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Sturdy Wind-Up Birds

December 4th 2010 

Today is our birthday... Organ is twenty four today, twenty four years ago this very day the first ever issue of Organ fanzine was spray painted and went on sale… A one off ‘zine just for the creative hell of it or so we thought. We won’t dwell on the day today, perhaps next year? Today we shall just get on with the kissing of big ugly sharks, the spreading of filth, the contacting and the switching of the other (while the sound of Webcore drives forward from the Organ bunker) and in the spirit of the ever evolving Organ, for courage and for tomorrow, for tomorrow will be good as well, here are some thing(s) of the day…Next year we’ll have a party…maybe?

Wind-up birdsSINGLE: THE WIND-UP BIRDS – Courage, For Tomorrow Will Be Worse (Sturdy) – A new four track EP from the ever spiky, ever feisty, gloriously cantankerous Wind-Up Birds. Last time we wrote about how “these are vacuous times and scathing satirical bite is what we need to transcend the mundane flow of the match via the barstool and a pint of chemical froth and notions of meathead Engerland and think Our Friends In The North, think the bite of Mark E Smith and Morrissey and the contradiction that that thinking throws up… brilliant” – I suspect they liked our words about their words, they put that quote at the top of their press release (along with some equally positive quotes from our friends at places like Subba-cultcha, Unpeeled and such)… Seems their last single caused a bit of a fuss… and here they are again, equally as spiky and sounding as good second time around as they lay into town planning, into Tesco megastores killing town centres and Courage, For Tomorrow will be Worseindependent record shops with the supermarket selection of blandest lowest common denominator... I guess the public get what the public want and our towns are dying and the call centres are hell and targets and slogans and despite deceptive appearances we weren’t fooled by your slum clearances.. Or were we? Northern accents, Half Man Half Biscuit, Wedding Present, The Fall, it was a dodgy transformer. 21st century consumerism, northern town life, and the forgotten souls who get left behind, A very northern Carter USM and once again things to say. Now if only there was a good town centre record shop left to go buy this from…

Courage is out on Sturdy Records on December 6th – or or /  

Also out now on Sturdy Records now, is a rather refined slice of energy in the shape of a two tracker from The Sequins

SINGLE: THE SEQUINS – Man Alive/On The Streets Of Japan - a classic double a-side single that you could quite happily stick on repeat like you once did with those classic seven inchers. The Sequins have a rich indie pop feel, a touch of Roxy Music, a hint of a more innocent, less “look-at-us-aren’t-we-cool” Ultrasound. The pop feel of early Pulp, a touch of Sparks or Family’s Roger Chapman in those ‘stop-motion’ vocals that work so well with that busy guitar to create a near-religious fervour. They have some fine kind of harmonised energy going on, they have lots of good things going. Galloping indie pop, silky smooth, full bodied, easy on the ear and such is life they said, man alive, not dead, a slightly glammy wistfulness, the flow of Magazine, Orange Juice, maybe even a touch of Queen (or Scaramanga Six?) Good good, all good, all sturdy –…    

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