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January 20th 2011

Ben Slow at TinaTINA, WE SALUTE YOU is the name of a café in Dalston (that apparently evolved out of a Brick Lane cupcake stall, most things evolve out of cupcakes these days don’t they?), Tina’s walls are alive with art and tonight (assuming you’re reading this Thing Of The Day on the day it goes up), Thursday January 20th at 7pm, in collaboration with the good people of Rooms Magazine, Tina will be unveiling new work specially created for their walls by three Hackney based artists; Ben Slow, Joseph Loughborough & Daniel Emo.. 

You can find the strangely named Tina, We Salute You at 47 King Henry's Walk, Dalston, London N1- Google page - for those of you yet to venture into the area, it's all very easy on the increasingly Olympic-buffed shiny Overground.

And the unveiling of new work makes this a good day for the impressively large pieces of wall art produced by BEN SLOW to be a Thing Of The Day..

 First a couple of links and words on the other two artists you’ll find on Tina’s walls…

Daniel Emo and Ben Slow at Tina We Salute You

“JOSEPH LOUGHBOROUGH grew up playing in the derelict boatyards and creeks in the surrounding areas of Portsmouth. The Carcasses of old boats sinking into the mud, their ribs protruding thorough the weed, are personified in his paintings.' (Rooms)

DANIEL EMO – “We just think his quirky and surreal illustrations are amazing” (Rooms)

ben Slow at workOf course, if you’re not in Dalston, Hackney, or indeed any part of London, you can still explore the work of these three artists and well as what’s happening with Rooms magazine via the links. It's true that art really needs to be seen in the flesh, it doesn’t breathe online, but websites and such will give you an idea, a signpost or two as you set out to explore…. 

So BEN SLOW, then: he says “The point of my work is to reduce the silhouette to its most elegant and minimal, while simultaneously embellishing its energy, depth and texture.'Ben Slow

Images here are of Ben's wall work; the middle one up there with the two heads features Daniel Emo's piece on the left and Ben's on the right. Anyone who's been keeping half an eye on the London street art scenes will probably have encountered Ben's work... Here's a few links for you to explore more of his work as well as the work of Daniel and Joseph (this is what these Things of the Day are about, signposts and doorways for you to follow, open and go explore). We like the powerful line and the exciting scale... you don't often see delicate line like this when things are this ambitiously big. Ben Slow does work on paper or on a more traditional scale but the big wall is where he really comes to life...  - Daniel Emo’s work

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