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Letters from Edinburgh...

February 7th 2011

Debut single from Edinburgh-based five-piece Letters...

LETTERS – Grand National / Pipe Dreams (self release) - We like Letters and we especially like that they live up to their name and actually write letters. If fact they sent an email to say a letter was on the way, and indeed it was, I have it here, we like getting letters. We’d like Letters anyway, letter writing or not; Letters are from Edinburgh, there’s five of them in the band, they have a rich full-bodied sound, a warm embracing sound, a timeless sound. 


    Rich, organic, lush strings, cello; Dark Cello Pop Noiseniks is what they call themselves;they're not really noiseniks, this isn’t noise and they don’t sound like niks, no, this is lush warm rich soothing sound. Debut single and two perfect pop songs – very much pop songs - classic pop basslines sewn together with those orchestral strings, that rich voice, a pocket world atlas, the post it notes they write and god knows how they’ll cut to the core of it. 
Letters by the fire    Evocative warmth, beautifully affirming chorus dreams, wide screen expansiveness, entangled male/female melodicness, rather refined and nothing seeming to be bringing anyone down really. Letters have a beautiful sound, a gloriously warm intensity, a timeless pop sensibility, a hopeful sound, a strangely nostalgic sound, a sound from that time back there where you still had a touch of childhood hope left in there. They really shouldn’t be so full of self-doubt, and their Pipe Dreams tell us we’ll all be fine in five minutes, persevering because they want to, calm yourself... Both songs are as strong as each other, coming up in such a stylish manner… Might be something special happening. Refined pop with a warm classical glow. A significant band just might be emerging here, confidently coming up for air…  

The Letters single is out as a free download on February 16th 2011.

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