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December 11th 2010 

Proletariat PunchSINGLE: PROLETARIAT PUNCH – The Opposable Thumb (Recluse) – Out on a very good looking homemade 3” CD thing via St. Louis (Missouri) label Recluse. Two classic slices of authentic sounding very English anarcho punk commitment, one side blasting along at ranting ramming smash-the-system speed, the other dubbed out and throwing questions along with some healthy remembrance of Wally Hope… Classic anarcho punk in the wholesome manner of all yer family favourites – all yer Subhumans, Anthrax (UK), Electro Hippies, Conflict and such… The doomsday clock is ticking and it’s just a game of chess to the bastards in control… The authentic sound of good old British poll tax- smashing, inner city anarcho old-school squat punk sent to us here in our Hackney bunker direct from St.Louis - it really is a punk rock global village and not a soaped stamp in sight… Love the single, we’ve all probably heard it a thousand times before, love it though, you can’t fake this sentiment, this energy or commitment, wouldn’t want it any other way – surely there’s always space for a band or two like this?

I must confess we know nothing about Proletariat Punch, and they’ve done a rather good job of covering their tracks as far as the internet is concerned, besides a few on-line shops selling the single there’s really nothing. Even the record company’s website is down (strange, they seem to regularly write us actual paper letters, maybe this is coming through a time hole? Wish I hadn’t recycled the envelope and sent it back out already, should have checked the post mark, thanks for sending the packages Amy!) . Says the two track were recorded in 2010, could really come from any time over the last thirty years of badly photocopied DIY soaped-stamp anarcho punk, they sound English, the lyrics suggest they are, wherever they’re from, love it.  

Also in one of Amy’s packages…

ALBUM: THE FRANKENHOOKERS – Poseurs – Sixth album since 2005, Poseurs was recorded in what sounds like five blister days over a year, they suggest “we suck!” for taking so long. Seems it took them a year “to manage the cash flow required for a professional studio”. We have a “promotional CDr” here, the blurb on the photocopies cover suggests that the album may only be out on cassette, I might be totally wrong there, says you can buy the cassette version for $3. And as with Proletariat Punch, on-line information about The Frankenhookers (beyond their 2005 debut album) is not at a premium. I kind of like all this, no internet blurb, no facespacetwitterhype, just more raging old school DIY punk rock. This is more raw insanity and blistering shoutery, this time it comes laced with a thrash flavoured psycho-splatter undercurrent, with lots of cussing, with some yelling and a healthy self-abusing set of tongues in their collective cheeks. Raw blistering punk rock with a smile, some bubblegum, some video games, some cannibalism and a touch of GG Allin in there with a puff adder’s bite, a worm’s eye view of a salad bar and a whole bag load of demonoid mania. Some of us around here love this, others are demanding I turn that damn noise off now… All a matter of taste

Write to Amy and find out more via Recluse Records, 3957 Park Ave., St. Louis, MO 63110, USA or e.mail info at utopiastl dot com
The website is at www.recluserecords.com  

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