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January 2nd 2011

Look, this snuck out online about three weeks ago and for some people it's an event of monumental importance.  This, laydeez an gennnlemen, is actual documented footage of the forthcoming Hella album actually being made. And by Hella we mean the proper Hella, the duo of Spencer Seim and Zach Hill, without the extraneous (admittedly very talented) other members that made up the There's No 666 In Outer Space era Hella.  That version sounded like The Mars Volta, it had vocals and stuff and was very nice thank you but it was not the earthshattering intricate noisy beauty of two one-off composers reaching for the unnameable.  There were suspicions that the expansion to full band ended in stress and strain and falling out.

At this point I would have liked to direct you to the collection of free downloads on Hella's web site, spanning their previous half dozen or so albums and EPs and including quite a few tracks that fed my own initial addiction - but it's down.  You'll just have to seek out their masterpiece, the double album 'Chirpin' Hard/Church Gone Wild'.   

Here's the vid. 

 And here's a link to it if the thing don't  work (or if you wish to be amused by the spluttering comments of addicts who'd previously heard those rumours that Hella had split).

In actual fact, the new album's out in Spring 2011 on Sergeant House.

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