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Word from the FOOT VILLAGE has reached us...

December 10th 2010 

Foot VillageHello Villagers!
The cassette label Crash Symbols is reissuing our first album, 'World
Fantasy'. The first time this album has been made available on
cassette, it was originally released as a 10" on Not Not Fun. The
cassette reissue has a few bonus tracks including a cassette version of "Lovers With Iraqis" and a remix of "Energy Hunters" by Unicorn
Hard-on. It also comes with a digital download of the album.Foot Village anti magic

Info, paypal, and a free download of the non-bonus tracks can be found here

Foot Village

...and here's a previous Organ review:

13th Sept '09: ALBUM REVIEW: FOOT VILLAGE – Anti-Magic (Upset The Rhythm) - They explain that they’re “an acoustic hardcore band who make thunderous drum ‘n shout music” and that’s kind of right only they’re nowhere near as mellow as that would have you think, nothing anywhere as peaceful as mere drum ‘n shout might suggest.... Members of Gang Wizard, Friends Forever and the “infamous” International Voice Of Reason, with some kind of Foot Village anti Magictelling screaming drumming tribal new wave who knows what – brilliant, addictively brilliant, as addictive as lots of people drumming and yelling and screaming could possible be... no really. They’re from Los Angeles, they build walls of aggressive carnal noise with just drums and voices. They write love songs in a secret language, they are human, they are animal, cold blood reptiles. The Foot Village nation’s first war, their third album and a “collection of drum essays embracing the physical and rejecting the imaginary”. They insist these aren’t jams, these are very structured, worked out pieces, they’re “anti-jam” so they say... Well that’s what they say. Brutal male and female voices, yelling, screaming, cathartic... brilliant actually  - or

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