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December 13th 2010 


ALBUM: THE TLEILAXU MUSIC MACHINE – Diamond Eyed Coyote (download)

So we got an electronic communication from someone living in a car in LA, it read something like this…

"Heya!  I wanted to share my new release "Diamond Eyed Coyote" with
you.  I've seen you post stuff about Captain Ahab (who I've done shows with in LA) and Foot Village (I contributed programming for a track on the cassette version of anti-magic) so I thought you might be interested in listening to something else coming from the LA scene, in which I perform consistently.
     Anyway... the album is available for free / you name the price - download @ & FYI it's all wacko electronic sorta rock n roll vibe DIY dancefloor type ish. If you reeeeeally want I'll mail a CDr out, but I'm emailing you the link first since I'm a poor homeless motherf*cker (I actually do live in my car and am incredibly broke). Feel free to post, play or not post or play anything from the album. Hope you enjoy!!"

Tleilexu music machineWell now, let’s go hit the link and see: any associate of the good Captain and the inhabitants of that place called Foot Village has got to be worth an ear or two. Let’s fire it up and see what bangs… 

...And you know what, that is exactly what you’d expected the banging electronic sounds made by some self-confessed wacko DIY noise maker who lives in a car to sound like. I imagine it to be some great big wreck of a car, overly big and square and rusting and bouncing on springs and from somewhere around 1974, far too big to fit on any reasonably sized road, one of those one time pimp-mobile Cadillac things – maaaaaan, you could bring up a whole family in one of those things and still have room left in the front seat to make this kind of banging electronic repetitive goodness. Everybody’s got something going on and while this isn’t as epic as Captain Ahab or as deranged as the unique drum ‘n shout of Foot Village it somewhere near that creative spirit and indeed a more than healthy kind of jihad against the machines – thou shall not make a machine that copies the human mind. Does the human mind bang and bleep like this? Primitive techno, sounds (ahem) more Ixian than Tleixaxu, more into their machines than their mechanical genetic engineering. Lo-fi arcane arcade machine techno electro that’s never quite that obvious either in terms of the texture, sound or the destination. And when you venture deeper into the body of the album and you start to think you know what things here are about, just when you think you have it kind of worked out and compartmentalized it goes out there in a whole other ‘wacko’ electronic direction. We like it, we like it lots, we like out electronic music to come with this flowing sense of experimental free spirit, you would'nt make electronic music like this if you lived in an piddling little English car…  

    Anyway... the album is available for free / you name the price download @  - don’t be a tightwad now, he’s a homeless motherflipper…

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