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Sean - ghetto blaster, mixed media on canvas11th OCT '09:  Today is Sunday and Sunday, as you know, is radio day around here, this week THE OTHER ROCK SHOW on London’s finest radio station, RESONANCE 104.4FM. The Other Rock show is Marina’s exploration of rock music played beyond the convention of 4/4, that’ll be strange time signatures - proper prog, post, clever hardcore, rock music that’s delivered with a little more challenge... The show is on at 9.00pm UK time, you can here via 104.4FM in London or worldwide via

NEWS: OXYGEN THIEF on the plinth - 9am to 10am Tuesday 13th October – “I'm playing on the 4th Plinth in Trafalgar Square as part of Anthony Gormley's One & Other project, come down and sing along with / point and stare at'll be fun (as long as it doesn't rain...please don't rain on me London). If you can't make it on the day, point your internet hole at and watch it live” – Oxygen Thief with his heartfelt wordy alt.indie/folk songs up there in the sky, we made his demo, demo of the week at Organ back sometime last year, if we were lazy we’d reference Frank Turner, but that would be very lazy and would only give you a vague idea...

NEWS: DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN will play Camden Barfly on 12th February, the First of series of to-be-announced UK dates so it seems, The Escape Plan have lost the plot a little in recent times, let’s hope they’re on their way back with some of that original musical challenge they had in their early days... 

10th OCT '09: ALBUM REVIEW:  THE FLARE-UP! – Whip ‘Em Hard, Whip ‘Em Good (Criminal) – Another one of those Swedish garaged flavoured, glam-edged, punk rock ‘n roll bands from Stockholm. Drenched in attitude, a touch of Mott polish and songcraft in there with the Backyard Babies meets Stooges meets Hanoi Rocks class. The Flare-Up have songs, they have little twists, channel-surfing details, a touch of knowing 70’s swagger, urgent and right on your toes when they need to be, refined when they feel the need. Mosty street walking cheetahs with a bag full of glam rock riffs and some bar room punk attitude, maybe some of that stiff that Turbonegro run on, a touch of Killers or  Strokes or The Clash or... they got some big shoes there, they got loads stuffed in to those big shoes, classic glam flavoured punk rock ‘n roll delivered with more than enough class, swagger and just that touch of something different, they got a bit of what Hanoi had back there at the start, all good...  –

9th OCT '09: NEWS: MUDHONEY HIT THE UK THIS WEEKEND - Mudhoney will be in the UK over the next three days, playing shows to promote the new reissues of their seminal 'Superfuzz Bigmuff', 'Mudhoney' and 'Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge' albums on Sub Pop, which came out this week. As well as shows in London, Leeds and Edinburgh, fans in the latter two cities will be able to get stuff signed by the band. They'll be appearing at Avalanche in Edinburgh from midday today, and Jumbo Records in Leeds tomorrow at 3pm. Here are the details of the shows:  9 Oct: Edinburgh, Picture House (support from The Vaselines), 10 Oct: Leeds, TJ Woodhouse (support from The Heads), 11 Oct: London, Koko (support from The Heads)

MuTate poster (Sean - MuTATE BRITAIN: ONE FOOT IN THE GROVE – Under The Westway, Ladbrook Grove, West London, 8th Oct – Now this looked promising on the website, Mutoid Waste Company, under the Westway, with loads of graffiti, some serious names in UK street art and yes, this all looked very promising on line.... So we set off with a feeling excitement and anticipation, only a walk down the road, this is our manor  Tonight is the opening night private party preview of an event that opens tomorrow and runs throughout October. The MuTate team back for more following on from their infamous Behind The Shutters Show, back in Ladbrook Grove and what some of them say is their spiritual home, back with a team that includes some of the most respected names in current UK street art, alongside, photographers, stencil artists, paste up pieces, sculptors... 

The Mutoid Waste Company go way back with us Organs, we’ve been encountering them and their creations pretty much since Organ first started back there in the underground days of the 80’s. Strange vehicles parked outside places like Club Dog, Acid Daze, racing through the dust Mad Max style at the legendary Treeorgey free festival, Skreech Rock, that strange squat hospital that got surrounded by shield-banging riot police in the black of night that time (we all had to crawl through tunnels to get out...). These days the Waste Company pop up at what you might call more mainstream respectable events - official parts of things like Glastonbury Trash City, California’s Burning Man, major corporate festivals in Hyde Park, still as creative as ever though, and good on ‘em, stick them in the real Tate or the middle of Trafalgar Square, they deserve it all, they’re the good people doing well... 

MuTATE@ Grove (Marina - Organart)What were we going to get tonight though? What do the Mutoid Waste Company stand for in 2009? Where’s street art going? Graffiti art these days is pretty mainstream isn’t it? Bansky and all that, all been done hasn’t it? Are we going to be drowning in celebs and champagne, the Hoxton art poseurs heading west? Madonna and her cheque book? Brian Sewell stroking his chin and waving his arms? No, none of that, nothing to worry about, from the moment we get in through the big wooden building site type gates that let us through the high wooden fence wall - graffiti-covered naturally - past the friendly security (and the hopeful paparatzi), from the moment we walk in this is jaw-dropping good...  This is still the Mutoids on full effect, all is well in West London...

The old vibe is here, the place is buzziing with energy, alive with the feel of all that 70’s Westway graffiti/punk rock history, the feel of those old Club Dog/free festival/strange squat gig events that happened so much in the 80’s and early 90’s before rave and dance culture changed the shape of free festivals for ever. The heavy thumping dub coming out of the sound system, even the crowds of people look like they’ve fallen out of some kind of mutant page of a 2000AD comic, this is our kind of place, us Organs feel at home. No art-pose here, this isn’t Hoxton, this isn’t the Frieze Fair, there’s a genuine buzz of excitement in the night air alongside the big arc lights and the strange sculptures looming out of the dark above our heads. 

MuTate @ Grove (Sean -’s friendly conversations struck up with strangers, old friends, giant rastas, mohawked punks, graff writers, travellers, Notting Hill locals, geeks talking technique, well dressed families, excited kids, they’re all here soaking it all up in...  Nearly said ‘in’ here, but we’re not quite inside are we; we’re walled in by the wooden fence but we’re under the stars, the moon and the giant Westway, corporate billboards are invade from the side of buildings outside the fence, but this is a whole other world in here. Those imposing thirty foot high Westway support pillars make this such an atmospheric venue - the Westway pillars where some say British street art started back somewhere around ’76, the giant flyover roadway that dominates West London (check your Clash records, and your Hawkwind album covers, there’s a lot of counter culture history under this roadway, The Hall Of The Mountain Grill is just over there...). 
MuTATE @ Grove, Snub23 (Sean - in but out in the open air, Westway motorway as roof above us, tube trains flashing by on one side (must look brilliant to the passengers whizzing by), giant support piers acting as gallery walls... There’s some seriously impressive pieces, big pieces, some expertly crafted graffiti art up on those support pillars (there some seriously wasted looking artists, Snug23 tells us he’s been up for four days solid). 

Straight away you’re hit by the giant Mutoid Waste Company sculptures/vehicles – cannibalised Royal Navy helicopters, military scrap, bits of old fighter plane cockpits that are now bodies of strange looking metal dinosaurs. There’s giant (and we do mean giant) robots, strange mutant motorbikes - the Mutoid Waste Company creations are looking bigger and better than ever, more technical now, still the spirit of those strange psychedelic gun turret trucks parked outside the George Robey back there... The futuristic kinetic robotic creatures made out of bits of scrap that really do grab the most attention, giant fire breathing mechanical bull lurching at the crowds and.... wow! There’s stunning creativity wherever you cast an eye, this is wonderful. Giles Walker’s pole dancing robots are captivating, how did he get them to move like that?! Carrie Reichardt (AKA The Baroness), she of the Treatment Rooms, is by the gate as we go in - she believes the revolution will be ceramicised, there’s that tiled orange pick-up truck by her tile stall that you may have seen in the Funkcutter film. 

MuTate @ GroveAll around there’s impressive graffiti art battling for attention behind the sculpture – Sickboy, Paul Insect, Inkie, Dotmasters, Zeus, Mode 2, Bleach and many more... There’s a slightly more formal gallery area (formal for on outdoor event underneath a motorway flyover), actually a take on the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, where smaller pieces of impressive sculpture stand on plinths in front of some classic pieces of stencil art, paste up pieces of subversion and such. Neneh Cherry is providing the food over there...

There’s colour and energy coming out of the darkness wherever you look, the graffiti is far from tired, plenty of fresh creativity here, a little more than giant names and I’ve got all the books to copy from if you know what I mean, serious evolution – the old Banksy on the wall outside looks a little tired  (and no disrespect meant there, we’ve still got lots of time for Banksy, easy to shoot at the popular, take art the masses we say). Tonight’s opening was a triumph, need to go back today and take it all in again in the cold light of day. Serious street art, proper counter culture, genuine creative, amazing skill... Brilliant... Thank you MuTate crew, we had a great time 

MuTATE BRITAIN: ONE FOOT IN THE GROVE runs on Friday, Saturday and Sundays throughout October. 2pm – 10pm, under the Westway Flyover, junction of Portobello Road and Acklam Road, London W10. Nearest Tube, Ladbrook Grove, come out of the station, cross the road and walk along underneath the Westway –


‘When I think of the punk years, I always think of one particular spot, just at the point where the elevated Westway diverges from Harrow Road and pursues the line of the Hammersmith and City tube tracks to Westbourne Park Station. From the end of 1976, one of the stanchions holding up the Westway was emblazoned with large graffiti which said simply, ‘The Clash’. When first sprayed the graffiti laid a psychic boundary marker for the group – This was their manor, this was how they saw London.’ Jon Savage ‘Punk London’ Evening Standard 1991

‘All across the town, all across the night, everybody’s driving with full head lights, black or white turn it on face the new religion, everybody’s sitting round watching television, London’s burning with boredom now, London’s burning dial 999, Up and down the Westway, in and out the lights, what a great traffic system, it’s so bright, I can’t think of a better way to spend the night than speeding around underneath the yellow lights.’ The Clash ‘London’s Burning’ 1976 

8th OCT '09: ART: MuTATE BRITAIN: ONE FOOT IN THE GROVE opened in Ladbrook Grove, West London, under the iconic Westway last night, serious street art, frontline graffiti, scrap sculpture and Mutoid Waste Company creations that left jaws on the floor, a triumphant opening. The Event runs, under the Westway, just off Portobello Road in Ladbrook Grove, West London, throughout October. It really is not to be missed, full review and more photos up here in a bit, we’ll still recovering from tonight’s open preview party for a bit –

Is that the sun back? National poetry day today, here comes some music talk some more art, here comes who knows what... Still a non-stop operation... Just went to put a link to the National Poetry Day website and hang on Camaron has jumped on that bandwagon as well. Why is his slimy face on the front of their website? That's ruined things

MuTATE @ Grove (Marina - Organart)That's another shout from the MuTate Britain show right there...

ALBUM REVIEW: DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA – No2: Sing Along Songs For The Damned & Delirious (Ascendance) – Some kind of hellfire operatic swing orchestra loaded with crunching heavy metal riffs, full on 30’s/40's big band swing and a whole leap forward from their rather decent debut, The Butcher’s Ballroom. A leap forward in terms of songs, production, adventure and pretty much everything else. Full on operatic outbursts, theatrical metal that chops all over the place, some kind of mad hatter mad musical mad twisting and mad turning, mad adventure and a full on smorgasborg of thrash and Mr Bungle and swing and strange operatic vocal theatrics and more swing and more and and....

SINGLE REVIEW: LULU & THE LAMPSHADES – Feet To The Sky (Voga.Parochia) – Kind of quirky, kind of folky, kind of Lily Allen and all bright and sparkly sweet and a little bit twee in a positive kind of happy way. Kind of delightful actually – or

ALBUM REVIEW: MEAN STREAK – Metal Slave (Black Lodge)  - Decent enough Judas Priest, Accept, Y&T, Iron Maiden style heavy metal from Sweden. All black leather, flying Vs, silly artwork, fighting to win the battle within and everything you’d (maybe) want, need and indeed everything you’ve quite probably heard a million times already. look in to the eyes of a stranger, don’t give up the fight, raise your fists tonight blah blah blah.... Decent enough –

SINGLE REVIEW:  HOUDINI – What A Fire (self release) - Spiky pointy slightly angular scratchy alternative indie pop on a little three inch CD thing that almost escaped us. We could make some kind of smartarse comment about them almost escaping us but you know we’re not the smirking smartarse types and we’d never do anything like that. They sound a bit like some kind of Fugazi tripping over the Fall and crashing right over Herzoga with all their sharp bits. Decent first release, they’re from Ashford, Kent and you can find them via

SINGLE REVIEW:  HEALTH – Die Slow (City Slang) – Neat set of remixes tagged on to this single from LA’s Health. The main track is that fine wall of experimental dance noise, that, to use a word we have copyright on, is rather thrilliant. Pictureplane remix takes things in to even more danced up getting near four to the flour disco areas, Tabacco mix adds a great big techno electro crunch and doesn’t leave much of the original Health finger print, likewise Zombie Zombie turn things in to a dark sinister synth driven Zombie Zombie track and add a whole load of menace, may as well just be packaged as a Zombie Zombie track... damn fine one mind you –

7th OCT '09: ART: MuTATE: ONE FOOT IN THE GROVE in an art event that opens on 9th October (and runs until the 25th) under the Westway in Ladbrook Grove, West London.  (3-6 Acklam Rd, London, W10). A 15000 square foot open air exhibition of Street Art, giant Sculpture and Installations, fully licensed for 1250 people, underneath the West Way Road Bridge next to Portobello Road. Here’s what they say on their website:
        Following the success of their debut show ‘Behind the Shutters’ at the infamous Cordy House, the Mutate Britain team are pleased to announce One Foot in the Grove, an exhibition of painting and sculpture located in the heart of West London
“For us this is a home coming, Ladbroke Grove means a lot to Joe and I, now we’re back home to put on a show that we hope will be remembered for its inspiring art, inclusive atmosphere and all round good times.” Garfield Hackett
                   Since artists such as Futura 2000 (then touring with The Clash) and Mode 2 first painted the huge walls supporting the iconic West Way in the early 80s, they have been cited as a birthplace of British graffiti/street art culture. Almost 30 years later Street Art is a global artistic movement, rich with talent, diverse aesthetic styles and momentum sustained by passion. Now over 50 of its old school pioneers, infamous names and future masters are back to build a show that celebrates the depth and heritage of the movement. Expect surprise announcements to add to the mix of works by Mode 2, Matt Small, Dr. D, Part2ism, Best Ever and too many more to mention.... Go read the rest of this here
ALBUM REVIEW:  RAT ATTACK – This Is Art (Lockjaw) - At last Lockjaw remember where their balls are and release a record with some guts rather then all that bed-wetting rule-obeying emo pop they’ve been trying to peddle as punk rock recently.  I’d almost given up on throwing Lockjaw CDs in the disc cruncher, damn machine was spitting them all right back at me in such an indignant way.  Rat Attack are a blistering four piece hardcore punk band from Exeter - no messing about here, roaring out in that classic fast shouty in your face everything must go hardcore way you know and love. No musical revolution, nothing you haven’t heard a zillion times before, we could drop a million names as reference points, they (or at least their press release) seem happy with Refused or Comeback Kid so why not, those names are a good as any. A short sharp six track ram-raid of uncompromising in your face shouty hardcore punk rock and all done just right. This is indeed art, glorious stuff. or

ART:HIRST, SPREAD THE MONEY...  A rather novel idea has pinged into The Art Newspaper’s email tray from Matthew Edwards who plans to stand as an independent member of parliament for Vauxhall in South London at the next general election. "Damien Hirst's workshop 'Science' is in the constituency of Vauxhall," he says. "I have made a very poor piece of A4 artwork called For the Love of Dog which I would like to offer him for £1m with the proviso that every penny will go into a microcredit scheme in the local area to provide small loans to people with good ideas to set up sustainable enterprises that provide long-term employment for the people of Vauxhall." Over to you Damien. For more information, go here or here

ALBUM REVIEW:  ANTI-POP CONSORTIUM – Fluorescent Black (Big Dada) – New York Hip-hop with a whole load of challenge thrown in the mixer, seriously pushing the boundaries with their words and sounds. Little bit more than guns ‘n bitches if you know what I mean... Lyrics to focus your ears on, lines that keep catching, clever music, a blend of the new and things like Dalek fused with some of that old school classic electro hip-hop fizz from back there. Some of this really is front-line 80’s and right up there with the best bits of things like the mighty JVC Force, Packman and such. Android soul and more shopping carts crashing, fresh hip-Hope that for once is more worth your time and ears. Hip-Hope? I kind of like that typo, this is hip-hope, A-PC back reunited and filling that big hole they left back there with some rather satisfying line-spinning tune-crunching boundary-pushing style, hip-hop with a challenge –

NEWS: We see ATP have just announced that PAVEMENT will headline and curate their 2010 All Tomorrow’s Parties event, the news seems to have set you off in some kind of excited Twitter frenzy. What is it that gets you all so excited about the reforming Fall tribute band, The Fall themselves are still out there making decent records and playing chaotic shows, Pavement reforming isn’t that exciting is it? Tickets are on sale now blah blah blah, three days at a Butlins holiday Camp full of holier than thou I’m cooler than you indie kids and chin-stroking types watching a Fall Tribute band sometime in May, bargain at one a hundred and sixty quid, roll up roll up...

NEWS: PETER HAMMILL has announced a London solo show on January 31st at Cadogan Hall, now that's far more exciting that any Pavement news!  More from

ART:  Always wondered about that locked up tunnel, here's some words from The Londonist: 
              Beneath the streets of Holborn, London, something is growing in the Kingsway tram tunnel The usually padlocked doors at the tunnel's Southampton Row entrance, which last saw tram traffic when a young Queen Elizabeth II had been on the throne for just a few months, have been thrown open to welcome visitors for Chord, a month-long art installation by Conrad Shawcross.
          Led in by a flourescent bib-wearing guide, we descended the surprisingly steep ramp and into the tunnel itself, passing fake posters and non-existent Tube station roundels left from a recent film project. As we penetrated the murky gloom en route to.... more here

NEWS: MIKE ALEXANDER R.I.P... Thrash metallers Evile have announced that their bassist Mike Alexander has died after suffering a brain hemorrhage while on tour in Sweden. Paying tribute to their bandmate, the rest of the band said in a statement: "This is so hard to find the words to express fully how we feel. We can't believe or accept what's happened. One minute we're talking to our buddy, Mike, the next minute we can never speak to him again. There's so many things rushing through our heads that we want to say, do and feel. We half expect him to come round the corner and call us 'dickheads'. We can't get our heads around it".
                  They continued: "It upsets us so much that he was away from his family when this happened, although knowing Mike, we're at least glad he was on tour doing what he loves. We're lost for words. We all miss him so much already. He was such a headstrong, genuinely nice guy who loved music and his family. We've got so many brilliant memories with him. Our hearts go out to his daughter, family and friends at this tragic, difficult time. Mike is much loved and is sorely missed. Rest in peace, brother".
               London-born Alexander started collaborating with Evile bandmates Matt Drake and Ben Carter in 2000. They formed Evile in 2004, self-releasing their debut EP the same year. They signed to Earache in 2006, and released their second album for the label just last month. It seems that Alexander had been in good health before being taken ill suddenly while on tour in Sweden, just a few days into their European tour with Amon Amarth,
Evile's Mike Alexander was suddenly taken ill and rushed to hospital, but tragically passed away in Lulea, Sweden.Tributes have been flying around the web this morning, seems Mike was well thought of within the metal community... sad news indeed.

6th OCT '09: Never mind no egg men on stilts or the fact that Dilemma Tuesday is with us and we still don't know what to do.... Bag loads of wreckords to catch up with while paint is slung and...

ALBUM REVIEW:  SKINDRED – Shark Bites And Dog Fights (Beiler Bros) – Benji out of Dub War but that was years ago and lots of water has rushed under our bridges since then. Didn’t we release some early Skindred material around these parts back at the start of the century? Haven’t encountered Benji and his band for quite some time, good to see them doing so well. Still that familiar mix of dread throwing dub and skanking crunching metal. Sounds a little over produced and polished these days, no sign of that raw punky edge and that Ruts feel they once had. Good to see things going so well, we’ll leave them with it and politely say this over produced over slick pop metal dub really isn’t for us. Nice to see a band hanging in there though, nice one indeed...  –

ALBUM REVIEW: IDLEWILD – Post Electric Blues (Cooking Vinyl) – Idlewild are becoming more and more of a middle of the road folk band with every release, this falls on the radio friendly side of The Levellers, is that a good thing? Here’s the link –

SINGLE REVIEW: VOLCANO CHOIR – Island, Is (Jagjaguwar) - The things you find in rejected piles of unwanted CDs, still it is all about the music isn’t it? Single from the Unmap album. Volcano Choir are bits of Bon Iver and Collections Of Colonies Of Bees and this is an interesting enough amalgamation of many current North American alt,rock things, a folky Bon Iver take on Animal Collective’s textures. 

ALBUM REVIEW:  MAPS – Turning The Mind (Mute) - Pleasant mix of slightly euphoric sometimes melancholic electronic textured multi-layered alternative indie pop sculpture from Maps. Soothing textures, clever details, waves that gently wash, electronic glow, gentle uplifting vocal lines that sometimes betray the darkness and nothing is here you see... Some kind of gentle New Order via Pet Shop Boys for shoegazing Chapterhouse fans who like it lush and layered and slightly dreamy. An delicate album full of positive hope and uplifting forward looking glow, an album that'll seep in and find your heart –

SINGLE REVIEW: DISCONCERTS – A. Medic (PLR) – Soothingly frantic wired up new wave from Chichester’s Disconcerts. Kinetic rhythms, scratchy drive, dislocated lines, Death Disco PiLness and Fire Engines energy, urgent neurotic vocal delivery from the finely named guitarist/singer Hugo Hamper-Potts. Last track of five threatens to get all Franz on us before a last minute swerve down Art Brut’s garden path - or They’re playing a free EP launch gig at Ryan’s Bar, Stoke Newington, London on 9th Oct... 

ALBUM REVIEW:  DEADSTRING BROTHERS – Sao Paulo (Bloodshot) - Some neat mellow slide guitar blues, kind of vaguely like when The Rolling Stones would get it in to their heads that they were from Alabama or some such Southern place. Spot-on refined yet just ragged enough mellow blues meets country rock with just enough soul and a touch of slow groove in there with all the beautiful emotion. Half of them appear to be from London, the main body from Detroit. Full of Stones goodness, Gram Parsons beauty, just about right in every single way with all that down tempo heartache and countrified slide blues beauty and mellow rock ‘n roll attitude. Highly recommended – or

SINGLE REVIEW: PAALMER – Old School (FM) – No messing old school glam flavoured guitar driven heads down see you at the end punk rock ‘n roll from France. Iggy, Ramones, Pistols, early Social Distortion, Sonic Boom Boys... Non stop second hand riffs, raw vocals, just like being down the Wardour Street Marquee somewhere around 1987. Nothing new, nothing different but then I very much doubt if they want it to be. No messing, they do their thing well. Old school, hey ho, let’s go, drunk punks....

5th OCT '09: Egg men on stilts? Atomised aircraft engines turned to a pile of gallery floor dust? The process of really looking rather than just another YBA one liner? Stuckists stuck in the door, stuck stuck stuck... Did Another Turner prize get itself launched today? Did anyone much notice? Tomorrow is Dilemma Tuesday and to quote Joyce from Cuneiform; “OMG, Magma & Upsilon Acrux the same nite????  God lordy almighty Jesus...... “ 

ALBUM REVIEW: LOU BARLOW – Goodnight Unknown (Domino) -  He’s been rather prolific since the last solo album, what with the reunited with Dinosaur Jr and the reissuing of those classic Sebadoh albums. He’s not living in his past though, this new solo album is Lou Barlow firmly moving forward with an impressive set of fourteen new songs. And that’s the strength here, the quality of his excellent songs.  You’ve got a few of Mr Barlow’s different sides here, all works perfectly well as one fluid body of work though, tunes that captivate, words that mean something. This is Lou Barlow playing solid, melodic, always going somewhere, always interesting North American alt.rock. The man himself talks of it being a cross between his later work in Folk Implosion and his earlier work in Sebadoh, these ears say he’s pretty much spot on there.   Some of Goodnight Unknown has that solitary folky feel, some of it sunny alt.American glow, some of it is driving along and taking a (moderately gentle) bite or two, taking advantage of the fact that things are always anchored so well by The Melvins’ Dale Crover and his ever inspiring, cleverly sparse, drums. There’s the fuzzy chug of Yeah Yeah Yeahs man Imaad Wasif, there’s some impressive less-is-more playing and constructing throughout  A fine blend of reasonably mellow alternative noise and warm troubadour glow, no heart beats stronger... It isn’t as schizophrenic as a Sebadoh record but it just might be one of the finest most enjoyable albums Lou Barlow has ever been involved in. or (therer was a free download from the album there last I looked) or

ORGAN RECOMMENDS: ULVER + MOTHLITE at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, South Bank, London, Friday 9th October  - Impressive dark glitchy atmospheric moody mix of black metal and orchestral post-rock from the Norwegian headliners. Mothlite In support, downtempo, spooky, dark piano with a strong Radiohead feel and a poppy undertone or two - for more Organ Recommends, check out

NEWS: PETER HOOK ADMITS JOY DIVISION FAKERY - Peter Hook has revealed that he is the scourge of record collectors, after it transpired that he had faked the signatures of his Joy Division bandmates, including that of frontman Ian Curtis after his death. Hook told Xfm: "Bernard [Sumner]'s signature is much more valuable than mine, because he never signed anything! And I did have a reputation for doing Ian Curtis' autograph for a long time. There's some guy in the Northern Quarter who had 'An I deal For Living' up and it was signed by all four members of the band and dated. I went in and said, have you not noticed that the date is after Ian died? He went, 'Oh no!' It was me, I did them as a joke! In very poor taste. It was up there for £200, so my name is now mud among collectors". (CMU)

ALBUM REVIEW:  UPSILON ACRUX - Radian Futura (Cuneiform) - Paul Lai knows the Apocalypse is coming. I'm convinced of it. Why else expend a lifetime's worth of riffs in such a hurry? Radian Futura, the sixth album from his band, Upsilon Acrux, takes their own particular ouvre of super intricate, trail-blazing rock and pushes it to a bloody-minded, outrageous extreme.  It's an extreme not of noise but of rhythmic and thematic complexity.  In some respects, this could be Upsilon Acrux's most accessible album yet. In other respects, it may be a step too far. Take the opening track, In-A-Gadda-Devito with its layers of Hammond organ and other fat oldschool-sounding keyboards beefing up the arrangements this iteration of the band sounds much conventionally proggier than before.  Still made up of many different chunks of melody, of numerous rhythmic twists and turns, but there's more repetition in each bit.  Following tracks mercilessly abuse ELP, slice 'n dicing Emerson into small cubes, then throw in a shredded Can-Utility and serve on a bed of Gentle Giant easy intricacy. 
       To be frank, I found this the hardest Upsilon Acrux album to digest. Somewhere along the line some clarity has been lost. Despite a myriad of textures and time signatures flying past, many of them thrilling, there's a similar overall density throughout the compositions, a level of full-on rock energy that misses the weird delicacy of earlier works like Last Train Out.  And wait till you get to the fifth track on the album - Transparent Seas (Radio Edit) is twenty-eight minutes and twenty one seconds of concentrated tune-shifting, containing the ideas of approximately fifteen Supper's Ready, a dozen Plague Of Lighthouse Keepers, at least. Plus a lot of stuff nobody's ever heard before, the real Upsilon Acrux stuff.  It's one ballsy statement, unrelenting, kind of joyous and gleeful about it, but boy is it hard to get into - I keep fast-forwarding to that tremendous bit where it goes all kind of Rite Of Spring (17:39 in), or the not-quite harmonica bit, (21:30) or... well, it does become less overwhelming and enjoyable, with each listen. Which is the point of all complex music, really - the more listens, the more pleasurable it should get. Transparent Seas (Radio Edit) just avoids the deadly Math Rock Trap of intricate sameyness by its component parts being pretty chunky and pretty damn tuneful.  It may be madness, but you have to love the sheer existence of it. 
          It's notable that with Upsilon Acrux that the personnel changes pretty much with each album, aside from core member Lai. One imagines successive bunches of fresh-as-daisies, bright eyed and bushy-tailed musicians plunging in to this music with puppyish abandon and emerging a couple of years later, grey and hollow-eyed shrivelled husks. (Talking of which - are they expecting to play those 28 minutes live? I'll believe it when I see it). But hey, it's worth it. Upsilon Acrux simply blow away and set the standard for every other complex, (forwantofabetterterm) mathy band out there. It's been said before, but there's more sheer imagination in one of their compositions than in most other band's record collections, let alone careers.  Radian Futura is another massive slab of uniqueness - maybe not a subtle as their previous albums, but a helluva thing nonetheless. or

ALBUM REVIEW: INVASION The Master Alchemist (This Is Music) – The thing here is, once the three of them are let loose over the full length of a (debut) album, they fall down as a bit of a one trick pony really aren’t they. And that yelping voice of hers does get a tad irritating after a while doesn’t it? Those early demos were well received around here but... The sounds, the textures, the pacing, that dirty bass, when you get it all coming at you over the full length of a twelve track album... well.... um... seems Invasion only operate on one dimension. Shame, I was rather looking forward to this... Oh for a different texture, a change of pace, a different colour in there, a touch of clarity, a moment’s breath.  She’s there yelping and head-pecking like a hyperactive version of Skunk Anansie’s Skin while the instruments drive at almost the same pace and with the same sound and texture all the way through. London’s Invasion are trying to do something a little different and that should be applauded; their stripped back production values, throwing their love of the stoner rock sound in there with all the energy, but but but.... Their one trick was promisingly good over the length of that early three track demo back there, the occasional single we heard on the radio was OK... Alas, allowed to stretch out over the length of an whole album... well.... It isn’t until the final track, yes we have stuck with it until the end several times now, didn’t fall out of the wrong side of the bed in bad mood and write this after one play, kept going back wanting it to be more positive about... It isn’t until that final track where things are allowed to breath with a rather promising instrumental piece called Chaos & The Ancient Night, now if only they’d worked that light and space in to some of their songs rather than just tagging it on to the end. Disappointing debut then, they’ll make better albums than this one, I’m sure they will (I hope they will).

Last night's ORGAN show on London's Resonance 104.4FM went like this.. 

1/intro: TRANSISTOR SIX – Back Yard Rocketship (Blackbean & Placenta)
2: OMO –  Track 1, The White Album (LoAF)
3: LOW TRAMON – 4d Warriors (Demo)
4: FOOT VILLAGE – Energy Runners (Upset The Rhythm)
5: KABEEDIES – Petits Filous (NROne)
6: MAGMA – Ka2 (Seventh) 
7: HONEY RIDE ME A GOAT – Varicose Jibe (Unlabel) 
8: UPSILON ACRUX – Who’s Running Shit (Cuneiform)
9: THE LAZE – Everlife (self release)
10: CHROME HOOF – Circus 9000 (Southern)
11: THE LOW ANTHEM – Charlie Darwin (Bella Union)
12: THE SANS PAREIL – Track 2, Happy Hour (Stone Of Folly) 
13: LOUIS LING AND THE BOMB – Princess Mononoke (ORG)
14: BEATNIK FILMSTARS – Milkshake (Track & Field) 
15: WHITEOUT with JIM O’ROURKE & THURSTON MOORE – Fear Of Fear – excerpt (Ecstatic  Peace) 

Links, details, news of all the bands and more up in a bit...

4th OCT '09:  SUNDAY IS RADIO DAY HERE AT ORGAN, this is your weekly reminder, ORGAN on air tonight at 9.00pm on what is by far London's finest radio station, RESONANCE 104.4FM, hear it on FM all over London or on line via worldwide. This week me, Sean, with a whole bag load of the left field other rock, prog, punk, prog-punk, challenging metal, new wave other wave post rock, post hardcore, postman pat, black and white cats and an hour's worth of the bands no one else much seems to play on proper FM radio anymore... some of the more left-field musical things we
talk of here on the Organ pages...

3rd OCT '09: THE TUESDAY DILEMMA, MAGMA or UPSILON ACRUX? All over town progheads are pulling themselves apart, what to do! Which gig! Who booked the first ever Upsilon Acrux show in London on the same night as a rare appearance in the capital from Magma! I mean people have been waiting for Upsilon and there cutting edge avant-prog to get over here for ages! They’ve made it from L.A at last, they’re one of the very very best bands out there, consistently challenging albums, prog rock time changes that’ll leave you with twisted blood, and if that isn’t good enough they’re touring with two of the finest new prog outfits in the UK in the shape of THE LAZE and HONEY RIDE ME A GOAT, but then CHROME HOOF are opening for Magma with J.P MASSIERA also on the bill... Two of the most exciting gigs to happen in London all year and both on the same night. What are we going to do? The Upsilon Acrux gig happens over at Barden's Boudoir  while Magma are at the Barbican Centre. I think I know which one I’m going to... maybe... Both shows happen on Tuesday 6th October, oh the dilemma...

ALBUM REVIEW: KISS – Sonic Boom (Roadrunner) - Gawd, do Kiss churn out a load of old arse these days or what? 

ALBUM REVIEW: :PAPERCUTZ – Lylac (Apegenine) – A relaxed refined blend of adventurous gently glitchy electronic and acoustic pieces. A mix of instrumental and ethereal vocal tracks, glowing female voices, angelic, organic, ghostly electronic futuristic folk music. This is the debut :Papercutz album, a delicately glowing album – dreamstates, delicate left-field electronica, clever rhythm patterns, touches of intricate post-rock (the adventurous side), quiet considered beauty, pop sensibilities, brightness... They’re from Porto, Portugal.

WATCH THIS: A Japanese Carter USM tribute band, almost as good as that time Kween played an Organ show at the Falcon at Camden

2nd OCT '09: SINGLE REVIEW:  YETI LANE – Lonesome George (Sonic Cathedral) – French trio Yeti Lane with some rather delightful synth flavoured tunes that have a healthy hint or two of Animal Collective about them. That and a breezy uplifting Kraut rock flavour in there with arpeggiated Grandaddy keyboard feel, the Pavement guitar textures and the tales of the last surviving Pinta Island tortoise. Rather delightful whetting of the appetite ahead of their January 2010 self-titled debut album. This single is out next Monday as a download and limited edition seven inch –

NEWS: SPACE HIJACKERS charged over London G20 protests - who was wasting whose time here!?

ALBUM REVIEW: THE BLACK – Alongside Death (Pulverised) - New album from The Black, now if you're going to play hissing spitting black metal then just cut to the chase with the no messing band name! The cult Swedish extreme metal band have been around in one form or another for some fifteen years or so now and this is abhorrently good extreme old school black metal. Filthy onslaught of hiss and demonic piss, featuring members of Tyrant, Eternal Darkness and Vinterland, this is a black wind of relentless noise. A black noise that finally takes a breath somewhere in the middle of track seven – The Wrath From Beneath – a stop for breath and some foreboding low end resonance before they launch in to the fire again with the closing title track. Alongside Death a throwback to the glorious early days of no compromise shitstorming extremities, the best days before the whole idea of black metal got lost in a stew of bluuuuurrrg and million silly rule obeying identical silly logo parodies. The Black, once again, aren’t doing that much that’s that different, they are however once again hitting somewhere near the spot - these days most extreme metal doesn’t hit anywhere anything any near any spot, most goes straight in the crusher over there in the corner, once in while that In League With Satan bite crunches down again, The Black’s new album just did it. Extreme metal from Sweden on a label from Singapore, you got to love the underground...  or

SINGLE REVIEW:  THE KABEEDIES – Petits Filous (NrOne) - A whole load of important questions asked and answered as the girl voice interacts in classic scratchy lo-fi indie pop with the boy voice... Who is your favourite kung fu star? he asks, probably Bruce Lee she answers. Favourite colour...? She’s Katie Allard, he’s guitar player Evan Jones, or maybe he’s bass player Rory Hull (they both get a vocal credit), Fab Bell hits drums. We like The Kabeedies, we’ve told you this before, this new single here is leading up to their debut album. Excellent lead track, excellent interplay, excellent single yet again, feisty indie teen pop, sharp, insanely infectious, the Norwich band done good yet again, fire up the radio, we got another player. And their record label is a post code, the true spirit of Wiiija in several ways then... or - the single is out on Monday, the debut album in early November 

NEWS: LIAM PLEAS FOR BEES - Liam Gallagher has announced his support for a campaign to save honey bees from dying out. Now we don't say this very often (and neither do the CMU news team who just sent this is), but I'm in complete agreement with Liam. Bees are good and also very important for our survival. We like bees. He told the evil Tory loving rag The Sun: "The bees are vanishing. We've got to save them before they all buzz off. It's important. It's a really worthwhile cause. Without them we're in proper bother".

NEWS: The UPSILON ACRUX UK tour with THE LAZE kicked off last night in Chatham, the two must see frontline avant/prog outfits have had a last minute change of venue, tonight, 2nd Oct, they are now in Nottingham at the Chameleon Arts Cafe 

WATCH THIS: Go back to your meaningless job, Everything is OK

Showcase, Brick Lane 30th Sept (Sean)1st OCT '09: ART: SHOWCASE @ CAFE 1001, Brick Lane, London, 30th Sept - Cafe 1001 is just opposite Rough Trade Records, over on Brick Lane, deepest East London. Showcase happens every second Wednesday. Been happening all through the summer now and the Showcase reputation is growing. The event - not that easy to find, enter the cafe through the crowds sitting at the tables on the pavement, up the stairs, head for the back and there it is, an almost secret big room at the rear - the event is something like a very relaxed gallery opening night, the atmosphere is vibrant, inviting, friendly and rather energetic... Things have been building over the last few months as word of the fortnightly event spreads and more people get involved. We reviewed one of the first nights back at the start of Summer and suggested a little bit of quality control might be needed, things have moved on and evolved in a rather positive manner since then. Early shows were peppered with interesting pieces amongst the, well, the not quite so good. Last night it was pretty much getting near to an everything being worthy of your time situation. 
MIGUEL IVORRA @ Showcase, 30th Sept '09          Showcase is a one night only affair, things kick off at five thirty and go on until just after eleven. A chance to view art, interact with the creators, share thoughts, network and indeed buy very reasonably priced pieces (or at least pick up details for future reference). The one night only nature makes going to Showcase almost like heading out to a gig, it is something a little different to the usual stuffiness of a more formal gallery, things are relaxed, you can make a noise, you don’t have to politely creep around... This is very much a gallery situation though, don’t get the wrong idea, plenty of time and space to view without interruption or intrusion. A gallery with a nice big bar, music (not too loud) and something like twenty-five or so artists with a selection of work to check out. The work is all up on big white boards in a nice big open room. The audience is a mix of artists (both those showing and those checking things out), friends, the usual Brick Lane fashion fiends, people just dropping in on their way to or from East End gigs (or maybe a Brick Lane curry  house). You get the occasional passing celebrity, (I guess the organisers would love us to mention the fact that Keira Knightley dropped in last night and was seen enthusiastically talking to several of the artists. Don’t ask me, I wouldn’t know a celeb if she bit me. What did she say asked several people, none of your business, that’s between me and Keira), you got bands dropping in, people who’ve been to Rough Trade to buy records, graffiti kids (“You ‘da bomb man, respect to your art” yelled the skinny white kid being thrown out by security for tagging the walls), drunk city workers still in suites, ties rebelliously loose - you got a whole lot on different types (makes for interesting people watching while they're busy viewing your art actually), a constant revolving stream of colourful people all evening.... 
Blair  Zaye          So the Showcase reputation is building and across the board the quality is way up now, last time it was interesting stimulating work here and there, last night pretty much everything was worthy of further investigation... Stand out pieces included the strange light fitting bulb holder paintings of BLAIR ZAYE, CHRIS TIMOTHY’s rather striking photographic montage pieces, Barcelona pop artist MIGUEL IVORRA, SALLY SWINGEWOOD’s vibrant work, SIMON HAWES' slightly dark and twisted ‘Hi Kids’ childhood cartoon icons, ZARA LOCKWOOD’s imaginative portraiture... 
            Looking at art on websites is really no way to view art, most of websites do these artists no favours, vague hints is all you get, you really need to have it there coming alive in front of you, alive in the flesh. Tonight was great, Showcase is a great place to view art, meet people and introduce yourself to a few new names, a chance see the work there big and bold (or small and delicate) with the colours the way they really are. Showcase is great, get along to the next one... Showcase webpage

NEWS: MAYBESHEWILL are out on tour in the UK during October with Cats and Cats and Cats ands Death Of London variously. Here is where you can see them:* With Death Of London. ** With Cats and Cats and Cats. Date: 03.10 - Baker Place, LIMERICK*, 04.10 - Whelans, DUBLIN*, 05.10 - Venue, BELFAST*, 06.10 - Capitol, GLASGOW*, 07.10 - Bannermans, EDINBURGH*, 08.10 - Dog And Parrot, NEWCASTLE**, 09.10 - Meze Lounge, NEWPORT**, 10.10 - Nexus Art Cafe, MANCHESTER**, 11.10 - The Harley, SHEFFIELD**, 12.10 - Bumper, LIVERPOOL**, 14.10 - Buffalo Bar, LONDON**, 15.10 - Croft, BRISTOL**, 16.10 - Flapper & Firkin, BIRMINGHAM**, 17.10 - Rock City, NOTTINGHAM**, 20.10 - Firebug, LEICESTER**, 31.10 - Brainwash Festival, LEEDS
The band are re-releasing their long sold out debut album, plus their never properly released in the UK debut EP as 'Not For Want Of Trying +4' to coincide with the tour. You can pre-order it online from the Robot Needs Home Store or buy it at any of the shows. Cats and Cats and Cats also release the first single from their forthcoming album through Robot Needs Home later this month.

ALBUM REVIEW: THE DEAD LAY WAITING – We Rise (Rising) - Pretty much standard issue aggressive intense relentless metalcore deathcore grindcore whatevercore. Plenty of growling (give that man a throat lozenge and tell him to shut up for a moment), there's some of that technical show-off guitar playing and look at us aren’t we clever, everything is pretty much a case of never relenting. They deal out an aggressive onslaught alright, pretty impressive for a bunch of teenagers from Swindon if you like this kind of thing I guess. The constant yapping, growling and technical metal wanking is starting to annoy a little bit too much now... If you want it then here it is, we’re out of here before something gets broken  - or

DEMO REVIEW: MOJO BLITZ – Rather decent slice or four of mellow West Coast flavoured relaxed psychedelic retro rock from Sydney, Australia. Sounds rather early 70’s Californian, touch of an Eastern vibe. They do it with a laid back refined warmth, just a hint of relaxed funk in there with their mellow rock.

SINGLE REVIEW: THE LOW ANTHEM – Charlie Darwin (Bella Union) – Bella Union have just re-issued this gorgeously perfect piece of aching beauty from The Low Anthem, if you missed it first time around then don’t whatever you do, don’t let it pass you by this time. This is just sublimely magical and glowing and I could gush and gush over the slow moving radiant beauty of it all for ages and ages. Those rising falsettos and gentle alt.folkness, the heart trading and a single that’s just about perfect in every single way. Stop everything for four minutes and just drink it in. They’ve got it there on their MySpace -

ALBUM REVIEW: PONAMERO SUNDOWN – Stonerized (Transubstance) – Perfectly righteous heavy stoner rock from Stockholm Sweden. Simple basic cut straight to the chase stoner rock, heavy groove, bag loads of big riffs, all the fuzz you need. Nothing radically different, nothing you haven’t heard before, we could namedrop all the usual bands needed when reviewing this kind of stuff – Sabbath, Kyuss, Orange Goblin... Nothing clever needs to be said here, this is simply honest no messing righteous heavy rock that just hits all the right spots in all the right ways – in your blood, in your soul... This rocks, they rock, we like rock. Thick fuzzy in the vital zone no messing heavy fuggin rock! or

NEWS: BEE STINGS NEW ALBUM... Bee Stings have their new album ready and you can download it free for a limited period. Ben Pitt wrote: “Hi Organ, First, thanks for your support for Bee Stings over the last few years. We have particularly fond memories of playing the Diablesse Fetish party at Lark in the Park. We've just released our second album, which for a limited period we're giving away as a free download. Please download the album from
            We're having an album launch party/gig this Friday (2nd October) at The Others in Stoke Newington. We're not making the gig public as it's a private party, but if you do mention us on the site this week please tell readers to get in touch for an invite....” Many thanks. Ben Bee Stings

NEWS: DEATH SET DRUMMER DIES - Drummer with the Ninja Tune/Counter Records-band Death Set, Beau Velasco, died in New York on Sunday, a statement on the band's website has confirmed. Details of the cause of his death have nor yet been announced.
                   Originally from Australia, Velasco and bandmate Johnny Siera moved to the US in 2005, hoping to find more acceptance of their abrasive mix of hardcore punk and electronics. The group released their debut album last year and had recently begun work on the follow-up. Writing on the band's website, Siera said: "RIP my dear brother, friend and band mate Beau Velasco. We are all so devastated that I will keep this short. We love you and you will be missed. You affected us all so much in the most positive ways. Our lives would not be as is if not for you. We love you. For all those who wish to pay their respects we will let the details be known soon". (CMU)

NEWS:OCEANSIZE AND VESSELS TO TOUR - Imagine if Oceansize and Organ favourites Vessels were to tour together. Oh wait, they are. Tour dates: 1 Nov: Brainwash Festival, 25 Nov: Cardiff, Barfly, 26 Nov: Manchester, Academy 3, 27 Nov: Nottingham, Seven, 29 Nov: Dundee, Fat Sam's, 30 Nov: Aberdeen, The Tunnels, 1 Dec: Glasgow, King Tut's, 2 Dec: Liverpool, Masque, 3 Dec: London, Heaven

NEWS:KILLAFLAW ANNOUNCE TOUR DATES - Described by Eddy Temple-Morris as "the missing link between Soundgarden and The Prodigy", electronic duo Killaflaw have announce tour dates that will see them up to the end of the year. They release their latest EP, 'Set Me On Fire', on 12 Oct via A Perfect Noise, and are currently working on their debut album, scheduled for release next year. Tour dates: 3 Oct: Accrington, The Attic, 7 Oct: Edinburgh, Whistle Binkies, 8 Oct: Glasgow, Classic Grand Glasgow, 9 Oct: Birmingham, Flapper, 13 Oct: Brighton, Hope, 14 Oct: Reading, Oakford Social, 15 Oct: London, 93 Feet East, 16 Oct: Brighton, University Of Sussex, 17 Oct: Liverpool, Korova, 19 Oct: Manchester, Walkabout, 11 Nov: Liverpool, Mojo, 5 Dec: Wigan, Indiependence, 17 Dec: Liverpool, Korova

30th Sept '09: ART: So tonight then, CAFE1001, just over from Rough Trade Records, Brick Lane, East London, something like 25 of us turning up for one night to show some art in the gallery at the back of the cafe. Kicks off 5.30pm, ends 11.30pm, entry is free, there's beer, music, spray paint and everything a little more relaxed the the usual gallery formality... come have a look, come buy some very reasonably priced art... 

NEWS: DON'T WAIT ANIMATE have a new free download available from this here link (although you do have to sign up to a mailing list). Track is called Atlas Moans. The rather buzzing indie art-pop band (another lazy signpost from us pointing you vaguely in the right direction) are also playing a free gig over in Ladbrook Grove, West side of London, on Saturday 3rd October. The Wookies are also on the bill at Liquid Nation, 161-165 Ladbroke Grove, London W10 (two doors left of Ladbroke Grove tube) - /

NEWS: I LIKE TRAINS ANNOUNCE TOUR DATES AND STREAM  NEW SINGLE Post-rockers I Like Trains release a new single, Sea Of Regrets, on 12 Oct and will head out on a UK tour that same week. You can stream the single via the band's website, here. Tour dates: 14 Oct: Liverpool, Barfly , 15 Oct: Manchester, Deaf Institute, 16 Oct: Leeds, Cockpit, 17 Oct: Glasgow, King Tut's, 19 Oct: Nottingham, Rescue Rooms, 20 Oct: Bristol, Cooler, 21 Oct: Oxford, Bullingdon Arms, 22 Oct: London, The Garage, 23 Oct: Birmingham, Hare & Hounds, 24 Oct: Portsmouth, Wedgewood Rooms

ART: Those STUCKISTS are planning a Turner Prize demo at 9am on Monday 5 Oct, at Tate Britain...

Jeff Schneider from MADE IN MEXICO and ARAB ON RADAR on how to be in a band...

NEWS: MARK E. SMITH JOINS GORILLAZ.... Mark E. Smith and Sugarcube Einar Örn Benediktsson are to duet on the upcoming Gorillaz album. Icelandic singer-songwriter Einar Örn Benediktsson of Ghostigital, formerly of the Sugarcubes, was in London last week to record a song with the Gorillaz, the virtual band created by Damon Albarn, for their next album. “I’m in a song with Mark E. Smith, he is the captain and I’m the parrot,” Benediktsson said...

ALBUM REVIEW: MARDUK – Wormwood (Regain) – Sweden’s Markuk with a continuing of that unswerving commitment to blasphemy and extremity... Extreme black metal delivered with a little more colour than most and if you really look nothing really is actually black, everything is full of colour. Brooding extremity that gives way to flesh ripping riffs and punching jackhammer buzzsaw speed before the next lull softens you up for the next ripping apart. They not afraid to pace themselves these days, take on a touch of light and shade, refocus the atmospheres, evolve a little where once they went for nothing but full on brutality. Still mostly full on brutality, they haven't gone all wet leaf on us. A rather decent Marduk album then – or

ORGAN RECOMMENDS –  NOTORIOUS HI-FI KILLERS, ACTION AND ACTION, CARETAKER @ The Constitution, St Pancras Way, Camden, London, NW1, 1st October  – The Notorious HiFi Killers with their rich edgy blend of alternative garage blues and psychedelic scratchy punky progness. Caretaker back in action with their aggressive mathy post-hardcore and an impressive new single. Action And Action add some rather decent emo flavoured punk, the original Discord idea of what emo was, not the current corporate glossy mag hijacked version... All for a very reasonable two quid on the door 

29th Sept '09: NEWS: KILL IT KID are now only six days away from the release of their rather fine debut album, here's a new video to whet your appetite... The Organ album review went on line here a few days ago, you’ll find it on the next page...

NEWS: THOM YORKE ANNOUNCES NEW BAND - Thom Yorke has announced the members of his new live band, with whom he'll tour to perform some of his solo work, including tracks from his debut solo album 'The Eraser', as well as new material. The group is made up of drummer Joey Waronker (who has previously worked with Beck, REM, The Smashing Pumpkins and Elliott Smith), Forro In The Dark percussionist Mauro Refosco, Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich, and Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea. The band's first shows together will be two nights at the Orpheum Theatre in LA on 4-5 Oct. 

28th Sept '09:  ALBUM REVIEW: OMO – The White Album (LoAF) – A minimal, clean cut, precise kind of everything is white kind of band, white skirt, white top, white trainers... washing powder clean, second serve, overhead smash. Clean precise minimal electronic pop, “domestic pop for domestic occasions”. Clean synthesisers, Laurie Anderson, slightly lo-fi strangely delightful, Kraftwerk, warm sunny buzz, delightful repetitive goodness, strangely good... advantage... deuce...  Strange half spoken words over repetitive synth lines and inviting hums, an appreciation of uncluttered space . Electronic patterns, clever words...

ALBUM REVIEW: W.A.S.P – Babylon (Demolition) – Four rip crunching horseman just passed by the front window, there’s blood on the doorsteps, reptiles jousting around ankles and a new W.A.S.P. album just dropped. Good god is this what you’d call a guilty secret? The kind of thing you carry in a plain brown paper bag? Something you’d hide behind your cool post-rock albums so no one can see it? “Not mine mate, someone must have left it here...” Nah, ‘course it isn’t, this is W.A.S.P! They rule! Nothing to analyse or intellectualise about here, no chin stroking needed! Just plug it in, turn it up, fire up a mug of Jack and blast the bleeder at your street! You know the score, a new W.A.S.P album day is always a good day... Who knows what old Blackie is bleating on about this time? Has he ever made sense? Apparently those four horsemen who just frantically galloped past the front window are now riding full force through the seas of fire to Babylon with the wild child going all blind in Texas on a godless run or something vaguely conceptual where all the songs follow in some kind of who knows what while the sky is full of thunder coming home and there’s no time to hide in the red hills of hell... And he does bleat, Blackie is the metal sheepman, Blackie sings like a sheep...
             Full on W.A.S.P, none of your Headless Children almost-prog Who/Heepisms this time around (well besides those overdriven Hammond Organs flowing through those burning Uriah Heep style Lesley speakers there).  This is full on no messing W.A.S.P with those old school classic hard rock hints lurking in the stew with the chainsaws and... Nothing subtle, just familiar W.A.S.P and all as near to top form as can reasonably be expected from a band of some twenty five years plus vintage. (that wasn’t a Headless Children dis there either, that’s a damn fine album!) 
                    You’ve got a W.A.S.P style cover of Deep Purple’s Burn on here, the original of which is such riff-monster of a hard rock classic that it surely must be almost near on impossible to mess the glorious thing up, Blackie and company don’t. Pretty much a straight cover done with all the expected in your face Waspness you require with your biscuits and tea. Hammond versus guitar duel, skies burning, the full on make you burn with a wave of the hand deal, W.A.S.P doing classic purple works as well as their previous takes on Uriah Heep, The Who or Jethro Tull. And there really is no mistaking the voice of Mr Lawless is there? Even when they’re ripping through a prime slice of Purple (or an Elvis song like Promised Land), you know it can be no other, you instantly know it can only be the mighty W.A.S.P flying at your head with all that larger than life shock-rock cartoon metal revolving chainsaw flamethrower cod-piece attitude of theirs. All as over the top and almost as preposterously good as they’ve ever been... Yeah, sure, there’s the doggy ballad, you’d feel cheated if there wasn’t wouldn’t you? The arse factor lurking there in those lyrics really does jump out when they slow it all down a little (arse or genius Blackian apocalyptic vision and our skies really are about to turn as red as...?) 
          Hey look, W.A.S.P doing just what you expect W.A.S.P to do, you either want it or you don’t. If you do then this is the band on more than acceptably good form, if you don’t then you’ll find this to be their usual preposterous over the top nonsense and you’ll bark you indignation as those of us with the better taste demand the punch of the play it again only louder this time button and dip another biscuit in the Jack. Nah, nothing like a good but of Blackie, another good enough W.A.S.P album just landed, all is well, ignore that winged beast over there and get on with it..
28th Sept '09:  Monday Monday... Normal Organ service is about to resume, whatever normal service around here happens to be. Music news and reviews will gush again, we know they’ve only trickled this last week, things are busy here, colours boiling, Karma Cabs moving along... an outpouring of fresh exciting music on the way later today

The next SHOWCASE at CAFE 1001, just opposite Rough Trade Records (Brick Lane, London), happens this coming Wednesday evening. The Showcase reputation is growing, Showcase is a rather buzzing art event that happens every second Wednesday. well worth checking out. Showcase is like a very inviting gallery opening night, the atmosphere is relaxed and rather energetic, a vibrant mix of alternative new artists. The reputation of Showcase has been building nicely over the last few months as the word spreads and more people get involved. We reviewed one of the first nights back in the Summer, things have built up and evolved since then and like we predicted in that early review, things are building  rather nicely. Showcase is a one night only affair, kicks off at 5.30, goes on until 11.30pm, a chance to view new emerging art, interact with the creators, share thoughts, network and indeed buy very reasonably priced pieces (how many times have we kicked ourselves over that early days Damien Hurst painting that was for sale in the Record And Tape Exchange for just fifty quid back there!). Anyway, next Showcase this Wednesday, well worth dropping in for half an hour on the way to a gig or after a gig or... Showcase webpage

chaka ( Sept '09: Busy at the Brick Lane Art Fair thing over at Truman's Brewery, deep in East London and everything that comes with that... Normal Organ service (what ever that involves) back here on Monday, after this Sunday's radio show.. 

ORGAN RECOMMENDSTHE SANS PAREIL  @ Shunt Lounge, London Bridge, October 8th. - East London hillbilly swamp music, music of the night and people who know what’s good for you, barking at the moon, strange creatures, you better watch out my friend... just go with them, follow, everything will be alright, everything will be...

23rd Sept '09: One day 'till that Pop Up Art Fair down Brick Lane, one more day of productive paint slinging and spraying and... No sleep 'till Brick Lane..

SINGLE REVIEW:  ANDY NICE – The Remixes (Front And Follow) – Other-worldly sunny warmth, delicate inviting ambient electronic experiments slowly evolving around the sound of a slowly uncoiling rather sunny Cello. Andy Nice is Tindersticks cello player, he says he wants to push the boundaries with his solo cello work, he’s doing it in a refined considered beguilingly beautiful relaxed way and these four remixes compliment his recent well received activity rather well – remixes from his recent The Secrets of Me album ...Four tracks out on an EP next Monday 28th September and rather recommended otherness, some delicate ambient electronic texture and such from Elite Barbarian, Yellow6 (AKA Jon Atwood) and Sone institute Apparently you can get this as a free download  from the Arctic Circle via or find out more from or

23rd Sept '09: ALBUM REVIEW: MY OWN GRAVE – Necrology (Pulverised) – Sweden’s My Own Grave with more of that angry wasp stuck in the devil’s jam jar stuff. Dark dense merciless death metal storms, standard issue storms of relentless extreme metal, heard it all before a thousand times, decent enough storms though, kind of comforting to have it raging away here, soothing black storm of noise as it were... Members of Depraved and Cavevomit...

NEWS: FRANK AUERBACH - Twenty new works by Frank Auerbach, one of the finest of British painters,  go on display this September and October at Marlborough Fine Art, among them new portraits, landscapes and drawings. “Auerbach is one of the great names in British painting so this is an exciting opportunity to see his latest works up close and personal without having to pay a solitary penny”. . This is seriously exciting and a chance not to be missed say us. The exhibition runs until 24th October at. 6 Albemarle St, Mayfair, London, W1

NEWS:THE SELLABLE ART POP-UP MARKET IS TWO DAYS AWAY....  The Sellable Art Pop-up Market is a specialist art event, hosted by the Old Truman Brewery over in Brick Lane, East London. “The Sellable Art Pop-up is a unique opportunity to browse and buy artworks direct from the creators”. The next Art Pop-up event takes place from 25th - 27th September in the cavernous old Boiler House, 152 Brick Lane. Entry is free, paintings will be on sale, 30 or so painters, designers, creators and such so we’re promised, and that includes us Organ team with a stall and some artwork and paintings and... We're told there will be music, food, a relaxed space and well, we'll soon change that with some noise and splat  –

Friday and Saturday 11.30pm – 6.30pm
Sunday 10.00pm – 5pm
Admission FREE

"The ethos of the Old Truman Brewery’s markets is consistent with that of the Brewery as a whole; to provide a platform for new design, art and fashion, without prejudice or pretension, in order to restore the direct link between creator and customer"

ALBUM REVIEW: PERE UBU with SARAH JANE MORRIS – Long Live Pere Ubu (Cooking Vinyl) –  Merdre this is good.... “Merdre” is the single growled word that opens the album, “Merdre” was also the single word that open Alfred Jarre’s play that, so legend has it, sent audiences into riotous fits back there just over a hundred years ago...   We pretty much know the only thing we can reasonably expect from Pere Ubu is the unexpected. Not content with pretty much reinventing rock music in the mid 70’s, they’ve been reinventing themselves with each new album since... down with Pere Ubu the hideous skunk...  Long live Pere Ubu... if you don’t hand over some meat and some gold...  They’ve really outdone themselves this time. Pere Ubu finally got around to making some kind of semi-deranged rather ambitious concept album based on the absurdist play that they originally got their name from... what a wonderful sight, bring me more. Alfred Jarry’s “Ubu Roi” is said to have caused riots when it premiered in Paris in 1896 (as did Stravinsky’s Rites Of Spring 14 years later of course, there’s a hint Of Stravinsky’s strokes in here, his forward motions)    Ubu, my vileness, don’t be a bore... It has taken the avant-punk-new-wave-prog band (or whatever the hell you want us to call them this week for the purposes of this review and another exercise is dancing around architecture) some thirty or so years to get around the making an album based on the play that they originally took their name form. Seems the original play was banned after the second performance and the second night of riots... not it time to prevent it playing a large part in launching the idea of the Theatre Of The Absurd and in turn the name of this rather revolutionary band... And here they are paying back the favour and doing some introducing themselves and slitting things open from head to toe and... 
 This isn’t a mere concept album, it really does grab the spirit of the play and runs amok with it, this is a lot more than just another concept album... We’re dragged all over the place with the continuous piece of music. Long Live is an album that you’ll need to invest a little time in, this is an album that takes a few listens and a little bit of undivided attention before it really gets under your skin and you realise David Thomas and company have pulled off something really rather impressive here. Thomas himself is on top form with that distinctive instinctive voice, and Sarah Jane Morris alongside, as scheming harpy Mere Ubu, is brilliant in a creepy almost show-steeling way - taking advantage of the delirium, and angels don’t swear, she has claws everywhere... at least the equal... She’s all kinds of dalmatian tormenting Cruella creepy. Dark lounge jazz, twisted operatic doom, concept-prog story telling, a liberal interpretation of the original play so it would seem, so many splendid ideas, I agree to everything.... Long live Ubo, now sing that song we love... and is that the sound of bile or are we going to stay on the hill? Lot of twists here... Punk satire? Social commentary? This isn’t really 1896 is it? Some of it sounds almost childish in a very clever knowing kind of way, oh look, this is an excellent album, let it in and let it settle then you want to dive in further and further. A masterpiece..
  And they’re at the ICA in London this week, Friday 25th Sept  More from or

SINGLE REVIEW:  HATEBREED - In Ashes They Shall Reap (Roadrunner) – Single from the Conneticut band’s latest album ‘Hatebreed’ and more of their trademark aggressive no messing muscled up crossover hardcore metal threat. Doing pretty much what you’d expect and indeed want Hatebreed to do once more... Brutal, bruising, tough, no sign of compromise...

SINGLE REVIEW:  THIRD LIGHT – Leaders And Follwers (Robot Heart) – Epic indie pop rock that touches on a Feeder flavour or two, slick emotion and they do their chosen thing impressively well – really not our chosen thing though... All radio friendly slick and here it is, early moves from the kingston-Upon-Thames band, moves that are sure to impress other people at places like evening time Radio One... Not for us though, good luck to them, go investigate for yourself via should you like your pop rock slick and reaching towards the melodically epic.... 

22nd Sept '09: NEWS: There’s a brand new shiny (and best of all) free CASTROVALVA download of Pump Pump available at “Take it, share it, love it!” says the man from Brew Records...

NEWS: LONDON GIG GUIDE... London needs a decent informative alternative gig guide, several people have tried to get something going, takes a lot of time and effort though, takes venues and bands and promoters supporting and interacting and making things work, needs to be free of all the pub rock clutter, the tribute bands... we need a focussed uncluttered alternative... Latest valiant attempt comes from the London Gigs team, and so far so good. Early days and the website is only just getting off the ground, a decent gig guide is needed badly and this looks early days good... it will only flourish if people get behind it, make it work people, we need it, support it...
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