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Marina Fages at Pure Evil, Art for Queensland, and a free download from Wire...

January 25th 2011

Marina Fages Pure Evil flyer

Marina Fages has an exhibition of work opening this Thursday at one of our favourite London galleries, Pure Evil. Let’s let Charles, AKA Pure Evil take up the tale…

“Marina came to see me about a month ago, showed me some of her work which I liked a lot. Since then we have been making music together. Shortly after after this music session she got hit by a bus.

She survived the accident but unfortunately her 'charango', a small Argentinian ukelele type guitar did not survive the accident. It was crushed to death on Shoreditch High Street. 

This is the last song the little Charango made before its untimely and violent death...
It would be great if you could come and see her exhibiton and maybe buy one of her fantastic paintings so she can buy a new 'charango' so we can make more great songs like this one”.  listen here.
Marina Fages painting

The exhibition opens on Thursday night..
Pure Evil Gallery
108 Leonard St
London EC2A 4XS
Here’s a Facebook event page:

   Marina Fages and Pure Evil will be guests on The Organ Thing on Resonance FM this coming Sunday evening at 9pm where they’ll be talking to myself and Marina Organ (two Marinas in the studio!) about their art, music making, the Pure Evil show and who knows what... 104.4FM in London or all around the world via

 Meanwhile, more news from Mr Pure Evil in the shape of this Australian Street Art fund raiser for Queensland flood victims...

“My Australian art-twin Ben Frost is organising this auction which is pretty righteous:

Australian and International Street Artists Help Raise Funds for Queensland Flood Victims

Paste Modernism bannerPaste-Modernism Charity Auction - all proceeds from the online auction of panels from the exhibition 'Pastemodernism 2' will be donated to the Qld Premier's Flood Relief Appeal.
Paste-Modernism 2 was held at Lo-Fi Gallery in Darlinghurst on October 7th 2010 and featured the 'paste-up' works of over 50 Australian and International artists. Presented by and curated by Ben Frost and Bridge Stehli, the exhibition recontextualized the medium of 'Paste-ups' into a gallery setting.
Paste modernism show 
The first Paste-Modernism exhibition was held in the derelict site of Hibernian House in Surry Hills in 2008 - where local street artists applied their photocopied, hand painted and collaged works on paper, to the interior walls of the building.
The 'Paste-Up' is an ever-expanding and innovative form of street art, that involves an artist making their work onto varying sizes of paper and then applying it to walls and surfaces within their urban environment using wheat-paste or wallpaper glue. Whether as black and white multiplied photocopies, colourfully hand painted murals or thought provoking text pieces, the 'Paste-Up' is an immediate and bold contemporary art-form. The medium explores not only aesthetic values, but is often politically and socially motivated - which allows experimentation both by accomplished artists as well as people with little or no artistic training. This has loosely brought about the tongue-in-cheek ideology of 'Paste-Modernism.'
Paste Modernism event
 Paste-Modernism 2 filled approximately 250 square meters of every available inch of wall space at Lo-Fi Gallery, with the works of over 50 Australian and international artists. Applied onto pre-installed panels and canvas sheets, the entire exhibition was removed from the space (in varying states of repair) - and now exists in sections at StupidKrap Studios in Liechhardt.

Paste modern paste-up In light of the terrible devastation of the recent Queensland Flood Disaster, we decided to auction off the remaining panels and donate all proceeds to the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal". will be hosting the online auction of over 50 artworks, available in sizes varying from 3m x 3m to 50cm x 50cm, by some of the world's leading street artists including: Pure Evil, Copyright, Anthony Lister, Vexta, Bridge Stehli, SMC, Skel, Bunkwaa, Ben Frost, Jumbo, Zap, Simon Lovelace, Catface, Houl, Creon, John Doe, Numskull, Leet, Shannon Crees, Felix, Mini Graff, RJ, Bennett, Beastman, Numskull, Roach, Max Berry, Konsume Terror, Mason Marcobello, Sprinkles, Bei Badgirl, Deb, HA-HA, Uno, Urban Cake Lady, Bella, Marissa Ziesing,Tim Andrew, Esjay, Anton Benois, Tez, Rico, PigeonBoy, Mr Skel, Jake Klarnet, Half Star, Dboe, Olive Fortyseven + more.

The online Auction has begin: midday Thursday January 20th and will continue until February 1st 2011 at StupidKrap's Ebay Store :

Wire 2010 Meanwhile, some music: a free taste of fresh Wire

WIRE’s new album Red Bark Tree was an Organ Thing Of The Day back on January 5th -

And you can (legally) download a free track from the long standing massively influential new wave band’s latest album from here -

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