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Elle Osbourne, Marnie Stern, brutal metal and knitting 

January 19th 2011

Today a bagload of things: some knitting, some beguiling folk music, some brutally angry metal, some Marnie Stern demo tracks, a Sub Swara download, and last but not least, some Acoustic Front Frostiness

Yes, we know, one thing a day, but hey, here’s a handful to explore - think of it a  bag of pick 'n mix to rummage in

First some beautifully quiet folk music...

Elle OsbourneSINGLE: ELLE OSBOURNE – Good Grief (Folk Police) – A radiantly quiet piece of acoustic folk beauty that’s voiced in such a glowing way, four fine fine songs. Elle Osbourne has a very traditional English folk way of singing, of phrasing, her tales are almost from another time and place, a place of song and solace, of crowning, of glory held on to with both hands. 

Elle is a fiddle player and singer from the Lincolnshire coast, brought up in a family of folk singers and players and seemingly untainted by any notions of pop or rock or electricity or any other notion of throwaway modernity. Her folk is very, very traditional, very quiet, timeless. Her songs stand tall in the storm and don’t falter - beautifully beguiling, simple, uncluttered, perfectly textured rich folk songs that slowly slowly reveal themselves. Soft-speaking, simple, unhurried, uncluttered, perfectly produced, warmly-voiced delicately strong English folk songs, dangling their toes in the water and flowing in their own sweet time and space. Just a rich voice and rich strings, four fine songs and everything just quietly right.

Good Grief is released on January 24th

Elle Osbourne plays the Shhh festival in London this coming weekend, more details here -

Next, some brutal heavy metal…

Anger ManagementSINGLE: ANGER MANAGEMENT – Beyond The Threshold Of Pain (Three Piece) – Damn, thought I read that as Thrashold – Thrashold Of Pain would have been a great title for some brutal thrashing beyond the threshold... This is brutal: now let us be honest, we got lots and lots (and lots) of these brutal releases from brutal modern metal bands making their first brutal moves – most of them are dealing out little more than competent clichéd copies of their record collections, so most of them don’t get coverage around here. Far too many brutal metalcore bands just churning out the same old brutal same old. 
   We got millions of identical killswitch engaging, crazyfist silly beard metal-pose bands clogging up our time and space (and none of them as good as Pulkas were). Anger Management are worth your time, though: Anger Management have something a little more going on. Now we’re not saying they’re radically different to the millions of brutal modern metal bands but there is something in here that makes them worthy of a little more time and attention. No idea who they are, deliberately avoiding the press releases as I battle my way through this pile of metal, just throw the CDs on and let the music do the talking. Hang on, let’s have a look, who are they? Where are they from? This is brutally good, serious guitar thrashing, but it could be from anywhere in the world… Ah right, they’re from England, seems they’re a band put together a couple of years ago by yer big (big) drummer man Jammer, he of the mighty Medulla Nocte (and later Murder One).
     Thought this sounded like a band who are little more than just another bunch of metal kids trying to sound like their heroes!  You can hear it straight away, these people know what they’re doing, they’ve done their time in other bands and transit vans, you can hear their craft and their experience, why have that little something extra in these five brutally violent slices of very very heavy metal.  Anger Management are dishing out the metallic here on this debut five track EP. It isn’t that Anger Management are hugely unique, more that they’re just brutally better than most of the thousands of intense modern metalcore bands out there fighting for your attention. 
  Intensely good debut, relentless storm of growling riffing metal noise that never ever lets up for silly things like the need to breathe… ramming speed to the end. Damn fine debut, you would expect anything less from an outfit with Jammer occupying the back seat.

Beyond The Threshold Of Pain is out on February 28th, live dates are to be announced any second -    

Now for some knitting.

Knitting, Gritting - The Knitorious MEG

THE KNITORIOUS M.E.G. celebrated her birthday yesterday with some healthy yarnbombing; here’s what she said about it….

 “Today is my birthday and despite how much I love gifts, I thought it’d be better to give one instead.  So I went out just before dawn to one of my favorite run down blocks on Hull Street to spread a bit of birthday cheer. Usually I’ll pick an inactive post to install onto, but I thought this corner was just in too great of a need of a pick me-up.  The shops behind it have been closed down for a verrrrry long time”.Knitorious Meg birthday knit

Wonton Power is the website for The Knitorious M.E.G, wearer of many hats in Richmond, Virginia. -

There’s an interview with The Knitorious M.E.G here:

Right then, you’ve had some beguiling folk beauty, you’ve had some brutally violent hardcore metal, you’ve had some gloriously colourful graffiti knitting and now for a little bit of Marnie Stern…

Marnie SternDog Daze Tapes are about to release a cassette of MARNIE STERN’s demo recordings, a chance to explore her smart and complex work in progress. These are 2006 home recordings, sketchbook pieces of work in development, (some) songs that eventually ended up on her2007 debut album In Advance Of A Broken Arm. You can hear the twelve tracks, or indeed buy the tape via the Dog Daze website HERE

 You can fine more Marnie news, her current dates and indeed a couple of free downloads of album tracks on the Kill Rock Stars website

...or you can explore Marnie’s MySpace /

Hang on, we’re not finished with Things Of The Day yet…

Sub Swara Here’s a free download for you, a track from Brooklyn-based cross-pollinating dub flavoured punked-up hip-hop duo SUB SWARA featuring Dead Prez:

Explore Sub Swara here -

And finally before we close this episode of breaking of the rules and too many Things Of The Day here’s ACOUSTIC FRONT with their version of Celtic Frost’s Dethroned Emperor:

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