Thing of the Day


November 26th 2010

CHRIS BROKAW & GEOFF FARINA have a new album out tomorrow (on UK independent label  Damnably). The Boarder's Door is a Chris Brokaw and Geoff Farinawonderfully unassuming exquisite experience, and really, if you haven't been paying attention to the recent activities of Brokaw and Farina, not what you'd expect from the two... Who are they? Chris Brokaw was a founder member of Sub Pop band Codeine, the band that pretty much kicked off that whole slowcore thing back in the late 80's and early 90’s; he left Codeine to form the equally acclaimed Come alongside Thalia Zedek, he now drums in The New Year and plays guitar for people like Thurston Moore, Evan Dando and a whole hosts of alternative big names. Most recently he's been playing in Martha's Vineyard Ferries with Shellac's Bob Weston. Apparently he's even drummed for GG Allin along the way.

Meanwhile Geoff Farina is best known for his twelve years with Karate, his distinctive voice and guitar playing can also be heard on a number of well received solo albums and as one half of seminal early 90s duo Secret Stars. These days Farina is fronting Glorytellers and making unexpected albums like this with his friend Chris Brokaw.

Two people with a lot of alternative cred and a some cutting edge names on their CVs, then, and if you knew some of that already and had an idea who they were then you probably weren't expecting this album of delicately beautiful folk-flavoured acousticness and almost whimsical wordery. This is a rather quiet delicate and really rather impressive eleven track album. Simple clean cut songs, leaves, pages, words as refreshment, simple, clean cut, life is easy really, uncomplicated clutter-free songs, words, tunes, acoustic guitars and voices. Simple things, yellow cotton, warm weather, sprints from school. Just a beautifully simple album..

The launch party for the album is in London, at The Luminaire, on Nov 27th, they then set off on a UK tour, go explore their websites or more details: