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Hookedblog, Vandalog, Quiet Lights and Dreadnoughts

January 24th 2011

Today we shall mention a couple of rather useful streetart blogs that are always well worth keeping an eye on for our Thing of the Day. 


Malarky brixton hookedblogLondon based HOOKEDBLOG kicks in with daily news of street art flavoured work, events, news, sightings and such. Nice little bit on MALARKY, some new foxes and such painted on Brixton shop shutters. There was some nice coverage of the SWEET TOOF show a couple of days ago, the Hookedblog street art coverage is always worth a look…sweetoof from hookedblog

vandalogMeanwhile, VANDALOG is another blog that has a habit of dropping interesting street art related news, imagery and opinion (that we don’t always agree with) into our mailbox on most days of the week. Nice strong image of a squat wall in Madrid being pulled down posted on there yesterday, the work of Madrid graf destruction from Vandalog3TTMAN and REMED coming down in a rather dramatic way (is that Case pulling it down?). Worth putting your e.mail address on the mailing lists of both blogs and seeing what comes into your inbox..


  Meanwhile, a rather gloriously hazy new band, well, new to us over here at Organ ...

Quiet LightsQUIET LIGHTS are from Brooklyn, New York. Their sound is a slow moving creamy hazy luscious thing, a soothing thing - lush guitars, seductive vocals, slow moving tidal waves of relaxed drum textures, a beautifully blended lo-fi shoegazing set of atmospheres. A relaxed easy effortless Sonic Youth via My Bloody Valentine sound, a fuzzy Cocteau Twins with that slight edge of Come that’s all taken down and mellowed out because there’s no need for Quiet Lights to rush anything or get too loud about things. Quiet Lights is the perfect name, there’s five of them quietly weaving their musical light, their lens flair and their early morning sunny haze with their reverb, delay, chorus and vibrato peddles. Soft voices, soft focus sound and gentle alternative musical movements, all there weaving with their quiet hazy beauty. There’s a free download to explore here:

There’s a couple more quiet Quiet Light delights to download via the band’s own website and they have a sky blue vinyl 7” out in the U.S on February 15th via Eastern Seaboard / Old Flame Records.

And finally, we know the idea of a sometimes West Country cider drinking, sometimes Eastern European polka gypsy dancing punk rock crew from Vancouver, Canada sounds ridiculously wrong but, we do kind of like these Dreadnoughts. Punk rock with a drunken smile..

Dreadnoughts polka coverTHE DREADNOUGHTS – Polka’s Not Dead (Destiny) – What do we have here? - are they pirates or Eastern European folk gypsies, oh hang on, they’ve switched from the polka chaos and the French language bits to West Country cider and telling us to listen to The Wurzels! (no, really, actually the Wurzels - this is not some kind of post-irony ironic blah statement).  And a couple of tracks ago they were The Pogues - wonder where we’ll be for the next track? Folk, gypsy dances, polkas, sea shanties and all delivered in a fast drunkpunk reel of well played chaos… 

They’re from Vancouver of course. Now, those bagpipe throwing kilt wearing Real Mckenzies being from Vancouver makes perfect sense: half of Scotland went to either Canada or new Zealand after the Clearances. These Dreadnoughts, on the other hand make no sense whatsoever. Sound like a bunch of chancers who’ve worked out they can get paid to go play loads of mainland European gigs, festivals and such and while they’re Dreadnoughtsdoing it, get to drink gallons of beer every night. Got their punk rock life sussed, have these Canadian chaps, whoever they may really be: we don’t believe Squid Vicious is the bass player’s real name, and surely the drummer's doting parents didn’t really christen him The Stupid Swedish Bastard? Swedish? Thought you were from Vancouver? 

Whoever The Dread Pirate Druzil (mandolin, tenor banjo, tin whistle, vocals) and his cutthroat band are... we like them.  Chaotically well played polka pirate streetpunk beer-spilling fun for them moments when you don’t want to take your musical life too seriously…

The album is released on January 24th (today, if you’re reading this on the day this page goes up) there’s UK dates as part of a European tour coming up in February - –  

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