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December 1st 2010 

No messing today, straight in there with our old mates ‘atebreed. No messing indeed, thisHatebreed is no messing brutal aggression and pretty much bleeding the way we demand the swearathon crossover hardcore of Hatebreed to bleed. Foul-mouthed new single called Everyone Bleeds Now and a track lifted from the recent no messing self titled Hatebreed album (on Roadrunner Records). 

A new single with a not unreasonable demand that everyone f***ing bleeds right now - and the way they put it suggests they’re not actually looking for a debate on the subject. Deliciously destructive killing power which will clearly all end in blood, Everyone Bleeds Now is a single that pretty much sounds like everything the US crew have ever released over the last decade or so. Who’d want it any other way with Hatebreed? Acoustic folk albums are not what we want,  just Hatebreed doing more of the same damn thing they’ve been doing so damn well for so many no messing years now… No let down here, no hint of a let up, no whiff of a sell out, a compromise or an artistic shift of focus here, just straight down the line no messing brutal hardcore metal confrontation and blood boiling riff heavy violence from a band sounding meaner, leaner and more up for it all than ever… No messing today.

And Hatebreed kick off a whole bag load of UK dates on December 6th at the Fleece in Bristol, a tour that takes all over England and a little bit of Scotland (well Glasgow) and ending up at the Garage in London on the 16th. Rise To Remain are the support band. Full dates and video can be found here -
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We like Hatebreed, good peoples, followed us around with video cameras once as we sold zines on the pavements of London town, wanted film of the “English brothers and sisters who are really out there keeping it really real” or something like that, or so they said…