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Alive bring us White Noise Sound and more

December 29th 2010

White Noise Sound LPAlbum: WHITE NOISE SOUND – White Noise Supersound (Alive) - Alive seems to be just the right place for Swansea’s White Noise Sound to call home. The cult US label has a reputation for the slightly retro flavoured sounds of garage, psych rock, lo-fi blues and such - a Bomp of a label if you will. White Noise Sound (not to be confused with the original 60s proto-Radiophonic Workshop Electric Storm in Hell lot) may not have the most imaginative band name in the world but it does kind of nail their colours to the front of their tin as they set about doing exactly as it ways on the front. A locked-on forward moving set of Hawkwind meets Spacemen 3 set of hues, bits that positively taste of the Dandy Warhols take on the Slowdive/ Chapterhouse/ Ride sound, some radiant slices of Primal Scream or My Bloody Valentine, a clean cut Kraut rock flow and a whole fluid sound of white noise forward-moving goodness. The Welsh six piece have a very precise sound, a crisp clear take on that rush down the autobahn: that Valium Ten staccato stab, the lighthouse shining star in outer space, the throbbing of the engine...

White Noise Sound CD White Noise Sound  have their own take on that wall of sound; they power that sound with an abundance of light and shade, reflective passages of Tangerine Dream, an effortless flow of mellow warmth and driving space rock that’s all loaded up for another ride, me and the devil walking side by side… I just so like the way this feels. 

White Noise Sound’s self-titled debut album is out in the UK on Alive Records on January 17th

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