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Burying a Ghost on Boxing Day...

December 26th 2010

To Bury A GhostTO BURY A GHOST – The Hurt Process (self-release) Debut five track EP, their first recording proper and more impressive developments from East Midlands band To Bury A Ghost. A less bombastic Muse; Muse at a more refined, less baroque Radiohead pace – that rather lazy comparison does no justice to this new set of recordings, but may give you a more that decent idea of where we are with To Bury A Ghost, and while there are hundreds of bands trying their best to be a bit like Muse or Radiohead and coming out like a poor imitation of a combination of the two, this band and their latest recording a more than good enough to pull it off. Yes indeed, they’ve been threatening with their demos and early moves and with this debut ‘proper’ To Bury A Ghost have more than enough dark atmospheric class to pull their chosen thing off in a more than acceptable way. 

They have a brooding sense of atmospheric drama; their ambitious indie guitar rock is laced with finely-voiced slow burning atmosphere, a confident knowing, a belief in their own sound and where they’re going with it. There’s an impressive attention to detail that means any references to a sound that is a refined mix of Muse and Radiohead should be taken as a positive one, this is a band already alive with dark gliding atmosphere, full bodied lushness, a classical sense of being, a touch of restrained class in there with the spot-on production (from Russ Russell). A heart full of a sound that gently swells with those fluttery strings, tinkering glockenspiel, the violin flavours and those gentle bits of Danny Elfman or even Michael Nyman. 

This is an impressive debut five track EP that swells with ambitious warmth with sullen operatic intent (with a touch of Inaura for those of you who still remember such a thing), a touch of Vessels, and a more than hopeful next step from a band making some impressive early moves… 

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