Thing of the Day

Some Stoneage Dinosaurs, and Porcupine Tree's Steven Wilson's contribution to The Leader Of The Starry Skies...

January 26th 2011

Today’s Thing Of The Day is simply the pleasurable delight that is Porcupine Tree man Steven Wilson’s contribution to the recent Leader Of The Starry Skies album. The album, released late last year, is a tribute to and celebration of the songs of Cardiacs leader of those bright and starry skies, Tim Smith.

  Here’s Steven’s version of Stoneage Dinosaurs along with the original Cardiacs version and just for the pure pond-filled enjoyment, for you can never have too much Cardiacs enjoyment, a couple more Cardiacs You Tube treats….. 

Full story of Leader of the Starry Skies, track listing, contributors can be found here. 

And the original - at The Garage in 2003, lovely in-the-pond rough and tumble footage capturing some of the live energy of a Cardiacs gig..

...and for your entertainment, and education, a glimpse of Cardiacs at work:

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