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December 18th 2010 

Yuval Shaul at 3Back in November the Organ visited the 3 exhibition, at LondonNewcastle Project space in Redchurch Street. Pure Evil London and the Lebenson Gallery in Paris joined forces, gathering three pieces each from twenty or so artists from all over the world - 'no wordy intellectual press release, just 3'. Refreshing concept, quality work.

One of the standout pieces was by Yuval Shaul. That evocative, atmospheric print of the battleship with the giant antlers - one of those images that you understand instantly and then understand a bit more when it comes back to you at random moments, maybe when watching the news or seeing a couple of strangers squaring off in the street. The print seems to be from the accompanying video installation - grainy black and white World War 2 footage of battleships maneuovering at sea, crowned seamlessly with huge antlers.

Does it poke fun at the posturings of male aggression, or expose the animal urges behind the fight for territory?  Or just remind us that weapons look very, very good?

Yuval Shaul is an Israeli artist working out of Tel Aviv. His art circles around themes of large-scale aggression and domination: war and war imagery, animal and human battle, the urge to hunt, greed, fantasies of male power. Not so much about the violence itself, but its alluring infrastructure.  He makes warships out of fur, and now, delicate porcelain. 

I think the images speak for themselves. More words and visuals here:

The 3 exhibition will be open at the LondonNewcastle gallery until Dec 31st - here's the Organ coverage of the 3 opening night.

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