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December 12th 2010 

...that have been lying around with their jagged edges threatening to cut our feet.

Alunah Call of AvernusALUNAH – Call Of Avernus (Catacomb) – Hard-edged superfuzzed riffed-up psychedelic stoner rock. Find it all there waiting, not a cloud in the sky, with plenty or warning, a Sabbath riff walks by (followed by another and another…), this is a good good thing, you can never have too many Sabbath style riffs walking by when a band does it this well. Stoner rock bands are ten a penny these day, more of them than passing wizards, most of them decent enough without ever moving anything that much that hasn’t been moved already/ Alunah have an extra something that has them standing out a little from the doomy stoner crowd of Sabbath riff pilots, of St. Vitus dancers and Orange Goblin botherers. Laced with Paganish psychedelicish occultish lyrics, with sacrificial morning dances for Dionysus, with Laguna sunrises, scarlet women, wings of snow, she can fly over mountains – for it is a ‘she’ delivering those riffs, as one of the two guitarists, as well as leading things with her powerfully confident vocal lines - She is Sophie Willet and she fronts a twin guitar driven four piece who throw out some classic retro flavoured hard rock. Hard rock that comes drenched in stoner riffs, with just the right amount of metal rumble, with the all important galloping tunes and the all round great big bites of the kind of thing that make birds fall out of the sky…yep, they push all those stoner rock buttons just right, righteously so, and with a little bit of extra…
Call of Avernus came out on December 6th on Catacomb Records

SUBVERSION – Lest We Forget (S.O.R) – Debut album from the six-piece South East of England technical metal crew. Lest We Forget is atmospheric technical metal laced with brutal outbursts of raging cram-in-as-many-notes-as-possible while growly ‘singing’ man growls away like he’s been feasting on broken bottles style thrashy metal – they got the scatter gun technical metal drums, the stabby riffs, the look at our technique… and then there’s the melodic bit where the other shouty-singy man actually ‘sings properly’ and bits of symphonic keyboards rise from the dust and the fog… You know the score, you’ve heard it all before; brutal technical metal, atmospheric synths, contrasting vocal styles, no real sense of space, none of the notion of less might actually be so much more as they squash in as many notes, riffs and relentless drum pounding bits in as they can… They may not be that much in terms of depth or creative thought here, they may just be churning out yet more extreme thrash brutal technical metal laced with atmospheric synths, you may want screaming ripped throat man to shut the flip up by the time he starts screaming again fifteen seconds in to track four, but hey, there’s no denying Subversion do their chosen thing extremely well and, if your head is in the right place then there’s some damn fine (if rather obvious) brutal technical metal here. There’s also a sign or two in this well produced, well packaged, gook looking debut album that Subversion could well develop what they have into something a little more challenging and a little less obvious sometime soon. One for followers of brutally well played technical metal only at the moment, the rest of us should sit on the fence and see what develops. 
Least We Forget is out on Subversion Official Records on February 7th

CONDEMNED – A Dying Art (Underground Movement/Rundown) – Four piece band with Belfast, a burbling growling frothing grindcore flavoured death metal that kind of goes to all the places a million growling frothing grindcore death metal bands have already been. They do add a healthy touch of Dillinger Escape Plan to their Cannibal Corpse adventure, and this is a more than decent, well produced debut album. The cover art is awfully clichéd, as are most of their riffs, moves and vocal noises, but hey, they got a little something extra there.
www.myspace.com/condemneduk or www.condemned-uk.com or www.rundownrecords.co.uk or www.underground-movement.net

ZOMBIFIED – Outbreak EP (GrindScene) – Debut EP from a Belfast five piece who are happy to call themselves an old school death metal band. You’re not going to find anything here you haven’t heard before – scattergun drums, thrashing riffs, all the usual things – the deep in the depth of his big black boots growling-rumbles that pass for vocals... who know what frontman Pete Clark is on about: zombies? The price of daffodil bulbs? Putrid gorification and what Cannibal Corpse are having for their tea tonight? 

Whatever he’s growling and zombie-yelling about, this is actually a half decent five track set of first shots. Nothing that gets us raving or drooling and I’m nor sure how intentional the comedy angle is, but hey, Northern Irish news announcements about zombies taking over North America aren’t meant to be taken too seriously are they? A positive shitstorm of riffs and blastbeats that you’ve heard a thousand times before, deathing away in traditional style, zombified indeed - a vicious assault of zombified things you’ve heard a thousand times before. Not that original, not challenging anything much, do kind of like them and it though, there’s something wholesomely good about a well played raw and spattered mess of regurgitated re-fried zombiefied bluuuurgggghhhhh and glurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgghhhhh fuelled grinding death metal same old same old… and this is damn good same old zombified death metal regurgitation wrapped in regulation issue bad (bad) artwork.
Out now. www.grindscene.co.uk or www.myspace.com/zombifieduk    

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