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NOVEMBER 30th 2010

    skystikWho is Stik? You’ve seen the figures - well if you spend any amount of time around London then you’ve seen them. I don’t know if he ever ventures out of the capital city, I never do these days - are there Stik figures out there?

There’s a big one high on an old tower right out front of the Organ bunker here in Hackney, another appeared behind the local Iceland supermarket the other day. Love the perplexed figure above the video shop down the road…

Overheard two pram-pushing shoppers discussing the figures the other day “I keep seeing them, there’s one down by Bethnal Green station, who does them? Wonder why they’re there? What do they mean…?”  
Big figures, some of them ten foot high, on shop shutters, on sides of buildings, and they look so simple, alive with so much expression though, less is so much more with these very much alive Stik figures, so much life in so few lines, so much character…   

…and STIK is part of a show at the LAVA GALLERY opening this coming Saturday 4th December, here’s what the Lava people say about it…  
Lava gallery
“Hello everyone, We're excited to announce the opening of LAVA Gallery. After a year spent staging pop up events in temporary locations, we're happy to have somewhere we can call our own. Following the success of the Ashes 57 show in October, we decided that Kingly Court would be a good place for us to open our first permanent art space. We'll be selling originals and prints from our international network of artists. We’ll also be using the gallery as a base from which to to co-ordinate a new series of pop up shows in vacant shops throughout the Soho area.

Stealth stik

        The grand opening of LAVA Gallery is on Saturday 4th December. Barefoot Wine have kindly offered to sponsor the occasion, so stop by anytime from 2pm onwards to enjoy a glass or two with us. Our opening show will feature artwork by; Ashes 57, Bruno 9li, Jo Peel, Stik, Neck Face, Swoon, Vhils, Cleon Peterson and Kill Pixie”.
The LAVA Gallery can be found in Kingly Court, Carnaby Street, London. The grand opening in on Saturday 4th December at 2pm and then the gallerystik west is open daily from 11am-7pm. Sunday: 12pm-6pm

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