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January 14th 2011

Two things of the day today, why? Because we want there to be two things, you know our rule about rules and flower of flesh and blood and throwing colour everywhere and…

Flowers Of Flesh and BloodFLOWERS OF FLESH AND BLOOD – War Party (Tuneless) - Raging against pretty much anything you have for them to rage and rant about – the system, television, drugs companies, future systems, future futures, you name it, these Flowers have got a beef about it. And the answer? Fight it all of course, don’t just sit there and die while you watch your TV, get out and smash the system, rage against the supermarkets, the government, the people who punch the holes in the middle of polo mints – well I might have made the last bit up but you get the idea and hey, a bit of mindless angry raging against every machine you got never harmed anyone did it? Well, maybe those close to the kid who threw that fire extinguisher off the roof the other day may want to argue that point, but you know what I mean, come on, time for ‘us’ to riot against ‘them’, fight fight, don’t just sit there and take all this crap, who are these drug companies with their intellectual rights anyway… How can you not like War Party? An angry ranting bluster of pus-filled punk rock rawness with a bit of a thrash metal spatter-riffing in there with the raw noise, the shouting, the blasting and the positively destructive hardcore anger..    
   They’re from North London, they're a non-stop storm of DIY attitude, of riffs, shouts and all round wholesome apathy-poking old-school heard-it-all-before thrashing hardcore punk rock energy. Damn fine stuff, smash everything…They may not be the most original band in the world and some of their arguments may not have that much depth to them but hey, anger is an energy and this is a fine question-throwing what did you do today statement of intent. Excellent slice of positive homemade hardcore punk rock energy and attitude, we need more of it…  
    And once again the only link is a My Space link - come on bands, surely that’s the first thing to smash!

The album is out on January 29th on the band’s own label Timeless Records. There’s a launch gig in London, at the Unicorn in Camden on the same day, January 29th. It's free to get in, and Flowers will be sharing the bill with Damnas, Meinhof and Bin Raiders

Alternatively, if black and white no messing old school hardcore punk rock isn’t what you want today (or even if it is) then how about some black and white no noise art?  

No noiseNO NOISE is a show presented by South London gallery The Agency…

“The Agency is pleased to present No Noise, a group exhibition of three international artists with three different conceptual approaches, brought together by the imposed scheme of Black and White. It is a response to strands within the artists’ work, which reference minimalism, deconstruction and textual approaches as a method of creating works.

By removing the element of colour from all their usual practices the show becomes a grid and the work within it a cipher. No Noise is the white noise of the analogue broadcast or the digital scramble, in which information is embedded and can be found if sought”.

The show features the work of three artists,
Are Blytt, Kevin Hunt, Dan Miller 

Preview night is tonight, Friday 14th Jan from 6pm until 9pm, then the show runs at the Agency Gallery, in Deptford, from 15th Jan until 12th Feb

66 Evelyn Street

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