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January 12th 2011

The lovely eggsSINGLE: THE LOVELY EGGS Don’t Look At Me (Cherryade) - Look at them, a pop work of genius and look at ‘im with his sausage roll thumb, and look at her with her cloth-line smile and look at him and look at him, don’t look at me. Now if Art Brut were from the North and didn’t want you to look at ‘em all the time then they’d be The Lovely Eggs…  These two Lovely Eggs are as satirically unhinged as ever with their dog dirt smiles and their hairdryer hearts - don’t look at me, I don’t like it. We know you’re spineless and there’s nothing to see, we need some wine so lend us a pound. These lovely Lovely Eggs are regulars on our Resonance FM radio show, and indeed on the pages of Organ, with their brontosaurus tales, their feisty smiles and high-pitch excited voices, and this is their new single, their finest feistiest of several releases so far. 

Shouty Nothern pop girl and boy from kiss me quick Lancashire, boundless shouty bouncy don’t look at me confident energy. They’re busy playing all over the place - Amsterdam squats, Los Angeles scrap yards - and this excellent single precedes their new album Cob Dominos – out any moment now so we’re told – we’re looking forward to it, though I do rather suspect classic pop singles is what these Lovely Eggs are really about. Lovely Eggs liveLook at him with his dog dirt eyes... The Lovely Eggs make classic grrl feisty punk pop in all the best traditions of Shonen Knife, Disco Pistol, the glory days of Bis (only far less antagonising and far more likeable in that Art Brut way than Bis ever really were). Don’t look at her with her hairdryer heart, don’t look at me, I don’t like it… look at us with our red wine smile, look at her with her washing line teeth… look at them…. I can hear someone singing this over there in the corner of the Organ office already, this is dangerously infectious, don’t look at me, you clearly need help… Their finest single yet.

Don’t Look At Me is out on Cherryade Records on January 31stwe are the lovely eggs

The Lovely Eggs will be touring in February in support of their new album

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