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Flesh Eating Foundation: 'If it ain't broke..."

December 20th 2010

FLESH EATING FOUNDATION – Dead Shall Rise (Rebco) – From the Midlands (of England) come Flesh Eating Foundation with more of their self-styled electro punk. This aggressive crew have a new album out as either a free download or as a hand packaged piece of art with “genuine graveyard detritus and artwork photos” – or so it says here (on this press release that came with the promo copy that has no graveyard detritus or anything besides a nice professional looking clean-cut slip wallet)  Hope they haven’t been robbing graves or anything too naughty while they’re busy eating flesh and what have you…

Flesh Eating Foundation limited edition   The Flesh Eating Foundation rule seems to be, “if it ain’t broke then break it”. They’re not really breaking things, though, they’re making some kind of industrial electro goth noise with things, a stew of aggressive bleeps and pulses, of crashes and arcing machine sparks that weave around the bleak bitter dark vocals and the all gone wrong disappointments of life… Gloomy industrial goth with a welcome sense of tuneful melody and not a million miles away from our old friends Global Noise Attack. Some of it is very very (very) gloomy, some of it bleeps along in a more aggressively positive kind of manner – a positive manner even if he is singing about not knowing why he’s still here.

  They declare that “those looking for inspiration and enlightenment should look elsewhere…”, I don’t know about that, there is a rather healthy positiveness in their bleak outlook and their distorted digitalness.. Sure, it may be home-made, broken-machine-driven music made on dying computers by gloomy people who sound like cynical life is getting to them. But it sounds like it might be a good thing they’re making music or they’d probably be sitting in some very dark corner in a soup of serious depression, but hey…. And hang on a moment, this bit right now, this is a rather uplifting instrumental passage, sounding quite like a melodically industrial flavoured Jean-Michel Jarre or a slightly heavier Tangerine Dream. And when those vocals do kick in then anger is very much an energy - gloomy and doomy yes, but this is alive and kicking up a storm of positive black noise. 

  Flesh Eating Foundation have their chosen machine-driven industrial goth sound rather together. Home made and lo-fi does not mean bad quality or some kind of cheapskate operation; the Foundation have their collective shit and their driving sound very much together. And yes, you might just find it to be some kind of positive inspiration despite what they say – well, if you want to positively stew in a black machine-driven pot of negative darkness and flesh eating all gone wrong graveyard detritus waiting for the slow death of decency, then very positive indeed… Anyone want to come pick some flowers?

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