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December 16th 2010 

LONDONGIGS.NET and a whole lot of DOUBLEDGE SCISSORS and things…

Two of our finest allies of 2010 with their combination of scissors, gig guides, situationist occurances and the finest cup cakes in London (as well as some fine record releases). Two of our favourite allies, and they’ve been doing things together this month, contacting and switch the other themselves as it were. We like it when the underground networks knit together. There’s always an ever evolving ever regenerating network of do-ers, creators, communicators and such keeping the underground wires busy, the playgrounds active and the creativity flowing. Yesterday’s Tortoise Liberation Fronts and Sonic Relief do-ers are today’s Doubledge Scissor crew or LondonGigs team..

doubleedgedscissorDOUBLEDGE SCISSOR have been running a rather fine download / free slices of hardcopy CDs-type record label. It’s been throwing out all kinds of stimulating things, lots of which you just might have read about via the pages of Organ or indeed heard on our radio show - Low Tremon, PsychicEyeClix and such. They’re busy putting on gigs with bills that are always worth checking out, bands like Gum Takes Tooth, Nought, Plague Riot In Moscow playing events that are always worth going along to even if you don’t know the bands  These people have a touch of good taste and a standard you can trust; if a band is on one of their bills then go be curious. The Doubledge team have a great blog that doesn’t shy away from telling how things are, a neat little corner of the web that’s part of the healthy antidote to tedious corporate wannabe soul-sucking music portals like... oh, you know.  And hey, we suspect the Doubledge crew just may know something about all those scissors painted around town, although they claim not to know a thing: street art? Scissors? Us? No officer, it was that Gordon Banksy bloke from Stoke… and if all that isn’t enough they have their own musical project in the shape of one of London finest bands right now, a band  called Cutthroat Convention – a band who’ve been playing some of the very best gigs to be at this year, ask anyone who witnessed that performance they put on at our Leaves, Friends, Shapes art show this summer at the Dissenters Chapel in Kensal Green (go search You Tube, people have been talking about it ever sincd). Cutthroat Convention are one of those genuinely rare heavy avant bands who really don’t sound like anyone else, who really are going out to challenge themselves. Lots of positive moving and shaking happening in the creative outsider hinterlands of Doubledge Scissor and Cutthroat Convention…

Flyer cutthroat londongigsAnd meanwhile LONDONGIGS.NET is a vital piece of website goodness put together as a labour of love because someone really needed to… A no-messing London gig guide with none of your corporate nonsense. A gig listing site delightfully free of that we’re-cooler-than-you and we’re not listing your band attitude that pollutes London so much. Just straight in there with the facts – the bands, the place, the links and a brief open-minded description that has everything you need to know, and gives you all you need to go hitting the links to find out more if you don’t already know who said bands are. A site that thankfully is not clogged up with the mega stadium dross, the X factor toss and the tribute band u-bend blockage that clutters up places like Time Out. 

So many gig guides seem to operate on the principle that the readers, bands and the promoters input the information themselves, thus no quality control, no trust in the info because no one’s checked it, and all sorts of pub rock DJ karaoke getting through the door so you can’t see the wood for the trees. We desperately needed a decent gig guide like this in London and we all need to thank the LondonGigs team for doing all this fine websurfing legwork for us . LondonGigs is a cut to the chase, no-clutter piece of vital capital city web networking for anyone who wants to know who’s playing where in terms of anything near alternative metal punk indie guitar rock prog new wave indie-pop electro alt.folk goth noir (and any combinations thereof). You probably won’t find the Take That gig listed, you probably will find who’s at the Bull &Gate tonight (as long as it isn’t some battle of the band tribute band clutter). You’ll find the line up, the links to the bands and the venue, a brief description of some of the gigs, and wallop, sorted, off you go and work out where you’re going to go tonight (if you live in London that is – actually I have heard that the guide is being used to check out bands by people from all over the world).  
All you promoters, bands, venues and such should be going out of your way to support the LondonGigs team and their labours of musical love - go get them linked from your site, they’re supporting you after all. Sites like this should not be taken for granted, they don’t just happen, someone takes a lot of time and puts in a lot of effort… Oh, and you’ll fine a few invited zines, websites and such adding recommendations as well…
HEY LOOK, JUST A DAMN FINE LONDON GIG GUIDE! Go use it, go feed it, go thank it….

And why are we telling you of this Doubledge LondonGig Scissor today?  Because the do-it -yourself creative forces that are Doubledge Scissor and LondonGigs have come together to put out a free compilation album and a launch gig…


A ten track CD album that’s available as a free download or at one of their gigs…

The Line up…

1: CUTTHROAT CONVENTION – Grab The Scissorman
2: EFEMER – Memories
3: IVY’S ITCH – What Joy Comes
4: PLAGUE RIOT IN MOSCOW – Babies And Crystal Meth Don’t Get Along
6: PAGAN HOLIDAY – Angels Of Anarchy
8: BITCHES – Vampire
9: WOUNDS – Dead Dead F**king Dead
10: FRENCH FOR CARTRIDGE – A Hundred And One

Londongigs Doubledgescissor x-consume)mas CDFive tracks picked by each of the two parties (if we have our facts right).Ten tracks from ten bands, all packaged up in Doubledge artwork. A healthy mix of the avant rock of Cutthroat Convention or the more delicate equally avant slant of the excellent French For Cartridge, the hardcore punk energy of Wounds, the brutal noise of Plague Riots, the strange glitchy filmoid electronica of PsychicEyeClix, the gloriously raw and witchy eight minutes of feminine ritualistic tribal campfire anarchy that is the Pagan Holiday track. You’ve got Efemer’s dark noir flavoured reflection, the rather scathing metallic flavoured sounds of Ivy’s Itch (changed rather a lot since we last heard them). Organ radio show favourites Bitches are on here, not their best track but still blistering (and do they really know where we live? Will they really eat our blood? They sound menacing enough to sound like they’re addressing the listener direct).

   Love this Wounds track, love the whole thing….As for Chip For The Poor, just what is going on this time? Danny Baker, buffalo girls and a mad sounding man who makes no sense and there’s something wrong with the coat from Top Shop, maybe its out of date? He makes perfect sense, feed him cheesecake and don’t shake hands with no English man... they are the best band around London right now aren’t they?
        And yeah yeah, I know what yer cynically thinking as you munch your crisps and read this, those Organs are just bigging up their mates here…. No no no! Friends giving you their CD are the worst type of friends, if it isn’t any good you’ve got to avoid them for ages and hope they forget you didn’t cover it.  No no, we’re not going to tell you something is good if it isn’t, we have a hard earned reputation to keep here, we have standards, we’re picky about what we “big up”. Take our word on this one, this is a genuinely good compilation, a fine way to dip your big toe and swim in some of the bands we talk about here at Organ, or that are exciting the LondonGigs team or that the Doubledge Scissor crew spray walls about… Go get a copy, go get involved, you can download it for free via the Doubledge site or pick it up for nothing at a Doubledge gig, what you got to lose? Well what have you got to lose?


And look! There’s a lunch gig here in London on December 18th at Ryan’s Bar, Stoke Newington. You’ve got four bands playing in the shape of CUTTHROAT CONVENTION, CHIPS FOR THE POOR, IVY’S ITCH and BITCHES, it’ll only cost you three quid to get in (if you really can’t afford that they’ll probably let you in), I expect there might be cupcakes and there will certainly be those compilation CDs to grab, oh and some DJ called Sean O feeding your ears in between bands… could you wish for anything more?     

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