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December 28th 2010

Death Set Slap Slap Slap Pound Up Down SnapTHE DEATH SET have a new single - Slap Slap Slap Pound Up Down Snap is out on Counter over here in the UK, any moment now (well next year actually but next year will be here any moment, out on January 10th so the sticker on the front of this copy says).

   Now I have a strange relationship with The Muthaflipping Death Set – true, they don’t really know about this relationship, I strongly suspect that if they did then they’d say they couldn’t care less about our damn ‘relationship’, they’d say shut the flip up and feast on the goddamn muthaflipping foul-mouthed music, that’s probably what they’d say. Well no, who knows what they’d really say, the Death Set are clearly one of those bands just here to slap shit around, they don’t care what you or I think, they don’t want any kind of meaningful relationship with anyone, this is a no strings attached situation and that really is exactly how you’d want it. 

I don’t want to know who The Death Set are, where they’re from, what’s happening in Baltimore or wherever they claim to be from this week, I don’t want to know who’s party they’ve broken in on this week or who’s got tattoos where – I strongly suspected they’ve been manufactured in Hoxton, somewhere near the Nailgun Arms and that all these stories of dope, guns and flipping in the streets are nothing but tall stories. You see, for the last few years Death Set records have been turning up here on a regular basis, and the other thing that has been turning up here is bucket-loads is hype about said Muthaflipping Death Set. We don’t need all the hype! We don’t need the stories or the YouTube videos of Christmas duets with “potty mouthed DJs” or anything else, don’t need to know who they are, where they’re from, we don’t need any of it, we just need to understand each other here if this relationship is going to develop and go anywhere…
  The Death Set quite plainly not in hoxton
The “Baltimore electro-punks”... you see, I could ask if they’re really from Baltimore? That doesn’t sound like a Baltimore accent, but in this relationship I really don’t care… So, records from these so called “electro-punks” keep turning up here - perk of the non-stop Organ operation, wreckords turning up uninvited, we deserve it, this monster takes a lot of time and effort you know, we’ve kept this monster going far longer than most would have done, we deserve the perk of a free wreckord or two while the alligators and the bloodsucking insects bite at our ankles and it doesn’t damn well matter who the Death Set are, who they remixed, what Spank Rock thinks, where they’re from or anything else… All we want is their records to turn up so we can throw them in the CD chewer and see what they’ve come up with this time. Now sometimes the chewer chews them up then spits them out in a spewtum of hissy fit not good enough this time rejection and no, and sometimes the chewer loves them and demands they get played again again, that words are written and Resonance airwaves are fuelled with them and that this new one rules…

OK, let’s cut the crap here, far too many words with this Thing Of The Day thing while all we’re trying to say is sometimes The Death Set make not very good records, sometimes they make very very (very) good records. This time the shouty electro-punks have slap slap slapped and made one of their very very good records – all hyper energy and electro-slap tell and scream and tantrums and slap slap slap pound up down snap and crunch bite electro funk shout shout beastie shout another sabotage blast of pure energy. Not sure about the b-sides, bit polite and pedestrian, but that A side is the muthaflippin’ Death Set in full-on Baltimore electro-punk daft punk beastie boy top form, and when they get it down right they then we love The Death Set. 

Details of the new single, loads of hype, artwork, videos of Christmas duets, photos of naked people covered in tattoos and lots more over at

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