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December 8th 2010 

Now you all know how we feel about Cardiacs and especially their leader of the starry skies. They’ve been our fuel for many a year, we’ve released their records, put on their gigs, shared their vans, their treasures, their heartaches, their frustrations and most privileged of all their endless creativity. As you probably know, our beautiful friend Tim Smith had a rather severe stroke and heart attack one night in 2008 and has been in a very bad way ever since. The man has been in hospital ever since and well, we think the information about this album pretty much speaks for itself.  Lots of friends, bands, musical creators who owe rather a lot to Tim Smith’s unique creativity, his musical inspiration, have come together to record their own versions of Cardiacs songs as not only a tribute but as a fund raiser for the great man. We’re told all profits made from this album go to Tim Smith and help towards the costs of getting him out of hospital and home… You can buy the album via Genepool, here are the details from the website, we really don’t need to say too much more do we? We haven’t heard the album yet, but you can’t go wrong with these special songs - and if you've never heard (or maybe even heard of) Cardiacs rest assured that the songwriting and compositions of Tim Smith will move you no matter who performs them.

Tim Smith Tribute album

Here’s the information:

Leader Of The Starry Skies - A Tribute To Tim Smith. Songbook 1

1 Savour - William D Drake And His So Called Friends
2 Big Ship - Ultrasound
3 Fear - Oceansize
4 Let Alone My Plastic Doll - Mark Cawthra
5 Day Is Gone - The Trudy
6 Founding - Stars In Battledress
7 Will Bleed Amen (Feat: Sarah Measures) - Max Tundra
8 Shaping The River - Julianne Regan
9 The Stench Of Honey - Knifeworld
10 A Little Man And A House - The Magic Numbers
11 Is This The Life - mikrokosmos
12 March - North Sea Radio Orchestra
13 Lilywhite's Party (Feat: Andy Partridge) - Robert White
14 Wind And Rains Is Cold - Rose Kemp Vs Rarg
15 Up In Annie's Room - Katherine Blake
16 Stoneage Dinosaurs - Steven Wilson
17 Home Of Fadeless Splendour - The Scaramanga Six

This is not just a tribute album. It is an endeavour borne of love.

TimTim Smith composer, principal songwriter, lead singer and guitarist of Cardiacs and numerous other seminal music projects suffered a severe stroke in 2008. The artists on this record have come together to celebrate Tim's unique music, to further it's dominion and importantly, to raise funds for Tim, who is at present unable to do many of the things we all take for granted.

Everyone involved in the making of this album has generously given their time and creativity freely, a testament to the love we all share for Tim.

All profits from the sale of this record will go directly to Tim Smith.

Thank you. Please spread the word.

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