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January 23rd 2011

...and they're ready to fly at your head once more.

Some days not too many words are needed, a no messing kind of Thing Of The Day (from Dublin) is what we have today. Wounds are back in action and getting ready to get that debut album nailed down, to get back on stages, to get back screaming at everything that needs to be screamed at. Wounds photo

  Wounds have been through a lot in recent times; looks like the news is all positive now and Wounds are ready to get back to blasting things right at you in that scathingly dark, slightly twisted way.  Shouty. Punchy, screaming, in your face, raw blistering garage punk rock way of theirs again. They’ve got some tracks for you to download, three fresh scathing biting slices of cutting punk rock that come with a dark sinister Jesus Lizard of a twist, a brooding undercurrent, a touch of Birthday Party messing with some raw Black Flag, a hint of Liars and some seriously urgent noise. A sound that’s all there, right there, right in front of you, standing on your toes, all there flying right at your head, all there in a pounding drumstorm of choking and dead roads and all so easy to live on the other side and a whole load more dead dead and sentences that do always make sense. All there waiting for you to explore, three tracks waiting alongside their already classic slice of healthy screaming chanting gut-pounding bloody hell-noise that is Dead Dead F**king Dead, all there waiting for you.  What do the Trees know? What does anyone know, who needs words, she’s all on the road, see no evil, just stop reading this, cut to the link at the bottom and go grab it all right now, just go do it all right now! If you haven’t tasted Wounds yet, you need to right now…

Wounds' Dead Dead F**ng dead
  The EP actually came out last year but this it does serve as an excellent taste of things hopefully to come., seems they’ve put up the tracks as a generously free download

  So anyway, back in December James from the band put a blog up that explained where they had been, and what had happened to him…

“I find it to be a bit of a crazy thing seeing that the last post I made on the blog complains about me taking a week-long break from updating, and now it’s been almost six months since the last one. Ironic, but I guess life goes on.

Shortly after our tour in June with Crime In Stereo, I had a serious accident, which saw me fall from the balcony of Aidan’s apartment. The apartment is three stories up, and between 70 to 80 feet high, so needless to say, it was a very serious situation. Initially, it was said that it would take up to two years for me to even be able to talk, but thankfully things have improved an incredible amount since. I spent 4 months in three different hospitals, and have been out since early October. In all honesty, my recovery has been going as good as, and I couldn’t be happier about it”.

More good news is that the first Wounds show back is in Dublin, with Rolo Tomassi, on Feb 12th (at the Twisted Pepper if you’re reading this from over there or you’ve got a jet or a boat or something), and they have lots of irons in fires and we can expect albums and touring and things soon. Good to see them back and ready for more, they were one of the most potentially exciting new bands to emerge last year. Hey look, if you haven’t got yourself a slice of Dead Dead F**king Dead yet then you need to start with that then go delve in a little deeper with those trees and things … Hang on! Stop the big black scathing road accident of a runaway bus, stop this now far too wordy out of control review thing! I know why I like this band so much, just hit me, they got that disturbing screaming nailed up for nothing black-hearted Creaming Jesus menace about them, all there pounding in there with that dead dead fucking dead shouting about atrophy and spinning out of control – yes! Been missing that Creaming Jesus feeling for far too long…

  They’re on their knees, they bleed in the streets….  And if nobody else falls off anything too tall,  2011 might just be a big big year for an already more than tasty band. Raw, blistering, Wounds are serving up vital slices of scathingly fresh energy and yeah, I know I said not too many words were needed today and yeah well where was that field…   

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