rather intriguing lyrical interplay for those times when closer attention is paid. Just a rather enjoyable album from a rather enjoyable band, sometimes that’s more than enough... We like Kill It Kid and this debut more than lives up to all the early promise... Strong songs, delightful tunes, something just a little different (and they do always seem to bring the sun out) – or

ORGAN ON THE RADIO AT RESONANCE FM, here's who got played on last night's show 

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta)
3: RAYOGRAPHS – Francis (Everyone We Know)
4: WE INSIST- Deja Vu (Exile On Mainstream) 
5: FOOT VILLAGE – Take (Upset The Rhythm)
6: THE LAZE – Von Karman’s Vortex Street (demo)
7: PRE – Hairent Tacos (Skin Graft)
8: XTC – This Is Pop (Mute/Rough Trade Shop)
9: CARETAKER – Rook (self release)
10: ADVENTURES OF LOKI – Feminine Side (Maitre-d)
11: UPSILON ACRUX – Landscape With Gun And Chandelier (Cuneiform)
12: PERE UBU – Big Sombrero (Cooking Vinyl) 
13: THAVIUS BECK – Away (Big Dada) 
14: THE RAINCOATS – Lola ((Mute/Rough Trade Shop)
15: SAVIOURS – Burnin’ Cross (Kemado)
16: IMPLOSION QUINTET – Jalopy Peppers (Cockshop) 

Full details, links and more from last night's show, up here...

20th Sept '09: ORGAN ON THE RADIO... Sunday.... that means radio day is here again, Organ on your radio, 9.00pm UK time, 104.4 FM in London or worldwide via Organ on Resonance FM. My turn this week (me, for the purposes of this, being Sean). A whole bag load of new releases, slices of punky math rock, new wave no wave old wave, prog, metal contradiction, cutting edge hip--hop and who knows what - old school radio, playing records, passing on the news, gigs, events....

19th Sept '09: ORGAN RECOMMENDS - THE RAINCOATS @ National Portrait Gallery on Friday 25 September. The Raincoats, whose debut album from 1979 is reissued on 9th November, play the National Portrait Gallery, as part of the NPG's London Iconic series. The Raincoats will be presenting their icons and performing. It is a small affair with just 150 tickets on Sale. A small tour is being arranged for November....

New Anti-Flag single just landed, always throw these Anti-Flag things on with some kind of misguided feeling of hope, hope that’s once again destroyed by more disappointment and once again some idea of punk once again conducted by numbers and they talk such a good talk, if only they had the music to back things up.... 

ALBUM REVIEW: VOWELS – The Pattern Prism (LoAF) James Rutledge and drummer Chris Walmsley with some rather fluidly experimental oscillation that touch on Battles flavours, Terry Riley-like keyboard moves, different ideas, nothing obvious. Swirling, fizzing, Tangerine Drones that fizz over the top of the glass and flow all over the place, squelch and twinkle and gushing flow, altering intensity and mind dancing crones, busy drums and dense weaves and rewired synths, miasmic clouds and strange movements in different directions, crafted, constructed and all kinds of entwined goodness and dancing around architecture and nailing down clouds as unhelpful words of description... Are LoAF ever going to release a predictable record?

WEASEL WALTER, PIRATES and... Saturday, here we go, for those of you that may have missed the great news, The Observer has been saved, there’s some graffiti porcelain over here, “Russia's Roman Abramovich has quietly added a $90 million estate in St. Bart's to his global toy chest, which already includes a Cap d'Antibes chateau, an English soccer team and one of the world's largest yachts". Tomorrow is International Talk Like A Pirate Day, this new Buckcherry single is an OK slice of throwaway glam pop-metal but haven’t Aerosmith already released Love In An Elevator? “His newest boat, called Eclipse, exceeds 540 feet and is in the final stages of construction by German ship builder Blohm & Voss. Yacht builders say Eclipse has two helipads, a swimming pool, bulletproof glass, a steam room and a personal submarine. The boat cost an estimated $300 million or more to build. The ship, the world's biggest private yacht, recently started its sea trials off Hamburg and is expected to be delivered to Mr. Abramovich late this year or early next year" while WEASEL WALTER, he of the legendary Flying Luttenbachers has another in his series of podcasts ready for you to download... New podcast available at Luther Thomas tribute with Black Randy and the Metrosquad, Vinny Golia/Weasel Walter and more...

ORGAN RECOMMENDS: DR SLAGGLEBERRY @ Cross Kings, Kings Cross, London, 2nd October. The raw edgy twitchy choppy instrumental Southern English math metal band in town in support of their new five track Slagg Factory EP -

NEWS: FORMER CLASH MEMBERS REUNITE - Former members of The Clash, guitarist Mick Jones and drummer Topper Headon, have recorded a new version of their 1978 song, 'Jail Guitar Doors', in aid of the campaign of the same name run by Billy Bragg to help rehabilitate prisoners through music. Teaming up with Bragg for the new version of the song, it was the first time the Clash pair had been in the studio together for 30 years.
In a statement, Jones said: "The guys [participants in Bragg's scheme] were telling us how much this scheme had helped them move on from their previous lives before prison. It was really touching to think we've helped, even if it's in a small way".
         Headon added: "When I was in prison myself, many years ago, I was lucky enough to have access to a guitar, which belonged to the prison vicar. I know how much it helped me get through it".
          Explaining the idea behind the campaign, Bragg said: "We want people to be able to move on from their situation and reconnect with the outside world, and my hunch was that playing an instrument - particularly a guitar - could help that". The recording session was filmed for a documentary about the scheme, called 'Breaking Rocks'. The film will premier at the Raindance film festival at Proud Galleries in London on 1 Oct, followed by live performances from Bragg, Jones, MC5's Wayne Kramer, Foo Fighters' Chris Shiflett and more. (CMU)

18th Sept '09: SINGLE REVIEW:  CARETAKER – Rook/Impass (self release) – They’re back, the English band have been far too quiet, thought they’d split... they haven’t, they’re still out there, slightly adjusted line up and a little more brutal with their aggressively colourful mathy post-hardcore metal bite this time around. Sharp-edged shouty a-side, instrumental b-side, all rather accomplished and rather brutally angry in a rather positive light-and-shade-laced way this sunny Friday afternoon...  rather glad they haven’t quit...

SINGLE REVIEW:   STRIKE THE COLOURS – Breathing Exercise (Deadlight) – Rather pleasant, rather sunny, rather gorgeous two tracker. Simple songs, cleverly simple, sweetly glowing folk-pop from Glasgow. Jenny Reeves has a beautifully soothing charming breezy voice that it really is impossible not to like and feel good about and....neat hand made cover as well... or

NEWS: SUNN O))) ANNOUNCE UK TOUR DATES...Sunn O))), as that headline there suggests, have announce some UK tour dates, here they come now:  6 Dec: Glasgow, Stereo, 7 Dec: Gateshead, The Sage, 8 Dec: Manchester, Islington Mill, 9 Dec: Bristol, Trinity Church, 10 Dec: Birmingham, Asylum, 12 Dec: Minehead, ATP, 13 Dec: Minehead, ATP, 14 Dec: London, Koko....

NEWS: OUR BROTHER THE NATIVE ANNOUNCE UK DATES - Our Brother The Native have announced some UK shows in support of their latest album, 'Sacred Psalms'. Tour dates:23 Oct: Swn Festival, 24 Oct: Bristol, The Croft, 25 Oct: Brighton, The Freebutt, 26 Oct: London, Luminaire, 27 Oct: Edinburgh, Sneaky Pete's, 28 Oct: Glasgow, Captain's Rest....

NEWS: HUSH ARBORS release their new album Yankee Reality on Ecstatic Peace on October 26th. “We are also delighted to announce that they will be special guests to Sonic Youth at The London Forum Q Awards show on October 23rd”. Hush Arbors will also be playing at the Slaughtered Lamb, London, on October 8th with Island Line and Steve Abel –

SINGLE REVIEW:   IMPLOSION QUINTET – I Don’t Hear A Single EP (Cookshop) – Follow up to the recent debut album The Future Sound Of Yesterday. The Quintet is actually the rather singular James Baker, a British musician now based in Norway. A rather accomplished mix of operatic folk, gentle glitch, colourful prog flavours (although we really can’t have the press release referring to this as IQ!), easy on the ear textures, tunes and something that could (rather lazily) be called world music experiments – Eastern European, French, cinematic, exotic, bohemian... or

17th Sept '09: What's everyone getting so worked up about Pavement reforming for, weren't they little more than just a half decent Fall tribute band back there?

SINGLE REVIEW: DUSTED ANGEL – The Thorn (Corruption) - Righteous slice of raw old school punk-fried metal, we’re talking St-Vitus for Black Flag heads, we’re talking galloping stoner riffs, raw throats, proper old school metal, a touch of good old school Angel Witch (or obscure things like Mythra or Sledgehammer or...), a smell of the early 80’s and a slice of NWOBHM. They’re from Santa Cruz, California, they got Billy Anderson doing the engineering, they got three tracks on this cool as slice of seven inch vinyl, they got it done right, did we say it was old school? – or

SINGLE REVIEW:  DR. SLAGGLEBERRY – The Slagg Factory (Crash) - The Southern English band are back with more of their slicing chopping raw edgy instrumental math metal complexity. Striped down and a little more focussed with their highwire ride, with their complex twitching and riffing, their barbed edges and their impressive colour. We like the good Doctor, we like the imagination, the genuine musical adventure, they way they challenge themselves, we like their constant time changing goodness, their bite... No chin stroking here, no Math-noodle, these calculations bite. Still early days, still raw and home-made, that just might be part of the appeal. Five new instrumental tracks, The good Doctor drop another good one, things are boiling up nicely, this is finger-chopping good –

NEWS: HOOK PENS HACIENDA BOOK.... Former Joy Division and New Order bassist Peter Hook has announced details of a new book chronicling the rise and fall of The Hacienda club, which he owned for fifteen years with his bandmates and the Factory record label in Manchester.Inspired by the New York club scene they discovered while escaping from Manchester following the suicide of Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis, Hook and bandmates Bernard Sumner and Stephen Morris decide to bring a bit of that scene back home with them. The Hacienda rose to become one of the UK's most iconic clubs, but eventually closed in 1997 due to financial problems. Hook will explain all of this in far more detail (I would hope) in the book, 'The Hacienda - How Not To Run A Club', which will be published on 5 Oct. A mix CD, 'Hacienda - Acid House Classics', will be released the same day. (CMU)

NEWS: MAPS UK TOUR... James Chapman, aka Maps, has mapped out a UK tour to promote the release of his second album, 'Turning The Mind', which is due for release via Mute on 28 Sep. Tour dates:  17 Oct: Oxford, Jericho Tavern, 22 Oct: Edinburgh, Electric Circus, 23 Oct: Manchester, The Warehouse Project, 24 Oct: Southampton, Joiners, 25 Oct: Birmingham , Hare & Hounds, 26 Oct: London, Cargo, 28 Oct: Bristol, Start The Bus, 29 Oct: Cambridge, Portland Arms, 30 Oct: Brighton, Digital, 31 Oct: Nottingham, Bodega, 1 Nov: Norwich, Arts Centre, 4 Nov: Sheffield, Fusion, 5 Nov: Newcastle, Other Rooms, 6 Nov: Glasgow, Nice & Sleazy's, 7 Nov: Liverpool, Music Week at Masque

ALBUM REVIEW:  RAISING SAND – All Out War (Bullseye) - Liking this, the English band have got things impressively together, they weren’t this good last time around, what happened...? It was bugging me, this really does sound like something, what the hell is it? Then it clicked, they sound like Sammy Hagar’s Montrose  (or maybe Young Heart Attack, who in turn sounded very much like Montrose anyway), that should be taken as a big compliment, Montrose, and indeed Hagar, rule. Raging Sand suddenly got their musical shit seriously together with some rather decent old school blue-edge storm-kicking hard rock then – nothing groundbreaking, nothing that different, just a good helping of old school hard rock that’s done right... or

ALBUM REVIEW:  WE GOT THIS FAR – Blunt Force Volume (WGT) – Some kind of dark stylised dark dark thing from the dark side of Gothdom (and California) and the darker bits of Nine Inch Nails. Some nice bits of colour in their darkness, worth your time should you be one of the beautifully dark people...

PRENEWS: COMANECHI ANNOUNCE DEBUT ALBUM - Comanechi, featuring the ubiquitous Akiko Matsuura, who as well as playing with Pre and her solo project Sperm Javelin, can currently be found playing drums with The Big Pink, have announced the release of their long-awaited debut album, 'Crime Of Love'.  It'll be released by Merok Records on 30 Nov.

NEWS: ALL DAY AFTERNOON is an art exhibition "set in a domestic environment. The objects and images interact with the familiar everyday environment of the home..." The exhibition will feature new works from GAIL OLDING and can be viewed at 8 Portsea Mews, from September 26th to October 3rd, tea and scones will be served in the kitchen, while the upstairs living quarters will feature a “variety of integrated unnerving and ambiguous objects and images”. More when we've tasted the scones... –

ALBUM REVIEW:  DIETER MOEBIUS – Kram (Klangbad) – Respected German Electronic music pilot with some fresh fizz and repetitive drive, oh OK then, some fresh Krautrock (I really was trying to avoid being lazy but hey, call a spade a spade while the toast burns...), some fresh Krautrock based compositions that push forward in a rather crisp refreshing cleansing kind of way – kind of timeless, kind of good... like it, yes, rather like it...

ALBUM REVIEW:  KALAMAZOO – How To Hunt A Dear (Indiz) – Pleasant indie rock colour from Paris, France. Touch of poppy Radiohead, hint of Television, maybe a trace of Placebo, nothing obvious though, they have their own rather accomplished rather enjoyable sound... –

SINGLE REVIEW:  N.A.M.B – Radiorack (Monotreme) - Some sort of slick poppy slightly alternative multi-layered Faith No More flavoured band from Italy with a two track single from a forthcoming second album –

ALBUM REVIEW:  LEAVES’ EYES – Njord (Napalm) - Another one of those Evanescence type operatic girl singer backed by shouting man type neo-classical Euro goth metal bands...  Drowning in their own destiny so it seems...

ALBUM REVIEW: WE INSIST – The Babel Inside Was Terrible (Exile On Mainstream) – They’re from Paris and they’re here at last with a follow up to 2007’s acclaimed Oh! Things Are So Corruptible album.  This is quite a few more steps forward, they’ve built on the strong foundations of recent times. They’ve been evolving for some time now, they’ve been around for something like fourteen years or so and this just might be their time. The Babel... is very much a ‘now’ album, an album that fits in with the current rush of high-end prog adventure and bands really wanting to challendge themselves. We Insist are just there with a complex album and a sound that goes to all the right places without ever getting too awkward or too hardboiled, they're complex and colourful without being difficult. Melody... melodic vocal lines, clever instrumental melody, real mathy prog, hints of lots of things without ever sounding like anyone else – touches of At The Drive-In, bits that taste a little of bands like 31 Knots or Don Cab, a little No Means No flavouring, Victims Family, Tool, Primus, maybe even a touch a bit of Cardiacs in there with their hint of post-hardcore and Gentle Giant and this and that.... Touches of lots (and lots) of current prog-edged modernity, a forever shifting feel -  we’ll be somewhere, we’ll be somewhere, bits of your land, bits of my land - and somehow pulling it all together with something that’s solidly of their own  - tall enough to see over their own walls. The Babel Inside is an album to really get your teeth around, serious modern prog, impressive foundations of their own... bits of your land, bits of my land. Recommended –

16th Sept '09: NEWS:  SOLSBURY HILL: CHRONICLE OF A ROAD PROTEST with Adrian Arbib is an event that happens on Wednesday 23rd September (7pm till 9pm) at Housmans Bookshop (radical booksellers since 1945), Kings Cross, London. Here comes the blurb... “Adrian Arbib discusses the history and legacy of the road protest movement and will be illustrating his talk with a slideshow presentation of photographs from his book, ‘Solsbury Hill: Chronicle of a Road Protest’. 
        In 1994 eco-warriors took to the tree-tops and set up camps in the Solsbury Hill protest, as they launched a bid to halt construction of the Batheaston to Swainswick bypass at Bath. Their hard-fought campaign failed to stop the road through a Bronze Age beauty spot and ancient monument being built, but is credited with boosting other campaigns against road- building projects across the country, which eventually led to 300 road schemes being axed by the Government. Armed with little more than rope harnesses and mobile phones the size of bricks, the protesters were faced with often violent private security forces in muddy fields, high in the trees and even underground. Adrian Arbib lived on site photographing the events. In so doing he captured all aspects of life on the protest. His work is a unique record of an important moment in British political history when a political movement changed government transport policy. The photographs Adrian took over this period are at the heart of the book ‘Solsbury Hill: Chronicle of a Road Protest’, and we are delighted to welcome Adrian to Housmans to discuss the history and legacy of the road protest movement. Adrian will be illustrating his talk with a slideshow presentation of his photographs from the period”.
         “This is our history. It is appalling and inspiring at the same time. These pictures of brave people should not be forgotten.” John Vidal, Environment editor, the Guardian
            Event information: Wednesday 23rd September – 7pm till 9pm @ Housmans Bookshop, 5 Caledonian Road, King's Cross, London N1 Free entry. Nearest tube: King's Cross -
THE LAZE - THEY SOUND BEAST!NEWS: THE LAZE.. UK tour with USPILON ACRUX, concept album release, prog as f... here comes a massive outburst of news direct from the band.... 

         OCTOURBER: “We start our UK tour supporting Upsilon Acrux October 1st.  Yes, that's a fortnight away & YES we are psyched.  Upsilon Acrux are one of the best contemporary avantech acts out there and they are travelling all the way from LA.  Seeing them live is going to be devastating!  We are privileged”.  (dates further down)

        FEAST OF THE TAIL (Oct 2-3) – “As part of the tour we are playing the all-day festival Feast Of The Tail in Liverpool.  This is part of a two day extravagonzo festus organised by Samizdat, Meshuggy, Evol & Valhalla.  Headlining the Friday night (curated by Meshuggy & Evol) are HEALTH (another band from LA) supported by the most excellent Balloons & others.  Headlining the Saturday (Samizdat & Valhalla) are Upsilon Acrux with a.P.A.t.T., us, Honey Ride Me A Goat and loads more supporting. It promises to be the best DIY festival in Liverpool since records began. It will be taking place in none other than Liverpool's Theatre of the Absurd: The Kazimier.  Hot Rad.”

        SPACETIME FABRIC CONDITIONER (Stopping the Nightmare From Not Dying) - The long overdue concept LP is finally being released.  After experiencing every type of technical nightmare, moving studios countless times and basically losing faith in reality we have finished it!  And to be incredibly modest... IT SOUNDS BEAST! We are doing a limited CD & VHS release for the UK tour.  We will then be officially releasing it on digipak & 12" vinyl in November.  The artwork is looks absolutely amazing, we have the genius of Dan McPharlin to thank for that.  I have to say now and will continue saying forever: We couldn't have done it without our producer extrordinaire Rich Hurst!  The patience of this man surpasses all, nevermind his exquisite string & horn arrangements.  He is now officially the 7th member of The Laze, whether he likes it or not.”
   “Extra thanks to Organ Mag (say the band) for playing excerpts from the LP for 3 weeks running on their show on Resonance FM.  Thanks for the support!!!” – Ha, we haven’t even started, tune in next week, and the week after (and the week after unless the Resonance bosses kick us off...) 

            PHANTOM OF THE OPERA – “In further LZZZ news:  We have just been commissioned to compose a new  soundtrack for the 1925 silent horror classic Phantom Of The Opera.  We will be performing this live in the big screen at FACT cinema, obviously beneath the screen while the film is projected.  This is all in celebration of the remastered DVD release.  We are quite possibly going to be on the international DVD release as an alternative soundtrack, along with Rick Wakeman's version.  The performance and DVD release dates have yet to be announced, it will most likely be toward the end of the year.  We shall keep you informed...

        Lots more Laze news and such via Here at Organ we think The Laze rule, they are right to say they sound beast, The Laze are beast! The album was reviewed a couple of weeks ago and personally, I can’t wait for the tour – THE LAZE, UPSILON ACRUX and HONEY RIDE ME A GOAT TOGETHER... that might just be too much for one night! The progggggest thing ever! Proger than a man in a red dress and a foxes head!

          Ah hell, here's the album review again.... it originally ran here back in August when they sent us a demo version... hence the refrences to the demo...

ALBUM REVIEW: THE LAZE – Spacetime Fabric Conditioner – This isn’t really a demo, this is things in progress and an early taste of some kind of masterwork and an album almost ready for release – pay attention serious forward looking cutting edge prog-friendly labels out there, I think they’re looking for someone to take notice and put this out - and someone really should, this is seriously good! We’re talking some kind of instantly attention-demand frontline blend of the best side of brooding Faith No More fused with the progressive drama and seriously challenging adventure of classic King Crimson. Radiant keyboards, moody mountains of imaginative light and shade and stop the boat, the jester, the lark’s tongue is aspic, all lighthouse keepers and whoever’s helping young Washington to cut that cherry tree down for one mad-dive prog rock clock-ticking lawn-mowing minute, stop everything! We have a serious band here, this just might be the missing link that glues together the classic English prog of long past days and the forward looking musical adventure of now. This is cutting edge post-whatever you got for people who understand the glorious beauty of early Genesis, the dramatic adventure of Van Der Graaf or classic King Crimson, this is all that kicked in to a slightly twisted here and now with such gutsy passion, with such understanding of what this thing we call prog is really about... This is the real deal, this is proper full-on unashamed cool as f**k cutting edge expertly crafted dirty-fingered keyboard driven, sax-fuelled twisted English prog rock adventure and when they get the release details sorted we’ll delve a lot further in and tell a hell of a lot more about how brilliant it is... 
        You can catch The Laze on tour in the UK with Upsilon Acrux and Honey Ride Me A Goat at the start of October, now that is going to be a serious event of a tour, those three bands together is almost too much! More from

UPSILON ACRUX OCTOBER UK TOUR, that’s right, one of the finest avant-prog outfits in the world are heading thing way for the first time ever, LA’s Upsilon Acrux are coming! The dates:  1st October - Chatham with The Laze Honey Ride Me A Goat @ Tap N Tin, 2nd - Milton Keynes with The Laze  Action Beat @ The Crown), 3rd – Liverpool with a.P.A.t.T, The Laze and more, All-day fest @ The Kazimier), 4th - Worcester @ The Firefly, with The Laze, 5th –TBC, 6th London with The Laze and Honey Ride Me A Goat - Upset The Rhythm @ Barden's Boudoir, 7th –Leeds with The Laze, That Fucking Tank and Cowtown @ Brudenell Centre – then off to Ireland... 8th - Dublin @ The Lower Deck, 9th Cork @ The Quad –

DEMO REVIEW:  THE MINIONS – Bolton’s Minions have themselves a new three track demo. Raw, busy, tunefully good energetic ska flavoured brass driven skanking punk-pop. Three new tracks, all of them good enough to lead things as a serious single (if they ever got them recorded decently) and like we said last time, they sound like they’d kick up an imperial leisure of a storm live...

ALBUM REVIEW: MONSTER CEILIDH BAND – Make Me A Dancer (self release) – An happy jiggy reeling real instrumental fiddle and accordion type dancing around wildly none more folk type four piece Celtic sounding folk band. One of those frantically twirling bands that demand cider and sunshine and reels and jigs and should you feel like reeling wildly to some wildly traditional instrumental folk then here you go, they’re rather good at it – or

LEFT LANE CRUISERALBUM REVIEW: LEFT LANE CRUISER – All You Can Eat!! (Alive Natural Sound) – Some right there in the zone, raw, blistered, no messing, slide-guitar freight-train riding blues. Oh yes, Hillgrass bluebilly hard working good honest black-lunged blues music delivered with a nail on the head righteous punk-fried attitude. They’re from Fort Wayne, Indiana, they sound like Seasick Steve for Rose Tattoo heads in need of an Ol’ fashion lo-fi five dollar shoe-shine... This is good, this is very good, certainly not the putting in of a twenty and the taking out of a forty here, the good is there in these Broke Ass Blues. There’s just two of ‘em, broken down old scratchy electric guitar, gravel throats and drum kit. There’s some great You Tube footage if you have the time to go look. They got bags of soul in there, they got it all nailed, real deal stripped back raw broken bottle stripped to the bone blues goodness - or
Some YouTube: Left Lane Cruiser perform at Wooden Nickel Music in Fort Wayne, Indiana back in 2006

ALBUM REVIEW:  AIRPEOPLE – The Golden City (Golden Antenna) – No real idea where Airpeople are from, they really could be from anywhere with their politely modern, occasionally complex (not that complex), instrumental rock music. Says here on the press release they’re for fans of Tortoise, Sean And Cake, Mogwai and such, they’re not doing much to excite any ears around here, if you’re curious then go hit the links. They’re from Germany by the way – or

NEWS: EDWYN COLLINS TO COMPLETE 2005 TOUR - Edwyn Collins has announced a tour of the Scottish highlands and islands next month, as well as some dates that you might actually be able to get to. The tour was originally planned for 2005, but was cancelled after he suffered two brain haemorrhages in February of that year. He is also working on a new solo album, due for release next year. Tour dates: 14 Oct: Kirkwall (Orkney), Fusion, 15 Oct: Thurso, Skinandies, 16 Oct: Helmsdale, Community Centre, 18 Oct: Aberdeen, Lemon Tree, 19 Oct: Inverness, Ironworks, 21 Oct: Portree (Skye), Aros, 22 Oct: Fort William, Fired Art, 23 Oct: Stornoway (Lewis), An Lanntair, 25 Oct: Glasgow, ABC, 27 Oct: Manchester, Deaf Institute, 7 Nov: London, Bloomsbury Ballroom (CMU)
Edwin has a lot of us Cardiacs fans around here wishing him well right now for obvious reasons...

15th Sept '09: NEWS: PUNK NIGHT AT THE PORTOBELLO FILM FESTIVAL with an original 101er....  Looks like a rather fine event happening as part of the ongoing Portobello Film Festival tomorrow night. The festival is in the middle of seventeen day run of free screenings in and around the Notting Hill area of West London right now. Tomorrow (Wednesday 16th September) at Inn on The Green, Joe Strummer’s co founder of The 101ers, Alvaro, will be performing live. There's also a film portrait called Full Dedication Alvaro being screened.. Other films being show on the evening include Notting Hill 1958 Riot Tour which previews 50 years of the London Caribbean Carnival. More from

NEWS: HEAVY TRASH, Jon Spencer and Matt Verta-Ray, are in session today at 1.00pm at Resonance 104.4FM on the Balling The Jackshow. hear it worldwide via

NEWS: SLAYER ANNOUNCE UK TOUR DATES - Slayer have announced a UK tour in November to promote their forthcoming new album, 'World Painted Blood', including two nights at The Forum in London. Tickets go on sale on Friday. Tour dates: 18 Nov: Nottingham, Rock City, 19 Nov: Birmingham, Academy, 20 Nov: Manchester, Academy, 22 Nov: Glasgow, Barrowlands, 23 Nov: Leeds, Academy, 25 Nov: London, The Forum, 26 Nov: London, The Forum

Organ OTHER ROCK SHOW on Resonance 104.4FM, 9.00PM Sunday 13th Sept 2009

This week’s playlist...
Intro: PHANTOMSMASHER - Bishop Hopping (Ipecac)
1:  UPSILON ACRUX - Transparent Seas - Radio Edit (excerpt) (Cuneiform)
2:  THE LAZE – Everlife (demo)
3:  HONEY RIDE ME A GOAT - Varicose Jibs (Unlabel)
4:  KAYO DOT - Gemini (excerpt) (Tzadik) 
5:  GENTLE GIANT - The Boys In The Band  (Band Of Joy)
6:  MIRIODOR - Standard Deviation (Cuneiform)
7:  FRENCH FOR CARTRIDGE - Oooh! (Dinner With Daisy)
8: DR SLAGGLEBERRY - Feed Me A Stray Cat (Crash)
9: DEAD DAYS BEYOND HELP - Nervous Disposition (Copepod)

Full links, details, news of the bands and such, up here

14th Sept '09: SINGLE REVIEW:  THE SANS PAREIL – Happy Hour (Stone Of Folly) – They have a new six track EP out of their own label, we made their demo a demo of the week around here at Organ sometime last year and it seems things are coming together rather nicely for the Dalston band. Some kind of scratchy off-hinge multi-voiced bluesy folk-punk barbed-wire mob-rule shouting about not wanting to appreciate something or someone or... well who knows what they’re shouting about out there.... Kind of disturbing, disturbing is good, well here it is. Kind of dark swamps of East London hillbilly music, music of the night and people who know what’s good for you, barking at the moon, strange creatures, roadkill, things in the shadows, you better watch out my friend... just go with them, take all your roadtax, insurance, all the documentation, follow, everything will be alright, everything will be... 

NEWS: R.I.P JIM CARROLL.... The New York Times reports that the writer and musician Jim Carroll died in his Manhattan apartment on Friday. Ex-wife Rosemary Carroll says the cause of death was a heart attack. He was 60.
           As the frontman of the Jim Carroll Band, Carroll recorded a couple of totally indelible slices of jagged, grimy new wave in "People Who Died" and "Catholic Boy". Carroll, already renowned as a poet, formed the band in the late 1970s. The band, signed to Atlantic Records after Keith Richards arranged a deal, recorded three albums before breaking up in the mid 80s. Carroll also released the 1998 solo album Pools of Mercury, and he collaborated with Lou Reed, Rancid, and Blue Öyster Cult. More than music, though, Carroll is famous for The Basketball Diaries, his fascinating 1978 memoir of being a smack-addicted high school beatnik basketball star in mid-60s Manhattan. The follow-up memoir, Forced Entries, covers the years when Carroll kicked around Andy Warhol's Factory. (Pitchfork)

ORGAN RECOMMENDSHEAVY TRASH @ The Lexington, London, N1 on 16th September - Jon Spencer and Matt Verta-Ray are...Heavy Trash! They’re in London ahead of the October release of their new Midnight Soul Serenade album. The album is already being hailed as Jon’s finest work since Orange so we're told. More Boss Hog flavoured Blues Explosions then...

SINGLE REVIEW: ISOLATED ATOMS – Tell Me What I Want (Weekender) - Counting time but it ticks no more... um...  Isolated Atoms. Decent regimented indie-pop with a touch of drive about it, a kind of New Order/Joy Division flavour (that apparently has Peter Hook’s approval), touch of Depeche Mode, touch of a lot of things actually. “The name derives from Joy Division’s Isolation album”, I think we get the idea, we know where their atoms seed themselves – a grower, didn’t really grab us fully first time, growing now though, hooking us in with their radio friendly heroicness, kind of sound like that band The Bravery, that’s no bad thing, decent first single, worthy of further investigation... Debut single out on Sept 28th  -

13th Sept '09: ALBUM REVIEW: FOOT VILLAGE – Anti-Magic (Upset The Rhythm) - They explain that they’re “an acoustic hardcore band who make thunderous drum ‘n shout music” and that’s kind of right only they’re nowhere near as mellow as that would have you think, nothing anywhere as peaceful as mere drum ‘n shout might suggest.... Members of Gang Wizard, Friends Forever and the “infamous” International Voice Of Reason, with some kind of telling screaming drumming tribal new wave who knows what – brilliant, addictively brilliant, as addictive as lots of people drumming and yelling and screaming could possible be... no really. They’re from Los Angeles, they build walls of aggressive carnal noise with just drums and voices. They write love songs in a secret language, they are human, they are animal, cold blood reptiles. The Foot Village nation’s first war, their third album and a “collection of drum essays embracing the physical and rejecting the imaginary”. They insist these aren’t jams, these are very structured, worked out pieces, they’re “anti-jam” so they say... Well that’s what they say. Brutal male and female voices, yelling, screaming, cathartic... brilliant actually  - or– over here in the UK in November, consider this an early warning. 

NEWS: THE SELLABLE ART POP-UP MARKET....  The Sellable Art Pop-up Market is a specialist market event, hosted by the Old Truman Brewery over in East London. Brick Lane is the place. “The Sellable Art Pop-up is a unique opportunity to browse and buy artworks direct from the creators”. The next Pop-up event takes place from 25th - 27th September in the cavernous old Boiler House, 152 Brick Lane. Entry is free, paintings will be on sale, 30 or so painters, creators and such so we’re promised, and that includes us Organ team with a stall and some artwork and paintings and things  –

          "The ethos of the Old Truman Brewery’s markets is consistent with that of the Brewery as a whole; to provide a platform for new design, art and fashion, without prejudice or pretension, in order to restore the direct link between creator and customer"

12th Sept '09: ALBUM REVIEW: THE ADVENTURES OF LOKI – The Adventures Of Loki (Maitre-d) - Just one second chance, I see a little silhouetto of a man, get in touch, get in touch, get in touch with your feminine side... They’ll catch you in their headlamps, knife to your back, gun to your heart, and that’s just how it starts... Dance like maniac, lose control. Teathered and tongue-tied, feisty ball of colourful indie-punk energy (indie-punk? How damn lazy of us is that, write proper reviews godammit!) and a tag-team of girl/boy shouty vocals to go with the frantic attitude and the beating of everything to submission before they tone it down and settle in to the body of the album...  Two girls on bass and drums, boy on guitar, they’re from Lancaster, North of England, they serenade, they scream, they got it, they got, they got it, they know you’re gonna get it... Debut album after a couple of well received singles and see how they can turn you inside out.. Energy, melody, spikiness, they want to do something before you die... She’s one hell of a raw energetic drummer, Rachel is her name, anchoring it down and pulling you all over the place while the other two – Brigit and Steve – add the colour... A raw threesome, raw frantic energy that has a lot more than just the energy to hold it all together and Get Yr Beat On. Seems it was a little more than just a couple of promising singles and a ball or energy then, seems they have some substance, a touch of depth, something that marks them out as just a little more... Angular, slicing, inventive, edgy.... good good good, get in touch, get in touch with your feminine side, the tough mean no messing side... or
11th Sept '09: Wonder how George Tabb is doing today... 

NEWS: KAYO DOT, Brooklyn’s dark-edged avant-prog treats kick off their much anticipated UK tour tonight in London at Dalston’s Cafe Oto. They band, formed out of the fall out of the rather excellent Maudlin Of The Well, are in support of their critically acclaimed 2008 album Blue Lambency Downward (out on Hydrahead), an album that featured in our top five albums of last year at Organ, the review is on this page. There's a new album on the way early next year so we're told "new album's release in February. Its called Coyote, by the  way..."  The tour starts tonight, they head off around the UK for a week, full dates over at

ORGAN RECOMMENDS - DEAD DAYS BEYOND HELP @ Ryan’s Bar, 181 Stoke Newington Church Street, London, N16  - 17th SEPT, £2.00
              “Fresh from going into the studio to record their next album, Dead Days Beyond Help will be providing an entire evening’s worth of musical entertainment at their favourite local venue. Two musicians, two hours of music, two pounds to get in. If you want to witness DDBH in their natural element and most unadulterated form, this is the night.” Jem Doulton and one time Camp Blackfoot guitarist Alex Ward rediscovering his love of mathy punky avant prog... -

10th Sept '09: NEWS: ROLO TOMASSI have announced two special shows to close their 2009 touring schedule, before they head to the States to record their second album.  Here are the dates: 3 Oct: London, The Rest Is Noise, 8 Oct: Leeds, Brudenell Social Club

NEWS: CANCER BATS ANNOUNCE UK TOUR - Canadian hardcore band Cancer Bats, who are currently working on their third album, have announced a string of headline shows in the UK beginning next month, which they will fit around dates supporting Billy Talent. Tour dates: 22 Oct: Middlesborough, Uncle Albert's, 24 Oct: Liverpool, The Masque, 28 Oct: Tunbridge Wells, The Forum, 2 Nov: York, Fibbers, 3 Nov: Bournmouth, Ibar, 4 Nov: Falmouth, Princess Pavillions, 5 Nov: Exeter, The Cavern. -

10th Sept '09: ALBUM REVIEW: HEALTH – Get Color (City Slang) – Los Angeles art-pop, some kind of subtle manipulation and moulding of noise and texture... well maybe not so subtle once you work in to the body of the album and get the colour of it, once you get in to the flow... Clever songs embodied with noise, with different textures, experiments brought under some kind of structured control. Experiments for those who don’t really like it too ‘experimental’ or ‘strange’?  Drenched in light and shade, and ever changing set of colourful moods and their much anticipated next moves.  Crunchy distortion and all there within some kind of formal disciplined indie alt.rock framework and some kind of idea of song as key – which some might say is tougher to pull of them just bring ‘experimental’. Damn fine whatever it is... Does it get a bit Jesus & Mary Chain go U.S post-alt.pop there for a while? I think it does.... Rather fine album, fine tunes, fine textures, fine songs, fine pin-point focused ear-burning noise...  or

9th Sept '09:  All day today CDs have been thrown at the chewing machine over there in the corner, all day long while we got on with other things... What kind of other things? None of your business, the curtains are closed here for good reason and it really is none of your business what we do or what those insects have to say about anything. What is your business is all these CDs that we listen to on your behalf, all these b-list movie stars trying to be rock chicks in the worst possible way, this endless precession of same old same old not very new nu metal bands, polite indie radio rock types and... This band right now really don’t sound that well, I’m quite worried about him, some kind of regurgitating metal tedium that really does need an ambulance calling for it... We’ve had polite country rock today, we’ve had bad neo prog, bad goth metal with one of those bad bad “operatic” girl singers, we’ve had polite unadventurous this that and the other... All day, nothing anywhere near stopping what we’re doing to type out some words and give you a link. Hang on while the eject button is punched again...  Wet lettuce singer songwriters will not do.. We’re selective here you know.... 

NEWS: AMANDA PALMER, she of Dresden Dolls, will be signing copies of her new art book “and probably singing, you never know” (so she says on Twitter) at the Forbidden Planet shop, Shaftesbury Avenue, London, at 6pm tonight, 9th Sept  -

BANKSY'S BLUR SINGLE ARTWORK DESTROYED - A mural by Banksy, which was used as the cover of Blur's 2003 single 'Crazy Beat', has been partially painted over by mistake. Workmen from Hackney Council began covering the artwork, on the side of a building in Stoke Newington in London, with black paint and had removed much of the work before the building's owner, Sofie Attrill, could convince them to stop.
         Attrill told the BBC: "The workmen were smiling as they did it - they thought it was funny. I just burst into tears. But a crowd gathered and we managed to get them to stop before destroying it completely. I don't care about art or politics - I am just an ordinary girl who liked being cheered up by seeing this on my street".
      She continued: "People have always been telling us to sell it or cover it in Perspex, but we only wanted it to be here for the public's enjoyment. You can't take a photo if it's behind a thick plastic screen. We never wanted to make money out of it like many do - but it was a part of our lives. Now it's gone. People are always doing down Hackney but this was something we could all be proud of".
           Hackney Council's Alan Laing initially said in a statement: "The council's position is not to make a judgement call on whether graffiti is art", although he later added: "Due to a problem at the land registry, unfortunately our letters stating our intention to clean this building didn't reach the owner. As soon as we realised this, work stopped. We are now speaking with her about how to resolve the issue". (CMU)

NEWS: MARILYN MANSON will be over here, spooking everyone up in December, when Brian and the boys will play some gigs. Tickets go on sale tomorrow. Tour dates: 9 Dec: London, Brixton Academy, 13 Dec: Birmingham, Academy, 14 Dec: Manchester, Academy, 17 Dec: Nottingham, Trent FM Arena

ORGAN RECOMMENDSWilliam D. Drake at the Bull & Gate, Kentish Town, London NW5, Friday 11th Sept: Bill Drake, one time Cardiacs keyboard player with his uniquely English alt.rock eccentricities. Welsh band Rocketgoldstar in support, first London gig for five years, where have they been? Back with their anthemic pop-prog glow. What are you singing about? 

ORGAN RECOMMENDSKayo Dot at Cafe Oto, Dalston, London E8, Friday 11th Sept:  – Brookyn’s Kayo Dot in town as part of a UK tour with their must see dark moody avant-prog adventure

ORGAN RECOMMENDSChickenhawk at the The Grosvenor, Stockwell, London SW9,  Saturday 12th Sept:  – Chickenhawk come down from Leeds in support of their new single and debut album that we called the British metal album of the year in 2008. Forward looking boundary pushing metal adventure for people who like it on the Melvins side of life.  Nitkowski are also on the bill with their busy scratchy spiky head-pecking math rock flavoured attack 

NEWS: THREE FRIENDS are back in Shoreham By Sea again tomorrow, Three Friends are a good portion of the legendary GENTLE GIANT – Gary Green, Malcolm Mortimore and Kerry Minnear as part of a seven piece band. Sceptics amongst us wondered if they could still pull off the magic when they played there earlier this year, here’s the You Tube from last time, they’ve still got it, prog as! Happens at The Ropetackle Centre, tomorrow night. Who knows why they only do this in a little Southern English seaside town... 

8th Sept '09: NEWS:  LONDON GIG GUIDE... London needs a decent informative alternative gig guide, several people have tried to get something going, takes a lot of time and effort though, takes venues and bands and promoters supporting and interacting and making things work, needs to be free of all the pub rock clutter, the tribute bands... we need a focussed uncluttered alternative... Latest valiant attempt comes from the London Gigs team, and so far so good. Early days and the website is only just getting off the ground, a decent gig guide is needed badly and this looks early days good... it will only flourish if people get behind it, make it work people, we need it, support it...
SINGLE REVIEW:  EUREKA MACHINES - Being Good Is Okay, But Being Bad is Better (Wrath) – Eureka Machines doing their infectious Wildhearts style catchy pop rock once more. Free download should you want to get infected...They keep trying to get us to namedrop Cardiacs but that’s taking liberties (and there is no ‘the’), you’re got to be extra good to get away with that! Here’s a link, we’ll leave it with you, infectious pop rock –

NEWS: Blowing our own trumpets time, a dirty job but someone's got to do it now and again, there’s five new Sean paintings hanging in that rather good Graffik Gallery in Portobello Road over in West London right now... 284 Portobello Road, which in turn, turns out to be the old Planet Alice shop that back in the day sold lots of early issues of Organ, funny how things turn out.. what a turn up.... 

SINGLE REVIEW: CUDDLY SHARK – The Sheriff Of Aspen Bay (Armellodie) – Exploding out of Glasgow again with another a ball of messed up attitude and some lonely lonely lonely punked-up Zeppelin puns. Just over two minutes of shouty in your face and taking the phone and  art-school punks so they say, we’ll forgive them that, never trust anyone who went to art school. Two thirds masculine, one third feminine, originally from the Highlands and a damn cool Neil Diamond cover (Cherry Cherry) on the b-side that almost threatens to rival Killdozer’s cover of I Am I Said. They’re not all noise and bluster though, not just attitude and energy and shouting “Feckin’ dae Summin” (which were told in English translates to “please do something”). They got some delicate songs in there with their bits of Husker Du, Fugazi, Buzzcocks and Weezer all being thrown up the stairs at the same time... Like we said last time aroun, they good, kiss the bug cuddly shark... nothing ugly here –

ROBIN CLARENEWS: The next Cafe 1001 Showcase happens on Wednesday 16th September. Showcase happens, every second week, down London's Brick Lane, at Cafe 1001, just over from the Rough Trade shop. You can find an Organ review of a recent Showcase here. The next Showcase will feature another twenty or so emerging artists including Robin Clare who stood out in that Beautiful Losers show we covered a couple of weeks ago. 
Showcase webpage

LIVE: MOBY – Rough Trade Shop, Brick Lane, East London, Sept 6th -  “..but the concert was I think the best Moby concert I've been to. I was expecting it to be all acoustic and low key but it was actually quite kicking, well a weird mix between intimate melancholy melodies and pumping drumming charging tunes...he did a few tracks from Play which was great and the two female singers were quite amazing, such a powerful voice and presence I've actually never seen a British audience get quite so into the music and dance like that before, it was a great vibe and it was brilliant to be up so close and really feel it, it was quite affecting.. Needless to say I didn't go to work today...”  (Emma) 

Airbourne yesterday8th Sept '09: NEWS: AIRBOURNE DECLARE NO GUTS NO GLORY! - “Rabble-rousing Aussie rockers Airbourne are excited to announce their No Guts No Glory headline tour in February, to coincide with the release of their as-yet-untitled second album. While much of the writing for the record took place in a disused Antipodean pub, the band are recording in Chicago with producer Johnny K”. Don’t seem a minute since they were making their UK debut at the little Borderline, proper rock! This is what we want... Dates aren’t until next year but hey, All the way to the Hammy O already, ain’t such a long way to the top so it seems... nice one.  (and yes it is still the O in our book)
          Dates: FEBRUARY 3 - NOTTINGHAM Rock City, 4 - LEEDS Academy, 5 - GLASGOW Academy, 6 - EDINBURGH Picture House, 8 - NEWCASTLE Academy, 9 - MANCHESTER Apollo, 10 - LIVERPOOL Academy, 12 - BELFAST Mandela Hall, 13 - DUBLIN Academy, 14 - WOLVERHAMPTON Civic Hall, 16 - PORTSMOUTH Guildhall, 17 - BRISTOL Colston Hall, 19 - LONDON Hammersmith Apollo. Lots more on Airbourne over there

ALBUM REVIEW: VENTFLOW – Terrorsiah (Casket) – Hissing, spitting snarling storm of Lamb Of Slipknot type no-messing metal from Australia or Southern England or Germany or some such place should you want it...

NEWS: JOHNNY on the PIL thing....  which we think is a good thing... The decision to resurrect the band was apparently inspired by Lydon's father's death in 2008 and his brother's recent battle with cancer. Lydon told BBC 6 Music: "It was a very harsh time for me emotionally and I started paying attention to 'Death Disco', the record I wrote about my mother dying. I've always been wrapped around some sort of emotional tragedy through PiL, but also great joy. It's a chance to express every single human emotion possible. Although the Pistols is a most fantastic band to be a member of, there's more going on in me than that".Talking up the shows, he said: "Anyone who's ever been to a PiL gig knows that there won't be anything that you're familiar with. It just isn't like that. There's a whole washof new material that I haven't used yet but I will be doing some kindly drop-ins tosome PiL anthems".

NEWS: DAVID BOWIE AND THE SPIDER FROM MALAYSIA - David Bowie has had a rare spider named after him due, according to The Telegraph, to "his musical contribution to the arachnid world". They are referring, of course, to Bowie's 1972 album, 'The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars'. This spider isn't from Mars, though. It's from Malaysia. German arachnologist Peter Jäger told The Observer he chose the name Heteropoda Davidbowie because naming endangered spiders after celebrities helps to raise awareness of the fact that their natural habitats are being destroyed. He said: "It is working against time. We are also quickly losing genetic resources that have evolved over more than 300 million years".(CMU)

7th Sept '09: NEWS: IT COULD BE RIGHT, IT COULD BE WRONG... PiL RETURN.... December 2009 sees the return of Public Image Limited for “5 very special live dates” in the UK. Their first shows in 17 years. The shows will mark the 30th Anniversary of the release of 'Metal Box' but PiL will NOT be limited to tracks from one album and the tour will showcase their whole career. PiL founder John Lydon will be joined by former members Lu Edmonds (Guitar & Misc) and Bruce Smith (Drums), plus new recruit Scott Firth (Bass). See the newly launched official PiL website for full– the dates: Birmingham, 02 Academy-  December 15th, Leeds, 02 Academy - December 16th, Glasgow, 02 Academy - December 18th, Manchester, Academy - December 19th, London Brixton, 02 Academy - December 21st

ORGAN ON THE RADIO AT RESONANCE FM, here's who got played on last night's show 

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta)
2: HEALTH – Death+ (City Slang) 
3: FRENCH FOR CASSETTE – Oooh! (Dinner With Daisy)
4: FOOT VILLAGE – Energy Hunters (Upset The Rhythm) 
5: GODZILLA BLACK – Fear Of A Flat Planet (demo) 
6: CASTROVALVA – Thug Poetry (Brew) 
8: KAYO DOT – Clelia Walking (Hydrahead)
9: DEAD DAYS BEYOND HELP – Nervous Disposition (Copepod)
10: LITMUS – Stars (Rise Above) 
11: THE LAZE – Glassdust At The Disablot (demo)
12: DEAD KENNEDYS – Ill In The Head (Decay)
13: UPSILON ACRUX – In-A-Gadda-DeVitto (Cuneiform)
14: COWMAN – Massive Vagina (Ingue) 
15: CARDIACS – Big Ship (Alphabet)

Full listing, links, details and news of the bands played up hereon the radio page...

"Anyway, thanks to you I shall be going to at least one of the UpsIlon Acrux/The Laze shows in October" said a listener called James last night. 
             We do like doing it this old school way, playing exciting new bands to people who haven't heard them before, the old school ways, proper radio shows and reviews and such, a little more than FaceSpace spam if you know what I mean... We like it when you readers and listeners respond as well, there's a forum over there....

NEWS: RUSSIAN CIRCLES ANNOUNCE NEW ALBUM... So, here's some Monday morning news; instrumental rock behemoth Russian Circles have announced that they will release their third album, 'Geneva', on 19 Oct. Drummer Dave Turncrantz said of the writing and recording process on this album: "Everyone supported everyone else's weirdest ideas. We took more time in the studio to get tones and perfect takes". Listen to some stuff from the band's first two albums here:
        Oh, hang on, here’s the new Russian Circles album right now, just landed here in the Monday morning post, Royal Mail not on strike today then, sounds impressively good on first listen, sounds like they pushed themselves forward, sounds rather impressive so far. More in that epic instrumental post-rock grandiose intent, challenging bigness and on first listen, they’re going to a few places they haven’t been before... 

NEWS: BUNNYMAN JAKE BROCKMAN DIES  - Former Echo And The Bunnymen keyboard player Jake Brockman died of injuries sustained in a motorcycle crash on the Isle Of Man last week. He was 53. Born in Borneo, he came to England to study at the Old Vic Theatre School in Bristol. He became a full-time member of Echo And The Bunnymen in 1989, but by then had already been working with the band for several years, earning the nickname "the fifth Bunnyman" from fans. The band split in 1992 and he did not rejoin them when they reformed in 1998. Following the split, he formed BOM with Bristol-based producer Damon Reece, and also worked as a sound recordist on a number of the BBC's natural history programmes. Echo And The Bunnymen paid tribute to Brockman on their website, saying: "Our thoughts are with his wife, family and friends". (CMU)

NEWS: AMANDA PALMER is to play a “secret” midnight gig, seems it happens on Sunday September 13th at the Camden Underworld in London. Tickets are on sale now, ten pounds a shot so it seems...

6th Sept '09: SUNDAY IS RADIO DAY... Sunday, we’re back on Sundays after what seems like an age, have we been off air for two weeks or three? There was last Tuesday but that was a one off that no one can really explain, the delightful randomness of Resonance FM. Sunday is once again radio day, Nothing random on Sundays. This week Sean O with a collection of new releases, demos, post this that and the other, math-punk, prog-bite, goings off and things, squalor alive once more. Sunday might or even night, 9.00pm UK time FM dial in london, Resonance 104.4FM or worldwide via 

5th Sept '09: Earl Grey Martini? What's all that about? First Thursday? Art can be annoyingly pretentious at times, and at times when it really doesn't have the right to be pretentious. We'll tell you about it in a bit, riding around the East End on a bus checking out First Thursday... the whole thing saved at the last minute by a giant pink hare just off Old Street..

ALBUM REVIEW: YACHT – See Mystery lights (DFA) – Catchy, joyous you might say, joyous catchy squelchy sunny electro pop from Portland Oregon, little new wave left-field feel, just a little extra something...  –

DEMO REVIEW: GODZILLA BLACK – This one turns ears and grabs minds straight away, this is different, this is good!  A whole album’s worth and all ready to go. Twelve tracks from the London band that instantly demand attention. Pointy drumming, cultured yelping and all angular, not your regular angles mind you, this band are seriously different – burning wires and a fear of a flat planet, don’t fall off the edge now. How are we going to dance around the architecture this time?  They sound like they should be on one of those genuinely cutting edge labels like Skingraft, they sound a little like Arab On Radar without really sounding anything like anyone with what sounds like two drummers and a whole load of Pulp Fiction and new wave fizz and fuzz and tribal and kind of unsettling.... Rumbling, rolling, new wave bite, a surf-kissed riff here, an edgy roll there, and really like nothing that can be conveniently pinned down... Alien tunes that will sail very close to the edge of your world – mostly drumming... Under-pinned by some frantic drumming, there is two of them hitting those isn’t there? They were a little light on information, just hand delivered disc dropped though our door with no names or anything, kind of disturbing to think these people are on our doorstep late at night... Twelve seriously good tracks and a front line album ready to go, seriously good, seriously different, now if we were still in the record releasing business we'd be on the phone straight away   -

NEWS: DAMIEN HURST LOSES PLOT OVER PENCILS..... A seventeen-year-old graffiti artist who goes by the name of Cartrain has been arrested for stealing a box of pencils from Damien Hirst's ‘Pharmacy’ (1992) exhibited at Tate Britain as part of the recently closed Classified exhibition, according to the Independent, Cartrain took the pencils in July in response to a feud with Hirst, originally started when Cartrain used images of Hirst's diamond-encrusted skull, ‘For the Love of God’ (2007) in collages that he put up for sale on his website. Hirst reported him to the Design and Artists Copyright Society and a string of legal letters were sent to Cartrain's art dealer, Tom Cuthbert, at, about the teenager's pieces, also called For the Love of God. The online gallery surrendered them to Hirst with a verbal apology.
             He then created a "wanted" style poster that read: "For the safe return of Damien Hirst's pencils I would like my artworks back that DACS and Hirst took off me in November. It's not a large demand... Hirst has until the end of this month to resolve this or on 31 July the pencils will be sharpened. He has been warned." Cartrain told The Independent: "I went to the Tate Britain and by chance had a golden opportunity to borrow a packet of pencils from the Pharmacy exhibit. That same day I made up a fake police appeal poster advertising that the pencils had been removed from the Tate and that if anyone had any information they should contact the police on the phone number advertised." "A few weeks later I went out and I returned home to find out the art and antiques squad from New Scotland Yard had called round with a warrant for my arrest." He was told by custody officers that the pencils were valued at £500,000 and that he had damaged "the concept of a public artwork titled Pharmacy ... valued at £10,000,000". Cartrain is on bail and, if convicted, his actions will feature among the highest value modern art thefts in Britain. The box of pencils – a very rare "Faber Castell dated 1990 Mongol 482 Series" – will be put back by Hirst, although the installation is no longer on public display. -

4th Sept '09: ALBUM REVIEW:  PORCUPINE TREE  - The incident (Roadrunner) - Really don’t know about Porcupine Tree these days, they don’t really challenge either themselves or their listeners that much do they? I guess they’re doing just what those legions of fans and followers all over the planet want them to do, I imagine their devotes, of which there seems to be hundreds of thousands now, will once again be more than delighted with this latest Porcupine Tree album. We go back a long way, Organ and Porcupine Tree, we were probably covering them and their early demos before anyone else took them seriously, those prog-pariah early days when no one else cared that much for such unfashionable notions.  Indeed they headlined the second day of the Organ tenth birthday party weekend at the London Astoria back there somewhere in the early 90’s... People expect us (what with all our prog rock championing and colours firmly nailed when it wasn’t fashionable to do so, with all our self-proclaimed love of all things Van Der Graff  or Yes, our shouting about the coolness of early Genesis when we’d probably have been far better off in keeping these things to ourselves), people expect is to rave and drool over Porcupine Tree... Truth is, they’re kind of boring aren’t they? 
         If mid 70’s Shine On Welcome To The Machine Floyd is your thing, if the smoothness of say Camel or Barclay James Harvest does it for you...  He’s no Roger Walters though is he? And luck is all you make and you just reach out and take it.... And yes, good luck to them, they’ve stuck to their guns and made their good luck, they’ve defiantly hung in there and done their thing and, without really being noticed by the mainstream, evolved in to a rather massive international band. Good luck to ‘em... Just, well... um... and some of those Animals bits there? Little too close for comfort? Time Flies? Time stands still with Porcupine Tree and they’re pretty much doing the same thing now as they have been doing for the last fifteen to twenty years.... Oh they have their ‘nice’ moments, they have their restrained dynamics, they have their melting ‘prog’bits and their Welcome To The Machine instrumental moves, none of that real cynical Floyd darkness though, none of that baggage that always gave Pink Floyd that vital edge back there... And surely, if this is what you want then Radiohead have more than shown how to really be a Floyd for now rather than just very very competently aping the then in such a clinically slick way? How does time break down? Porcupine Tree are a slick Floyd machine on some kind of very well controlled and ‘faultlessly’ satisfying auto-pilot and after a while you realise time flies and the best thing you can do is take whatever comes to you, you better watch out, there may be dogs around.....
  Oh look, Porcupine Tree have made yet another very slick, very polite, very tidy, very melodic, very clean-cut album, a very Porcupine Tree kind of album. Those who want this kind of thing will be more than satisfied, they claim it to be a Porcupine Tree classic.... Those of us who like our music with a bit more, who like our bands to challenge, who like things to come with a bit more bite, a little more dirt under the nails, a little more risk taking danger, we’ll be wondering why Porcupine Tree are content to continue to just make albums like this. Each to their own, good luck to ‘em, not really enough from our so called ‘prog’ bands though, need more than this... or

SINGLE REVIEW: ELECTRIC ASSEMBLY – White Splinter (Dream Driven) – They talk of “post-country psychedelia and affecting melodies against layers of droning guitars, hypnotic drumming and white noise feedback” and I guess that’s just about right. Slow slow washes of gentle relaxed post-rock and tastes of Board of Canada, Slowdive, gentle gentle stuff, delicately resonating, soothing and sliding, vibrant and all in a rather impressively neat hand made hand painted CD cover that’s a delight to handle. Dream driven indeed and all of it top quality – packaging, sound, style and everything, limited edition hand dumber release of just one hundred and well worth grabbing. / /

NEWS: EFTERKLANG have signed to Beggars-owned 4AD. The band are working on the follow-up to their 2007 album, Parades, due for release under the new deal next year, and will be touring later this year. Parades was album of the year back in 2007 here at Organ. The band's former label, The Leaf Label are not finished with them just yet, though. They will release a live album, 'Performing Parades', on 19 Oct.
           Announcing the new deal, Efterklang said: "We are very happy to let you know that we have signed a new record deal with 4AD - one of our absolute favourite labels in the world. We will now be part of a roster that currently counts fine artists like The National, Deerhunter, TV On The Radio, M Ward, Scott Walker, St Vincent and many more. [Our] first project together will be our third studio album, which will be released sometime in the first quarter of 2010".  They added: "We have been releasing our music on The Leaf Label since 2004. It has been absolutely joyful for us and we are proud that we have contributed to their incredible discography. We are still waiting for them to release a record we don't like, but we are beginning to think that it will never happen".
             Here are the UK & Ireland bits of their upcoming tour: 11 Sep: Bestival, 12 Sep: End Of The Road, 13 Sep: Cardiff, The Globe, 14 Sep: Coventry, St. John's Church, 28 Oct: London, The Barbican (performing 'Parades' with The Britten Sinfonia), 29 Oct: Birmingham, The Asylum, 30 Oct: Glasgow, Oran Moor , 31 Oct: Manchester, The Deaf Institute, 1 Nov: Brainwash Festival, 2 Nov, Reading, Concert Hall

NEWS: SLAYER have announced details of their forthcoming tenth studio album, 'War Painted Blood'. It will be released on 2 Nov as a limited edition CD with multiple covers, a deluxe edition CD/DVD set and on 180 gram vinyl.
          Oh, the band's drummer, Dave Lombardo said some stuff about the packaging. Look: "As we're so excited about 'World Painted Blood', we wanted to do something special for the packaging, and have been working with some really cool ideas. They've taken time to get just right, and with our headlining the Mayhem tour for most of the summer, it's just taken that much longer to get all these great ideas exactly the way we want them".
He also said: "We hope our fans will like everything about 'World Painted Blood' as much as we do. Recording this new album has been one of the greatest experiences we've had as a band. We were together during the writing process more than we had been for past albums, we worked more collectively, everyone's suggestions and ideas were heard and considered, and that camaraderie is definitely heard in the new album".

NEWS: ISIS have announced UK and Ireland tour dates. Tour dates: 21 Oct: London, Koko, 22 Oct: Cork, Cyprus Avenue, 23 Oct: Dublin, Button Factory, 24 Oct: Belfast, Black Box, 25 Oct: Glasgow, Stereo, 27 Oct: Manchester, Academy, 28 Oct: Birmingham, Asylum

3rd Sept '09: NEWS: DRUGSTORE - Remember Drugstore? Sure you do... superlative dreampop Brazilan/Brits with stars in their doe-eyes, half-made of fire and half of wine. Looked for a while in the 90s as though they might take over the world, then the world it turned and three albums on three different labels later, Drugstore were still staring at those stars. Seven years away - the magic number? - and they're back at Dingwalls, where they played nearly every Drugstore Christmas.... Back there this Monday September 7th at Dingwalls, Camden, London... ...takes you back, doesn't it? Those days meant a lot to us. If they meant a lot to you and you want to close your eyes and hear those songs - - again, then open them and hear new ones -

NEWS: THE NOISE OF ART is something that kicks off tonight and runs until 20th September. Curated by Infinity Bunce and Helen Edwards. Seems they’ve invited a whole load of artists, musicians and such to make some kind of unique customised work on a 12" slice of Vinyl. “All work is a kaleidoscopic mix of different materials placed on a 12” vinyl record, each piece bouncing from one to another. From urban artists, fine artists, to graphic designers and musicians, all journeying through pulsating imagery of an electric mix of surface materials, scrunched, scratched, painted, sprayed and printed on a record vinyl. The 12” vinyl that we once loved has been brought back to life and gives birth to itself in the name of art. You will never look at a vinyl like the way you did before. It’s a jamboree not to be missed!” The East End Arts Club can be found in Swanfield Yard (off Redchurch Street top of Brick Lane), 2b Swanfield St, London E2. East End Arts Club is a part of First Thursdays, more of that later, tonight being the first Thursday of the month and such... Here come those essential links: / /

ALBUM REVIEW: COWMAN – Palpating The Rumen (Ingue) - Some kind of frantic insect-like relentlessly scuttling scratchy bass punky locked-on drone that’s all wired up and frantic and pecking and pecking some more and on it goes pecking at the wire, sounds like more than one bass, sounds all obtuse and angular and frenetic and menacing and like things are never going to end and on and on scratching and pecking and drilling and and sometimes kind of singing in a frantically shouty way underneath the constant drive that never ends, never stops pecking at the wire and the awkward timings and and arrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Like being eaten by thousands of little scratchy metal insects -

ALBUM REVIEW:  PORCUPINE – The Trouble With You (Blueworm) – Mid West North American alternative indie pop rock. Rather polite – lighter side of Foo Fighters, Lemonheads, Buffalo Tom, that kind of thing, feels like something from the early 90’s, not really doing that much for us, go investigate over at

BEANS ON TOAST? So this Twitter thing, we finally gave in, Weasel Walter's fault, well you just know he's going to have something interesting to say. Anyway, once you cut through the crap, like all these things, if used right, it can actually be useful, bits of gig news and such once you  cut through all the tedium of people telling you they had beans on toast for tea today... These things are only as good as people make them. For Organ updates, bits of news, who knows what,

NEWS: FULBORN TEVERSHAM at the Vortex... Seb Rochford's Fulborn Teversham bring their “improvisational punk chamber-jazz” to the Vortex (London) on Sat 5th Sept. For more go to

ALBUM REVIEW:  THE VICTORIAN ENGLISH GENTLEMENS CLUB – Love On An oil Rig (This Is Fake DIY) - Has their parrot started to talk? Are The Victorian English Gentlemens Club at last finding a voice worth listening to?  They’re still rather difficult to really pin down and this album does sometimes sound like a collection of vaguely related bands rather than the work of just one. Primal ideas, flies stuck in white paint, obscure harmonies and when it does fall in to place then yes indeed. They claim to have a musical understanding now, a more confident beast and they say they’re ready to demand our respect, and yes, they might just be right to think they have a right to think about making that demand... They are starting to talk, they are finding that voice... There’s an awkward something here now, laid out over a whole new album, the Cardiff foursome are staring to make some kind of awkward primitive sense, they’ve put the kettle on. Wire, pointed distortion, strange words, what turns their dial? Strange, weird, kind of compelling, no longer the over-anxious teenagers, rounded absurdists now, focused drums and things, still disconcerting but they may just be starting to make some kind of off-hinge sense now. Wire and Fall and lying around waiting on the floor like a dog settling down for some telly... Kind of like them now, first time that’s been said around here... kind of like this, kind of definitely.. maybe... with the benefit of hindsight... yes, like it... definitely, yes... definitely like it. or
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