Thing of the Day

An Early Taste of Effluence

February 6th 2011

Today’s Thing of the Day is a demo from a new young band alive with potential…

EffluenceEFFLUENCE – Rather tasty bit of work in progress from a relatively new young English band (with a dreadful name). This may still sound like a teenage three-piece at the demo stage of new band life right now, but there’s something good boiling up here. These four tracks make up their latest demo, clearly a step forward from last year’s Green Room debut self released download single thing.  

They’re from Barnoldswick, up there near Manchester, they’re a little messy right now, and how can you take a band seriously when they choose a name like that? I mean come on, can you see that on the shelves of your local megastore as the forth album comes out and the stadiums sell out? Might be an alright name for some nihilistic we don’t really want to go anywhere self-destructive punk band who know they’re not that good as they revel in heading down the road to nowhere but this band aren’t a bunch of no-hope dead-enders. This band are loaded with colourful ambition, they’re loaded with ideas, with potential. Their moody dirty dark grungy guitar rock is well worth keeping an ear out for, there’s some good ideas brewing up and a clear ambition to be something a little different. Nothing wrong with being messy, a raw bit of roar is never a bad thing, but this needs to sound like things are under control and here it doesn’t quite sound like the mess is entirely by design... it almost is, though; bit of a Deerhunter feel to their experiments. 

The bass and drums are sounding a little thin on this recording - sounds like someone should get them in the studio, record this properly without losing that raw attitude and that artistic energy and need to be a little different. Demo quality right now, then, but this dreadfully named band could well be potentially something special sometime very soon - they’re not at the moment, but if they weren’t so potentially good, and if their first track hadn’t come in here kicking and screaming in that moody feedback-drenched attitude-laden way it did, if that second track didn’t have such a killer flow to it, if their atmosphere and their use of time and space wasn’t so potentially interesting, if they weren’t threatening to be a serious contender of a band then we wouldn’t bother with being so critical. 

Clearly massive steps on from their previous recordings that you can find online right now, and a band going the right way in a hurry (get that old stuff down and get this up right away, that old stuff is nowhere near as good as these four tracks, doing yourselves no favours leaving it there). A potentially great band, dreadfully self-deprecating name. The word is that they’re already kicking up live storms up there on the stages and backrooms of the North West of England.  It sounds like the twin axis of Nirvana and Radiohead formed a big part of their early musical lives, sounds like they’re taking those influences in a healthy positive direction, sounds like a good new band ready to burst out sometime very soon. One to keep an eye on..

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