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An exhibition called 'A',and Make Them Suffer's debut slice of tasty extreme metal...

February 1st 2011

TODAY ‘A’ OPENS - ‘A’ is an art show featuring the work of REMI/ROUGH and STEVE MORE

Steve Moore Remi Rough flyer   A is an upcoming exhibition of future perspectives... the future perspectives of two very different artists who have shared ideas, time and concrete. The title 'A' is as much about a new beginning as it is a reference to the Avant garde or Abstraction of their Alternative works. The Alphabet was the starting point for both Remi/Rough and Steve More's careers and the fact they have now developed those classic icons and forms into heavily abstracted formations and broken landscapes, reiterates a new beginning.

The artists first met in the early 90’s and worked closely over the following ten years, playing a progressive role in the international graffiti art scene. Their focus on self expression and originality whilst working in the urban vernacular has had a lasting influence on their works, and each other. Since they parted ways in 2003 their work diverged but some similarities remain highly evident.

The title for the show ‘A’ holds a significant meaning for both artists: It symbolises new beginnings and heralds a coming of age. It also gives a nod to their past muse: Letter form (A being the first letter of the alphabet). It also bears light on the ‘Abstract’ world in which they convey their ‘Art’, and their ‘Avant garde’ attitude with which they produce it.

‘A’ opens on Tuesday 1 February and will run until Sunday 6 February.

Blackall Studios, 73A Leonard Street, London, EC2

Meanwhile, peas with that?

Make Them Suffer Lord of Woe coverMAKE THEM SUFFER – Lord Of Woe (self release) 

He’s been to the fish and chip shop and he didn’t get his mushy peas; I distinctly heard his complaint of a growl just then: “where are my flipping peas?”- well, he didn’t actually say ‘flipping’ but we can’t have that kind of language in a publication like this now can we? A shitstorm of tantrum-throwing (modern) death metal histrionics and demonic plagues of screaming growling insects relentlessly flying at your head is what this six track CD is.

     Bombastically gothic (in the real sense) symphonic keyboards, a swarm of angry wasp-stuck-in-a-jar riffs and runs, (at least) two demonically babbling vocalists without a clearly formed word between them, pounding battery of drums, and all this blasting right at you in a hellwind of noise. That hellwind would probably be flowing right past in some blur of nothing but black noise, growls and blurrrgggs if those over the top keyboard lines didn’t anchor the whole demonic affair so well. Those big symphonic keys stop it all flying off in to the black hell of the bat-filled night and the whole thing is perversely relaxing. Yes, Make The Suffer are rather soothing in their own yappy tantrum throwing extreme metal hell-noise relentlessly screaming and thrashing at you kind of way. No, they’re not really not making us suffer, we’re rather enjoying this blurrrgggggggggggggggg woooooooaaggghhhhh ugg ugg yap yap noise. They’re from Perth, Australia (the most isolated city in the world so they say), they’re just about to spit out this debut six tracker - and to be a little more serious for just a moment while we wait for our peas, Make Them Suffer’s blend of modern death, black, thrash, call-it-what-you-will extreme metal, laced with those currently fashionable symphonic bombastic keyboards, does rather stand out from the vast vast plagues of identical bands seemingly releasing extreme metal albums every single day of the year. 

   You know, most modern extreme metal bores the hell out of these ears, all that conforming conservatism and let’s make another record just like all the others. Don’t misunderstand me here, I can argue the merits of early Venom or Hellhammer with the best of ‘em, and the thought of Sodom still making records is a pleasing one, but most extreme metal these days is a waste of everyone’s ear time and chip money. Make Them Suffer have a little something in there that makes them one of the few to actually bother with This is a rather decent debut six tracker, not sure about the peas though, real metal doesn’t bother with peas, it just rips and crunches straight to the ketchup covered chips, wooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaggghhhhhhhhhhhhh  … 
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