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organzine aaaat aol dot com (this gets to all of us).

Please do read the review/radio play policy first!


Things are all very simple.  

EVERYTHING: We listen to everything that physically turns up here - no, we really really do, (and we’ll go back to it all several times, if it doesn’t do anything for us today we’ll give it another go tomorrow, and the next day and… we need a little more than one quick listen on MySpace or Soundcloud to make our minds up if you know what I mean).

THE PROMISE: We only have the time and space, and indeed the inclination, to write about/play/broadcast/review the very best - the things that really do honestly excite us, the things we want to share and shout about - we do listen to everything but we are picky about what we cover. We promise to listen to everything that physically comes in here, but we only promise to cover what we really want to cover. We’ll try and listen to the files you e.mail in but no promise there, physical stuff gets the priority.

SNAIL MAIL:: Priority goes to material that is sent in via the good old snail mail. CDs and such that we can physically handle, pass around, return to, put on repeat here in the Organ studio while we work, to things that we can take to the radio station and play without having to burn it (do you bands know how many CDRs we go through - we're drowning in them!) We’re pretty much listening to new material all day every day, so right now priority goes to material physically sent in rather files via e.mail…

FILES, DOWNLOADS AND SUCH:  Well, what can we say? Our mailboxes are full of links from bands we’ve never heard of, our desktops are cluttered with unopened zip files. We try to get to it all but with the very best will in the world, there’s really not enough time in the day. As for listening to things that are just streamed - you can’t seriously write about someone’s music after just a couple of listens online and office computers can’t be tied up streaming things for hours and hours just to write a review. Asking to go listen to something on MySpace? Sixty-three other bands already did that before you today… we’ll try, but…

YOUR CHOICE: Our policy is to NOT request material, we leave it ALL up to you, if you think you have something that we should be covering or playing, then please feel free to snail-mail it in. You know where are and hopefully you’ve already checked out what we do and what kind of thing we cover. We promise to explore everything that physically comes in here via snail mail, everything is checked out properly. We do make an attempt with all online files and things, but hey, if you realistically want proper attention and you want your art to be listened to and explored properly then by far the best way is to stick it in an old school jiffy bag, stick a stamp on the front and post it in the snail mail – surely your music is worth a stamp and a walk to the post box?

Team Organ

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