5th MARCH - SKUNK ANANSIE back... The Skin fronted melodic metal band are born again and back for more so it would seem, two shows booked, 2nd and 3rd of April at the Water Rats in London. Wrting new musiv and getting ready for a "greatest hits" album and tour so it seems -

HAWKLORDS POSTPONED AFTER CHAINSAW INCCIDENT....  While cutting fire logs with a chain saw on Sunday, March 1st Hawklords’ Nik Turner - who is nearly 70 years of age and one of the founder members of Hawkwind – fell and injured his back, making it impossible for him to stand.
              Nik along with Martin Griffin, Ron Tree, Alan Davey, Steve Swindells, Jerry Richards, Adrian Shaw, Terry Ollis and Harvey Bainbridge, were supposed to be headlining the Roundhouse this coming Sunday March 8th as the 'Hawklords' in memory of the great graphic artist 'Barney Bubbles' who died 25 years ago.
               The Hawklords planned to perform Hawkwind's classic 'Space Ritual' – originally designed and influenced by Barney, along with the late Robert Calvert, a one time member of both Hawkwind and the Hawklords. Because of Nik's injury the event has been moved to Sunday 7th June, and will be an all-standing show. Tickets bought for 8th March will be valid for the rescheduled date. Those who can't make the new date and require a refund should go to their point of purchase.

5th MARCH - NEW SUPER FURRY ALBUM....  Super Furry Animals have announced details of their new LP. 'Dark Days/Light Years', the band's ninth studio album, will be out on 13 Apr

NEIL YOUNG for Isle Of Wright festival... Newport, Isle Of Wight, 12-14 Jun: Neil Young just
announced as headliner (so, does that mean he's not headlining Glastonbury, as widely rumoured?).

5th MARCH - £2000 is the price new bands are expected to pay to get a slot on the Guilfest new band unsigned band stage this year (and there was you thinking you got on the stage because you were making the most exciting new music they could find) 

Pay to play, the evil practice is spreading again... 

JUST READ THIS SOMEWHERE...GUILFEST are doing it again!  PRICES UP AGAIN THEN, PROMISED US (AND THE MUSICIANS UNION) THEY'D NEVER DO IT AGAIN two years ago, increased it from 1500.00 to 1750.00 last year, up to 2000.00 this year, all to play in an empty tent somewhere on the edge of the festival with only your mates who you emotionally blackmailed in to buying a ticket (or more likely gave away a ticket to becasue no one would buy them) watching 

"This may have already been covered, but... I just rung the lovely people at Guilfest to enquire about their artists submissions policy for 2009. I got to speak to a lovely man named Mal, who asked me lots of questions. He then told me that all unsigned bands are expected to purchase 50 day tickets up £40 each. Anyone got a spare £2000 kicking around?"

Pay to play, forced ticket buys, and convincing new bands who really don't know any better that this is the only way to get anywhere is well out of order and these promoters all know it.. Legally Guilfest are doing nothing wrong, but morally...? They have no morals do they... 

What happened to that promise you made to me on the phone and to the Musicians Union two years ago Tony? (Tony is your head man at GuilFest)

And the practice is spreading in London as well, bands are reporting more and more pay to play, forced tickets buys and such at places the Water Rats and Purple Turtle. 

Pay to play is an evil, a morally bankrupt practice, lazy ‘promoters’ who think nothing of exploiting the hopes and dreams of new bands by telling them this is the only way to get anywhere in the music industry, not only is it wrong, they’re lying to you, you DO NOT HAVE TO PAY TO PLAY to get anywhere, you should never ever hand over money to play a show, you should never be forced to pay a ‘deposit’ or be forced to buy tickets, any promoter who does this isn’t going to be putting on any kind of good show that any of us are going to turn up to, you’ll be just be playing to your mates, the mates of the other  bands will stay in the bar or leave as soon as their and have played... everyone knows the score besides you new bands that these scumbags are leaching off. Don’t fall for it, never ever pay to play, just a waste of your time and money 

Back in the late 80’s it was pretty much impossible to get a gig anywhere in London for a new band without paying to play, until a load of right-thinking promoters, zines, labels, people like the TLF, the Musicians Union (who these days are pretty useless we’re sorry to say) made a stand in London and for a while anyone who tried it was treated like they had the plague. The problem is spreading again, time for everyone to shout once more, these things matter to bands new and old and us, the people who pay to get in to gigs – loads more about all this on the Organ forum....FORUM

5th MARCH - F**KED UP are playing a 'secret' low key gig thing this Saturday in London,  support from  MOB RULES, MALE BONDING and  THE SCEPTRES all happening at  Corsica Studios, Unit 5, Farrell Court, Elephant Rd., SE17 - Secret low key gig thing with the forward looking Canadian punk rock outfit headlining, they're one of the best bands out there right now, their album was the Organ album of the year last year... Shame it clashes with that thing in Deptford... Psssst, keep this one under yer hat,  INNER TERRESTRIALS / BABAR LUCK BAND and loads more tbc, Restarts, Autonomads... OKUPATIONAL HAZARD!!!!!!!!! London’s best squat venue is being evicted! this will be the last party. It's going to be outside festie style,  best do of the year so far!!!!! 7th March at The Vic, Grove St, Deptford, all dayer, come early... so said someone, you didn’t read it here officer...

4th MARCH - GONG ANNOUNCE 40TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR - Gong are celebrating forty years of touring by, erm, touring.. Founding member Daevid Allen will be joined by Gong members Steve Hillage, Gilli Smyth, Mike Howlett, Miquette Giraudy, Chris Taylor, Theo Travis and John McKenzie on the tour. The tour will follow the release of a new album, out in September. Dates are as follows, tickets are on sale now, press info from Noble. 19 Nov: Bristol O2 Academy, 20 Nov: Exeter Lemon Tree, 21 Nov: Manchester Academy 2, 22 Nov: Edinburgh Picturehouse, 23 Nov: Sheffield Leadmill, 25 Nov: Leamington Spa Assembly, 26 Nov: Cambridge Corn Exchange, 27 Nov: London Forum, 28 Nov: Oxford Regal Theatre, 29 Nov: Brighton Corn Exchange

JARVIS COCKER has announced a brief string of UK tour dates to coincide with the release of his as-yet-untitled second solo album. Good. Tour dates: 10 Jun: Blackpool, Empress Ballroom, 12 Jun: Glasgow, ABC, 16 Jun: Brighton, Dome, 17 Jun: London, Troxy

3rd MARCH - HERZOGA and more Wrong Pop... Stoke’s Herzoga are back on March 30th with a bag load of spiky attitude and a new single called Swetmores, the band who’ve been championed lots around here in the past - demo reviews, radio play, that split CD single we put out with debuts from them and To The Bones that introduced both bands to Radio One, opened the door to world domination and such... The new single is out on Broken Branch Records, more of their awkwardly fluid wrongness that always seems rather right. The band have another Radio One session coming up on March 6th, no doubt you can find out lots more via

IGGY gets all Jazz on us.... Iggy Pop has said that he's recorded a jazz LP inspired by Michel Houellebecq's novel 'La Possibilité D'une Ile'. In a video interview posted on, he said of the album, which is called 'Preliminaires': "It's a quieter album with some jazz overtones. That's because at one point I just got sick of listening to idiot thugs with guitars, banging out crappy music. And I was starting to listen to a lot of New Orleans-era Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton type of jazz".

NEW YORK DOLLS have released details of their new album, 'Cause I Sez So', which is out in the US on 5 May, don't know when it's out here. It's produced by Todd Rundgren, who also produced the band's 1973 debut. Frontman David Johan sen said in a statement: "It was amazing working with Todd again, and I think we were able to evoke the special sound of our first album and drag it by the hair into the present".  They are also planning to appear at SXSW. 

NEIL YOUNG UK shows and things... Neil Young will release his new album, 'Fork In The Road', on 6 Apr, with the first single from it out on 23 Mar. He will also be heading over to the UK to play some shows in June. Hmm, doesn't something else happen in June? Oh yeah, Glastonbury. I wonder if the dates Neil's announced are directly before Glastonbury, which, of course, he is rumoured to be headlining (clue: they are). Tour dates: 23 Jun: Nottingham, Trent FM Arena  24 Jun:Aberdeen, AECC

EELS new album...  Eels will release a new album, Hombre Lobo, on June 2. The 12-song album, which will be the band's seventh full studio effort, was recorded in band leader Mark 'E' Everett's studio in Los Angeles. It will be the group's first new studio album release since 2005's double LP Blinking Lights And Other Revelations.

FAITH NO MORE for Download... the born again reformed Faith No More are now confirmed for the Donnington festival (alongside headliners Slipknot and Def Leppard), let us hope it isn’t their only UK date, bet it is though, you’d have to pay us a lot of money to go anywhere that marketing fest even with Patton and co on the bill, I do hope they’re not just back for the money... Anvil are also playing the festival...

2nd MARCH - MI AMI, album out today, UK dates... San Francisco trio Mi Ami have announced plans to tour the UK and Ireland in April and May. Today sees the two ex-Black Eyes members unleash their new creation, album “Watersports” with their band Mi Ami. Reactions to the Touch & Go release have so far included Dazed & Confused declaring their love, NME dubbing Daniel Martin-McCormick’s vocals “the pure sound of sacrificial slaughter”, a 4/5 review in Kerrang and the editor of another popular music magazine refusing to cover them at all, stating that the album made him want to punch himself in the face. Album of the week here at Organ last week and played on our Resonance radio show of course. A mixed array of reactions fitting for a band who have something truly unique to offer then. If you’d like to check them out and make up your own mind, get yourself along to one of the following dates: April 9th Brighton Greenhouse Effect, 10th London Lexington (Upset the Rhythm night), 30th London Macbeth, May 3rd Glasgow Optimo @ Sub Club, 4th Newcastle End Bar, 5th Liverpool Korova, 6th Cambridge The Portland, 7th Galway Roisin Dubh, 8th Belfast Menagerie, 9th Dublin Crawdaddy, 10th Cork Crane Lane Theatre - or

28th FEB - THE JESUS LIZARD are to play an ATP gig at The Forum here in London on May 11th. Hot on the heels of their ATP Fans Strike Back festival, this will be their only other UK date and probably the only time you'll ever get to see the re-united but only for a short time line up of the legendary Chicago band here in the UK –

27th FEB - FAITH NO MORE CONFIRM REUNION - A lot of effort goes into promoting bands, but sometimes all you need is an off-hand comment at the end of a press release about something else. The words "the highly anticipated reunion tour with Faith No More in Europe this summer" were all that were needed to spark hundreds of publications into action. Well now Faith No More have officially confirmed that they are getting back together.
As expected, original guitarist Jim Martin will not be involved, despite reportedly being contacted about rejoining and expressing an interest in doing so. Instead the band's most recent guitarist, Jon Hudson, who played on the band's last album 'Album Of The Year', will re-join the core line-up of Mike Patton on vocals, Billy Gould on bass, Roddy Bottum on keyboards and Mike Bordin on drums.
In a statement, Gould explained that since their split in 1998, no members of the band had stayed regularly in touch with each other and none had seriously considered the idea of getting back together, particularly as, he said, "throughout our 17 years of existence, the mental and physical energy required to sustain this creature was considerable and relentless".
       However, he explained, a recent meeting changed their views of working with each other: "What we've discovered is that time has afforded us enough distance to look back on our years together through a clearer lens and made us realize that through all the hard work, the music still sounds good, and we are beginning to appreciate the fact that we might have actually done something right. ... When it all worked, it worked really well, even if the chemistry was always volatile".
        The band are yet to confirm their exact plans, although Mike Patton's publicist has, as previously reported, revealed that the band are set to play a number of European festival dates this summer. As for anything beyond that, things seem unclear. Gould says: "We can only hope that the experience of playing together again will yield results erratic and unpredictable enough to live up to the legacy of FNM. Who know where this will end or what it will bring up... only the future knows. But we are about to find out!" (cmu)-
26th FEB - Psssst, keep this one under yer hat,  INNER TERRESTRIALS / BABAR LUCK BAND and loads more tbc, Restarts, Autonomads... OKUPATIONAL HAZARD!!!!!!!!! London’s best squat venue is being evicted! this will be the last party. It's going to be outside festie style,  best do of the year so far!!!!! 7th March at The Vic, Grove St, Deptford, all dayer, come early... so said someone, you didn’t read it here officer...

SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS and more headline shows... With their debut album, 'Alpinisms', out this week via Full Time Hobby, School Of Seven Bells have announced a handful of headline dates, which will bookend support slots with White Lies and Bat For Lashes (well, the February dates have been known for a while, the May dates are new). Headline tour dates: 26 Feb: London, Cargo (SOLD OUT), 27 Feb: Manchester, Night & Day, 28 Feb: Bristol, Start The Bus, 1 Mar: Brighton, Audio , 12 May: Norwich Arts Centre, 13 May: Sheffield, Harley, 14 May: London, ULU

25th FEB -  ENTER SHIKARI make new track available free... Now this doesn’t excite us much, but hey, live and let live, world peace, each to their own good/bad musical taste and all that, seems the heroes to some, though they mean nothing to us, finished their new album only yesterday. To celebrate this they’ve made a new track from said recording session free for you to download should you want to. Seems the track is from the forthcoming Enter Shikari album 'Common Dreads' and you can find it by poking around with a stick over at – we don’t feel inclined to check that fact ourselves, what with hair needing a wash and cats to feed, but hey, it said so in the press release and this is a news page and it is, we’re sure, exciting news for some of you, don’t blame us if the track isn’t there... 

Those thrilling maximalists from New York known as CAPILLARY ACTION are on their way to Europe, they hit the UK on March 18th for a show at the Old Blue Last in London, they take themselves all over the UK and end up back in London on April 4th before heading  to mainland Europe, dates are still being pull together, so best check out their My Space, you’ll find some seriously progressively bendy other rock adventure there, one of the finest bands out there right now, serious brain food... "Thrilling maximalism that has me rubbing my hands with glee straight away. A whole album's worth of perversely complex, er, pop... that has chunks of different genres popping up unexpectedly like the good bits in a stew made of gourmet leftovers." - Organ Magazine Album of the Week back sometime last year, the review is here, head over to and enjoy 

FAITH NO MORE reunion is on (again) so it seems... Is it on, is it not? Well, apparently it is. Faith No More frontman Mike Patton's publicist has revealed that the band will be reuniting later this year. A press release announcing Patton's score for upcoming film 'Crank 2: High Voltage' closed with a mention that he would be involved with "the highly anticipated reunion tour with Faith No More in Europe this summer". According to Billboard, Patton's spokesperson Monica Seide subsequently revealed that the band would play a number of European festival dates this summer, although she did not reveal which other members of the band would be involved. Rumours hint that original guitarist Jim Martin is not on board and, as previously reported, bassist Billy Gould denied all knowledge of a reunion when asked about it by Kerrang! in January.

KILLING JOKE for fans strike back... Latest additions to ATP: Fans Strike Back are Killing Joke, The Mae Shi, School of Seven Bells, Liam Finn, This Will Destroy You, Hush Arbors and a Pete Fowler art exhibition. More from

24th FEB - FIELD DAY first bands announced, MOGWAI and more... Field Day will take place this year on Saturday 1 August from 11.30am - 10.30pm at Victoria Park, London E9. List of bands announced looks like this: Aeroplane, Apes and Androids, Erol Alkan, Errors, Fennesz, Final Fantasy, First Aid Kit, Four Tet, James Yorkston, Malcolm Middleton, Mogwai, Mystery Jets, S.C.U.M, Skream, Toumani Diabate, plus many more to be announced. More from or

SAINT ETIENNE have announced Sheffield and London shows in May where they’ll perform their seminal, debut album 'Foxbase Alpha' in it's entirety. SHEFFIELD The Leadmill - Thu 14 May LONDON Bloomsbury Ballroom - Sat 16 May

23rd FEB - THE HOT TODDIES are on the way... California all-girl indie pop band, The Hot Toddies, are on their way over with a bag loads of sunshine, goodness, surf, sand, 60's harmonies and charming songs that they say are about being bad. This is their first tour to the UK and they say they're very excited to be booked for a 10 date tour April 2-11th. They will be playing in London, Brighton, Exeter, Portsmouth, Bristol, Liverpool, Oxford and more. “It's a long way to travel on an independent label and we'd love your help” they said...  Here’s the dates: Thu. April 2 - Brighton, The Latest Bar, Fri. April 3 - London, The Lexington, Sat. April 4 - Portsmouth, Edge of the Wedge, Wedgewood Rooms, Sun. April 5 - Exeter, The Phoenix, Mon. April 6 - Bristol, The Mother's Ruin, Tue. April 7 - Liverpool, Bar Fresa, Wed. April 8 - Preston, Mad Ferret, Thu. April 9 - Oxford, The Cellar, Fri. April 10 - Peterborough, The Met Lounge Sat. April 11 - TBA – go find out for yourselves over at
22nd FEB - SPOKES, the quietly epic, rather uplifting post rock band from Manchester have apparently signed a deal with Counter Records, Ninja Tune's indie arm. Their first album 'People Like People Like you' is going to be re-released on Counter at the beginning of April. The band are also touring next month, that’s March to you and me: Fri 20th - Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh,  22nd - Green Room, Sheffield,  23rd - The Cluny, Newcastle,  24th - Roadhouse, Manchester, 25th - Mad Ferret, Preston 26th – The Talbot, Wrexham, 27th - Sumo, Leicester 28th - Arts Depot (Tally Ho! Day Fest), London, 29th – The Library, Leeds -

21st FEB - CROSS STITCHED EYES tour dates... New Alternative Tentacles signees Cross Stitched Eyes embark on a UK Tour at the end of March 2009. Their debut album for Alternative Tentacles, will be called Coranach. Often compared to Rudimentary Peni and Killing Joke, members of Cross Stitched Eyes have also played in The Enemies, Zygote, Citizen Fish, UK Subs, and Anger of Bacteria. "Coranach packs fourteen short but perfectly formed songs together. Not afraid to let loose with noise damage on Substance or get melodic with Breath of Lies, the diversity of styles on this record shows a band at the peak of its game”. CROSS STITCHED EYES UK TOUR DATES: March 29 - The Junction, Bristol, March 30 - Satan's Hollow, Manchester, March 31 - The Pack House, Leeds,  April 1 – Navigation, Nottingham, April 2 - The Grosvenor, London -

20th FEB - MONO tour and new album....  Just in time for their 10-year anniversary, MONO return with their fifth studio album, 'Hymn To The Immortal Wind'. Here comes the pre release hype from the label’s PR people; “After touring almost non-stop for five years, the band hibernated for over a year to focus solely on writing Hymn... The result is their most thoughtful and eclectic album to date. Written and arranged with a hopeful, romantic narrative in mind, the songs string together like chapters in an epic love story. The music is naturally majestic, with Mone's trademark wall of noise crashing beautifully against the largest chamber orchestra the band has ever enlisted. The instrumentation is vast, incorporating strings, flutes, organ, piano, glockenspiel and tympani into their standard face melting set-up.
     Recorded to analog tape with long-time friend and producer Steve Albini, there is an intimacy captured here that is at once beautiful and a little terrifying. The creaking of old wooden chairs as the orchestra rocks in their seats (both literally and figuratively), puckered lips rolling along flutes, and even the conductor's opening cue can be heard during the hauntingly quiet opening moments.
           While Hymn. continues to mine the cinematic drama inherent in all of MONO's music, the dynamic shifts now come more from dark-to-light instead of quiet-to-loud. The maturity to balance these elements so masterfully has become MONO's strongest virtue”.
        See Mono live: March: 20th Brighton Digital, 21st Birmingham Hare and Hound, 22nd Nottingham Rescue Rooms, 23rd Glasgow Stereo, 24th Sheffield Corporation, 25th Bristol The Croft, 26th London Scala. The album is released on March 30th -

19th FEB - ISIS have announced details of their fifth album, 'Wavering Radiant', the album will be released on 4 May via Conspiracy Records. Word is that the epic metallers have explored some new routes on this record, but you chin-stroking fans will still be pleased to learn that the cryptic lyrics that are such a feature of the band's songs will be there to tie the whole thing together, as ever.

18th FEB - NEW BAD SEED ANNOUNCED... Ed Keupper has been announced as the new guitarist for the Bad Seeds. He replaces Mick Harvey who, as previously reported, recently quit the band "for a variety of personal and professional reasons". Keupper is going to have his work cut out for him, he has just performed a series of shows with his former band, The Saints, and has announced a reunion show for another former band, jazz punkers The Laughing Clowns, at the Melbourne International Jazz Festival in April, before heading out for festival dates with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds in June and July.

TRAIL OF DEAD UK dates... And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead return with their sixth album, 'The Century Of Self', their first for German label Superball Music, on Monday. To promote it, the band have just announced a string of UK tour dates. Speaking about the album, and the move to an independent label, following their split from Universal/Interscope in 2007, the band's Conrad Keely told CMU: "We finally have the artistic freedom we've wanted, with no pressure to create radio music, no legal department to OK our artwork, and no A&R people breathing down our necks. The new songs are very personal. Some of them are autobiographical. We're building on everything we've ever done, looking back on our whole career and taking a lot inspiration from our early music. We continue to evolve the concept and try to incorporate new ideas. And there was no point on the record where we were trying to write songs you'd hear on commercial radio. We know that singles are driving the market, and we don't care".
Tour dates: 14 Apr: Portsmouth, Wedgewood Rooms, 15 Apr: Nottingham, Rescue Rooms, 16 Apr: Manchester, Academy 3, 17 Apr: Glasgow, Oran Mor, 19 Apr: Newcastle, Academy, 20 Apr: Birmingham, Academy, 22 Apr: Bristol, Thekla, 23 Apr: London, Electric Ballroom, 24 Apr: Oxford, Academy

SUPERSONIC FESTIVAL details announced.... This year’s Supersonic Festival will take place 24th - 26th July at its usual venue, The Custard Factory, Birmingham, UK. This year’s line-up is shaping up to be the best yet, the first confirmed act is none other than Head Of David, Justin K Broadrick’s influential industrial metal outfit performing for the first time in 23 years! Other acts on the bill are Zu, former Swans legend Jarboe, psych-rock troupe Earthless, the Flower/Corsano Duo, Genghis Tron, Growing, Master Musicians Of Bukkake (featuring members of Sun City Girls, Asva and Earth), 65daysofstatic, PRE, Pontiak, Venetian Snares and we’re told many more acts are to be announced!!  For more festival info see

THROBBING GRISTLE head to heaven...  Post/pre punk industrialists Genesis P-Orridge (bass, violin, vocals), Cosey Fanni Tutti (guitars, cornet), Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson (tapes, found sounds, horns), and Chris Carter (synthesizer) follow their first US dates in 28 years with an exclusive UK show at Heaven. Find out if they still seethe with the desire to destroy! Throbbing Gristle and S.C.U.M at Heaven, Central London, 21st June....

THE TUBES announce London show... June 2nd Islington Academy, London, is the date and the place, here’s the link - This has been a short sharp news piece...

17th FEB - IDLEWILD have announced three consecutive May shows at London Dingwalls where they'll play all their albums across 3 nights. It all happens between Tue 19 May and Thu 21 May

16th FEB - UNDERGROUND RAILROAD tour and EP... Following the acclaimed 2008 album Sticks And Stones, London based Parisian trio Underground Railroad are to release an new EP called Pick The Ghost on April 13th and are also touring with Fight Like Apes in February and March –

GANG GANG DANCE cancel European tour... The 'devastated' band have had all of their equipment destroyed in a blaze. Gang Gang Dance have been forced to cancel their European tour after a fire destroyed all their equipment, leaving the "devastated" band stranded in Amsterdam. After playing the opening night of the tour at the city's Paradiso club on Friday (February 13), the band put their instruments in a lock-up, only to return the following morning to find that an electrical fire had swept through the building. Blogging on the band said hardly any of their equipment was salvageable from the blaze. "We didn't really know the scope of how bad the fire was until we arrived on the scene to find every piece of equipment we own scattered out in the parking lot...melted, charred, and still smouldering," they wrote. "Most of our gear is way beyond repair and the small amount of stuff that looks as if it wasn't physically destroyed by the fire itself has all been doused by the fire hoses. So we have been left with synths that are melted, a charred guitar, cases full of wet pedals and cables, drums that are nothing but the metal rims, amps that look as if they've been doused in tar...the list goes on."
         As well as their instruments, a number of memory sticks containing some of Gang Gang Dance new music were also destroyed in the fire. The band say they considered carrying on the tour with rented equipment, before conceding that logistically it would be too difficult. Instead, they promised to reschedule the cancelled shows. "It's all really devastating and we wish nothing more then to be in Brussels tonight (we were super excited about that show!) and to be able to continue on with our tour, but there is really no way for that to happen given the circumstances. We are hoping to come back as soon as possible and make up for all this," 
       The cancelled February UK dates are/were Manchester Roadhouse (25), London Dingwalls (26), Bristol Fleece (27), Brighton Audio (28)

VIDEO NASTIES have announced the details of their debut album. The London band also confirmed they will play a free residency at London's Old Blue Last venue throughout April. The band have named the LP 'On All Fours'. It will be released on April 13, preceded by a single, 'Jellybean', on March 23. Video Nasties play London’s Old Blue Last on April 1, 7 and 14. –

15th FEB - ANEKDOTEN and mellodrama and... “Mellodrama! Dear folks! I just wanted to recommend a new documentary by Dianna Dilworth about our favorite instrument. Mellodrama will give you the history on the Mellotron. Please check the trailer here. It has been a little bit silent from the Anekdoten camp lately but believe me we are working hard and big news are coming soon! Stay tuned! Nicklas”

12th FEB - SONIC YOUTH have posted more information about their 16th album, ‘The Eternal’. The album will be released on double vinyl, compact disc, and digital album by Matador Records on June 9. Produced by John Agnello and the band, ‘The Eternal’ not only marks Sonic Youth’s return to the independent label sphere (titles on their own SYR label excepted) after a long association with Geffen, but more importantly, ranks as one of their more inspired efforts in a 28 year career.
                Recorded through November and December of last year at the band’s Echo Canyon West studio in Hoboken, NJ, ‘The Eternal’ features many firsts for a Sonic Youth album, including a number of shared vocals between Kim, Thurston, and Lee, and the studio debut of former Pavement/Dustdevils bassist Mark Ibold, a member of Sonic Youth’s touring band for the past few years.
               The band’s current extracurricular activities are as always, quite varied. The Kunsthalle in Dusseldorf, Germany is now hosting the touring museum exhibition SONIC YOUTH ETC.: SENSATIONAL FIX, which focuses on the band’s multidisciplinary work since the band’s formation in 1981, including their collaborations with visual artists, filmmakers, designers and musicians. Kim Gordon launches a clothing line, Mirror/Dash, at Urban Outfitters on February 16, and is showing at The Armory Show in NYC March 5-8. Lee Ranaldo, with co-conspirator Leah Singer, just opened installations at the Konsthall in Stockholm and the CNEAI in Paris, and he has a piece in the travelling exhibition “Bad Moon Rising 3”, currently at Boots Contemporary Art Space in St. Louis. A Beck/Sonic Youth split 7” is being released by Matador on April 18 for Record Store Day. And the band recently collaborated with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company (along with former Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones and mixed-media sound composer Takehisa Kosugi) on a work celebrating, and being performed for, Cunningham’s 90th birthday on April 16 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.
               Upcoming SY shows include April gigs in Austria and Germany (including the closing of SENSATIONAL FIX in Dusseldorf) and May 16 at the No Fun Festival in Brooklyn. The will be touring throughout the summer in support of ‘The Eternal’.
          Of ‘The Eternal’, Matador’s Gerard Cosloy says, “We’ve not had a record in our recent history that’s been the subject of nearly as much speculation and anticipation. Suffice to say we’re pretty amazed at the way the band delivered something this neoteric while still sounding like, well, themselves. Less of a reinvention and perhaps more to do with a particularly awesome dozen songs.”
            Matador will shortly announce a Buy Early Get Now scheme for the album with some very interesting bonus material. Sonic Youth at the moment are: Steve Shelley, Lee Ranaldo, Kim Gordon, Thurston Moore, Mark Ibold. 
           The album track listing reads like this: 1. Sacred Trickster, 2. Anti-Orgasm, 3. Leaky Lifeboat (for Gregory Corso), 4. Antenna, 5. What We Know, 6. Calming The Snake, 7. Poison Arrow, 8. Malibu Gas Station, 9. Thunderclap For Bobby Pyn, 10. No Way, 11. Walkin Blue, 12. Massage The History. Read Sonic Youth's blog via their My Space page -

11th FEB - GREEN DAY have revealed that their forthcoming eighth studio album will be called '21st Century Breakdown' and will be released in May.

10th FEB - VESSELS April UK tour announced.... April 2 Mad Ferret, PRESTON (with Charlies Hero & Telekinetic) 3 The Portland Arms, CAMBRIDGE (with Sennen) [TLOBF Split Show!], 4 Brudenell Social Club, LEEDS, 7 Captain’s Rest, GLASGOW (with Fire On The Horizon), 8 The End, NEWCASTLE 9 Sneaky Pete’s, EDINBURGH, 12 Oakford Social Club, READING, 22 Buffalo Bar, LONDON (with The FM Flash & Eat Lights, Become Lights), 23 Buffalo Bar, CARDIFF, 24 The Canteen, BARROW IN FURNESS, 25 Royal Oak, Chorlton, MANCHESTER, 27 The Albert, BRIGHTON, 29 W. Yorkshire Playhouse - Fuseleeds 09 Festival, LEEDS (supporting David Gedge of The Wedding Present) “It would be very cool to see you! We'll have new tunes, and maybe something else special on the merch desk as well...” -

TrioVD London show – The Vortex has announced the first London headline show “from this incendiary Leeds-based trio of uber-skilled guitarist Chris Sharkey, whirling drum monster Chris Bussey and wild sax/vocalist Chris de Bezenac. Mixing up mad metronomic grooves, warped riffs and white hot energy TVD take giant steps forward in creating a UK answer to NYC's influential Downtown scene. Tipping things over the edge with screaming sampled vocals and wild creativity this band is a must-see live” Catch them at The Vortex in Dalston on 17th Feb –

CARTER USM are set to play their first four albums live in order. The shows – entitled 'The Drum Machine Years' – will see the quartet of record performed over two nights. '1992: The Love Album' and 'Post Historic Monsters' will be played at the London Forum on November 13, while '101 Damnations' and '30 Something' get an airing at Brixton Academy on November 14.
  "We really enjoyed playing the re-union gigs," said frontman Jim Bob. "They were fantastic, life-affirming celebrations, and turned out to be some of the best ever Carter shows. We decided that if we did it again it had to be something different, for both the audience and for us. Performing our first four albums in full, first track to last is something we've never done. We might even chuck in a cheeky Take That style costume change.". Guitarist Fruitbat added: "We will be playing songs that we have never played live before, and I am really looking forward to that challenge. "We are really thrilled to not only be playing our 11th show at The Academy, but it will be wonderful to return to The Forum, where we also played some classic gigs. These sets should be marathons, so I'm going to get in training. I think the audience should too, as we are all going to need to be fit for this!"

9th FEB - DEVO are to play the Forum, Kentish Town, London NW5, tickets are on sale now at a hefty 30 quid, are you getting the feeling these promoters and bands are getting a little too greedy and taking our loyalty for granted? Wednesday 6th May, more details from ATP Concerts also present YANN TIERSEN on Thursday 14th May at  The Electric Ballroom, Camden Town NW1 Tickets £15.00

6th FEB - AMANDA PALMER VIDEO BANNED FOR HAVING A POINT... Several UK TV channels have refused to air the video for Dresden Dolls front-woman Amanda Palmer's new solo single, 'Oasis', on the grounds that it "makes light of rape, religion and abortion". NME TV, Scuzz, Kerrang!, MTV, Q, The Box and a numb er of other stations reportedly placed a ban on the song, completely missing the point Palmer is trying to make with it. Seems radio stations are taking the same stance.
             Palmer wrote on her blog: "It isn't a simple issue, obviously. But the fundamentals seem clear to me. I sat down one day in or around 2002 and wrote a tongue-in-cheek, ironic up-tempo pop song. A song about a girl who got drunk, was date raped, and had an abortion. She sings about these things lightly and joyfully and says that she doesn't care that these things have happened to her because Oasis, (her favourite band) has sent her an autographed photo in the mail. And to make things even better (!!), her bitchy friend Melissa, who told the whole school about the abortion, is really jealous. If you cannot sense the irony in this song, you're about two intelligence points above a kumquat".
            She goes on to suggest that perhaps the song would be better received if she played  it in a minor key and cried while performing it, adding: "The song isn't even so much about those topics, it's about denial, it's about a girl who can't find it in herself to take her situation seriously. That girl exists, everywhere. You probably know her. You've probably met her. You might be her". She did try the minor key version at the Electric Ballroom last Wednesday. 
               We here at Organ, well just me (Sean O) actually, had the pleasure of waking up Amanda yesterday (it was the afternoon, she was expecting me), it had just been a long night, and spending the afternoon in the book-filled flat in Camden that she was staying in. We’ll have the interview up on line here at this weekend... There's the rather rare CD we got her to sign, go win it here

See the video here

PJ HARVEY will headline Camp Bestival this year..... Mercury Rev, Bon Iver, Roots Manuva, Candi Staton, Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, The Cuban Brothers, Wild Beasts and Ebony Bones will all al so appear at the second year of the Bestival spin off, which will take place at Lulworth Castle again, this time from 24-26 July -

5th FEB - ANARCHISTWOOD and THEY CAME FROM THE STARS free this Friday....  The free gig details are at the foot of this bit. First, here’s what the Anarchistwood/Punkvert team said about last weekend’s event, “What a Saturday - it was superb in terms of music and attendees - a tribe of lovely people with a huge range of ages, backgrounds and musical tastes were scooped into the Ex Gratia melting pot and entertained with music from The Usual Suspects (aka Darth Vader's Chocolate Starfish), Rude Mechanicals, The Electric Brains, Anarchistwood and Handsum Pete. Further speciality du maison included the luscious Bella Blue, nimble fingered Max Quirk and PRNWhore and the lightening tingles of KodeK VJ as well as a bunch of clowining about orchestrated by the devious Dirty Honky.
        People sashayed out after being exposed to several new ballgrounds and after all that balls, cross fertilisation and excitement we are gagging to do another party... We were so happy with the event we are planning to put another one on in the same venue in late spring - our hosts - Dave and Tina at Inn on the Green are extremely good eggs so cheers to them and their staff. Whoop Whoop!
       It is rumoured that one of our guests will be Ten City Nation and we are hoping to ask another local London act that we have been hugely impressed with recently - keep em peeled for details!
          Other happy news is that our download 'Don’t BullShit the Artists' has now been re-instated on the archive after it fell off (due to Candi poking at it!) so you can get it here again (for those of you who just got a pretty cover - sorry)
        And more happy news is that Anarchistwood get a surprise last minute gig at 93ft East, Brick Lane, London this Friday for Ben Osborne's Slipped Disco/Wobble night - starts 7pm and is absolutely free - come and have some fun with us and Severino, Horsemeat Disco, Noise Of Art, They Came From the Stars I Saw Them and check out their new guitarist. Hopefully he's be as nicely broke in as our new drumming swamp creature Rockin Gerry - what a boon! - - Happy snowdays to all you UK-ers!

MOTORHEAD no sleep again, but... This just in “Lemmy and co roll into Hammersmith with their distinct rock sound and their metal anthems. A must have live experience”. Seems Motorhead are playing their now what is their annual November Hammersmith Apollo show, this year on Sat 28th Nov. Thirty quid plus booking fee the press release, unashamedly declares, thirty quid! Are we Lemmy’s personal pension plan now? We’ll go of course because they’re Motorhead and we need that shot, but hey, aren’t these bands starting the take the piss? We’re loyal when it comes to bands like Motorhead because they matter but then again, maybe this is one step too far?  Are these old bands like Hawklords (30 quid at the Roundhouse) using us just a little here, don't like the taste it leaves, ever get the feeling we're being cheated or laughed at or something... 

LUX INTERIOR has died.... We just had this in from Anarchistwood: “Sad news this morning via the Priscillas theirspace blog. Our ghoul grandaddy of grizzly grunts has passed over... Lux Interior died on 4th feb from a heart condition. I don't usually get that upset when  rockers die, as making it to old age when yr shoving shit loads of gear into yr body is a  feat in itself. i have a special place for The Cramps, though. They were the first band i saw  live. Birmingham 1986, Date Eith Elvis tour. I bought a reissue of that LP on Saturday.  Spooky. My supposed 'wild child' mate wasn't allowed to come with us cause his parents saw their performance on the tube. arf! you had to be 14 to get into the venue and I was shit  scared...surely they'll spot that i'm a few months off that. Funny.  When they came on stage and everyone stood up, we couldn't see, so we stood on our chairs. The security came over and told us to get down. Being the barely teens we where, we explained our problem. The security guy then proceeded to take us down to the front of the venue where we got a most wonderful view of everything sleazy. That gig kinda cemented a big dirty imprint on my brain. Our thoughts go out to his wife, Poison Ivy. He picked her up hitch hiking in the mid-70s. rock n f**king roll”. 
          Lux was 62, he died in hospital in California from a previously existing heart condition. We at Organ add our thoughts. 
3rd FEB - MILK AND HONEY BAND new album and RING and ZAG and things of great interest to us and you... “How are you doing? Probably not of great interest to you but there's a new album by the Milk And Honey Band coming out later this month... Still on Andy Partridge's APE label.. I'll stick my neck out and say I think you'll like Maryfaith Autumn. Meanwhile there have been rumblings afoot for a while of re-masterings of various old faves which have been locked in a cupboard to which I have the key.... namely the two official ring albums - O De Dun Dun and Nervous Recreation.. plus Sawtooth Gripmaster by Zag And The Coloured Beads... These will, at last, see the light of day this year... Lots of love, Bob x”
        Bob is Bob from Milk And Honey Band, Levitation, Ring and such, and he is right, we do like Maryfaith Autumn lots, he was wrong about it not being of great interest though -
3rd FEB - THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED.... February 3 was "the day the music died", 3rd of February marks the anniversary of the plane crash which claimed the life of possibly the main influence on the early days of rock music, recording, writing and the whole idea of how rock should be made. Fifty tears ago today Buddy Holly died, fifty years ago today was the day the music died (according to Don McLean in his song 'American Pie'). The rock 'n' roll pioneer was killed when the small plane he was travelling in - along with Ritchie Valens, and J. P. 'The Big Bopper' Richardson - was brought down in bad weather near Clear Lake in Iowa. Buddy Holly was just 22 years old when he died, but had already made an unforgettable impression on the then new music called rock 'n' roll, he went on to influence several generations of artists, the idea of a four piece tock band line up was pioneered by Buddy, the Beatles would not have been The Beatles without their biggest influence - Paul McCartney: "At least the first 40 songs we wrote were Buddy Holly-influenced.", he was massive in terms the idea of multi tracking in studios, on how the Rolling Stones were to sound, on using orchestras with rock bands, experimenting and breaking the formula, Buddy Holly was the first and still is one of the nest... We couldn't let today pass without a small mention 

END OF LEVEL BOSS and STINKING LIZAVETA have some UK dates as part of a rather large European tour.  The UK leg of the tour happens in March and looks like this: 15/03 Tyne Bar, Newcastle, 16/03 - The GRV, Edinburgh, 17/03 - Bloc Bar, Glasgow, 18/03 - The Windmill, Brixton, London - More from End of's webpages -

2nd FEB - THE STUPIDS and HARD ONS and shows and new material and...  UK Hardcore pioneers THE STUPIDS have announced their first new recordings and first tour in over 20 years at the end of March, teaming up with old touring buddies and Aussie punk legends THE HARD ONS.
          Following on from the reissues of their entire back catalogue last year, STUPIDS have reformed and returned to the recording studio for the first time since 1987's Indie No1 Chart album "Jesus Meets the Stupids" to record some brand new material - the first of which, a three track single called "FEEL THE SUCK" is released on 7" single and download by Boss Tuneage on March 23rd. A new album is to follow shortly after.
        In support of the single release, STUPIDS (featuring original members Tommy Stupid (Drums/Vocals) and Marty Tuff (Guitar) alongside new member Rossi O'Schmitt (Bass) ) head out on their first UK tour since 1988, appearing at Southampton Talking Heads (March 26th), Bristol Bierkeller (March 27th), Kingston Fighting Cocks (March 28th),  London Camden Underworld (March 29th) and Brighton Prince Albert (March 30th). The shows at Kingston, London and Brighton also see the band teaming up with THE HARD ONS.
THE HARD ONS celebrate their 25th Anniversary in 2009, and to coincide with this achievement are embarking on a six week European tour throughout March and April backed up with a best-of album "SUCK AND SWALLOW : 25 YEARS 25 SONGS" , also released on CD and download by Boss Tuneage on March 30th. "SUCK AND SWALLOW.." features 25 songs from the bands entire history , from first single "Surfin On My Face" through to "Everyone Seems To Be Out To Get You" a brand new track recorded exclusively for the album.
               In addition to the shows with THE STUPIDS in Kingston, London and Brighton, HARD ONS also appear at Kettering Sawyers (March 26th) and Mansfield Town Mill (March 27th). – / /

1st FEB - BONNIE ‘PRINCE’ BILLY London show...  Word is that “Southbank Centre welcomes Bonnie 'Prince' Billy for a rare London gig, featuring songs from his new album Beware!” - Monday 20th April so it seems...

GHOSTFACE KILLAH has announced details of a three-date UK tour. The Wu Tang Clan member will play gigs in London, Manchester and Bristol in May. The rapper's most recent solo album, 'The Big Doe Rehab', was released in 2007. Ghostface Killah will play: London Scala (May 6), Bristol Academy (9), Manchester University (10)

31st JAN - YOUNG WIDOWS London venue change.... The Young Widows London date of their tour on 24th February, has moved “due to sound limitations at The Lexington, we have had to move this show to The Fly, 36-38 New Oxford Street, WC1. Tickets are £5 in advance or £6 on the door” said the promoters. Here come the full list of dates: Feb 18 @ The Angel, Brighton, Feb 19 @ Tiger Lounge, Manchester, Feb 20 @ Captains Rest, Glasgow, Feb 21 @ Cockpit, Leeds, Feb 22 @ Corporation, Sheffield, Feb 23 @ The Croft, Bristol,  Feb 24 @ The Fly, New Oxford St, London... And here’s the album review we ran with Organ 272 back in September last year, catch tracks on our ORGAN radio show on London's finest Resonance 104.4FM, go find out more over at

Don't be forgetting that RUDE MECHANICALS, ANARCHISTWOOD gig tonight, should be good, real London underground creativity, bands and attitude just a little different. London’s Anarchistwood have gone and been and added a stand up heart-beater of a drummer called Rocking Gerry to their line up and made their fuzzy scuzzy tribal punk/prank sound even more scuzzy and tribal. The first fruit is a new track called Don’t Bulshit The Artist that can be downloaded free via  - you can catch the new line up on 31st January at the Inn On The Green in Ladbrook Grove, West London where they’re joined for a Punkvert night by RUDE MECHANICALS, THE ELECTRIC BRAINS, HANDSUM PETE, BELLA BLUE and all kinds of people and art and boxes and . The night is the second Specialisation Is For Insects launch night and yes, proper London underground creativity, the way it always was when creativity and unity was the way...  Rude Mechanicals are a band to see right now, we're promise a night of caberet, performance and fine music, no mention of toe sucking or body fluids this time though, you really do need to go and see them, be careful though, some say Handsum Pete is London's GG Allin, See Rude Mechanicals here  -

30th JAN - CHRIS CORNELL announces another London show... After his London Scala show sold out in an hour, Chris Cornell has confirmed a London Shepherds Bush Empire date due to phenomenal public demand, the show is at the Shepherds Bush Empire on Monday 2nd March... Tickets have gone on sale today...

WINO, the live debut... As a last-minute announcement... the Wino (band) will be making its debut live performance at the 9:30 club in Washington DC on Sat. February 7th! Jean Paul Gaster (Clutch) on drums, John Blank (Rezin) on bass, and of course the man, Scott “Wino” Weinrich on guitar and vocals. King Giant & Salome will provide support. If you're in the area, be sure not to miss this very rare live appearance! Yeah, I know not a UK thing, but hey, worth a mention, and there seems to be more of you fine readercreatures in the US than the UK anyway, if you want to know more then here you go - or

KASABIAN BACK BID TO SAVE LEICESTER VENUE - More venues going under, and Kasabian have leant their support to a venue in their home town of Leicester, The Charlotte, which has also gone into administration and could close any day now. Local music fans have set up a petition calling for the venue to be rescued, though I'm not sure who they are petitioning, the King of Leicester maybe. Anyway, Kasabian singer Tom Meighan says the band will adds it name to any campaign to save the venue, telling a local newspaper: "If we can help, we will. At the end of the day, it's a legendary venue".

HERZOGA in session at Radio One....  “stood astride 2009 like a Wrongpop colossus, Herzoga have recently been holed up in Maida Vale studios recording sizzling tracks for Radio 1's Huw Stephen's show. The Welsh wonder is set to play a few of them from 9 o'clock on Wednesday 4th Feb, and again at midnight - tune in and educate ya ears.....” Said Matt, Mark, Stephen... The Stoke band also tell us Swetmores will be their next single and that the single will be released on Broken Branch records on 30th march. Then its another tour in April, all systems go! You can catch the band at The Brown Jug in Newcastle Under Lyme with TRIBAL BRIDES OF THE AMAZON on Feb 11th and then a We Like Danger night in Stoke with ACTION BEAT, OX SCAPULA and DONVITO at The White Star  –

No FAITH NO MORE reunion... Contrary to rumours, which, as we previously reported, were firmly denied by bassist Billy Gould last month, Faith No More will not be reforming this year. However, frontman Mike Patton will performing at this year's Coachella festival with beatboxer Rahzel.  The duo have been working on an album together, which is yet to see an official release. They have previously worked together on tracks for Patton's 'Peeping Tom' album and Björk's 'Medulla' album.

29th JAN - British singer/songwriter JOHN MARTYN has died aged 60. The news about the musician, who received an OBE in the last new year's honours list, was announced today (January 29) on Martyn's official website, The cause of his death was not revealed, with a short message reading: "With heavy heart and an unbearable sense of loss we must announce that John died this morning."
     Surrey-born Martyn was born in 1948 and released 20 studio albums throughout his career. He became known for his folk/blues guitar style, and released his first album, London Conversation, in 1968, later in his career releasing the acclaimed 'Solid Air' album in 1973. The title track was a tribute to his friend, cult musician Nick Drake. Sad news indeed....

BERMAN DISBANDS SILVER JEWS TO FIGHT DAD - The frontman of cult indie band Silver Jews, David Berman, has announced that he has split up the band, which he originally formed with Stephen Malkmus and Bob Nastanovich of Pavement in 1989, canceling all forthcoming tour dates, so that he can devote his time to telling the world how much he hates his dad.
       This is not just teenage rebellion (not least because Berman is 42). His father is Washington-based lobbyist Richard Berman, described by US TV documentary series '60 Minutes' as "Dr Evil", and who has fought against consumer, animal welfare and environmental groups in the interests of his clients in the food, alcohol and tobacco markets. 
       Writing on the Silver Jews message board, Berman Jr said: "Now that the Joos are over I can tell you my gravest secret. Worse than suicide, worse than crack addiction: My father. You might be surprised to know he is famous, for terrible reasons. My father is a despicable man. My father is a sort of human molester. An exploiter. A scoundrel. A world historical motherfucking son of a bitch (sorry Grandma)". He continued: "A couple of years ago I demanded he stop his work. Close down his company or I would sever our relationship. He refused. He has just gotten worse. More evil. More powerful. We've been 'estranged' for over three years. ... He props up fast food/soda/factory farming/childhood obesity and diabetes/drunk driving/second hand smoke. He attacks animal lovers, ecologists, civil action attorneys, scientists, dieticians, doctors, teachers. His clients include everyone from the makers of Agent Orange to the Tanning Salon Owners of America. He helped ensure the minimum wage did not move a penny from 1997-2007!"
            Speaking about his decision to change his career, the musician said: "This winter I decided that the SJs were too small of a force to ever come close to undoing a millionth of all the harm he has caused. To you and everyone you know. Literally, if you eat food or have a job, he is reaching you. ... Previously I thought, through songs and poems and drawings I could find and build a refuge away from his world. But there is the matter of justice. ... The desire for it actually burns. It hurts. There needs to be something more. I'll see what that might be". You can read more about Richard Berman via

Former Stone Roses guitarist JOHN SQUIRE launched a new exhibition of his art in London last night (January 28). The show takes place at the Front Room Galler* at the St Martins Hotel in Covent Garden, and is entitled Heavy Metal Semantics. Speaking to the NME, Squire explained the show is made up from his very latest work. "There's a few from this year and the rest were done the tail end of last year," he said. "I've been working with lead, which is a heavy metal, and words which are open to interpretation as to their meaning. I'm still a big kid at heart, I like playing with things. I was playing with cardboard boxes, and I was fascinated by the shape of them when they're opened up and turned back into card. I like working with different materials, and I had access to steel and lead." Squire added that the show marks the beginning of a busy year as an artist, with several more shows planned for 2009. "I've got a big show in Oldham and one in Austria and one at the end of the year in Tokyo," he said. "The Oldham show is in a major public gallery, so it's a lot of work. It's the biggest show I've done." Heavy Metal runs until February 18. -

LYNYRD SKYNYRD keyboardist Billy Powell died early yesterday morning (January 28) at his home in Orange Park, Florida. Powell, who had a history of heart problems, called 911 emergency at about 12:55 am because he was having trouble breathing. When rescue crews arrived they tried to perform CPR but were unsuccessful in reviving the 56-year-old, reports the Associated Press. The cause of death has not yet been determined, but a heart attack is suspected.
          Powell was one of the original members of the legendary Southern rock band who originally emerged in the 70’s and made their mark with classics like Freebird and Sweet Home Alabama. He was also one of the few survivors of a 1977 plane crash that took the lives of Lynyrd Skynyrd's lead singer, Ronnie Van Zant, guitarist Steve Gaines and vocalist Cassie Gaines as well as the members of the band's road crew.

NEW SMASHING PUMPKINS SONG TO APPEAR ON SUPERBOWL AD....  The Smashing Pumpkins sued EMI last year when the major allowed Pepsi to include some of their music in its big MP3 giveaway campaign which was, if I remember rightly, launched during the mega-TV viewing bonanza that is the Super Bowl. I seem to also remember the band's lawsuit said that the association with Pepsi, which they hadn't approved, damaged their "artistic integrity". Which is true, if you want artistic integrity you should never work with teeth rotting fizzy drinks, integritous artists do deals with world polluting, oil guzzling car firms. A brand new Smashing Pumpkins song called 'FOL' will soundtrack a new ad from Hyundai during this weekend's big game. Can't wait. (CMU)

28th JAN - Another GATHERING OF THE THOUSANDS is set to take place, organised by Colin from Conflict, this time it is set to be an all night festival (7pm to 7am) on bank holiday Friday 10th April and will happen at the Coronet Theatre, Elephant and Castle, London. Bands confirmed so far include CONFLICT, RUBELLA BALLET, THE DEATH STARS, ROMEO MUST DIE, EXISTENCE OF MANKIND, PIG IRON, THE GRIT, BLITZKRIEG, DIRTY LOVE with lots more said to be confirmed... 

MOGWAI for Field Day... Mogwai are set to headline this year's Field Day festival in London. Four Tet, James Yorkston, Apes And Androids, Malcolm Middleton, Fennesz, Errors and DJ Skream have also been confirmed for the event. Field Day will take place on August 1 at Victoria Park in east London. -

MARMADUKE DUKE dates.... Biffy Clyro frontman Simon Neill and Sucipierro's JP Reid have announced a tour in support of their 'Kid Gloves' single (due March). See them here: February 28 - Edinburgh Bongo Club, March 1 - Manchester Deaf Institute, 2 - Birmingham Rainbow, 4 – London Heaven, 5 - Leeds Brudenell Social Club, 6 - Glasgow School of Art

BOB MOULD new album...  The former Husker Du frontman will release his latest solo effort, 'Life And Times, on April 7 in the US.

KATHERINE BLAKE and NICK MARSH Show, Stoke Newington, London, Sun, Feb 1st, here’s what she said: “Hello Everyone! Happy NewYear! Nick Marsh and I have started recording our duets album, consisting mainly of original material with a few covers. We have a gig coming up where we will be playing some of this material as well as songs from both of our solo albums. The venue is called The Pangea Project and it is opposite Morrisons, 72 Stamford Hill, Stoke Newington, London N16. On stage about half 8. Entry £3 Hope to see you there XX -

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