Thing of the Day

Welcome back my friend, to the show that never ends

November 24th 2010 glad you could attend, come inside, come inside

Thing Of The Day? What's that then? Where have we been anyway? Who was that band we had playing live in the graveyard? Enough with the questions already, we're here now aren't we? Twenty three years and counting We're here, here and now, we're here with more floating anarchy, the journey has not finished yet so don't be worrying about where we've been for the last couple of months, on the run from the gentrification police, fighting the farce that is British Telecom and getting out of a place that has suddenly been swamped by that tediously self-appointed cloud of annoyance that is the middle class mummy-funded art yuppies - gentrification kills creativity. We made it over here, right up the river past the point of no return and almost to the Burning Candy encrusted Wick. We'd like to apologise for that brief interruption in service from your ever evolving, ever throbbing, ever shark-kissing Organ, it was frustrating, we hope you missed us. We're back now, the mission goes on. We've got a new format (yes, yet another new format, all about the now).

  There's even more good music, good art, good words and inspiring creativity than ever out there to get excited about, more reason that there has ever been to get excited, to be writing Organ, to be contacting and switching the other

The Organ adventure goes on. We got fresh creativity, we got music that 'they' still don't seem to want to tell you about, there's fresh art that's exciting us, creativity is still switching the other down here in the undergrowth and we're pleased to say we're still alive in all the squalor, the glorious filth still abounds in every corner, demo discs all over the floor, things going off and things, a thing for every day...  a Thing Of The Day...

A Thing Of The Day everyday (and if we're caught this far up the river they'll deny it was any kind of officially sanctioned mission, they'll deny all knowledge, we're on our own up this river, almost to the Wick - or is it just a canal?)... giant Stik figures lurking up in the sky on the tower, Roa rabbit on the side of the wall over there... We escaped the gentrification, the flat art of the West, the boutique flea-markets, we've survived a chaotic transit van driven by a bitter and twisted guitarist from several not very happening bands -

-'it was the others maaan, they're not committed, band members are never committed, I'm a serious musician, all they want to do is take drugs and party, I hate driving my van, I don't really want to be doing this, did something smash just then?'

So then we battled the chaos of British Telecom - new Silicon Valley, Mr Cameron? Can someone tell B.T? New Organ, new format, new things, we've always been about new things, we're here getting excited about new things just like we always have done. Organ is about fresh cross-pollination, about wanting to share the things that have come our way ever since that very first handmade hand-painted messy paper edition Organ fanzine was birthed (via erratic typewriters, fractured photocopiers and the back of a 1950's ex-army ambulance outside a Hawkwind gig) back in December 1986. There's a whole load of history over there should you feel the need to know. We're not really here for history, though Organ has existed in print formats, in various on-line shapes for longer than most so-called 'alternative' 'underground' publications, 'zines' or websites out there. Organ has always been about the new things and we'll start the next chapter tomorrow, a whole set of new things, one thing every day.  A Thing Of The Day, once a day, everyday.