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Our Mountain free download debut single thing, Gertrude's cello..

February 9th 2011

OUR MOUNTAIN have one of their songs available as a free download one-track single thing.  

Yeah right, who hasn’t got a free download of a single just waiting for you right now? Desktop is cluttered up with the damn things; kind of devaluing bands and their music, don’t you think? Anyway, we have another one of those blurred boundaries situations and when is a single a single? Is it a one track sampler? A little bit of musical candy from the pusherman just to get you hooked on yet another computer-cluttering band? 
…Whatever it is, Our Mountain are over here in the UK this coming week. They have a whole bunch of intimate London shows for you to check out if you’re anywhere near, and they have a free track to download wherever you are in the world - come on, they’re offering it for free, can’t harm to have a quick listen, can it? nothing devalued and all there waiting… (now look at that thing of beauty down at the foot of the page, spinning away at forty five revolutions with all those beautiful crackles! Electric looms, time to riot… )

 Who are they? Who are Our Mountain? Well, the song available for download is called Wooden Hearts, so we’ll start with that than go a little further, for it may just encourage you to go a little further, with some kind of religious fervour..  

Our Mountain

Like this! Wooden Hearts opens with a riff that, to these ears, sounds like it might almost be straight off of that classic Heavy Jelly song, you know the one don’t you? Alright then, that is may be being obliquely obscurist and late 60’s proto-prog about this religious fervour, but that pounding bass line and those heavy piano style opening lines makes it sound like this New York-based band are about to launch right into some words about keeping on singing the same old song before they fly off to some dramatic fervour all of their own. Five minutes of dark drama, religious grime and are they omitting a massive noise or what? From that first bit of feedback, that heavy pounding, those dramatically dark piano sounds and from the deepest depth of the sea to the tallest mountains a man can see… Come a little closer all you sons and daughters, come a little closer and let me tell how Our Mountain are voiced by the dramatic tones of Australian Matthew Hutchinson (words, vocals, guitar), he and Michael Noonan (drums), both originally from Melbourne, located it all to New York in 2009 and...

      “....since then, they have partnered with Abbey Lee (tambourine, keys and vocals) and Daniel Hallpike (bass) to continue to define, expand and proclaim their psychedelic, nihilistic sounds through poetry vs. musik.  
            " 2010 brought the band from strength to strength, touring the UK with The Slits, playing The Great Escape and a plethora of UK and North American dates.  Their debut album has just been completed and pegged to the rusted clothesline to dry. It is as strong as Auntie Myrtle’s yellow picket fence and their live show, as engaging as an evangelical car crash somewhere between the fork in the road and the damn hairs on the back of your neck standing loud, be sure to witness the absurd!"

   But is it any good? Come a little closer all you sons and daughters, come a little closer and feel the light, go a little further you religious vermin, go a little further… Think Nick Cave meets Leonard Cohen fronting some kind of Seventies flavoured psychedelic heavy rock band – well at least on this one dramatically laced five minute epic anyway (no idea what the rest of their stuff sounds like, I need more, the musical pusherwoman has indeed hooked me with a free sample) ...A dagger in the heart, three inches in, come a little closer and feel the light, there’s so much going on here, saturated in love's insanities and gloriously imperfect. 

    Oh look, however much clutter you’ve downloaded, go download a little more fervour, take a sip and get hooked….

OUR MOUNTAIN have just confirmed a third date during their February London jaunt.  It's at Camden Barfly on Monday 14th February (doors 7pm, tickets £5).
The night is headlined by VILE IMBECILES, a who've been lying low recently putting the final touches to their third album 'D is for W', due for May release.
OUR MOUNTAIN also play:
Thursday Feb 17th at The Water Rats in Kings Cross
Friday Feb 18th at the Old Blue Last

Here’s an Our Mountain You Tube

here’s their website

And just because we can, here’s some Heavy Jelly. The comparison is meant as compliment by the way, nothing less than that… I mean come on, Heavy Jelly rule!

And before we go, another parish notice, because some completely out of order lowlife has stolen Zoe Gertrude’s electric cello… spread the word, keep an eye out:

Gertrude and stolen electric cello    Gertrude have had their cello stolen while load their gear in at a gig last Sunday. The electric cello was taken near a car that was parked off church street in Stoke Newington, London N16, very close to Beaucatcher hair salon and wholefoods on Sunday 6th Feb at about 4.30pm. Probably someone will flog it to a music or pawn shop - if you think you have seen it any where please... let us know straight away.The make of electric cello is Mo Clifton, there is a worn transfer saying Mo Clifton on the front near the bridge. It is marked with smartwater. Many thanks for any help or information you can give -Gertrude.

if you don't know Gertrude or how to contact them or you’d rather be anonymous, contact us at Organ and we'll get any info to them, indeed bring it here if you’ve got it and we won’t ask any questions...

Gertrude’s gig at the Good Ship in Kilburn, West London, goes on this Friday, the girls have borrowed a cello for the show…  Also on the bill on February 11th are Rough Kittens + 1914s + La Bete.

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