THE DRESDEN DOLLS – We have here a rather exclusive slice of treasure for you Dolls fans, we just got back from waking up Amanda Palmer (well it was two in the afternoon) after last night’s rather fine solo show at the Electric Ballroom in Camden, we got her to sign this highly collectable advance version of the No Virginia album that came out last year. Amanda wanted to keep it when she saw it, apparently she doesn’t have one of these ones in the black and white cover, rare rare rare so it seems. And now the cover is signed by Amanda as well. And the CD can be yours, just answer this question, send your answer to the simple question in and we’ll draw the winner’s name out of our virtual green hat on closing day.  

Just answer the simple question and send in your name and address to us here. This one is open to everyone everywhere, the postage isn't going to break us on this one

The question: What is the name of Amanda Palmer's band on the current tour?

Deadline Feb 28th 2009...

DVD: NASHVILLE PUSSY – Live In Hollywood (SPV) – Recorded live and in blisteringly raw form at Hollywood’s Key Club, not entirely sure when but it looks to be a rather recent show. Nineteen songs and a no messing, good looking gig - all the decadent Southern fried punky blues flavoured metalic hard rock biker scuzz and righteous attitude you’d expect from Nashville Pussy. Good looking footage, well shot, a well edited no frills video shoot, no messing about with too many cuts, edit wankery or tedious cameras on swinging booms, who ever edited this did it well. Simple stuff, never boring, gives you time to get your eye focused in before the next well timed on-the-beat cut. Band looking good, Blain Cartwright giving it all the f*** you you’d rightly expect out front, Ruyter Suys once again showing what a great hard rock guitarist she is, rhythm section of Karen Cuda and Jeremy Thompson driving it all on powerful bass and drums – as strong a sounding/looking line up as they’ve ever had  And lots of good extras to be found here besides the main gig action - bootleg quality footage, bits of interviews, including Lemmy as interviewer at one point, you’ve got some of those “Pussy Home Videos”, you’ve got a great version of Rock ‘n Roll Outlaw with a rather naked looking Pete Wells from Rose Tattoo joining them on stage – shot from the pit, classic bootleg material (hang on though Blain, what ya singing there? I don’t need no longhaired lady... all I need is a rock ‘n roll band....? Isn’t that your longhaired lady-wife right there next to you in your rock and roll band being far more rock ‘n roll than anyone else? 
          These kind of DVD releases are never for anyone beside the already committed fan, and even if you are a committed fan then they’re often really not that good. This is a decent, no messing, no frills document that captures exactly what Nashville Pussy are about in all their raw scuzzy in your face larger that life Jack Daniels abusing trailer trash glory, a DVD with all the attitude you expect from Nashville Pussy – good stuff (and all packaged in such a tasteful way)

To win a copy of the DVD, we have two copies here, just answer this question: Nashville Pussy do a great version of Rock‘n Roll Outlaw on this here DVD, who did the original? Just answer the simple question and send in your name and address to us here

Closing date: December 1st 2008

See a You Tube trailer here, find out more from

the winners who read the review, or maybe knew it was Rose Tattoo already - yeah, surely they knew, we're Karren C from Newcastle Upon Tyne and Michael James from Acton, West London 

MUTE Records are to release a double CD set on NOVEMBER 3rd in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the legendary BBC RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP. The two CD set features classics, rare and previously unreleased sounds and tracks. Presented in chronological order, the 107 track two CD set includes works from stalwarts such as JOHN BAKER, DELIA DERBYSHIRE, DAPHNE ORAM, ELIZABETH PARKER, DESMOND BRISCOE, PADDY KINGSLAND, PETER HOWELL, MALCOLM CLARK and more.... Bits of Quakermass, The Goon Show, Secret War, The Demon Headmaster, and of course the original Dr Who theme. All kinds of primitive groundbreaking electronic noise and tape cut up experimentation from the much loved workshop with the Heath Robinson reputation. Probably the greatest influence on UK (and probably world) electronic music, we all grew up with this stuff, even those of us who weren’t Dr Who fans, we’ve all been stopped by that Radio Blackburn jingle or that theme to Good Morning Wales haven’t we? Well the Greenwich Chorus must have stopped you? 

Here's Marina's thoughts that accompanied her radio show playlist last week when she played a couple of tracks....

"Now, whoops of joy accompanied the arrival of the lovely double cd album BBC RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP retrospective. First piece was recorded for BBC Wales, composed/arranged by John Baker, second was by Paddy Kingsland (who also did the incidental music for Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galazy radio plays) for a Horizon programme on Newton, 1976. Out on the 3rd November, it contains over 100 pieces of music recorded between 1958 and 1997 that will either make you gasp in wonder at the sheer raw audacity of the early synth and tape constructions, or shiver in Proustian suppressed memory reflex, or both.  Makes much electronic music sound like a backward step (and don't get me started on the current Dr Who soundtrack...ever). The BBC Radiophonic Workshop was a department within the Beeb soley for the purpose of making soundtracks, incidental music and idents in the most cutting edge way possible. I was lucky enough to visit the workshops themselves just after their closure, and was given the choice of watching CARDIACS (or at least an important chunk of them, in the guise of the Sea Nymphs) recording their John Peel Session, or playing with lots of glowing-valve-scented whirring things and mellotrons all day upstairs.  The Sea Nymphs won in the end... much of the BRW equipment ended up in the care of fellow Cardiac enthusiast Mr. Ridley, who happened to be technical chap that day - get in touch if you're reading.... where was I? Yes, hopefully this lovingly compiled retrospective will give more deserved exposure to the BBC Radiophonic Workshop composers"

We have three copies of the two CD set to give away. Just answer this simple question and send in your name and address to us here

In which year did the first recordings emerge? 1958, 1964 or 1973

Closing date November 4th

the winners who cleverly worked out the answer was 1958 are:
Cranmore Lydd (Bristol), The Doveman (Manchester), Ellen Williams (Bangor, North Wales)

Anyone for a DEERHUNNTER poster?
OCT 2008: Want a free Deerhunter poster for your bathroom wall? We have some DEERHUNTER Microcastle posters here (courtesy of their UK label 4AD). The new album is out this month to much critical acclaim from all kinds of people. "a different path that the one you’d maybe expect Bradford Cox and his band to take, but then you’d expect the unexpected with Deerhunter wouldn’t you?" Read the whole Organ review with our October 16th issue over here

Want to grab a poster for free? Best get firing an e.mail this way with your name, address and answer to this question. The band’s self-confessed mantra “to achieve harmony in bad taste is the height of elegance” is a Jean Genet quote, true or false? 

CLOSING FATE OCTOBER 31st 2008. Winners names will be posted here. 
interact with Derrhunter via - or

True of course and the winners are:
Saul Williams (Llanfair), Sally (Walthamstow), Captain Deuside (London), Peter Parkes (Dudley), Mandy Lloyd (Chester) 

A last chance to get an original Ditzy Scene
OCT 2008: Missed out on that limited edition CARDIACS Ditzy Scene CD single we put out earlier this year? Seen it going for silly prices on Ebay? Should have been quicker off the mark shouldn’t you, we did shout lots. Hang on though, we just found a couple of spares down the back of the ORG stock shelf. Want one? Best reason why we should send one of them to you gets a one, e.mail in here with your name, address, favourite five bands and reason and watch this space. Closing date October 31st 

The winner is Elizbeth James from Colchester who says "dogs in wonderful manner from heaven, that's what Tim said, and her dog ate her copy and please please please please" 

FEB 2008: We have here a bag load of MONOPOLY OF BRILLIANCE compilation CDs courtesy of the good people at Southern Records. Southern is where you can interact with fine labels like IPECAC, KRANKY, CONSTELLATION, ANTICON and more... 

This 15 track CD album features cutting edge left field post-punk, prog, alt.rock, avant hip-hop and things beyond – 15 tracks from the following fine artistes (many of whom have featured in recent weeks/months here at Organ) : CHROME HOOF, NORTHERN STATE, VIC CHESNUTT, TO KILL A PETTY BOURGEOISIE, ODD NOSDAM, JENNY HOYSTON, QUI, EPSILONS, A WHISPER IN THE NOISE, DEAD RAVEN CHOIR, SANDRO PERRI, TELEPHONE JIM JESUS, KARATE, WEEDEATER and PANTALIEMON... 

Want one? Well all you need to is answer this easy question: Who is the main man (alongside Greg Werckman) behind Ipecac Records?

E.mail your in answer along with your street address and we’ll stick one of these CDs in the post. This offer is only open to people within the UK. First come, first serve, grab them while they’re hot. Don’t you just love your ever-sharing ever-caring big throbbing Organ. 

Find out more about Southern Records via


  WIN*** SODOM Final Sign Of Evil CD albums
SODOM have reworked their legendary 1984 Sign Of Evil EP and extended that small piece of thrash/death metal history in to a new full twelve track album. The album, recorded by the original line up of the band - Tom Angelripper, Grave Violator and Chris Witchhunter - is called The Final Sign Of Evil. The album is released on October 1st on German metal label SPV and the Organ review is below. 

We have three CDs waiting here to be won by you. Just answer this simple question:

Orginal drummer CHRIS WITCHUNTER’s real name is 
A: Dave Witchunter
B: Chris Dudek
C: Chris Cruncher
D: Rip Dudek
or E: Jerzy Dudek

Win your copy of the album by answering the simple question here

Competition is open to UK readers only, don't forget to include your address. Closing date is album release day Monday 1st October 2007

SODOM – The Final Sign Of Evil (SPV) – A whole load of old 1984 songs re-recorded (or recorded properly for the first time) by the original line up of Tom Angelripper, Grave Violator and Chris Witchhunter right here in 2007. You see, the way we try to do it around these parts is to throw on the music that comes in without really looking at who it is or reading the press release and the hype that generally comes in here with a new release. We try to avoid the the pre-conceived ideas and let the music do the talking – so we threw this on and thought, hey this sounds a little dates and raw, sounds like the early days of thrash and death and Hellhammer and Venom, sounds like 1984 – I kind of like the sound (felt kind of pleased with myself when I got around to checking the facts). I guess this is mostly for those who are already fans (and those who don’t snigger too much at those names – well they don’t really use them themselves now, I guess they’re kind of laughing at themselves as well). Sounds raw and dated and kind of nostalgic is a rather positive sense. Thankfully they’re recorded the songs properly, i.e. raw and blistering and authentically ’84 rather that all polished up and over produced. The album features the tracks from their original In The Sign Of Evil EP along with a whole load of other tracks that date from the time and should have been recorded back then – apparently this twelve track album is what The Sign Of Evil should have sounded like.  The German threesome have got it just right when they could quite easily have made a right dogs dinner of things – despite their silly names, they generally do get things right. Sodom fans and old school death metal thrashheads should be more that happy with this rather fine slice of authentic thrashing old school black/death metal – /

  WIN*** HEAVEN & HELL LIVE ALBUMS (competition closed)
Make with the high horns from beyond the sign of the Southern Cross and the darkest rainbow in the night and win yourself one of three copies of the new live HEAVEN & HELL album “RADIO CITY HALL LIVE” that we found here waiting just for you one misty morning before the edge of time gave way to the rising sun for the final time. Heaven And Hell are really the Ronnie James Dio version Black Sabbath, they probably just can’t say that for legal reasons when the truth is Heaven And Hell was one of the finest, if not the finest of all Sabbath albums. This is a live album recorded by the refomed outfit – RONNIE JAMES DIO, TONY IOMMI, GEEZER BUTLER and VINNY APPICE – recorded in 2007. The album is out now on SPV and the band head out on a UK tour in November with support from Iced Earth and Lamb of God, kicking off on Newcastle on November 4th 

To win yourself one of these 15 track double CD live albums just answer this easy easy question: Just what do they say won't fall in that place just south of Witch’s Valley (where you can't trust your shadow in the dark)?  OK, if that's one toooooo tough just tell us who Heaven And Hell really are

Win your copy of this fine live album by answering the simple question here

How easy is that! Come on, life around here is just a carrousel, spinning fast you’ve got to ride it well. Just sendin your answer along with your name and address and we'll pick the winner out of our black wizzards hat. (I once won all the beer I could drink for knowing there was no sun in the shadow of the wizzzzard I'll have you know - disasterous night!)

Competition is open to UK readers only, closing date is Saturday 15th September 2007 

Find out more about the album and tour here at the band's current label SPV

COMPETITION CLOSED - the three winners are: Ian Wyn Jones (Cardiff), Melissa B (Leicester), Garth Ashford (Leytonstone) 

'WIN*** BERNARD SUMNER BIOGRAPHY (competition closed)
BOOK: “BERNARD SUMNER – CONFUSION: JOY DIVISION, ELECTRONIC AND NEW ORDER VERSUS THE WORLD” (David Nolan/IMP Books) - Confusion is story of Bernard Sumner’s life and times - from the streets of Salford and journeys over the River Irwell to international fame and the critical acclaim of Joy Division, Electronic and New Order. For somebody who’s spent so much time in the public eye, Bernard Sumner remains a mysteriously private figure, even his real name had been a bit of a mystery up until now. Jolted in to action by the opening shots of the English punk explosion of 1976, Sumner is the man who stepped into shoes of Ian Curtis after his suicide in 1980 and steered New Order through to even greater success.  He played a big part in the creation of Acid House, the second Summer of Love and The Hacienda nightclub in Manchester. Then there’s his collaborations with The Smiths’ Johnny Marr in Electronic, how can anyone not be curious about the mysterious character and his part in and beyond one of the world’s finest bands. 

 The thing about music biographies, be it official or unofficial, is that they can be very hit and miss affairs – as soon as a band starts to get somewhere someone commissions a book and some uninspired music journo churns it out and pays the rent – hit and miss. David Nolan knows his subject, he clearly has a passion, he’s done the meticulous legwork and the research and amazingly, even though this is an unofficial biography, he managed to get the ever reluctant very private Bernard Sumner’s own input and revelations. Well written and yes, a rather good incite, fascinating actually, this is one of the finer music biographies – recommended.  -

Win your own copy of this rather recommended book by answering this simple question here - Dance Dance Dance to what?

Rules: Competition is open to people from the UK only. Closing date is August 31st 2007 

SEPT 1st: And the winner is Kay Smillie from Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland

'WIN*** FASTWAY TICKETS   (competition closed)
Here’s a tasty slice of hot of the press Motorhistory for yer. FASTWAY, the band originally put together by Fast Eddie Clark along with Topper Heddon of The Clash and UFO’s Pete Way not long after the fast one left Motorhead back in the Iron Fisted days of the 80’s  – you know the history, the man is a legend, legend enough to stand right up there looking seven foot tall, shoulder to shoulder with his partner in crime Sir Lemmy of Kilminster, legend enough to come out with Overkill, Bomber, Ace and more – Fastway have reformed, first gig in something like 20 years, no Dave King now, Toby Jepson (he of Little Angels is fronting things), John McManus on bass – does that mean Crazy Daisy’s House Of Dreams then? Yeap him from cult 80’s Irish metal band Mamas Boys. Steve Strange in on drums – don’t ask us which one, we know of three... We’ll tell you after tomorrow night’s gig.  That’s right, last minute “secret” London warm up show before they play a couple of weekend festivals has just been announced. Fast Eddie will play London’s Islington Academy tomorrow night – that’s Wednesday 6th June. Door price is £6, the band are playing a 45 minute set – no idea who else is playing on the bill (in indeed if anyone else is). This exclusive 45 minute set will see them off to Sweden Rocks on Saturday and Download Festival on Sunday. 

Anyway – Say what you will, want to dance in the heat until a quarter to three? Want some trouble with a capital T? We’ve got two pairs of tickets to give away, aren’t we good to you? Want in? Just answer the question by 1.00pm UK time on Wednesday 6th June and two tickets will be waiting on the door for two sets of lucky people... winners will be contacted at 1.00pm via e.mail (or phone if you feel like leaving us your number) – See.Organkill, only way to feel the noise is when...

The question – oh I hate damn stupid competition questions! here you go: Which band was Fast Eddie in prior to Fastway, clue: the words motor and head could well be involved in the answer... e.mail here




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