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The REAL McKENZIES on the way

January 13th 2011

Real Mckenzies logoThing of The Day today is certainly not British Telecom - are they most incompetent organisation in the world or what? These people make the dumbest indie band trying to work out how get a drum kit to the Bull & Gate on a wet Tuesday night look like a shining bunch of professionals. Three months of chaos and the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing, the Lincoln office not knowing what the Nottingham office does, Openreach not knowing which hole to look down, BT Wholesale unplugging the plug that the other guy put in and someone having to call India from our bunker to try and get something done at the Hackney exchange half a mile from our office, sorry he’s been given the wrong reference number and there’s snow in the line and our records say you don’t exist and you don’t have a phone, then what am I calling you on right now? The smugster humanoid David Cameron is telling us to move East (that's not why we moved East, we moved east to get away from people like him) to the new Silcon Valley that is this side of London.. Well, it would be funny if it wasn’t so damn annoyingly incompetent – 

    - Hang on, who’s this kicking in with outrageously good cover of AC/DC’s TNT? A raw grinding spiky evil alt.noise version demanding we watch it all explode - Ain’t got to gun, ain’t got no knife, but don’t you start no fight…. Hmm, its a long lost 90’s Chicago pre-post rock noise band called Big’N, ah , yes we remember these guys from those Skingraft AC/DC covers singles they shared with people like Brice-Glace, Shellac, U.S Maple and such. Dirty deeds indeed, they sound like our old friends Monkey Boy – Big ‘N, old school Chicago noise band from the 90’s, more about them later, seems there’s a whole lot of old material been gathered together on one album – enough of that for today though and enough of raging against the telephone machine, today we prepare for the bagpipe punk rock chaos of our old friends The Real McKenzies…

Real Mckenzies logoTHE REAL McKENZIES are coming over: the UK leg of their current European tour starts in just four days. This is a very very good thing indeed. The intrepid Scotsmen from over there in Canada - no sneering now, they really are the real New Caledonian deal, or at least heart-and-soul man up front Paul McKenzie is, he leads the band, therefore they are the real reeling proper Scottish deal. They’re essentially from Vancouver (although members of such bands as The Exploited or Lagwagon may finds themselves roped in for the occasional tour and such). McKenzie himself claims to have, while at a party, heard Robert Burns playing in one room and the Sex Pistols in another.  I’m not going to dispute that fact with him, have you seen the guy?!  This epiphany apparently led to the Celtic cocktail he and his band serve up by mixing rock, punk, and folk with a (very big) splash of whiskey and the odd Scottish traditional as a garnish. Don’t be doubting things now, they’re the full-on, kilt-wearing, in-your-face no messing punk rock deal. Real mckenzies gangWho would have known that bagpipes could be such a dangerous weapon, watch your heads when MacNastie starts swinging his down the front! 

  Come on now you sceptics, put off by a million American punk bands who once had a pint of Guinness in a Boston bar and think they’ve kissed the blarney like the merry ploughboy himself - this is not a Canadian Scottish version of all that. The Real McKenzies are the real deal and we defy anyone to not come out of one of their gigs bruised and smiling. Their punked-up mix of traditional folk tunes and anarchic punk rock is wildly infectious... Bagpipe as punk rock weapon, whisky reels, rats chasing punks up the ship rigging, pogo mosh pits, beer, kilts, claymores, more beer and fun fun infectious folk flavoured punk rock beer spilling whisky drinking highland flinging fun…

And you don’t get to be Organ front cover stars unless you're really worth it…Real McKenzies Organ cover

17th Jan – Blackpool, The Blue Room
18th Jan – Brighton, Prince Albert
19th Jan  - London, Borderline
21st Jan - Glasgow, The Admiral Bar (with Roughneck Riot)
22nd Jan – Edinburgh, Bannermans (with Crashed Out)
23rd Jan – Kirkaldy, Windsor
24th Jan – Inverness, Hootananny
25th Jan – Aberdeen, Drummonds (with Roughneck Riot)
26th Jan – Gateshead, 3 Tuns
27th Jan – Manchester, Day and Night Café

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