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Cleaning up Friday with Alunah, Herzog, Epitonic, Sodom, Sassy Kraimspri and a bit of Magma

February 4th 2011

Thing Of The Day today is, well, let’s call it clean up Friday - we’ve got a few parish notices kicking around and if we don’t stick them up today then we never will...


 ALUNAH are playing a free gig at at the Unicorn in Camden this Saturday February 5th - they are joined by Bastard Of The Skies and The Death Trucks… For those of you who missed the Organ album review in December last year, here’s a taste of it….

AlunahALUNAH are "hard-edged superfuzzed riffed-up psychedelic stoner rock. Find it all there waiting, not a cloud in the sky, with plenty or warning, a Sabbath riff walks by (followed by another and another…), this is a good good thing, you can never have too many Sabbath style riffs walking by when a band does it this well.... St. Vitus dancers and Orange Goblin botherers, laced with Paganish psychedelicish occultish lyrics, with sacrificial morning dances for Dionysus, with Laguna sunrises, scarlet women, wings of snow, she can fly over mountains – for it is a ‘she’ delivering those riffs, as one of the two guitarists, as well as leading things with her powerfully confident vocal lines. 'She' is Sophie Willet and she fronts a twin guitar driven four piece who throw out some classic retro flavoured hard rock..."
The full Organ review is here -

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THING NUMBER 2 –Epitonic

    Been meaning to mention the return of one of favourite sites from the last century for some time now, and HERZOG give us more than good reason to do it today…they're MP3 download of the day on the born-again site is a delightful piece of  “90s-aesthetic slacker rock”, (so say Epitonic) from a band who got a healthy amount of attention here at Organ back in the day. The band in question are Herzog and the tracks is from an album originally released on Transparent Records (and not to be confused with Herzoga, a completely different band, with an A on the end, who we released a single for a few years back).

    Epitonic provided thousands of legal downloads and was at it's best at the start of the Noughties, kick-starting the fanbases of so many underground bands. (Their 'math rock' and 'experimental' sections were particularly rich in goodies and made an incalculable difference).  Then they went through that early-adopter thing of getting in bed with business and seeing their labour of love site get all clogged up and unwieldy. Looks like the original founders have it all under their control again and restored the attitude and the user-friendlyness.
Really good to see Epitonic back in action.
Download HERZOG here -

"EPITONIC: The BackStory - Launched in 1999, worked directly with our favourite labels and artists, posting free and legal promotional MP3's so that fans would buy more music. We only featured our favorite bands and genres, most of which where on independent labels -- or on no label at all. That might sound like a pretty common concept today, but back then, Epitonic was one of the first free and legal streaming and downloading destinations.
       We never thought we would be proudly announcing Epitonic's relaunch with many of the original partners and friends from the original site collaborating. Our goal is pretty straightforward: To get an exciting, modern, brand-new version of the site online in the next few months. We will be creating a web destination that recaptures the spirit of Epitonic…”


This Sunday's Organ Recommends: “Mighty old school proper real deal angel-ripping thrash metal from the legend that is Sodom… Wooooooooaaaggghhhhhh”   Oh, you do know we’re recommending gigs most days of the week over at LondonGigs don’t you? And we’re busy on the radio, so no Sodom for us. The things we forego just so we can feed the airwaves….

THING NUMBER 4 - almost last but by no means least….

SASSY KRAIMSPRI hits London and Birmingham this February….

    Been meaning to say something about the no-messing punk rock ‘n roll of Ms SASSY KRAIMSPRI for some time. Sassy leads a band who kick out some serious punk pop earSassy Draimspri food. We’re not talking musical revolutions or things you’ve never heard before here but hey, sometimes all you need on a grey Friday in February is some righteous no-messing high energy in your face kicking out of the muthaflippin’ jams. So we’re talking glammy scummy dirty street punk rock ‘n rock, we’re talking Runaways, Nashville Pussy, we’re talking L7, Ramones, you get the picture, you know what we’re talking here, you love no-messing in your face larger than life punk rock’n roll don’t you? Yeah, of course you do, go put another dime in that jukebox, grab some bubblegum, crank the damn thing up and rock the flip out. 

    You’ve got Sassy, you've got guitarist, co-writer and Australian punk legend Dicky Downfall - from Sydney band Smash 'n' Grab - seems Sassy smashed and grabbed him via some kind of illegal activity in a local graveyard that sealed their fate and brought them to England via Norway, New York, a tour of China and who knows where (these people get around the globe!). Seems they came to England to get down to making album number two - in Kettering of all places (with one Russ Russell, producer man with a studio is said salubrious town – man with an ear, he’ll get their sound nailed down in studio form if anyone can, one of those no messing producers who knows how to get it nailed down properly rather than one of those so called wizards who squeeze the living breathing life out of everything that ever gets near a studio). So we’ve been meaning to mention the larger that life thing that is Ms Sassy Kraimspri and her band, and now we have… And we do it today because, they bring their self-labelled “Scumbag punk” to London and Birmingham next week. The dates are just down there, meanwhile you can go poke around their website and find some downloads, you’ll find the kind of songs you want to take home to meet the family and share some Sunday tea, we particularly recommend Pussy Magnet…

11/02/11 =  The Fiddlers Elbow, London,
12/02/11 - Scruffy Murphys, Birmingham as part of something called Twitter Fest, alongside the mighty OAF and lots more  - find out more about all that from


And to close Things for Friday, and set you up for the weekend, some epic prog flavoured face pulling and one of the finest bands ever. This dates from 1977, but they're still going strong....  

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