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January 4th 2011

… Japan vs. The Sea Shepherd

This just in from the ever-informative alternative news outlet that is SchNEWS:


High-speed chases and confrontations as the Sea Shepherd fleet and Japanese whaling vessels clashed in the Southern Ocean last week.

While most of us spent New Year's Eve looking for the next watering hole, the three vessels of the Sea Shepherd society were engaged in oceanic clashes with three harpoon ships of the Japanese whaling fleet. 'What an awesome way to begin the New Year', said Captain Locky MacLean of the Gojira. This is the first time Sea Shepherd have managed to zero in on the whalers before they managed to kill a single whale. 'The fact is that these three killer ships are not killing whales while clashing with us.'

Saturday (1st) saw the opposing vessels almost collide as they sailed at full tilt whilst trying to dodge floating slabs of solid ice in treacherous waters. At the same time the whalers aimed their turbo water cannons at the Sea Shepherd crew who responded with volleys of stink bombs. Since the discovery of the Japanese fleet a week ago, over 1,200 miles have been covered in the frontier waters adjacent to Antarctica. There have been no injuries.

sea shepherd logo On Wednesday (5th) evening, the whalers attempted to charge the Gojira whilst she was stationary in order to receive supplies. But the attack was anticipated and the Steve Irwin intercepted the whaling harpoon by deploying a Delta boat in its path. The Delta then pursued the fleeing whalers for 11 miles back to port, bombarding them with dozens of stink bombs before returning to base.

Cables released by Wikileaks on January 1st revealed that the Japanese Government regards the Sea Shepherd as a major threat to their criminal whaling business. The cables indicate Japan hopes to compel the US to crack down on the Sea Shepherd by stripping it of charity / tax exemption status.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is confident the fleet can be kept on the run. The whaling harpoon vessels are no faster than the Gojira and with the aerial aid of helicopter Nancy Burnet, the anti-whalers should be well equipped to keep the Japanese fleet within their sights for the duration of their whaling season, which normally ends in late March (to relive the high-octane drama of last season, start at SchNEWS 713).

   Schnews is an essential connecting hub for people who want a heads-up on what's really going on, for groundroots activism of all kinds. It's a good idea to check in with Schnews regularly, as a sensible survival tactic in these interesting times.  This is the first port of call, for instance, to find out that your government is planning universal human microchipping, or if someone's going to bulldoze a road through your house, and if not what to do about it, at least where to find the people who will know.  

   The Sea Shepherd people actually go out and stop actual whales being killed in the actual real world, in actual boats. Whilst others sit and talk, they buy time for the battered gene pools of some (still) very rare animals.
   Whilst on the subject.. remember that film The Cove, the one with the dolphin slaughter in Japan?  I bet you might be suprised to hear that a similar if not worse thing goes on not too far off the coast of Scotland every year, and each year Sea Sheperd boats are there trying to stop it. It involves the Faroe Isles (a province of Denmark), lots of pilot whales and Danish blokes with big knives - look it up on the Sea Shepherd Grind-Stop site, but be warned - it will ruin your day.

- Addendum: Want to help stop this? Sea Shepherd Stop the Grind donation site:

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